Sex fun

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Sex funWe had a long weekend coming up, and decided we want to have some sexual fun. We wanted another person to be involved, as it turns us both on. It didn’t matter, at this point, whether male or female, just someone with our sexual interests. So, we invited a friend of ours, Jim, to come for dinner and drinks on Friday night. J had given Jim a handjob once while we were watching porn, so he was kind of expecting something to happen. Jim called an hour before arriving on Friday and asked if he could bring a Lady friend. I said sure. Jim arrived on time with a friend named Kathy, who he’d met a short time ago. Jim was 6’1, 55, and was in decent shape. Marcy was about 45, long dark hair, a little overweight, with seemingly pretty large breasts. She was dressed in a blue dress and it was fairly revealing. They came in and we had wine and snacks. We talked a while and got to know Marcy. We found out they were just friends, with benefits. After getting a little tipsy, we decided to watch a movie on Netflix. We were in the den, which has a large screen TV, a wrap around couch seating 6, and a recliner. We turned on the movie and after 20 minutes, decided it was lame. As I looked for something else, Jim asked if we had porn, like we watched before. I was taken back by this, but Marcy blurted out Jim told me about an exquisite hand job he received from J. I suppose they were very open! I went to the net on the TV and pulled up Xhamster and searched full movies. We settled on one and turned it on. It started at the “good” part right away with a girl giving a guy a BJ while she masturbated. After watching some bahis siteleri 30 odd minutes, everyone was feeling pretty horny, from the looks of things. Marcy was rubbing Jim’s crotch and his hand was in the top of her dress, rubbing her tits. I had a raging hard on, and J was exposing the tops of her tits and tracing her pussy lips with her fingers over her pants. J asked if I could find a lesbian massage video, her favorites, and Marcy said ooh yes! I stopped the movie we had on and found a long version of a lesbian massage video. It had two women, both with nice, larger, tits. The “victim” was lying nude on the table on her stomach, getting an oily massage from the masseuse. J asked me to move forward to the good part. I moved to a point where the victim was nude and the masseuse was rubbing her ass with oil and parting her legs to reach the inner thighs. The girl turned over and her nipples were hard and quite large. J said, nice, and Marcy concurred. Marcy commented that she was a licensed masseuse years ago, but never quite did it like this. After watching the massage ensue, which entailed fingers and mouths rubbing and licking tits and pussies, soon Jim’s cock was out, as was mine, and both Ladies tits were out and being played with. Marcy and J were sitting in the middle next to each other and would occasionally touch each other’s tits and nipples as we watched. I suggested since Marcy was a masseuse before and J always wanted a female masseuse to do her, they try it out. Marcy said that would be fun, if I can do a similar massage as the movie. J happily agreed and Marcy suggest she lay face down canlı bahis siteleri on the carpet. I got some rubbing oil from the bath and handed it to Marcy. Marcy advised J to get undressed and got a towel I gave her and put it over J’s back and ass. Marcy said she needed to get comfortable and removed her clothes except for her panties. Marcy began an intense massage on J’s back, neck, and legs, skipping her ass. As it progressed, Marcy pulled the towel off and began rubbing oil into J’s ass, even in the ass crack. J’s legs spread a little to allow access and I could see J was visibly turned on, her face flush and kind of humping the floor. After what seemed hours, Marcy asked J to turn over. J did and was totally naked. Her shaved pussy was glistening with wetness as it does when she is horny. Marcy began the front on her head, neck and worked to her tits. She applied ample oil to her tits and kneaded them thoroughly skipping the nipples. J’s legs widened more as she moaned in excitement. Marcy then rubbed her fingers into J’s large hard nipples, and J let out a big moan. J’s hand wandered up and was rubbing Marcy’s tits and nipples. Marcy then moved down to J’s tummy then pussy area. She toyed around J’s pussy lips not touching the saved pussy. This just teased J and she said, please get to it. Marcy did as she was beckoned and rubbed the oil on and around J’s wet pussy. J moaned loud as she motioned for me and Jim to come closer. She had oily hands as well and took both of cocks in her hands. She jerked slowly as Marcy continued her assault. Jim had his hand up Marcy’s pussy and was rubbing canlı bahis the clit. Her pussy was wet making wet sounds as he rubbed. Marcy was on her knees as Jim stuck his throbbing cock in Marcy’s wet pussy. J continued jerking my cock a little harder and faster. Jim announced he was going to cum and pulled out and jerked his cock onto J’s pussy and Marcy’s hand. Marcy said she needed to taste J’s pussy and got down between her legs and licked her pussy around the lips and clit. She then licked her hole and tasted her juices. J let out a loud moan and said, Oh fuck I’m gonna cum! Marcy licked and sucked hard making J cum very hard. Jim lay back watching and J said to me, fuck her. I got behind Marcy and entered her wet pussy as she continued licking J’s pussy. J was watching me fuck Marcy from behind as she came even more from Marcy’s mouth. Marcy announced she was going to cum as I fucked her harder. Marcy came loud and hard but continued sucking J’s pussy. Jim was hard again and J was jerking his cock on his knees beside her. Marcy then moved away and said she needed her pussy licked. She got into a 69 position with J which I didn’t know if J would do. Marcy ground her pussy on J’s mouth and J started licking it. I moved behind Marcy and rubbed my cock on her ass and pussy hole. My cock went into J’s mouth as well as her licking Marcy’s clit, and the sensation was awesome. Both Ladies were cumming as the licked and sucked. I pulled out, close to cumming, and moved on J’s other side. J wanted both cocks to jerk off and I knew she wanted us to cum on her tits. Jim and I then jerked our cocks and aimed at each nipple, and we came synchronously on her tits, covering her nipples with hot cum. J and Marcy continued cumming until they were both satisfied. They lay together in a crumble as all of us were exhausted. It was an awesome night!