Sex in the Sky !

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Sex in the Sky !After working in stressful jobs for an entire year , me and my girlfriend decided to go on a vacation.We booked an economy class ticket to Thailand.It is a 12 hour journey from the UK to Thailand and we had braced ourselves for a tiring journey,upon reaching the airport we were greeted by my girlfriends uncle who was the floor manager for the airline on which we were travelling,she had not met her uncle since a long time,to our delight her uncle pulled some strings and got us first class seats for one way using some miles he had.I still don’t know how he made it work,but who cares as long as we get it for free.We were not allowed to use the airline lounge though which was fine on our side,after getting on the airplane first we were surprised to see that there were first class bursa escort suites,you had your own bed, me and her had opted for middle seats to be together. The food was delicious and had never tasted such exquisite food in our entire lives.We watched some movies together,later we asked the stewardess to make our beds,our seats lay flat and she made them connect to make a mini-bed of sorts, the best part was, we had full privacy as it was a suite and we had doors that would close. We snuck inside the blanket holding each others hands tightly,just then my girlfriend started to give me a hand job,while it was fun , I was worried “did airplanes have cameras , if yes it would be a shame we were caught in such acts “, my thoughts came to a pause when she put blanket over us ,covering us all and bursa escort bayan started kissing with great excitement.She put her hands inside my pants which only made my dick harder,she slid down,taking my pants off and game me a long blowjob,sucking on top of my dick,licking my balls like lollipops,sex is not a one way road you have to give something back to,I licked her pussy like a dog ,taking off her top fondling her boobs and pinching her nipples;kissing all over her upper body.”Lets fuck” she said in a seductive voice,”honey,people would come to know if me make noise”I replied apprehensively,”nobody cares,screw it and lets do it” she assured me.I came out of the blanket,the stewards had dimmed the lights out,sensing a once in a life time opportunity I went inside the blanket again escort bursa and put my hard cock in her wet hot pussy, we were on top of the world literally.I pushed inside her harder and faster she was moaning softly, I started to kiss her to make less noise,feeling her warmth and her soft lips 35,000 ft in the sky had surpassed my wildest dreams.My dick was rubbing insider her soft,wet and hot pussy,giving her a long kiss I cummed inside her and lay cuddling her naked for the next few hours.Few hours later we were still cuddled,she was still asleep,hopefully the blanket had covered us fully and stewards had respected our privacy.I took a 10 min complimentary bath and found my girlfriend had woken up,she was smiling like a sunflower, we kissed and had breakfast. We were about to land in the next few minutes.She keeps a journal about her daily life which she keeps away from me , I don’t know what she wrote about me but she was smiling the entire time she was writing.This was the best flight journey I ever had.