Sex Lessons From Grandpa

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Oh God, this is so wrong. I shouldn’t be watching this video. Three giggling coeds are flouncing around my bedroom, swapping swimsuit tops, showing off their enticing bodies and unknowingly putting on an erotic show as my hard cock strains against my shorts. I rationalize that my voyeurism isn’t perverted because I’m not looking directly at Samantha, my granddaughter. I’m keeping my eyes focused on her two friends, Jenna and Angela.

Jenna is the most voluptuous. She is laughing at her friends’ much smaller breasts as she prances around the room strutting her stuff. With thick, protruding nipples and wide areolas her tits are considerably larger than either of her friends. Her gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, complements of her Asian mother, are as exotic as her mocha colored skin and voluptuous figure which I’m certain come from her African-American heritage on her father’s side.

I can’t take my eyes off of Jenna’s bouncing breasts while she dances on my bed, swinging her bikini top over her head and playfully making fun of her friends.

“You call those breasts?” she laughs. “These are breasts!” she boasts as she cups her brown tits and shakes them at her friends.

“Yeah, you’re lucky you can stand up straight,” Samantha quips as she pulls her top loose and hands it to Angela. A quick glimpse of my granddaughter’s lightly freckled breasts sends unexpected pleasure signals to my already hardened cock. Her quarter-sized areolas are tipped with short, pointy nipples and her deep brown tan lines beautifully accent her perfectly shaped white domes. She’s not going to win any size contests but she has impeccable breasts with erotic tan lines.

I tear my eyes away to check out Angela’s tits before she tucks them into Sam’s bikini top. Angela is a light-skinned Latina beauty with long black hair and breasts that fall just short of what you’d consider medium size. Because of her olive complexion, her tan lines aren’t as pronounced and her wide areolas kind of blend into her big puffy rose-colored nipples.

While they swap swimsuit tops and compare their breasts, Jenna is bouncing around the room topless, diverting my attention away from the other two naked girls.

My cock is throbbing but I don’t want to get caught jacking off to explicit video of my granddaughter and her friends. I check my watch but I’m not even sure how long they’ve been gone. Seems like about an hour. Maybe I could risk a quick yank. Standing up, I glance out the window as I start unbuttoning my shorts. Damn! The subjects of my erotic video are already walking up from the beach. My hard-on will have to wait until later.

You may not believe it but this all started rather innocently. Samantha asked if she and her friends could stay with us during beach week. My wife and I retired to our beach house a couple of years ago and have been the destination vacation for our kids and grandkids ever since. We love having family around and I certainly didn’t mind that Samantha and her friends wanted to spend the week after their high school graduation parading around our house in skimpy bikinis. Although all three of them are eighteen, we checked in with their parents and assured them we would be responsible chaperones. It was true at the time we said it.

A couple of days after they arrived, my wife received a call from her brother-in-law saying her sister was very sick and had been admitted to the hospital. She caught the next plane to Oregon, leaving me with three beautiful young women in the house. I admit that I love seeing their nubile bodies displayed in an ever-changing array of swimwear but I swear that spying or making videos was the farthest thing from my mind.

After breakfast, the morning after her grandma left, Sam asked if they could use our bedroom to change for the beach. This was not an unusual request. Our room is the largest bedroom and would be less cramped with three people in it.

“Sure, just let me grab my MacBook,” I said, heading into the bedroom as Sam and her friends cleared the table. The spacious room was set up with a bed, dresser and nightstands on one side and a desk, filing cabinet and desk chair on the other. I grabbed my computer and came back into the kitchen to find them laughing and blushing as they finished washing the breakfast plates and glasses.

They were still laughing as they grabbed their swimsuits from the other bedrooms and raced each other into my bedroom.

I smiled at their youthful energy as I flipped the MacBook open. It was already on and I noticed the webcam app flashing in the upper corner. Clicking on it as I took a sip of my coffee, I almost choked when the screen filled with images of my granddaughter and her friends laughing as they stripped off their clothes. Fuck! I’d forgotten about the webcam.

I bought an external webcam last year when my wife and I got tired of trying to crowd in front of the laptop while Face-timing with our grandkids. We must have left the webcam on after talking with our daughter yesterday czech sharking porno morning about my wife’s travel plans.

I knew what I was doing was immoral but I rationalized that it was an accident. I hadn’t planned to do this. I knew the right thing to do. With one click I could cut the webcam’s Bluetooth connection and no one would be the wiser. Spying on my granddaughter and her friends was absolutely wrong on so many levels but I’d figured one quick peek wouldn’t hurt and then I’ll click to disconnect. As I watched them pull their sleep tops over their heads; their hard bodies and alluring beauty were mesmerizing.

I adjusted my shorts around my stiffening cock as these three panty-clad eighteen year olds compared their naked breasts in the mirror over my dresser. My eyes darted from one to the other, trying to take in everything at once. I’ve always loved looking at photos and videos of naked coeds but these are right in the next room. It was such a fucking turn on that my quick peek lasted much longer than I intended.

Sam was the first one to strip off her panties and it seemed so perverted to wish that my own granddaughter would turn towards me so I could see her pussy. She has a beautiful apple-cheeked ass, lightly frosted with her ever-present freckles that are more prevalent between the tan lines.

Jenna and Angela followed suit, revealing firm asses that were every bit as enticing as Samantha’s. I stared wide-eyed at Jenna’s large breasts, hanging deliciously from her chest as she bent over to remove her panties. Her nipples jutted out nearly a half of an inch and I doubt they were even aroused. I was so absorbed in Jenna’s mammary display that I almost missed seeing Sam’s pussy as she turned momentarily towards the camera and then back to the mirror.

Fuck! I only saw it for a few seconds but my cock responded instantly. Her tan lines frame a small patch of neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair. The triangular shape makes it look like a little arrow pointing down towards her hidden treasure.

I knew I was taking more than the aforementioned peek and I should have already clicked to disconnect the webcam. I was honestly just going to do it when Angela turned and started walking towards my desk, directly into the camera. The webcam is on a shelf over the desk and takes in most of the room. I studied this naked beauty, taking in all of her attributes at once, from her perfectly round tits with their puffed out nipples to her thick black pubic hair. She was laughing at something Sam said as she reached out towards my desk.

“I can see why your grandma married your granddad,” she said, holding up a copy of our wedding photo that I keep on my desk. “He was a damn good looking guy.”

“Still is if you ask me,” Jenna came up behind Angela and looked over her friend’s shoulder at the picture. Angela handed it to her as she turned away. My cock sprang to attention as I got my first look at Jenna’s fur-lined pussy. She was standing perfectly still, almost filling my screen with her large tits and exotic looking pussy. I was devouring her body with my eyes. Her thick nipples were pointing right at me but I could barely look away from her spongy black pubic hair.

I was rubbing my hard cock through my shorts as they were unintentionally putting on the most erotic show I had ever seen. I knew if I didn’t click soon I’d regret it later. My hand was shaking as I finally grabbed the mouse and clicked… on the record button.

When they finally emerged from my bedroom, I was sitting at the kitchen table innocently checking my email. I was watching the entire video again when I spotted them coming up from the beach.

“You guys weren’t gone long,” I say, looking up from my computer screen. I try to keep from staring but as I look at these three ladies in their sexy bikinis all I see are their naked bodies prancing around in my room.

“It’s too hot,” Sam says as she grabs a bottle of water from the fridge.

“And there weren’t any cute guys,” Jenna adds with a mischievous smile.

“And the old guys that were there acted like they’d never seen a girl before,” Angela chimes in. “I swear there was actual drool running down their chins.” She laughs as she takes a sip of Sam’s water.

“Well, I can’t blame them,” I wink. “You three would turn heads wherever you went.”

“Which head?” Jenna asks with a more lascivious smile. My cock twinges at the mention of an alternative head but Sam answers before I can think a worthy comeback.

“Jenna!” Sam yells, her face turning a bright shade of red. “Don’t say things like that in front of my grandpa.”

“He doesn’t mind, do you Granddad?” Jenna asks. “Anyway, I’m just playing.”

“I don’t mind,” I answer. “It’s all in fun, Sam.” This time my wink is specifically directed at Jenna and she rewards me with a kiss on the forehead. As she pulls back from the kiss, her barely covered tits hang enticingly just inches from my face. I swallow hard as czech streets porno I stare at her generous cleavage and she takes her time standing back up. Hmm. It appears she is enjoying my reaction. I don’t know Jenna well, this trip is the first time we’ve met her and I’m not sure what to make of this.

“We’re just going to hang by the pool, okay?” Sam asks, interrupting Jenna’s show.

As they head out the door it appears that Jenna has added a little more swing to her step. Her bikini-covered ass is swaying hypnotically or maybe I’m just imagining it. Perhaps I’m a little over stimulated from viewing the video and I’m reading more into this than is actually there.

I check my email and then settle into my easy chair with a recent mystery novel. I find myself reading the same page over and over as my eyes wander out past the sliding glass door to where the girls are lounging on the covered patio. They’ve moved the lounge chairs into a circle and seem to be having a rather intense discussion. Sam gets pretty animated but the discussion seems to be focused on Angela. They go quiet for a few minutes and then Jenna points at me and the discussion picks up again. I thought I’d been caught staring at them and then I realize she was making reference to me but can’t actually see me through the reflective glass.

“Um… can I talk to you for a minute?” Sam asks, opening the patio door and stepping inside.

“Sure, honey. Is something wrong?”

“Kind of, but not really,” Sam answers cryptically. She sits on the ottoman a few feet to the side of my chair and pushes her hair back over her shoulder. I reflexively glance at her breasts, picturing them naked before I can catch myself.

“Whatever it is, I’m all ears.” I smile, making eye contact to encourage her.

“It’s confidential,” she says very seriously.

“I can keep a secret.”

“Even from our parents?” she asks.

“Unless it is something that puts you or your friends in danger, yes.” Samantha laughs.

“No danger but Angie has a problem and we think you can help us figure it out,” she says quietly.

“I’ll do whatever I can,” I tell her honestly, unable to imagine what kind of problem Angela might have that I could help.

“It’s about sex,” she says, matter-of-factly.

“Okay…” I wait for her to continue but Sam just looks at me and then glances towards her friends on the patio.

“Confidential, right?” she asks again.

“Cross my heart, Sam. What is it?”

“Well…” Long pause. “First of all, we’re all sexually active, okay?” She seems to be testing the waters to see if I’m going to freak out at this revelation.

“I’m not completely shocked,” I answer. “You’re all over eighteen and extremely desirable young women.”

“Thank you.” Sam’s almost blushing and she takes a deep breath before she continues. “Angela has a steady boyfriend and they… have sex regularly.” She pauses again and I just wait for her to continue. I think I know where this is going and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to keep my confidentiality promise.

“A lot of our friends who are having sex, including Jenna, go on and on about their orgasms and how their boyfriends leave them breathless. Angela thinks something might be wrong with her because sex isn’t doing that for her.” She stops again and just looks at me.

I just nod, not trusting myself to speak. I wasn’t expecting that. An hour ago I was getting ready to jack off to video of these lovely beauties getting naked and now they want to discuss their sex lives with me. Fuck!

“We’ve told her that nothing is wrong with her but Jenna thinks that if you talk to her it might help. You know, because you’re older and more experienced.”

I don’t know what to say. Of course, I’d love to hear about Angela’s sex life, but I’m no therapist or doctor. What can I tell her?

“Will you please talk to her, Grandpa?” Sam asks.

“Sure, Sam. When do you want to do it?” I ask wondering why my wife isn’t here to help with this.

“Right away before she changes her mind, okay?” Sam is already getting up and moving towards the door as my mind races to catch up with this weird turn of events.

Okay, what’s the worse that can happen? I get to hear all about Angela’s and maybe Jenna’s sex life. Who knows, this could be better than reading erotic stories on line. I follow Sam as far as the kitchen and grab a diet coke from the fridge before sitting down at the kitchen table.

“So… you think there might be something wrong with you, Angela?” I ask as the three of them settle in around the table.

“Yes sir,” Angela answers quietly. “And um… you can call me Angie, okay?”

“Okay, Angie. Why do you think the problem is with you?” I ask, trying to act like the responsible adult.

“Because unless these other girls are lying, I’m not like them,” she says, hanging her head.

“I’m not lying!” Jenna chimes in with a defiant look and maybe a little bit of czech super models porno a smirk as she looks right at me.

“Just because other girls are experiencing more intense orgasms doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, Angie.”

“That’s what I told her,” Sam adds.

“Maybe she won’t take your word for it because you’ve only been with a guy that one time and don’t have a steady boyfriend,” Jenna almost whispers to Sam before turning to me. “Tell her Granddad that it is as much what the guy does than what the girl does.” I’m not sure exactly what that means but I try again with Angie.

“Why don’t you just tell me what you and your boyfriend do when you’re together and maybe we can figure this out.” I tell her, unexpectedly anxious to hear all the juicy details.

“We fu… have sex. That’s what we do when we’re together.”

“You can say fuck if it’s more comfortable. I’m not offended,” I answer. “I realize you guys fuck but what else do you do?” Angie is looking everywhere except at me, and I realize that maybe all of us sitting here isn’t such a good idea.

“Would you rather we talk about this in private?” I ask. “We can go into my office.” It’s actually my bedroom but that might have sounded weird.

“NO!” Her head jerks up. “They can stay. I’m just not sure why you need to know exactly what we do or who’s on top?” she says.

“Well… I think I agree with Jenna that if you’re not having an orgasm it might be because your boyfriend isn’t taking enough time.”

“My boyfriend is fine. It’s me that can’t have the orgasm.” Angie is almost in tears and I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

“Angie, all I’m saying is that guys usually get off faster than girls. That’s a fact. If the girl isn’t getting off with the sex it can usually be fixed by increasing the foreplay. I don’t know if that’s the problem unless you tell me what you’re doing.”

“I told you he would know all about this stuff,” Jenna says, smiling that same lascivious smile that she gave me when I was checking out her tits.

“Look, maybe this is a conversation that you should have with your mother…”

“No way,” Angie says, vigorously shaking her head. “She thinks I’ll be a virgin until I get married.”

“Well, your doctor then. Have a check up and tell him what you’ve told me.” She’s shaking her head before I even get the sentence out.

“He’s friends with my parents. I wouldn’t trust him to keep it confidential,” she says.

“Well…” I don’t quite know where to go with this. It seems obvious to me that her boyfriend either doesn’t care enough about her needs or isn’t experienced enough to know he’s not satisfying her.

“What do you want to know?” Angie says, sitting up straighter and giving me a full view of her sexy breasts. All three are still in their skimpy bikinis, which adds some nice visual effects to this erotic conversation.

“How about if I just list off some typical foreplay and you tell me if you guys engage in it?” I ask, trying to make her comfortable with the conversation.


“Kissing is probably a yes,” I say, trying to ease into this.

“Yes,” she laughs and I watch Jenna role her eyes. I give her a look and she stops.

“Sucking your nipples?” My eyes drift to her chest and I picture her tempting tits nearly filling my computer screen.

“Uh huh,” she nods.

“Blow jobs?” I ask, shifting in my chair and trying not to be obvious that my cock is enjoying this conversation. Jenna is smiling broadly but Angie is looking down and blushing as she nods her head.

“Does he return the favor?” I ask.

“What?” Angie’s head jerks up and she looks confused by the question.

“Does he eat your pussy?” Jenna blurts out before I can clarify what I meant. “Just tell the man if he goes down on you.” Angie is really blushing now.

“Um… yes. He does.” She says just above a whisper.

“When you blow him does he come in your mouth?” I ask.

“Does that matter, Grandpa?” Sam asks, sticking up for her friend’s embarrassment.

“It goes with my follow up question, Sam.” I answer. “Just nod if it’s yes, Angie.” She nods and I move ahead with where I was going.

“Do you cum when he eats you?” I ask. She shakes her head, no. The look in her eyes tells me she gets the point of the question before the others.

“But it feels good, you know, when he’s licking me,” she offers in her boyfriend’s defense.

“I’m sure it does but if you suck him until he gets off, shouldn’t he eat you until you get off?” All three of them are sitting up paying attention now and I’m wondering if any of them have been eaten to orgasm.

“I never thought of it that way,” she says.

“So… he eats you and then, I’m guessing moves right over you and you guys fuck. Is that right?”

“Usually. Sometimes I suck him again after he eats me. Because, you know, like he won’t be hard enough right away for it to go in me easily,” she seems to be getting more comfortable talking about it.

“I know this is a hard question and it’s pure speculation but when he comes inside you…” I pause to find out her boyfriend’s name before I continue. ” What’s his name?”


“When Rob comes inside you, about how close to orgasm do you think you usually are?”