Sex that really turns girls on

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Sex that really turns girls onI had never seen daddy so angry. When I did it, it was a voyage of discovery, I hated the taste of the whiskey, the cigarette smoke made me cough, but being caught on my knees with a small cock and balls in my mouth, was what frightened me most, that was his source of anger, as I was pulled across his lap for my first spanking.We were alone in my bedroom, door locked as I stood shivering in the stark reality, aware of my nakedness, as my body went horizontal across daddy’s lap, his huge hand resting on my bony bum, I felt it caress the curvature down the backs of my thighs and back up, the drawing of his little pinkie ring, through my wet labia.I swallowed hard, feeling the pleasure riding the wave of fear, his finger was doing what my brothers was, only his was fatter and more fulfilling, he said nothing, just stroked and moved around inside me. He must have felt my response, my squeezing, I felt him, under my belly, as my toes dug deep into the pile of the carpet I moved on his lap, he was doing what my brother was doing when he caught us, and I moved against the rhythm of his finger, he went in, and I raised my bum high to receive him, “Good girl”, he whispered so no one listening could hear his true intentions, and as I climaxed, he withdrew and brought his hand down in a powerful smack, the sharp pain adding to the girlish orgasm, as the loud sounds of being spanked drowned my pleasure, my nude body shook, and spasmed under the force of my orgasm.He said six, I don’t know how many, but it blew my mind and set me on a course of abusive sex, the truest sex a girl can experience, not the mamby pamby stuff of men constricted by religious dogma, even here, they preach it but enjoy, as daddy did and I too, the rawness of breaking all the rules for that ultimate feeling.I slid from his lap, undid his flies and filled my mouth with his cock, from that day onward, I was a daddy’s girl in more than just the perceived sense of the meaning. By the time I entered my puberty I knew how to pleasure men sexually, but more importantly, how do do it with pain and ropes, with daring and un-expectancy, some of which I shall tell you in a series of small memories, not so much in age related, but off orgasmic intensity.I was my daddy’s Japanese car, whenever my “Itchy Pussy”, needed scratching, it meant I needed a cock to go deep and scratch inside it, I wanted to be fucked, so we adopted a simple saying for me to whisper into his ear, “Scratch my back daddy”, something you see a lot of daughters asking their loving fathers, to stroke their naked backs and when no one is looking, delve deep between her buttocks, and feel her wet warmth between swollen labia, before plunging deep and satisfying her need, if not him, then surely the world of men.2.) Being BlackedInterracial sex in polite society, usually means a bit of black cock up a white cunt, wanting to know what it feels like to have had one.White girls are willing to try anything once, but to be honest, it’s just like an itchy pussy scenario with daddy, istanbul escort another itch to scratch and try, another tick in a box as long as our multiple choice questions, only when it comes to sex, we tend to tick all four boxes, that way, at least one answer is right, and the other three, are put down to experience.What makes it sad, is the coloured guys find it hard to accept they were used like a novelty sex toy, and then discarded, once we knew, and all after parading us around, like it’s cool to have a compliant white chick on your arm, for sexual dominance, much like an old rich guy d****s us with bling, we are just property, a living breathing entity that keeps the true thing of their desires, alive warm, moist, wet, and breathing, our pussies, and when we withdraw that object of desire from those types of men, our brains have made that decision and our pussies just follow suit, leaving bitter, angry men, realising they should have put more into the relationship, than just idolising our cunts.I had taken a blue pill and was now drowning it with neat vodkas. My husband had invited a black guy to sit with us in our booth, and he sat alongside me, the object of his adoration, tonight I was just his casual friend, our wedding bands left at home, I was on the pull for cock, and my husband was my pimp and what made this exciting, was that I never had a black dick, something every British schoolgirl fantasises about when her hand is down her knickers, mine included.He was super corny as most men are when it comes to seduction, making a big deal about size and girth pleasing the women he had bedded, but as I listened, all fogged up with dope and booze, I knew I was going to let him fuck me, as did my cuckold husband, I strung him along, “Do you have a dick that is a different colour glans from the shaft”, I asked him coolly, as if I were a penis expert running a survey on genital wonderment?His answer was typical black guy stuff, right out of the hood, he showed me by unzipping his denims and releasing the monster, under the table and offering it to me.he was a black as a black cock could be, and his glans was as pink as the insides of my pussy were at ten years old, but what was exciting in that little booth at the back of the pub, was my long fingers could not touch such was his girth, and the tactile feedback made my knees feel weak and my mouth run dry.”You’re a big boy”, I barely croaked, as my mouth was dry, with just feeling this trouser snake in my hand, choking it with successive squeezes, as I let him know I was sold on it. Hubby took the cue, “More drinks”, he said leaving me dreamy eyed at the prospect of being filled even more than my fist girlish mind could muster during my first masturbation’s. He leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth and out tongues filled our throats, as i wanked him slowly to full erection and felt his hand explore my wet crotch.”Can I fuck it”, I asked him, as his finger found my pussy as willing as my words. avcılar escort His smile was as broad as my thighs, I sat splay-legged, the fact I was without underwear, spoke volumes as to the kind of woman I was, so when my husband reappeared with more drinks, I told him I needed to go back home, we wanted to fuck, because if we did not leave, I would fuck him here. in front of the whole pub.We downed our fresh drinks in one gulp and headed back to where we could do what we liked, behind our closed door, this was the kind of sex that tickled me, even the taxi driver was compliant, knowing I was sitting on this black guy’s dick in the back of his cab, he had just adjusted his rear view mirror to watch us, while my husband made small talk about football, I smiled inwardly thinking about the football parody, I would be a good goalie, letting everything in, bar the balls, which was what I did behind his seat.As we left the taxi he called me back, “Your change miss”, he said to me, his hand lingering in mine as he handed me some loose change and his phone number.I wondered if he had a wank after he dropped us off, I hoped he had, because good sex should inspire men to wank themselves, especially when the woman is willing to let them hop on and inseminate, honestly as I stood with my hand in his on that cold pavement, I was in two minds to tell him to join us, “Spit-roasting” was another box that needed to be ticked back then, my husband was a wanker when he filmed me, I just said, “Thanks”, as I studied his scribbled number, leaving him full of hope, after all most men a married so disappointment at a freebie being possibly later can be tolerated, as I now had his number for him to live in hope.3.) My Lollipop ManWe, my husband and I were in the city, an almost two hour commute from our home town. We did this once a month, to coincide with my oestrus week, three days of horniness culminating in my night of sexual enlightenment, before my periods.It was a Friday night and we had been for drink before heading out for the sex shop, a new store on many levels, booths and glory-holes in the basement, videos at street level, and toys and lingerie with a bar, upstairs, a good mixture of peoples all sexually aware of others and a floor for you to temper that burning fire if you decide to fuck.I was dressed for the slut I wished to be, and we paid our dues at the counter to use the facilities, no questions asked. I teased from the video section, talking to men about what we saw together on the covers of the latest DVD, allowing the odd free feel for comparison to the girl displayed, a few drinks at the bar, with number swapping and finishing up where I craved the most, fucking strangers and sucking unknown men’s cocks. A cock is a marvellous piece of God’s creation when a woman is confronted with one sticking throw a hole in the wall, as I once experienced in a man’s toilet I snucked into for a daring masturbation, and sucked a cock that was stuck through under the toilet roll, the man on the other şirinevler escort side knew I was a girl, and took advantage of my fear of being discovered, to commit an act that i caught, would have changed his life forever, but instead, gave him something that made his hairs stand stock rigid when he came in my mouth.When the light came about glory holes from the other side of the Atlantic, I knew it was the sort of sex I wanted to experience again, at 27 it had been thirteen years since that day in the gents toilet when I first placed my mouth around a strangers cock, an experience that taught me more about the cock than the man it was attached too, honestly, it was that good.I wanked him as my husband filmed me, I played for ten minutes as the hole in the wall was big enough to allow his hands to go through and to cover mine, as I caressed and stroked his cock, I was naked from the waist down and getting in the mood, helped by feeling my husbands hand finger me, to a new found wetness.He was stroking my hand and wrist, tugging as if urging me closer, and both of us knew what he was wanting, as I stood closer and freed him to touch my near nude body, my pussy and my breast, “Let him fuck you”, whispered my husband, and I turned around and pressed my nude ass against the hole and immediately felt him push against me.I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks open and in he went, until I felt his pubic hair on my ass, he was all the way inside, and the surge of heat and the noises he made, “I think he has cum”, I whispered as I felt him slip from me, and a small amount of warm semen flowed as he finally broke our contact.It had been a long build up, but it proved too much for the man I let inside me, he cummed to quickly and I felt cheated. “I am going in there for the next one”, I told my husband, “you remain in here and shoot from here”, I wanted him to see me in action alone with the stranger, just the same thing, but different approach.I walked out bare assed and into the adjoining cubicle, passing a few men waiting their turn. It was darker as I bent to speak with my husband through the hole, “Turn the light on”, he insisted as light levels were low, and I did as he bade, only to be confronted by the man waiting to fuck me.He closed the door and turned and immediately I think I recognised him, even though it had been a long time ago, he was our school crossing man, who gave talks in our school about safety crossing the road, and here he was about to fuck me.I kissed him, knowing my husband could only see so much, and I whispered into his ear, I remembered him, and he looked shocked and looked at me full in the face, of course he remembered the little girl who gave sandwiches and apples, this was her all grown up and about to give him something even more, and we played and he fucked me as I kept telling him to remember me.I actually cummed myself with the oddity of the situation, no more so than when a short time later I walked my own daughter to the same school I attended, he was on duty, and had been for twenty five years. I stopped and I swear his face reddened, when I said “Hello”, introducing my daughter to him as mummies friend.I picked him up just after lunch, he had three hours until school break, so I drove him to a park I knew and we went for a walk and resumed where we left off, yes now that is what I call good sex.