Sex with my doctor – part 2

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Sex with my doctor – part 2…so I went to see her. This time she was dressed with some pair of jogging trousers and a shirt. I could figure there wasnt a bra, it made me horny. She asked me to sit on a high table in the kitchen and offered me a tea. We started talking about everything than my balls and my injury. Then she made a comment about her husband, with a slight desrespect. Talking a little bit with frustration. She said he is away “again” and “again” because he loves his hunting and his friends. So i asked her why she isnt joining him. She was upset with my suggestion telling me she would never kill any a****l. I apologized immediately and told her I am so sorry how could I think about this!!! The typical swiss german reaction she felt very uncomfortable and said if now all is good we could finish it and she would like to do some sports.I agreed and thanked her for giving me the opportunity to apologise in person. Her response to this gave another turn to the situation. She said you dont look like a guy who would apologise for what has happened. I stopped. I turned myself to her. We were both like frozen. Our faces just looked bakırköy escort at each other and I grabbed her head and pulled it to me. I got closer and started kissing her slowly on her lips. She didnt react!!! She just looked at me with her eyes wide open. Her mouth too by the way. I played with her amazing hair, pulled her again to myself and kissed her slowly and elegantly over her lips. Then I started sucking her lips, and moved my hands down to her ass. I grabbed her ass. I was so horny by that time I couldnt care less about anything else. Than suddenly she tried to bite my lips, and said is this want you want? She grabbed as well my ass, from both sides. Now we started with the french kiss. It was amazing to penetrate her mouth with my tongue and touch her everywhere. She said lets go to my bedroom. We took our clothes off, i tried to kiss her but she refused now. She was naked, it was incredible. I wanted to do everything and all this everything by one time. I wanted to lick her, to suck her, to fuck her, let her suck me….but she gave me to udnerstand who is the boss. It was her. beşiktaş escort She turned on the bed and asked me to lick her ass hole. She said lick my ass hole. Put your tongue as deep as you can. I went into my knees, grabbed this amazing ass of hers, i tried to open it to lick her asshole. I tasted her hairy vagina but she said “Not my vagina boy, my asshole is for you today”. So i was only allowed to lick her asshole clean. I did as I was told. Then she said jerk off with one hand. There was a mirror on one side and she could see how my cock became bigger and bigger. I spit on her asshole, licked it, put my tongue deep inside, sucked it. It was incredible. Than I told her I love it and i dont know how long i can keep my orgasm back…she was careless..she just moaned and moaned…i continued licking her and i couldnt avoid to come..i got up and came on her ass, her asshole and some of my cum dripped down to her vagina with this big hanging clitoris…i was breathing very hard, she turned herself and she asked me continue licking her ass while she was masturbating herself…i started beylikdüzü escort licking my own cum, i think she loved to humiliate me, but i was enjoying every single second..maybe after another 10-12 MInutes I was very hard again. I pushed her legs far to the back to her surprise and stood in front of her showing her my 22 cm of cock with a huge mushroom head..first she was kind of angry because i stopped licking her ass but than she saw my cock and just said “thats why I love young guys, you just can fuck 10 times a day”…and I said while rubbing the head of my cock on her huge clitoris “Now Mrs Doctor I am going to fuck the hell out of you” and I penetrated her pussy…her reaction was the biggest moan since than, i started to turbo fuck her, so she coulndt even breath..i started calling her little bitch, took her hair and put my fingers in her mouth, then i started beating her was a very wild sex scene…then suddenly she hit me in my face, and i was confused if this was part of our game or if she was angry, but then she said how they used to say in German “Du Schlappschwanz fick mick hard”….We fucked for anohter 20 Minutes I guess in 5 different positions. She eventually came while riding me at the end, it was beautifull to see how she came…i came at the very end after we finished surprising my doctor bitch and cuming in her face..there wasnt a lot as it was the second load but still i enjoyed to see my cum in her face dripping down ….