Sex with My dream girl Anushka Shetty

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Sex with My dream girl Anushka ShettyHi I’m Nesh. This is a fantasy story. I am a big fan of actress Anushka and I love her sexy structure very much. Anushka is my dream girl with whom I want to have sex with. Every time I see her on TV I would get a hard on and I will jack off immediately. It was a summer day and our family was getting ready for a family tour to London. After night fall I got into the upper berth to sleep. There I saw a magazine which had sexy and glamorous pictures of actress Anushka. I am a very big fan of Anushka Shety. I always fantasized of having sex with actress Anushka. I got very horny seeing her sexy pics on that magazine and I started thinking of fucking Anushka pussy. I immediately got a hard on and I went to the bathroom and masturbated thinking of my dream girl Anushka. Once Arrive the airport we immediately got a taxi to a posh hotel. We booked a double bed room and then we relaxed there for some time.. In the evening we went to the famous place and we had some fun & take picture there. As it was the first day we were too tired because of the long traveling and we got back to the hotel at around 7.00pm. When we reached to the hotel I was surprised to see actress Anushka standing in front of the reception booking a room. She was looking so sexy that I couldn’t take my eyes of her.. She was wearing a tight pink color t shirt and a blue jean. Me went close to her and introduced myself to her. She came there with her friend. Her friend was also a beautiful girl but not as good as Anushka. I’m told Anushka that I’m big fans of her. She thanked me and then she walked along with me to her room. Anushka and her friend got the room next to us and I was very happy. At around 10pm, everyone went to sleep but I couldn’t. I again started thinking about my hot beauty Anushka. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to meet her. I then went out of my room and went to the portico outside. There I saw Anushka standing alone looking at the moon. I went close to her and said “Hi” and asked her what r u doing here alone. She said that she wasn’t feeling sleepy, I then asked her why she came to London for which she said, she has come to London for a film shooting. I then asked her whether she likes looking at the moon? She said yes I love to see the moon always, especially in its full phase. I said her that even I like the same. We continued talking about a lot of things and we both came to know that we both had a lot of things in common. We both were interested in lot of things in common she started liking me very much. She told me that she likes me very much.. She also told me that I was very much similar bahis şirketleri to her character wise. I told her that even I feel the same. Then we both went to our respective rooms. The next morning I woke up at around 6.30 am and brushed my face and had a fresh bath. Then I came out to see if Anushka was awake. I was waiting for her to come out. Then she came out at 8am. She wished me good morning and I wished her the same.. I asked her what’s her plan today? She told me that she is going to stay in the room as her friend left her in the early moaning as she had to meet her parents in Bangalore urgently. She also told me that there is no shooting today, so she preferred to stay in the room. I said ok take care and went to my room to have breakfast. After breakfast my dad told me that we have to go to some tourist spot today. Everyone agreed but I didn’t, as I wanted to spend time with Anushka as she will be alone in her room. I told my parents that I was not feeling well and I convinced them to leave without me.. After a long discussion they left me alone in the room and went to some tourists spots.At around 11am I knocked the door of Anushka room. She opened the door and welcomed me in. She then served me some cool drinks. She told me that it was very boring being alone and thanked me for giving company. She then took me to her bed room and we both saw a English movie in her laptop. As we were seeing the movie we were talking about each others c***dhood days, college life etc.. She asked me if I ever fell in love with someone. I said no and asked her the same. She also told me that she had never fallen in love. As we were watching the movie there was a hot scene in the movie. The couple in the movie were smooching each other and were taking their clothes of them. I was getting hornier seeing this and I got a hard on. I tried hard to hide it but I guess she should have seen it.. After some time Anushka asked me if I was interested in sex and if I have had sex with anyone.. I was surprised to hear that from her. I said yes I am interested but I never had sex with anyone. She told me that even she was interested in sex. She also told me that she was a virgin too. She told me she was always very interested in sex but she never found the right person to have sex with. Say in this she hugged me tight and kissed my lips.. I immediately responded to her kiss and we both started tasting each other’s saliva. Her lips were so soft, smooth and juicy. We continued our kiss for another 15 mins. She told me that she has never experienced anything like this before and she said she wanted to experience much more. We again bahis firmaları started kissing and this time I sucked her juicy tongue and she sucked mine too. While kissing she took off my t shirt and asked me to take her clothes off her body and enjoy her. I obeyed her words and removed her t shirt and her bra. She was now topless in front of me. Her boobs were so soft,firm and smooth. I then started pressing her soft boobs. I was so much excited and couldn’t believe myself that I was enjoying my dream girl Anushka boobs. She then asked me to kiss her boobs.. I then kissed her boobs passionately and then starten sucking her boobs hard. She started moaning saying hmm….ahhhhh..uh . I kept sucking her super soft, juicy boobs for another 30 mins.. Then I started kissing and licking Anushka cute belly button.. Again we started kissing each other’s lips.. Then she asked me to fuck her. I said I am very afraid as this is my first time. I also questioned her what if she gets pregnant.. She convinced me saying that she would take pills to prevent pregnancy. She said that she control anymore and she wants to have sex now.. I then got some courage and removed her jeans and her panty.. Her pussy was so beautiful.. It was cleanly shaved and looked look like a beautiful flower.. She was already wet and the smell of her pussy made me much hornier. Her pussy was pinkish in color and her pussy lips were like rose petals.. I started kissing and licking her soft and smooth thighs. I then reached her pussy, I put my finger on her pussy and started rubbing it. Anushka started moaning in a very sexy voice. She started moaning loudly “aaahhhhhhhhh! I then started licking her pussy I put finger inside her pussy to have a look inside her pussy.. It was a beautiful sight inside her pussy.. Her inner part or her pussy was much softer and it felt like a slippery velvet. I then put my started sucking her pussy hard and was licking all the love juices that were oozing out of her pussy.. Her pussy juices taste so wonderful… I never tasted anything like Anushka pussy juice in my life. I then pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy and tongue fucked. I continued tongue fucking her for nearly an hour or so during which she cummed inside my mouth a couple of times. Her come tasted so good that I drank the whole thing. I then removed my jeans and my underwear and took my fully erect cock in my hand. She then took my cock in her hands and kissed it gently. She then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. After sucking my cock for 10mins I told her that I am about to cum, but she insisted in taking my cum inside her mouth. She drank kaçak bahis siteleri all my cum and she told me that it tasted awesome.. Then again we started kissing each other and sucking each other’s tongues. After 15 mins of kissing I got my cock hard again.. Now i placed Anushka legs wide apart and had a look of her super sexy pussy. I then started licking her pussy again.. This time i fucked her pussy with my tongue much harder than before. Tamanna was really getting too hot and she started moaning and shouting saying“fuck me now put your cock inside my pussy please fuck me now..” I then took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her virgin pussy.. It slowly slided my cock inside her pussy.. Her pussy was really very tight and it felt like my hard cock was being tightly wrapped with something so soft and silky.. Her pussy walls were so hot, soft, silky.. I pushed my cock inside her pussy with a great thrust and I broke her hymen. She shouted aloud as I broke her hymen. She started crying in pain and her pussy started bleeding. I felt so sorry seeing her tears and I took my cock out of her pussy and I apologize to her for hurting her. I told her sorry. She told me it’s ok and that’s how it happens the first time. I then kissed her lips passionately and massaged her velvet pussy.. I cleaned her pussy and wiped out the blood. I then kissed her pussy so passionately that made her horny again.. She then asked to fuck her again. I then put my cock in her pussy and slide it inside. This time my cock went inside her pussy completely without much difficulty.. It felt so good inside her velvet silky pussy. I wanted to have my cock inside her pussy forever… I then slowly started moving my cock in and out of Anushka pusssy.. Anushka closed her eyes tightly and started moaning loudly saying “aahhhhhh! Please cum inside me ooohhhh I want your cock to stay inside my cock forever. cum inside me.. please cum inside me.. oooohhh haaaaa haaaaa come on fuck me harder. hmm..yes. Her sexy moaning made me more horny and I started banging her sexy cunt harder and harder.. Anushka was now experiencing the ultimate pleasure of sex. She again started moaning too loudly saying “please don’t take your cock out of my pussy keep on fucking me. I want to die having sex with me. I love you I love you. I love you Nesh fuck me harder. After 30 mins of hard fucking we both climaxed together.I released a lot of cum deep inside her pussy. I kept my cock inside her pussy until it got limp and slipped out. We slept hugging each other nude for a couple of hours. We then put our dresses on and we kissed again for 15mins or so I then left her and went to my room as it was time for my parents to return. We enjoyed the trip very much. Me and Anushka had sex at nights when everyone where asleep. Our family stayed in London for a couple of weeks. We still have a secret relationship.