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sex with teacherwhen i was in degree first year that is the first day of college me and my friends went to college on time for our welcome all the teachers are at the enterance gate then i suddenly saw a beautiful lady welcoming all the students she was very fair and had a good structure by luck she came to my class and told the she is our class teacher i was very happy that she is my class teacher she ask all the students to tell their names all students told their names along with me as i was a brillient student she was very close to me cell phones are not allowed in our college when ur head check for the cellphone i use to give my cellphone to my teacher.On day our head is checking for the phones i gave my phone to my mam she kept it in her purse as we boys use to keep some porn movies in mobile in the liesure period mam took my phone and started see it i kept all the videos in many subfolders she opened all that folders any looked at the videos i was not there while she was watching the videos while going to home i go near her and take my phone next day she came to me and asked me my phone and i gave it to her with out any hasitation and the same i took it while going to house and the next morning she again came to me and asked the same and i gave it to her 4th period is leasure for her and i went in the 4th period to say that our sir i sonleave at that time i saw that she was enjoing the movies i go to her and she was surprised to see me there i the staff room she closed the movie and she came to our class while going to house she called me to come to her housre in the evening to xerox the project and i went to her home as her home was known to me it was just a 1 k/m frm my house i rang the bell she came out in loose nighty with out any bra in side her nighty she was cleaning her room and asked me to sit on the bed till she cleanes it when she was cleaning the floor her milky boobs are cleanly bursa escort visible to me i use to watch them all the time and she caught me while i was watching it she was angry and told me to sit in the hall and i went to sit in the hall frm hall i use to see her i was very much tempted with her big boobs there was no one in the house as she is of another town she use to live alone i got the project and i come out of the house and xerox all the papers and went to mam house and she opened the door and i sat on sofa in the hall she went to bath i was reading the news paper and she called me near the bathroom to give the towel and she opened the door of bathroom and put her hand out of the door i just slipped and went in to the bathroom she was shocked and i too was shocked after seeing her nude and i rushed towards the hall i went on to her room and started rubbing my pennis she came in to her room and see my pennis sheis shok to see that and asked me what are u doing i said nathing then she asked what are u doing i covered that and said when i fall on the floor i got a pain in my legg she said so u are rubbing u leg i said yes@ she said lets see the leg what happen to that i show to her she is rubbing my leg iam getting to hot!!!!!!!!!!!!After some time i asked her mam what about u husband she said iam not married i said mam u are all readdy 28 now why u are not marred she said iam not entersted in marrege,,,,,,, iam a franck person i said mam how u will mannage u personal life she became angry and said that is my personal life i said iam sorry mam she :its ok. 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