Sexual Fantasies: Truth or Dare

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Sexual Fantasies: Truth or DareDISCLAIMER: This particular series of stories will be one-off adventures. Some long, some short. Some straight, some lesbian, some gay. But hopefully you’ll find them arousing!Sexual FantasiesTruth or DareAlex and Brad were high school seniors and best friends. They were hanging out one summer afternoon at Alex’s house, talking about girls, sports, and sex. A casual game of Truth or Dare was occurring, with both of them mostly opting for truth. A few questions in and things started to get interesting. “Truth.” Alex chose again.Brad smirked. “I have a good one. Have you ever looked at gay porn?”Alex sighed. “You’re an asshole.” He said with a laugh. “I might’ve been curious and searched for gay porn once just to see what it was like.”Brad chuckled. “What type of scene was it?”“I don’t know. It was like a teacher and student detention thing. The student got in trouble so the teacher pulled down his pants and spanked him. Then they both got erections and next thing you know the teacher slides his cock into the guy’s ass.”“Curious?” Brad asked. “Sounds like you watched the whole scene.”Alex blushed. “Are you gay?”“Hell no!” Alex protested. “I still like girls.”“Did you cum to it?”“I mean…” Alex started. “…I had already been looking at porn for a while.”Brad chuckled. “You blew your load to two guys fucking!”“Shut up, asshole.”“Maybe you’re bi?” Brad asked. “Did they have nice dongs?”Alex sighed. “If I’m being honest…their dicks looked pretty good. I can admit when a guy has a nice dick.”Brad smiled and stood up. He unzipped his jeans. “What are you doing?”“I want to know if you think my cock is as nice as the one you saw in that dude’s butt.” Brad said, fishing his penis out of his boxers. Alex was acting shy but couldn’t help but feel his curiosity start to pique. Brad’s penis hung flaccid from the slit in his underwear. Despite not having an erection, it was five inches when resting. “Put your dick away.” Alex said. “You rate mine, I’ll rate yours. How does it look?”“Look…” Alex told him. “I was curious. Besides, obviously güvenilir bahis in the porn they were erect.”Brad smiled again. “So get me hard.”“Dude no way!”“Either you get me hard or I tell the whole school you jerked off to gay porn.” Brad said.Alex sighed. “I trusted you with that.”“And I want you to play with my cock. You’re the one who watched two guys fucking. Not me.”“How am I supposed to get you hard?”“Grab it. Stroke it. Go ahead and take off your shorts, too.” Brad instructed.“What?!”“I’m a good friend. I told you I’d rate your dick too. Come on, we’re just experimenting.”Alex shook his head, but knew he had no leverage. “You might as well take your jeans off then.”Both boys pulled off their respective pants. Alex stood wearing only a white shirt, Brad wearing only a black shirt. Brad took a peek at Alex as he removed his Hanes “tightie whities” and noticed he was only about three inches flaccid. “I’m way bigger than you. Hope you’re a grower!” Brad declared with a laugh. “Now play with my dick and get me hard.”Alex hesitated but reached out and took hold of Brad’s penis. He began to lightly rub up and down the shaft.“That’s it. Work my cock, dude.” Brad said. Alex could feel his own manhood starting to become interested. He maintained in his mind that he was straight, but being in this vulnerable position with his best friend had him getting excited. Brad also noticed Alex’s half-erection forming.“You like it, huh?” Brad asked. “You like playing with my cock?”Alex tried to ignore the question as he continued to fondle his friend. He could see Brad had a hefty pair of balls hanging from his scrotum. With all of the touching, Brad was beginning to get quite erect. “Oh yeah. Stroke that dick!”Alex tightened his grip slightly. Brad had become quite thick in his hand. Alex was amazed that his best friend was a solid seven inches. “Go ahead and get on your knees.”“What?!”“Come on, man. We’re best friends.” Brad explained. “I’m helping you figure out why you nutted to gay porn. Maybe you’re bisexual. You won’t know unless you try it and don’t güvenilir bahis siteleri like it.”Alex sighed again. His own penis was fully erect as well, although it was shorter at about five inches and not nearly as thick as Brad’s. Alex slowly got on his knees in front of his best friend. Brad grabbed his own meat and held it in front of Alex’s face. “Now open your mouth and suck on my dick.”Alex’s mouth opened. It was more of a jaw drop at the suggestion, but his lips parted just enough and Brad pushed the tip of his manhood between Alex’s lips. “That’s it, buddy. Suck my cock!” Brad demanded. Alex tried to emulate what he had seen girls do in porn. He knew to avoid the teeth, and he tried to lightly grip his friend’s penis with his lips and move slowly past the head and down the shaft. “Don’t worry, I won’t last too long.” Brad informed his friend. “Just keep my dick in your mouth.”Alex couldn’t help but use one hand to feel Brad’s hefty ballsack.“Oh yeah, play with my balls while you suck me off, dude.” Alex used his other hand to give himself some attention as he slowly slid his mouth up and down Brad’s shaft. He gently squeezed and fondled Brad’s testicles. Suddenly Alex heard a “camera” sound and looked up to see Brad holding his cell phone. He couldn’t stop sucking on the penis though, so any questions would have to wait. Brad grasped Alex’s head with both hands and said, “Hold still. I’m close and I’m going to fuck your mouth like it’s a pussy. Then I’m going to cum in your mouth and you better swallow it.”Alex had lost any desire to resist and instead allowed his friend’s penis to penetrate his mouth. With a grunt, Brad gave one last thrust and began to cum. His jizz spurted onto Alex’s tongue, which made Alex stroke his own penis a bit faster. Another spurt of semen shot out, and another. “Swallow…swallow!” Brad demanded.The salty flavor and thick texture was mesmerizing to Alex, but he went ahead and gulped the load down as his friend requested. Brad retracted his penis from Alex’s mouth. “Thanks man. That wasn’t too bad.” iddaa siteleri Brad said. “And you’ve got a rock hard boner. You loved it!”“I don’t know…” Alex stammered. “Oh come on. Keep jerking yourself. You’re about to nut.”Alex realized he had just given his best friend a blowjob and swallowed his cum. That thought sent a thrill through his body and he immediately felt his balls empty. A few squirts of semen shot out as he came to terms with the fact he had sucked a real penis. Brad chuckled. “I knew you liked it. And I got a picture of my cock in your mouth so now you have to do as I say or I’ll expose you.”“That’s fucked up!” Alex shouted. “We’re still best friends. You can still like girls and I’ll keep all of this a secret. But you will suck my dick anytime I ask.” Brad informed his friend. “Fine.”“Good.” Brad said with a smile. “Now wipe up your cum with your underwear and put them back on.”Alex hesitated, but grabbed his Hanes and wiped up his semen puddle. He then got on his feet and slid the wet underwear on. Brad laughed again. “Keep those cum soaked undies on until I get another boner. It won’t take long.”Brad turned Alex around and smacked him on the ass. “Text your mom and let her know I’m spending the night.”Alex complied with the instructions and received a quick reply. “She said that’s fine.”“Great!” Brad said. “Now put on your shorts and let’s go shopping.”Brad held Alex by the hips and rubbed his bare, soft penis against Alex’s buns.“What are we going shopping for?”“Lube!” Brad said, applying another firm smack to Alex’s bottom. “Because I’m going to fuck you in the ass all night long, dude.”“What?!” Alex exclaimed.Brad leaned in close enough to whisper into Alex’s ear.“In the ass. All night.” He whispered. “We’re going to pop your ass cherry and I’m going to pump your rectum full of my cum!”Brad and Alex remained best friends for life. Alex remained single, never able to find a girl who would allow him to participate in his cock lust. He eventually started going to gay bars to suck off men in the bathroom, occasionally going home with one for a night of passionate anal sex.Brad got married to his high school sweetheart, but still made time often to demand Alex suck him off just for fun. Normally Brad would also reward Alex with a swift buttfucking if the situation allowed.