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SEXY NEIGHBOUR Part 2Wife Sarah was rather surprised when we resumed sexual coitus once she,d healed from her hysterectomy when I told her how Young next door neighbour Tammi Bradshaw had been filling in for her. She was also amused by me telling her about Tammi having her pussy eaten by their black Labrador Bruno. “Out Of Jeannie and Tammi I always thought Jeannie was the sexy one.” Sarah commented. “She probably is, but she,s got Rod Pierce,s rod as he,s her steady guy!” I added. “Maybe they don,t fuck?” Sarah speculated. “Oh they do All the time! Tammi,s caught them at it more than once.” “Ah to be young again.” she sighed as she gently stroked me.”Are you still fucking Tammi then?” “Not as often as we used to, but when we get the chance Yes.” I replied. “Hmm. It would be interesting to invite her over some time. I haven,t eaten a Young pussy like hers in many years.” Sarah mused. To anyone new reading this neither my wife or I are strangers to threesomes or sex with other men or women and both experimented with homosexuality as youngsters and found it exciting though I drew the line at getting fucked in the ass! Talking about how Tammi and I had enjoyed our fuck sessions really acted as a great canlı bahis aphrodisiac to both of us and soon my wife feasted on my thick load of cock cream prior to a great fuck and despite filling her mouth I managed a second heavy load pumped deep into her now pregnancy free womb. We both agreed talking about our sexy neighbour had got us going. But the chance to have more fun with atammi actually fell to Sarah not me. One afternoon while I was still sleeping following a night shift Sarah had a rare day off and was sunbathing in our gsrden on a sun lounger with sun glasses on, a cold drink near her and reading the daily newspaper wearing her one bikini she owned which she was too shy to wear in public as it showed off her titties and ample bottom to full advantage. Sarah had decided to get a better tan so removed her bikini top and rubbed sun cream into her marvellous mammary glands while topless and would likely have removed her bottoms eventually when a familiar voice called “Sarah. Hey Sarah. Can I come over?” Sarah quickly put her top back on and got up trying to,locate where the voice was coming from till she like me found the knot hole with Tammi staring at her. “Come round the back gate bahis siteleri and I,ll let you in.” my wife ordered her, then shortly a young teenager dressed in halter, short denim shorts and flip flops entered our garden and took the second lounger offerred to her to sit on. “Cold drink?” Sarah offerred then shortly returned with two Bloody Marys mixed stron the way Sarah likes them. Sarah then began the conversation”. “I,m glad to see you young lady to thank you for keeping Joe happy while I was healing from my no more babies operation. Joe told me all about your fuck sessions!” Sarah confessed. “He did. Aren,t you mad at me then?” “Mad at you, Of Course not! The thought really turns me fact just thinking of you and Joe sucking and Fuckng really makes my pussy wet like it is now and your dog Bruno sounds amazing. Wish I had a dog that eats pussy!” “Yeah he,s the randiest did around.” Tammi giggled. “Would you like to see how wet I am now?” Without waiting for an answer my wife removed her bik In bottoms to reveal her pleasure box with her thick pubic bush starting to grow back after being shaved for her op. “WOW! You really Are Wet!” Tammi sighed and reached out to feel how wet Sarah was bahis şirketleri for herself. “Have you ever played with another woman,s pussy Tammi?” “No. I, ve spied on Jeannie when she plays with hers and I obviously masturbate, but I,ve Never masturbated another woman!” she confessed. “We’ll Play with mine then and I,ll play with yours.” As the teenager began to finger my wife’s hot cunt Sarah removed Tammis shirts to find she wore no knickers so fingered her tender young snatch as copious juices oozed from both fannies. It was Sarah who first kissed Tammi,s clitoris and then moved to her fleshy lips to tongue fuck her. After a few minutes pleasure Tammi responded by eating her first minge and took to it like a duck to water so soon they formed a lesbian sixty nine. Eventually both experienced a very satisfying orgasm and lay entwined as they recovered their wits. “You eat pussy even better than Joe.” Tammi congratulated Sarah. “Thank You Tammi luv, but then I know the bits that women love. Joe,s Good At it, but I,m better!” Sarah chuckled. Once they,d recovered from their exertions they chatted for a while before Tammi excused herself. “How about a threesome with Joe some time?” Sarah offered.”Sure. Why not?” Tammi shrugged. “Sounds like good sexy fun!” “Well I,m off next Tuesday and Joe,s got some holiday so,how about then.?” “Next Tuesday then!” she smiled as she gave my wife a passionate goodbye kiss. Next Part 3.