She is anyones after two drinks

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She is anyones after two drinks”She is anyones after two drinks, I dont know who she takes after” sniggered my Mum.I know who she takes after I thought, its you Mummyslut.She was taking about my sister, and between them they must have fucked half of the guys in the village.It didnt seem to matter if the guys were 20 or 60, buy my Mum or sister two drinks and they were guaranteed a fuck.But not recently, due to Covid 19, there were no strange guys at the kitchen table in the morning.I could however still hear them both at night masturbating to orgasm, it was an arousing experience for me, even more so than listening to them getting their brains fucked out.Maybe it was because I wondered what would happen if I walked in on either of them with my boner in hand, not that I would ever do duch a thing, would I ?????It was my sisters 21st on Friday, and she was going to have to celebrate it without the attention of any male attention, which was a real downer for her.Mum and I had planned a boozy barbecue and we hoped that would console her, she was a big fan of both.We have a large private back garden that is surrounded by laurel bushes, so that Mum and sister could sunbathe nude if they felt like it, and on warm sunny days they did.I cant count the number of times that I have looked through my bedroom window to see these two naked women flat on their backs with their legs open, pointing their pussy at my bedroom window, I sometimes wondered if they did it on purpose.It had been just the three of us since my Dad passed away some years ago.So Friday came around and after initial card and present opening, my sister, became more and more withdrawn. I was quite worried about her, so I suggested to Mum that we start the party bursa escort early and she agreed.I went outside and started the barbecue, Mum poured some drinks (large ones), we played some music and after a little while my sisters mood improved.She came to me a little unsteady on her feet, flung her arms around my neck and said ” Thanks for this Bro, I really love you” I gave her a hug and told her that I loved her too.She started to dance and Mum topped her drink up.The barbecue was a huge success, and we were all in a great mood, still drinking.Sis came and sat on my knee, she was drunkenly telling me what a great brother I had always been.”There is just one thing that I regret” she said “whats that Sis?” I asked.”Do you remember wanting to play, show me yours and I will show you mine?”I laughed “I never asked you to play that” I said”Well Doctors and Nurses then ” she said, I just regret refusing.I was confused now as I had no recollection of any of this.”Come on Bro show me your cock”I nearly choked on my drink. “Come on Bro show me” she said as she started hitching up her dress, I presumed, that i was about to get an eyefull of pussy.”Mum can hear you” I whispered, but Mum heard that too.”Dont mind me” she said “I will close my eyes, now be a good brother and show her your cock, amd lets make this day memorable for her”I pulled my shorts down, for her to look at my cock, it was semi hard.She pulled off her panties, lifted her dress, and showed me her beautiful hairy pussy, my cock started to stiffen, sister giggled “He is getting hard Mum” I heard her say, I shot a glance at Mum, she no longer had her eyes closed.”That looks good enough to suck babe” my Mum replied, I was slightly embarrased, my sister now had bursa escort bayan my rapidly stiffening cock in her hand and my Mum was encouraging her to suck on it.My sister closed her lips around my cock and started to suck me, it felt so taboo, the fact that my Mum was watching, made it even more so.”What kind of a gentleman are you?” Mum asked, “If a girl sucks your cock for you, then you repay the favour, now get on the grass on your back”I did as my Mum told me and my sister got on top of me in the 69 posistion, and I started to lick her pussy.My Mums shape came into view as she was now standing over me, I couldnt help but look up her skirrt to see that she had removed her panties and she had two fingers inside her pussy (she had drunk more than two drinks also).She then kneeled down at the side of me and sister, and at the same time she started to finger mine and sisters arsehole, that felt so weird, but sister kept on sucking so I kept on licking.”Do you want to fuck him babe” Mum asked my sister “Yes Mum I really do” replied my sister.Mum lifted my sister to her feet, then stripped them both, and then made my sister straddle me and eased her down onto my cock. “How does he feel babe?” asked Mum, “he feels amazing” replied sister.”Whats his pussy licking technique like” Mum then asked “Oh its pretty good whispered my sister who was rapidly approaching orgasm.”In that case I will try it out” said Mum lowering her pussy on to my face, I instinctively licked and fingered her pussyMum looked at my sister who was now riding my cock for dear life, and reached forward to squeeze her hardened nipples. “MOTHERFUCKER” screamed my sister as she thrashed on my cock, pressing on her clit for more pleasure. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH escort bursa FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE””I felt her squirt her juice onto my cock, Mum was pretty turned on by this because I felt her squirt on my face.FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK” she screamed, both women stopped moving and instead hugged each other, then when Mum had recovered she said “Swap places babe”Well if it wasnt bad enough that I had fucked my sister(or she had fucked me) but now I was going to fuck my Mum.She lowered her pussy on to my cock.”I fucking love this cock inside me” Mum was very vocal. I heard her at night with various guys and her dirty talk always gave me a boner.”Come on babe, hammer my pussy, make my juices flow, fuck me hard and fuck me deep”Mums dirty talk was having an effect on sis as she was having lots of orgasms whislt sitting on my face.”Fuck me baby make me cum, I want your spunk deep inside my soaking wet CUNT” Mum had an orgasm. “MOTHERFUCKER YEA MOTHERFUCKER I LOVE IT” she cried.Now although our garden was pretty private Susan from next door had been watchong the show by leaning out of her bedroom window. Susan was a good friend of my Mums and in fact they went out man hunting together.”Can I join you?” she shouted to my Mum.”Of course ” Mum called back and within minutes Susan was in the garden, she quickly removed her clothes and bent over the table that we had been eating from.Mum said “Susan likes anal”My sister ran to the table and bent over next to Susan, and said “Hey, I like anal and its my fucking birthday”Then Mum walked ove rto the table and bent over and said “Well I fucking love anal, so who are you gonna assfuck baby?I have often heard the expression “The horns of a dilemna” when a person has a really difficult choice to make between 2 options, however I had a similar problem, but because it was a difficult choice between three options I think I will call it “The horns of a trilemna.