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SHE JUST WANTED to FUCKAmazing the crises one experiences in life. My first serious one occurred not long after returning home to my small town in eastern South Dakota in July, 1963/having just completed six months of active duty training with the Army National Guard, the first eight weeks undergoing basic infantry training at Ft Ord, California(it was usually Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri) then after a ten day leave at home it was on to basic artillery training at Ft Sill, Oklahoma where I completed training in mid June. I had picked up a bug of some sort so had not looked for work as I felt really ill. One morning I awoke to find a red mark on my left hand that ran all the way to my arm pit and Ifound it difficult to even get out of bed so my worried parents helped me dress and immediately drove me to the local hospital where I was admitted with a high temperature and blood poisoning. For about two weeks I remember very little as apparently it was 50/50 whether I,d survive, but with lots of shots in my arse and determined bahis şirketleri nursing I fought back to health and was finally allowed to return home. I thanked the nurses who looked after me so well one who happened to be Rowena Kelstrup, two years older and a second cousin on my father,s side and a stunning brunette with a fabulous body. Out of earshot of my mother I managed to speak to the lovely woman “Rowena. I,m really in your debt. Without you and your other nurses I wouldn,t be here. You must go out for a meal and a drink to thank you properly.” “Okay Joe. Here,s my number where I room with two other nurses. If I,m on duty just leave a message with one of my house mates.” she slipped me a piece of paper. It took me a few days to recover fully and with Momout shopping with my k** brother Austin I rang Rowena,s house. “You,re lucky to catch me in asI switched around with Georgie Payne.” she purred. “You ready for that meal and a drink or two then?” “Sure. You want to tonight then?” “Tonight,s fine. Pick bahis firmaları you up at seven then?” “Okay.” I lied and told my parents I was going out with a few old friends I would later get to back me up in case they wanted to check on me. My late father had a thing about dating cousins, even second cousins, but after all there,s. NO law against it. So I duly arrived and was more than pleased she,d dressed up a bit. Her patterned light summer dress showed off her sizeable breasts nicely falling away to her flat tummy and shapely tanned legs with her dainty feet encased in sandals, her hair in a pony tail, her green eyes smiling warmly as I helped her in my old banger of a car which may have looked a bit worn, but ran quite well despite being a 1951 model. “Where do you want to eat?” I asked as I pulled into the road. “Wherever you want to eat.” she smiled one of her brilliant smiles. As we hadn’t had much chance to talk when I was so sick in hospital she now asked about my military training and I briefly outlined kaçak bahis siteleri what I,d been up to since I last saw her at a family get together two years previously just prior to her father dying from stomach cancer. She told me she,d not long broken up with her long term boyfriend Dougie Charles and was a bit lonely and then I was parking outside the restaurant I,d chosen to eat at. She ordered sensibly even though I woukdn,t have minded if she,d ordered more expensive food If she liked. I still had most of my army pay so was fairly financially secure for the moment. The meal was okay, but nothing remarkable so we walked to the bar next door for a few drinks. Rowena loosened up a bit and we were soon sitting beside each other in the booth holding hands. Her kiss was an eager passionate one which left us both breathless. “Can we go somewhere more private to get to know each other better Joe?” she asked. “Thought we knew each other being cousins.” I added. “You know what I mean!” Of course I knew and once in the car “I,m sure you can find a quiet road some where we won,t be disturbed Dear Cuz as I want you to FUCK ME!” she deftly unzipped me and released my now rock hard cock to the air, precum dribbling from the end in anticipation.TBC