She offered to keep me company in the truck..

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She offered to keep me company in the truck..There were errands to run, although as we started the drive I tried to sneak a peek at his crotch to hopefully see the growing outline of his thick cock – I looked up and he caught my gaze.. I knew, without a word spoken, what I was expected to do.It did not start well.. with me being frustratingly slow to assume my position, I was afraid to be seen by people.. The look on his face was half laugh, half expulsion of air confirmed to me what I already knew, I was making this all about me and I was fucking things up. .During this part of the drive I had generously even allowed to touch his cock, but only through his guidance I was allowed this far!All I wanted to do was grab it and put it in my mouth, but I had to do a little more work than that before being allowed that privilege..‘If you keep trying to rub it like that you’ll be getting nothing! Touch it softly, tickle it with the tips of your fingers, and watch it grow into a lion.. is that what you want?’I nodded silently…I really just wanted it and had to concentrate so hard to behave! Almost immediately it began to grow..‘Well say it then! What do you want?’‘I.. I want your cock to grow large like a lion, so I can suck it.’‘All right’ he says, ‘turn around on to your stomach, istanbul escort hands by your sides and suck this fucking cock – you watch those teeth, you’d better not bite my fucking cock!So I took his whole cock into my mouth up and down up-and-down groaning with pleasure to finally have it there.I felt a hand on the back of my head, pushing my head further down the shaft pushing onto the cock…I started to groan loudly ‘That’s right!Groan like a little whore, suck my cock!’ I groaned and sucked hungrily.‘Stop! Now fucking stop!’ I stopped sucking but kept cock in mouth.Wide! open your mouth wide he said! And be very still!He had been grabbing a bunch of my hair and suddenly applied pressure.. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and waited … slowly I could feel his cock get bigger and deeper and further down my throat..I suckled a little but then I’m held down and this nearly filled by this monster…I cough and splutter and retch/ but no avail.. I’m bucking and desperate for air and then I vomit all over his cock.. mostly water but still no reprieve from being slammed onto this very hard cock…I can feel my hair being sloshed around in what I had spewed, wiped across my face and all over avcılar escort me..,He points to his crutch ‘what the fuck is this? Clean it up, quickly!’ I lick up all the slime and mess between his legsThe pulls.. my head is yanked up and I am called the names he knows I hate to love.. ‘dirty cum slut!’ ‘You love the cock, don’t you whore!’I nod furiously, breathing hard and feeling dizzy, unable to properly focus.I unsteadily climb out of the truck, barefoot, hair in a bird nest, hair and face covered in drool and spit and sweat. One large breast hanging down in front of me, increasing my shame. I have to keep my hand on the truck to make sure I don’t stumble, my owner is waiting for me.‘We’re not finished yet slut,’ he jumps out of the cab. ‘Get out and come to the back of the truck and get inside.’He turns back to me. ‘You better be dressed appropriately.’I scan the parking lot and the park. There are a few people around, a bit of exposure is inevitable. Whenever I am in the presence of my owner, I am to have one breast exposed at all times.I climb in the back, he door staying ajar slightly, I try to put it out of my mind so I can do as I’m told..I’m on my knees, tit exposed ridiculously.. it gets slapped mockingly.‘Open şirinevler escort your fucking whore mouth.’ ‘Wider!’My tongue is hanging out, mouth wide open, I am staring at the man who has taken ownership of me in every way..His hands come out to move my head to his desired position, I hold his gaze as he has demanded, I feel his hands tighten around my head..He begins to furiously fuck my throat, harder and faster… I struggle to maintain my balance as well as not use my hands, taking gasps of air when I can… every now and then a little slap to keep me in line, my owner taints me with a big wind up and no follow through, and then randomly, an especially hard slap! My flinching is quite funny I’m told..He fucks my facehole hard, grimacing as he slams into me over and over.. he asks how I should receive his great load… should he lay great ropes of cum across my face? Or pour his hot load down my throat? Over my tits daddy>? Another decision was made in the end..‘Show me!’‘Keep your eyes here!’ He’s looking into my eyes as he begins to shoot his huge load into my mouth‘Don’t you fucking dare swallow without permission!’Oh God, as he continues to cum, I’m beginning to panic that I will run out of room in my mouth as I continue to hold his load..I open my mouth wide and gargle his cum like it’s the most fantastic gift I have ever received – which of course it is!I swallow after I’m given direction to by my owner..I’m pouring with sweat, my hair is stuck to my skin, lacquered with spit, cum and the slime from my earlier gagging..No time for cleaning up unfortunately, as I have a train to catch.. what a sight I am..