Shellies new experience

22 Temmuz 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Shellies new experienceShelly and i have not spoken for a while so it was a surprise when she messaged me last night, after asking the normal questions she said she had a new story for me to share.My story starts from the forth of July when the covid rules were relaxed allowing people to return to caravan sites.My neighbour Michelle has a caravan in the lake district and she told me she was going up for a few nights with the k**s to set it up for the rest of the season.Over the lockdown period she had acquired a rescue dog, a young collie cross, she was always telling me how it was wrecking the house when left alone, anyway she said she did not want to take it up to the caravan until it settled down a bit, i said i would look after it for the weekend as it knew me anyway.On the Saturday morning she fetched the dog round with its food and some toys and off they went.I was glad of the company to be honest as the k**s were at their Dads for the weekend, i took it for a good kaçak iddaa walk, it was hard work being young it pulled on the lead and would not obey commands .when i got back home i fed it and left the back door open for it to play in the garden, i had a shower and came down and put some washing on, the dog came running in and started running around me and sniffing my bare legs as i had only my dressing gown on, i shoed it away and got on with the washing, next thing it started humping at my leg i pushed it away and it scratched all my leg, i thought what have i let myself in for here, i locked it in the garden and got dressed and finished the washing off.When the washing was done i opened the door to peg it out the dog was running around next thing i knew it started humping my leg again, i gave it a crack on the nose and it stopped humping.Later that evening i was sat watching the tv with a bottle of wine the dog was asleep on the floor when my friend Michelle rang me to see kaçak bahis if everything was ok, i said fine but you did not tell me it keeps humping your legs, she laughed and said don’t let it catch you on your knees i laughed and said i won’t.After i had drunk the wine i do not know what made me do it but i searched the web for dog porn(i had seen it before and was intrigued by it)i watched a few vids and must admit i was now randy as hell, i had a few more glasses of wine and after watching a woman with a dog licking then fucking her i thought I’m going to give this a go .i took my bottoms off and left my top on like in the film, as soon as the dog so my bare leg it started humping again, i pushed it off and sat back in the chair, i opened my legs and straight away it started licking my cunt, by now i was passed caring what happened, i was moaning with pleasure and just laid back enjoying the feeling, he moved and started trying to hump my leg, i pushed him off, here goes illegal bahis i thought so i knelt on the chair, my legs were shaking i was that turned on, after a few attempts he mounted me and i could feel his penis poking around, eventually i felt it enter my cunt and he was pumping away like mad, i had already cum with the excitement i had never felt nothing like it, it was mind blowing.I knew after watching the vids that i needed to push him off now if i did not want him knottin up in me and Cumming inside me but i was to far gone by now, he stooped pumping and i waited for the knotting, he started panting heavily and i could slowly feel his cock swelling, it stretched my cunt like i have never felt before, now all was still and then after a minute i heard him yelp and i felt a warm gush of cum fill my cunt, i orgasmed again, he stayed like that for another minute still squirting little jets off cum and then i felt his knot subside and he dismounted me, i could not get up for a minute or two as my legs were shaking that much .i could feel the warm liquid oozing out of my cunt.Am i ashamed, a little bit, but i bloody loved it and it was the best fuck i have ever had,Shelly,xx..