Siblings Ch. 03

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This is the third installment of a brother/sister incest story. (Chapter 2 has been updated and this is the real chapter 3.) It would be better to read the first two chapters before reading this one, but feel free to read this one first if you want.


We had breakfast together, sitting at the kitchen table eating our cereal. We didn’t talk but just kept looking at each other as we spooned the food to our mouths. I giggled every few times i looked up at him. Tim just had this giant grin on his face.

I put my spoon in my bowl and looked at him, “What?”

“Nothing.” Tim chuckled, shaking his head a little.

“Yes there is,” I said, “You’re staring at me and smiling like crazy.”

“Only because you keep giggling,” he smirked.

“Well, I’m giggling because I keep looking at you and you keep smiling at me.”

“Well, I can’t stop smiling because I look at you and I keep thinking how beautiful you are and how unbelievable this is. I’m just so excited about being with you.” Tim’s smile never left his face and his eyes twinkled as he spoke.

I felt my emotions flying through me. I was so high I was having trouble focusing my thoughts. “I think I’m giggling so much because my emotions are overflowing and that’s the only way I can let them out.”

“Yeah? And what’s making you so emotional?” Tim gibed.

“You. Us. I guess it’s just dawning on me that we are really more than just brother and sister now. We’re moving into something totally new for both of us but we’re doing it together. I know I’ve loved you for a long time, but it feels like it’s just been amped up by multiples to a level I didn’t know I could feel.”

Tim reached his hand out across the table and took hold of mine. “I feel the same. I’ve always loved you and that started naturally because you’re my sister. But over the last few years I’ve been feeling differently about you. Remember when you were in 7th grade and we won those state playoffs in hockey? That’s when I started to see you differently. I started looking at you like you weren’t my sister. I started to realize that everything about you was what I was looking for and from that point on no other girl compared to you.”

“You keep saying these things to me and I just start to cry, I can’t help it. When you say those things to me that’s what amps up my emotions.” My heart was pounding and my eyes were brimming. “I am so absolutely in love with you, I just want to be with you every minute, touching you so you don’t disappear from me.”

Tim was laughing softly. “You do realize that we can’t spend every waking minute together, right? I do have to go to work tonight. Saturday is the best night for tips.”

“I know, I know. But even that makes me happy because I know that you’ll be coming home and we’ll be sleeping together for the rest of the night! SO,” I said, changing the subject a little, “what do you want to do today?”

“I want to work out downstairs for a while. I haven’t done anything for the past two days.”

“Can I work out with you? I’ve been doing a little bit for the past couple of years, but maybe you could help with some different or better routines; and you could help me with my form.”

Tim’s face shifted to a strange look and spoke with an odd voice, “You’re form doesn’t need any help, baby.” He wiggled his eyebrows up and down as he spoke.

“Are you trying to sound like a dirty, old man?” I laughed.

“Yeah, That was the intent.”

“Well, you just came off a a creepy lecherous, young guy,” I informed him.

Tim pretended to be panting heavily. “Well, you do have a lovely form.”

“Thank you. Now pardon me while I go fill out a restraining order.”

Tim just laughed and said, “meet you down stairs in 5 minutes.”

I went to my room to change. I decided to be appropriately but sexily dressed. I put on a grey sports bra and then pulled out a pair of workout shorts that I usually only wore to bed or maybe around the locker room. They were light blue and kind of a mesh/moisture wicking material. They were tight. So tight that I would have a camel toe within a minute or two of putting them on. They were also short so that the lower quarter of my ass cheeks were exposed. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail.

I had seen lots of girls at school in a very similar look. The girls would flirt with the guy athletes while they were were working out, the girls just pretending to be exercising. I never hung around with that crowd and when I was working out I was working out. I usually dressed in a baggy sweat shirt and loose sweatpants as I wasn’t there to be noticed. But the guys definitely looked at those other girls. I thought it would be fun to flirt with Tim while we worked out.

I went into the basement and to the area where Tim had set up the weights and bench his friend Kevin had given him. Tim had put rubber matting all over the cement floor and had taken an old mirror from my mom’s closet, when my parents had their bedroom suite redone, and mounted it ankara escort on the wall.

Tim was already there in a T-shirt and a pair of baggy, basketball shorts. He looked at me and didn’t say anything. I watched his eyes travel over my body. From his reaction (a tent appeared in the front of his shorts) I knew he was liking what he saw. I have to admit it made me feel good to see him really ogling me. Another guy in a different situation and I would have been annoyed but I was pleased to be able to turn Tim on.

We both started working out. From time to time Tim would help me with better position or technique for a particular exercise or lift. I wasn’t trying to bulk up so I didn’t lift with heavy weights. I wanted both strength and stamina, a combination that helped in most sports but really paid off for hockey.

Since there was no a/c in the basement we both started to work up a sweat. After one set of reps Tim had sweat dripping from his face. He pulled off his T-shirt and used it to wipe off his face. My eyes were glued to his body. His abs looked so hard, his body was all muscle and gleaming with sweat. I could feel some vestige of the primal mating urge course through me as my Reptilian Brain assessed Tim as a good choice for procreation. In short, he looked sexy as hell!

As it had earlier in the morning, my brain had a lascivious thought. While maintaining my stare at Tim I reached across my body and grabbed both sides of my bra and peeled it up and off over my head. I casually tossed it toward the door.

“Sara, what are you doing?” Tim asked, sounding a bit shocked.

I smiled and playfully answered, “if you’re going to go top less for the rest of this workout then I’m going top less, too!”

He lowered his head to his hand and shook it slowly back and forth. “It’s bad enough you have to look so good and now you just expose those awesome boobs to me. How am I supposed to focus on working out when you are so damn sexy?”

“Wait, you think my boobs are ‘awesome’? I think they’re kinda too big.”

“No, they’re perfect for you. You’re tall so your size breasts suit your body. If they were bigger they’d be in the way and all anyone would focus on. If they were smaller you’d loose the awesome figure you have and some of that femininity that is such a part of you.”

He kept talking. “See, this is why I tried to keep my distance from you. You’re physically statuesque, with a wholesome face all wrapped together by this sweet, strong willed, brainy, independent, outgoing and affectionate personality. And, with your body, you could make a corpse have an erection! If I looked at you too much I’d be jacking off ten times a day just to try and stay on an even keel.”

“You mean the reason you avoided me like the plague was because you had feelings for me?” I probed.

“Yes, of course. Don’t you get it? What guy, and probably some girls, wouldn’t be attracted to you? You are the whole package, Sara- brains, body and personality. You’re my sister. What the heck could I do about it. I was in love with someone I could never have. That’s why hearing you say my name the other night when I came home early from work was so mind blowing. I never thought for a moment you’d have feelings for me.”

I walked straight to him and kissed him. I wasn’t trying for a sexy or arousing kiss. I only wanted to let him know the combination of happiness and relief I was feeling. I intertwined my fingers behind his neck and broke the kiss to look up into his eyes. “I am so glad you came home early. Otherwise we would have never known how we really feel about each other and that would have been sad.”

As I said, I wasn’t trying to be sexy or to arouse him, though I was aware of the heat between our bodies as our sweaty skin played against each other.

“See, this exactly what I mean. You’re here with me looking as tempting as hell but I deal with it. Then you pull off your bra and up your provocativeness to another level. Now I can feel the firmness of your boobs, even your hard nipples on my body and I get hard and start thinking about sex with you. No man can resist what you have and the way, if you choose, you can throw it at them “

I smiled, feeling pretty confident and pleased with myself. I began to slightly twist my torso so that my boobs and nipples moved left and right an inch or two against his chest and abs.

“Well, what do you think you do to me? The same thing,” I told him, as I pressed my camel toe against his thigh. “I want you inside me. What do you have left to do in your workout?”

“I want to do some sets of bench presses and then I’m done.”

“Alright, I’ll be a good girl and let you finish, but then you’re mine!” I announced.

Tim set up the bar with the weight he wanted and proceeded to complete a set of ten reps. He got up and walked around, drank some water and then added more weight to the bar.

“Do you know how to spot someone doing bench presses.”

I answered proudly, “Yes, our hockey coach showed escort ankara us freshman year.”

“Great, will you spot me on this set?”

I moved over to the head of the bench. Tim lay back, his head a few inches from my thighs. I spread my legs a little wider trying to tease him but he was focused on his next set. He pushed the bar up off the rests at the top of the posts and worked through a set of ten. It was clear this was a heavy load for him as he worked hard on the tenth one. I only helped him guide the bar back to the rests.

He walked around again, shaking his arms a little and drinking more water. He was clearly pumped. His shoulders and chest were all muscle and veins stood out on his arms and shoulders. Fuck, he was sexy.

After a few minutes he lay back down on the bench, positioned his hands and raised the bar from the rests. He started to struggle on the eighth rep, worked really hard on the ninth and I used one finger from each hand to help him the last half of the way up on the last press.

“Nice,” I said. “Is that your max?”

“No, it’s about 65-70% of my max. I’m not trying to get bigger, just stronger.” As he spoke he got up and took some weights off the bar. “I move back down and do two more sets and then I’m done.”

“No problem. Need me to keep spotting you?”

“Thanks but I should be fine,” he answered.

When he lay back down and got prepared I stood beside the bench so I could enjoy the sight of his muscles working. I wasn’t disappointed. His pecs flexed with each push and his abs were tight throughout. I know I shouldn’t have but I knelt beside him and put my hands on his washboard and chest as he completed the set.

“What are you doing,” he puffed.

“I just had to feel your muscles while you lifted. My man is turning me on and I can’t help myself.”

“Is that so? So you’re telling me that if I were to feel right here,” he reached out and rubbed the crotch of my shorts, “I’d discover that it’s wet?”

A damp spot must have appeared as his fingers fondled my sex through the material.

Tim chuckled, “Well, what do you know!”

His fingers increased my building lust. It seemed that a whole new area of my brain was opening up because of Tim and I was coming up with naughty ideas all the time. I reached out and pulled down Tim’s shorts exposing his half hard cock. I stood up and peeled off my shorts. Throwing one leg over the bench I straddled Tim’s hips. Reaching down I started stroking his cock with both hands making long, slow pulling motions from base to crown.

He responded quickly and now the tip was teasingly brushing my pussy lips. “On this last set,” I began, “you’re going to be inside me so that I can feel your muscles while you lift.”

With that announcement I widened my labia with one hand while spearing my love slot with Tim’s dick. I was wet enough that I could take the head in easily. I basically did squats (exercising my quads!) on him and took more and more of the shaft until I had all of him inside me.

With a satisfied look on my face I relaxed so that Tim bore all my weight on his pelvis. His head and stalk felt fantastic in me. The sensation of being filled by Tim’s flesh was divine and my cunt seemed as though it was made to hold him.

Tim was looking at me with a curious gaze.

“And now what?” Tim asked.

“Now, dear brother and man of mine, you are going to pump iron for your last set while I enjoy feeling your muscles. I’m going to run my hands over the muscles of your chest and abdomen,” I said drifting my fingers over each area as I named them. “And I am going to enjoy the gratification and fulfillment of having my man’s fully pumped up love muscle buried completely and fully inside me while he lifts.”

Tim’s expression changed to amused as he inquired, “When did you develop this creative, kinky streak?”

“Uh, the last day or two,” I replied, proudly.

The sensations of his hard muscles contracting and releasing under my hands and of his cock becoming like marble inside me with each press of the barbell were scrumptious. My body just ate up the physical tactile feelings of wherever Tim and I were touching.

After placing the bar back on the stand Tim lay on his back for about a minute just breathing. I playfully contracted and released the muscles of my vagina, teasing him. When he sat up, Tim slid to the end of the bench, keeping us locked together.

He had an intense look in his eyes as he rumbled at me through gritted teeth, ” I am going to fuck you, Sara. I am pumped up and probably have extra testosterone racing though my veins so I am going to pound your sweet, tight, little, pink pussy like an animal until I fill it with my load.”

I bit my lip as he uttered those words hoping he wouldn’t make me too sore for more sex later. I stared back at the fire in his eyes and felt the tremors in my cunt from just hearing his tone.

“Do it,” I whimpered, “Fuck me as hard as you want. I’m all yours.”

Tim then stood ankara escort bayan up with me still impaled on his rock hard shaft and maneuvered us so he could lay me down on the bench. He grasped my legs, putting his hands on the backs of my thighs, pushing my knees towards my chin and compressing my boobs under my legs. He withdrew until only the head remained in me and then slowly sunk his length all the way back into me.

After pulling back again Tim began ramming into me at a savage pace. Each time his hips slammed my body I let out an “Unnhhh” sound. Tim was fervently focus on watching his penis pistoning in and out of my pussy. Each thrust felt like I was taking the weight of his entire body into mine via his manhood and hips.

I could see his face begin to screw up tightly and I knew that meant he was getting close to cumming. I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch up so I decided to encourage him to his finish.

“That’s it, Tim, fuck me hard. I’m yours, Tim. I’m your girl, your woman, your lover. Pound my snatch. Use that massive cock of yours to fill me with your load. Give it to me.”

He started grunting and then, with a long groan, sank himself as deep inside me as possible. His head came up and his back arched as he pushed his hips harder against me and released the content of his balls in me.

I spread my legs and he lowered his body until I felt all his weight on me. He was breathing heavily. I hugged him and caressed his back as I murmured in his ear, “I love being fucked by my man. I love feeling my stud inside me, filling me with his prick and his cum.”

We lay there for a few moments, two lovers totally enjoying the incredible new found closeness. After a while Tim spoke.

“We’re in trouble,” he laughed.

“Why?” I asked quickly and nervously.

“Because I just realized I don’t have anything to put my hands on and push my body up. And, if I don’t move you’ll get crushed.”

I realized that he was, indeed, almost dead weight on top of me and I was starting to feel like it was harder to breathe.

“Ok, don’t move,” he instructed. He slid backwards and his knees came to the floor. As his cock came out of me, his abs and chest slid down my pubes. The mixture of his cum and my juices left a ragged trail of wetness down his center.

“Shower,” I stated.

“Let’s use mom and dad’s,” he suggested.

When they had renovated their suite they put in an awesome tiled shower with a rainfall shower head.

“Perfect,” I agreed.

“I need to shave first and I’ll do that in our bathroom. You can go into the shower and I’ll be right in.”

I was bending over to pick up my bra off the floor when I responded, “Nope. I’m going to watch you shave and then we’ll shower together.”

Tim just shook his head. “You better get that perfect ass of yours up the stairs fast or I’m going to take you down and take a nice big bite out of that sweet peach!” He playfully swatted my butt.

“Eeeek!” I yelped and then took off up the stairs.


I sat on the toilet and watched Tim prepare to shave. He looked so cute as he covered his neck, jaw and cheeks with the white foam of the shaving cream. As Tim proceeded to drag the razor across his face I started to get aroused. I have no idea why. Maybe it was because I had never seen him shave before; maybe it was because he looked so damn sexy standing naked in front of the sink, his hard, muscled body still pumped from working out. Maybe it was because I was still aroused from downstairs and hadn’t reached orgasm yet. I stood up and moved behind him. I mashed my boobs against his back and wrapped my arms around his chest. I looked over his shoulder into the mirror to watch.

“Sara,” Tim hissed. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” I answered coquettishly, batting my eyes at him.

“Stop giving my those ‘fuck me’ eyes over my shoulder, rubbing your boobs on my back and running your hands over my nipples. “I’m gonna cut the shit out of my face!”

I pretended to pout, “OK, I’ll be good.”

I clasped my hands around his waist and lowered my head to kiss his shoulder. “Eeeww, sweaty.”

He was shaking his head again.

Our shower was uneventful. It was much nicer with the rainfall head directly over us and the larger shower. We enjoyed washing each other and making sure we didn’t miss an inch. We kissed repeatedly as the ‘rain’ fell on our heads.

As we were drying each other off Tim said, “I’ll meet you in your room in a minute.”

I didn’t know why he said that but I went to my room and started drying my hair. A minute or two later Tim walked in. He was totally naked and my eyes went straight to his crotch, watching his relaxed penis and balls bounce lightly as he walked. He was holding something behind his back.

“What have you got?”

“Never mind, you’ll find out in a few seconds. Now hop up on your bed, legs out straight,” he instructed.

I had no clue what he had planned but I plopped on my bed and then scootched up so I was sitting with my back against the headboard. Tim moved onto the bed, lifted my feet and rested them on his thigh. He moved his hand from behind his hip revealing a bottle of red nail polish. “I am going to paint your toenails,” he announced.