Sid and the big breasted celebs pt.5- Tisca Chopra

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Sid and the big breasted celebs pt.5- Tisca ChopraThis happened a few months after the fabulous day I spent with bollywood actresses Zarine khan and Asin thottukamal. I had gone clubbing with my friends. It was a very happening place. Many celebs used to come here to party. Me and my friends were drinking and scoping the ladies when I saw Tisca Chopra. Her tall and shapely frame complimented her good looks perfectly. She had a beautiful 36D-27-34 figure. I pointed her out to my friends and said,”Hey I’m gonna make a bet. I bet I can have sex with her.” My friends threw me amusing looks and said,” are you out of your senses. You do know who she is. Dude she’s Tisca Chopra. She’s a bollywood star. She won’t even talk to you. Forget about sex.” I said,”so it’s a bet then. Ain’t it?” My friends shook my hands and said,”bet on. If you fuck het we each give you 5 grand. What say.” I accepted and then I approached her and said,”hey I think I know you from somewhere.” She turned towards me and said,”well you should I’m a bollywood actress. It would kind of be an insult to me if you wouldn’t.” I smiled and said,”hey I remember you now. You’re the actress from ‘tarre zameen par’. Aren’t you?” She smiled and said,”yeah that’s right. I said,” well can I buy you a drink.” She said,” you know I wouldn’t mind a vodka with orange juice. I’m sitting in the private booth on the second floor.” I went to the bartender and took a absolut vodka with orange juice for her and a pint of black label for myself. I went to the next floor and went into the private booth. It was a small room covered by walls on three sides and a flimsy curtain on the fourth side. I went in and sat down beside her. She was looking absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a red sleeveless gown which was cut to just above her thighs and clung to her body making her breasts and ass more prominent. I gave her the drink and we got a little comfy. She asked me what I used to do. I said,”I’m a businessman. I do business of furniture.” She looked at me and said,”I’ve a piece of furniture at home that doesn’t get used a lot. Can you come home and look it up.” She gave me a horny smile and started kissing me using her tongue skillfully. While kissing my hand reached for her breast. She slapped my hand away and said,”not here. We’ll do that at my house. Let’s go.” She got up and dragged me out by the hand. While going out I caught sight of my friends and gave them a thumbs up. They looked shocked and in awe of what had transpired. I asked her how we were gonna get to her house. She pointed at the Audi Q7 parked opposite the club and said,”see that’s my car. Think you can drive it.” I gave her a ‘are you crazy kind of look’ and asked,”okay, but I’m gonna need to know where to go.” She said,”go to juhu, I live in a bungalow there.” We reached her house in 15 minutes. She could not wait to even get to the door. We started making out wildly. She kept kissing me and dragging me all the way to the door. At the door she fumbled around with the lock and in a minute, unlocked the door and started kissing and dragging me in. She fell on the couch taking me with her. She took off my jacket and threw it away and put my lips on her’s and we started making out wildly. I was kissing her on the neck, then her shoulder. I removed the thin straps of her gown and pulled the gown downwards. She had not been wearing a bra and as soon as I pulled her gown down, her big, lovely breasts popped in front of me. I grabbed them and started licking them. She was moaning and in a few minutes her nipples stood erect. She was meanwhile stroking her hand on my cock through my jeans. She said,”take off your pant. I feel you have a big dick and I want to see it.” I obliged and pulled down my denims. My underwear could hardly hold my erect 12″ long and 3″ thick cock and was bursting at the seams. She pulled down my underwear and gasped loudly looking at my cock. She said,”oh my god. That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. And so thick too. I don’t think it will go in my vagina.” I smiled mischievously and said,” well only one way to find out. Isn’t there.” Saying this I pulled her gown to the floor and revealed her wet panty. I took it off and her beautiful inner smell hit me. She had a beautiful and tight pussy with a very fine triangular layer of short pubic hair. I spread her legs a little and put my head in between her legs. I took out my tongue and lightly tickled her fine pussy hair. She moaned and her pussy swelled a little. She pushed my head in a little more. I took out my tongue and inserted it in her pussy. She moaned a little more loudly. She said,” yeah right there Sid. Right there. It feels good.” I continued the process licking at her pussy slowly, sensuously. She was moaning louder with each passing moment. I then picked on the pace. I started licking her pussy hard and also fingering her at a furious pace. She was moaning and was on the verge of tears and was saying,” I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Oh my god I’m cumming.” With that she came and squirted a whole lot pussy juice in my open mouth. I loved the sweet taste of her pussy and drank it all up. I said,” I think  you’re ready to get fucked by me.” With this I pushed her onto the couch and spread her legs far and said,”this is it. Are you ready?” She gave a weak nod and I pushed my penis in her extremely tight pussy. She gasped as my penis reached further and expanded her pussy wider. Once in I took out my cock inch by inch and once 10 inches were out, I slammed it in so hard she screamed. With that I started fucking her hard and fast making her scream. In five minutes she got comfortable and was moaning as I fucked her. 15 minutes later she started shouting again. In a dozen strokes she screamed as her orgasm hit her. She was shaking and convulsing all over. I took out my cock and her pussy started squirting cupfuls of pussy juice. I drank all of it and kissed her. She said,”oh my god Sid that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.” She then stood up and dragged me all the way through into her bedroom. It was a large room with a king sized bed and a flat screen T.V complete with a home theater system. She pushed me onto the bed, went to her cupboard and took out 2 lengths of rope. She said,”now Sid I don’t want you to use your hands much. So I’m gonna tie you to the bed post.” She first tied my hands fethiye escort with the smaller rope and then tied that to the bed post. She then lay down on me and started kissing me. She then put her breasts in my face. I started licking her nipples thus pleasuring her. She was moaning and then she got up and got in the 69 position. She started sucking my dick taking in 8″ in one go. Meanwhile I was eating her pussy maniacally and as a result she was moaning loudly. She took out my cock and put it between her breasts. She then started jerking up and down making my cock jerk too. I was meanwhile busy with her pussy. She was moaning more loudly and was nearly about to cum. I too was nearing an orgasm. She sensed this and started jerking my cock fast. I too started eating her faster. After 5 minutes she squirted her juices in my mouth. In another 5 minutes I started shooting my semen. Thread after thread of my cum went and covered her face and breast. Some of my semen even went in her hair. She turned towards me and said,”my god I haven’t seen so much cum even in porn. You are really great at sex. Well let’s start the fun part now.” Saying this she stood up and crouched with her pussy near my cock and slowly bought her ass down on my cock. My cock went in her wet pussy smoothly. A moan indicated that my cock was totally inside her vagina. She started moving her ass in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. She then started rising up taking my cock out of her vagina inch by inch. When 11″ were out of her pussy, she brought herself down hard on my cock screaming as she did it. She started riding me at a furious pace screaming all the while she did it. 5 minutes later an earsplitting scream from her indicated her orgasm. She tried to get up but I banged my cock in her while she was getting up. As a result of this she came again and fell on me with my penis in her tight pussy. I reached upwards and using my teeth opened the first rope. My hands were more than enough for the second rope. I then grabbed Tisca’s ass and placed her in doggy style and started fucking her showing no mercy. She was shouting continuously and had started cumming as a result of the hardcore banging. I stood her up and took her to the opposite wall and picked up both her legs and kept them on my arms and started pumping in and out of her tight pussy. She was enjoying herself and had started moaning in response. I decided to take it up a notch. I grabbed her ass and spread it using my fingers and took my cock out of her pussy and rammed it all the way in Tisca Chopra’s tight ass. As a result she screamed so loudly my ear drums probably burst. I quietened her down with a hot sensuous kiss. She calmed down a little but was still shouting as I had started ramming my cock in her tight ass. In 20 minutes she was nearly in tears when she came squirting all her pussy juice on my body. I left her and she flopped on the ground, to tired and dehydrated by her many orgasms. I picked her up and kissed her. I was near my orgasm. I placed her on the bed and stood in front of her and started jerking my cock on top of her. She was just lying on the bed rubbing her various breasts . I started jerking my cock very fast and in a couple of minutes I started cumming. I shot rope after rope of my thick white semen covering her body. After a very intense orgasm I fell on the bed next to her. She turned towards me and kissed me and said,”thank you Sid for showing me a good time tonight.” After this we both dozed off in each others arms. In the morning I got up first and then noticed Tisca still in a deep slumber. I grabbed her right breast and licked her nipple. After a few licks it became erect but Tisca did not get up. I went to her pussy and started licking it hard. Her pussy had become very sensitive after last nights happening so in just 2 minutes she squirted all her juices in my mouth. This had woken her up. She grabbed my face from between her legs and pulled towards herself and once my face was close enough she planted a hot kiss on my face and got up and dragged me towards the bathroom. Inside she turned on the shower and went down to my penis. She grabbed my penis which reacted in full auto mode and gained size and in a few seconds my penis stood in full attention it’s size as large as the hand shower. She started jerking my cock hard. I was reaching down and playing with her breasts. She moaned as I grabbed both her breasts and put my cock between them. Then I started fucking her tits. She then ordered me to fuck her as hard as I could. I picked her up and went near the wall for support and started fucking her continuously pumping in and out of her increasing my speed with each passing moment. She was enjoying herself and was riding me to counteract my strokes. I started spanking her ass hard to increase her riding speed. I then told her to give me the hand shower. She took it off it’s hook and handed it to me. I spread her ass wide. She anticipated my next move and said,”no Sid not that. It’s too thick. My ass will not be able to handle it. Please not this. AAAAAAAAH.” The last part was an earsplitting scream as I had put the hand shower in her ass. I then started pumping my penis as well as the handshower into both the holes. In 15 minutes she was dry from cumming continuously and I stopped fucking her. She kneeled in front of me and started jerking my cock. In 15 minutes I started cumming. I shot my semen all over Tisca. We then got out of the shower. She then turned to me and said,”that was a memorable night. Too bad it has to end here. Why don’t you give me you number and I will call you if I’m in mood of a hardcore fuck. Goodbye Sid.” I waved her goodbye and left for home in a taxi. I remembered all the moments we had spent together all the way home after which I went in. Inside my three friends were waiting. They enquirer about how last night had turned out. I took out the camera which I had hidden in my pants pocket. I connected it to the T.V and played the cd. It clearly showed me fucking Tisca into oblivion. I turned towards them and said,”so I win the bet. What do I get in return. They bowed in front of me and each took out 5k rupees from their pockets and handed it to me. They said in unison,” there Sid here are your winnings.” I took the money and said,”tonights party on me- celebrating me fucking another escort fethiye celeb.”*******************************A month later I was at my home. I was just playing some video games with my friends. My phone rang and I picked it up. A girls voice said,”how’re you Sid. It’s me Tisca. I hope you haven’t forgotten me. I could not believe she had called me again. I asked her,”hey sexy! How’re you? Horny I’m hoping. I heard her laugh and then she said,”Sid I’ve been horny since you left that day. So today I called you. Care to join me for a night of hardcore sex? I smiled and could not contain my excitement as I said,”where do I meet you? She said,”we meet at my house. But there’s something else. I’ve invited another girl. Is that fine with you. I made a silent whoop of joy and said in my most convincing voice,” but why did you do that? She said,”drop the act Sid. I know you’re too happy to think straight. I said in a ‘you caught me voice’,” okay yeah. But who is this girl. Is she a celeb too? Please tell me. She seemed to be enjoying herself as she said,”hey it’s a surprise. I won’t tell you now. You’ll find out when you get here. And by the way get here by 7 in the evening. I said,” yes. 7 o’ clock goy it. See you and your mystery lady later. I then hung up and ran to my friends to relay the good news. They said,”you lucky bastard. I could do anything to get in your shoes. I smiled at his comment and wondered who the mystery girl might be. My thoughts were driven out of my head by my friend who asked,”hey will you videotape this session too. I replied,” it will be harder with 2 chicks but I’ll try. At 6:50 in the evening I reached Tisca’s bungalow. I got out of my Mercedes and walked to the front door brimming with confidence. I rang the bell. A minute later Tisca opened the door. She was wearing nothing but a bra and a thin lace panties showing off her big breasts and her the wetness of her pussy. She saw me and jumped at me her lips making contact with mine. I removed her hair from my face and kissed her back using my tongue skillfully. I asked,”so where’s the mystery girl of yours? Has she come till now. She said,”she’s upstairs. You go and meet her. She’s in my bedroom. I’ve to drink a little water. I’ll join you shortly. She went into the kitchen. Meanwhile I went into her room. It was in semidarkness and I saw a woman standing her face turned away from the door. I went near her and saw she was in a red bra in which I could see her big breasts. I turned her towards me and received the biggest surprise of my life. The girl was none other than Anushka Sharma. She was a bollywood actress famous for her role in ‘Band Baaja Barat’. She was looking incredibly sexy in her red bra and matching panties. I was dumbfounded. She was the most beautiful girl I had seen. She was 5’8″ tall, 4″ shorter than me. She had milky white skin and a pointed face with brown eyes and long brown hair. Her lips were thin and her nose too was thin and short. My attention then went to her body. She was thin. Her figure was an awesome 32C-27-30. I started salivating looking at her perfect body. She moved towards me and placed her lips on mine. She gave me a long passionate kiss which quickly turned into a hotter kiss involving our tongues. I heard somebody clear her throat and turned to see Tisca standing in the doorway. She said,”so I see you’ve met Anushka. She walked towards her and kissed her on the lips and said,”she’s my girlfriend. This did not surprise me but excited me. I went towards them and kissed Tisca full on the mouth while massaging Anushka’s breasts. I then switched places and started playing with Tisca’s breasts. Tisca started moaning and undid her bra and let it fall exposing her 36D breasts. Me and Anushka both started licking her nipples and in no time Tisca’s nipples stood in full attention. We kept licking Tisca’s breasts. She started moaning louder. Anuska then pulled down Tisca’s panties and started fingering Tisca’s exposed pussy. I joined her and in 5 minutes Tisca orgasmed squirting her juices on our bodies. Both the girls then pushed me onto a sofa and then Anushka slowly took offer bra. As soon as I saw her breasts, my cock became erect. They were perfectly round with a large pink nipple which was already erect. She then pulled down her panties. Her pussy lips were swollen and her pussy was shaven and without a strand of pubic hair. She kneeled in front of me. She pulled down my pants. My cock sprang up exactly 12″ long and 3″ thick. She licked her lips at seeing my erect cock which was nearly as long as her head. She grasped the cock in both her hands and started jerking my cock fast. Meanwhile Tisca was licking the tip of my penis. Then Anushka stopped and put the cock in her mouth but could not take in more than 5 inches. She started choking and took out my cock. She then started jerking my cock again. Tisca pushed her aside and put my cock in her mouth till all of my 12″ inches were in. She started licking all over my cock making it totally wet. She then took my cock out of her mouth and called Anushka. Anushka asked her,” how did you do that? Tisca replied,”see you hold your breath and take it in slowly. It will not choke you much then. And don’t be afraid. Anuska opened her mouth wide and put my cock in her mouth. She took my cock in slowly and at a steady pace. Soon she had 8″ of my cock in her mouth but she had started choking. Tisca grabbed her head and pushed it down the last 4″ of my cock. The inside of her mouth was velvety and extremely wet. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Then Anushka took my cock out with a large slurp. She then put my cock in between her breasts. She started jerking her breasts which in turn jerked my cock. I turned her around and grabbed her breasts and started fucking her tits meanwhile kissing Tisca and massaging her breasts. In 20 minutes I shot all my load in her mouth. Her mouth was so filled, the cum fell from her mouth to her round, shapely breasts. Tisca who had in the last 20 minutes cum and squirted her load on Anushka’s body twice kissed Anushka who transferred half of my cum in Tisca’s mouth. Tisca then announced,” now enough k**dy play. Now the time for hardcore sex starts. Saying this she pushed me onto the bed and hovered over my cock. She then brought down her ass on my cock. My cock slowly entered her tight pussy. A moan fethiye escort bayan escaped her mouth indicating that my cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy. She then pulled Anushka towards us and told her to offer me her pussy to eat. I grabbed Anushka’s ass and put it on my face. As soon as her pussy was in position, I took out my tongue and put it in her extremely tight pussy. Tisca had meanwhile gone haywire and was jumping up and down my cock shouting throughout as she fucked herself I was licking Anushka’s pussy as hard as Tisca fucked herself and my cock. I also started fingering Anushka’s pussy. In 20 minutes the girls were shrieking and both came together with Anushka squirting her sweet juice in my mouth. Then Anushka got up and went to Tisca who was dismounting from my cock. She kissed Tisca deeply and massaged  her breasts. Tisca grabbed Anushka’s ass and kept her pussy on my cock. She then pushed Anushka downwards so that a little of my cock got in Anushka’s extremely tight pussy. Anushka started moaning. When the whole cock was in her Anushka looked at me with a hungry longing for me and then slowly she took out my cock from her pussy and when 10″ were out she brought her pussy down on my cock skewering it through 12″ of her pussy. She started riding me hard. I grabbed her body and pushed her onto the bed then I grabbed both her legs and put it behind her head so now she was in a strange pose with her feet behind her head on the bed. I started fucking her in this pose. She started shouting as soon as I started this hardcore banging. Tisca put her pussy near Anushka’s mouth and Anushka started licking her pussy as I fucked her into oblivion. In 20 minutes Anushka’s throat was sore from shouting but she shrieked one final time to indicate her orgasm. I took out my cock from her pussy as she started squirting pussy juices by the liter. Her pussy juice drenched all three of us. I was reaching my orgasm. Anushka and Tisca both started jerking my cock hard and in just 2 minutes I started shooting my cum on both their beautiful bodies. They both were totally drenched in cum. I then I pulled Anushka on her feet. I grabbed her ass and picked her up. Her legs were locked behind my back and her face was level with mine. I pushed my cock into her ass slowly. She moaned. I then started fucking her ass making her scream even more louder than before. She was orgasming every 5 minutes and in 20 minutes she was totally dehydrated. I pushed her back into bed and took my cock out of her ass. I then placed Tisca in doggy style. I then went behind her and put my cock on the entrance of her ass hole. I then pushed my cock into her ass and she moaned a little. I then took out my cock till 1″ was still in and then pushed it all in with so much force that Tisca orgasmed in just the one stroke. I started fucking her hard as she shouted her head off. I kept ploughing in her ass till she had cum as much as Anushka. So in 20 more minutes I took my cock out of her ass and made her lie down straight with Anushka lying beside her. I then started jerking my cock and in 5 minutes I started cumming shooting all my semen an both of their bodies. After my orgasm ended I  put my cock near their mouths so they could suck all the remaining semen from my cock. After that I fell in between both of them with each of my hand on either of their breasts. After about 1 hour I got up and noticing both the girls dozing I started fingering their pussies. In 2 minutes they both came and woke up. They said in unison,” ah somebody’s horny again. They both grasped my cock which gained length and became erect in a fraction of a second. Both the girls started licking my cock enthusiastically. They licked every part of it. They were also jerking my cock in super speed. I was losing my self control and in 10 minutes I came covering their beautiful faces in my thick white cum. They stopped licking my cock and licked each others faces clean drinking all the cum from each others faces. I grabbed Tisca and pushed her into the bed. I pinned her down and stead her legs wide. I put my cock on her pussy lips and made Anushka offer her pussy to Tisca. I then plowed my cock in Tisca making her scream and writhe in pain. I started fucking her in a similar speed making her scream her head off. In a few minutes she started cumming. Her orgasm filled her with energy as she pushed me down my penis still in her vagina. She was now sitting on my thighs while Anushka had posititioned her pussy near my mouth. Then Tisca started jumping on my cock. She took all of my cock out and pushed it back in. She was enjoying herself as she fucked herself on my cock. I , meanwhile had started eating Anushka’s pussy and I was also spanking Tisca’s ass to make her go faster. In 25 minutes Tisca dismounted from my cock and brought her pussy to my face and started fingering herself. In 2 minutes she squirted all her pussy juice in my mouth. She then sat on my thighs again and started jerking my cock. I was already on the verge of orgasm and in 5 minutes I shot my load covering Tisca’s whole body. Next I got up and pulled Anushka to her feet. I pushed her to the walk and grabbed her leg and put it on my shoulder. I started fucking her in this pose making her writhe and scream in pain. While fucking Tisca came and started licking Anushka’s pussy. In 10 minutes flat Anushka squirted her juices into Tisca’s mouth. I then put Anushka in the bed and started fucking her. She had locked her legs behind my back I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulder to reach deeper onto her vagina. Tisca was feeding Anushka her pussy and in another 20 minutes both the girls came. Anushka twisted her body and got in doggy style with my cock still in her pussy. She started fucking herself on my cock by rocking back and forth. I spanked her as to make her go faster. She was licking Tisca’s vagina to keep herself from screaming. In 30 minutes she stopped and took my cock out of her pussy, twisted again and pulled my head and pushed it into her vagina. I licked her vagina till she came 5 minutes later squirting all her juices in my mouth. I stood in front of her and started jerking my cock and in 5 minutes came and coated her whole body in my cum. After my orgasm ended she came forward and sucked my cock. I grew excited and orgasmed yet again. She pulled out mu cock and my cum cited both her and Tisca. After that all of us collapsed into bed kissing Amd sucking each others privates. We got up at 7 in the morning and after another fuck fest I went home*******************************              THE END