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Subject: Simon – 1 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves graphic sexual acts. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. If you are under the age where these stories are legal, please leave and come back when you are. Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories. Please consider a donation to fty/donate.html) Simon For most of his fourteen years Simon had been a happy and contented person. His blond hair, blue eyes and angelic smile had won the hearts not only of his parents by of many of their friends and neighbours. As the only son of only children, who had come to parenthood later in life, he was doted upon. Simon had spent several of his early years wishing and hoping for a brother or sister but none materialised. On the other hand, his good looks had at an early age brought him a measure of fame and financial security. His parents, Marcus and Caroline, had all the right connections to open the way for their son to appear in advertising campaigns on television and in store catalogues. Later, as he got older, he also made appearances on radio commercials and other advertising outlets. However, as he approached puberty and became more self-conscious, he asked his parents to allow him to cut down on some of these activities, a request that was willingly acceded to. He was still earning money and the income was stored away in a trust fund that would not become available until he reached the age of 18. Simon has attended the village primary school and at 11 transferred to the local co-educational comprehensive school where he was popular with the staff and among his peers, most of whom were not influenced by his fame but liked him for who he was. He was no academic high flier nor much of an athlete but he worked hard at school and was seen by most of his classmates as a reliable friend. His closest friends also liked the fact that Simon’s home was a large house standing in its own grounds with a large area for playing football or cricket, a tennis court, a small indoor heated swimming pool and access to some woods and an area that was known as `the wilderness’. In fine weather friends came and camped in the gardens and then gave vent to their apparently boundless energy roaming the woods and `the wilderness’, swimming, or playing games on the grass on tennis court. Playing outdoors made summer Simon’s favourite season especially as the days seemed endless and sunny. With good friends, indulgent parents and access to ample play space Simon’s life was idyllic. However, all this changed dramatically one October day just before Simon turned 14. He was sitting with a group of friends eating his lunch when one of the school secretaries came across to his table and said, “Mr Standish would like to see you immediately in his study.” Simon knew that the Headteacher was thinking of producing a new school brochure for prospective parents and had asked him if he would be willing to be photographed for the front cover. Mr Standish had sworn Simon to secrecy although he had indicated that the boy should ask his parents for permission. So, Simon assumed that the summons to the Head’s study was in connection with this project and, as he stood up, he turned to his friend’s and gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders and followed the secretary out of the dining room. Mr Standish was standing by his desk when Simon knocked and entered the study and he did not smile as he greeted the young pupil, “Simon, I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you. I’m sorry to have to tell you that your mother was involved in a serious traffic collision a short time ago. She was very badly injured and although the emergency services reached her in excellent time and tried everything in their power to help, the injuries were too severe and she passed away before they could get her to hospital. I am so very, very sorry.” A look of shock and numbness came over Simon as he absorbed the terrible news. He wanted to cry but no tears came, he felt blank and then mumbled one word, “D .. Dad?” The Head said quietly, “Your father was not in the car at the time of the accident and is on his way back to the house. He has indicated that he would like us to take you there as soon as you are ready. My secretary will collect your things and drive you home, you and your father will need each other at this difficult time.” Simon nodded but said nothing as he attempted to come to terms with the news. The Head’s secretary came in and gently guided the stricken teen out of the room and settled him in her office while she went off to collect his belongings. On the drive home, Simon remained totally silent as his brain attempted to absorb the enormity of what had just happened. It wasn’t that he had not had to face death in the family before because both his Grandfathers had passed way some years before and the two Grandmothers were already each in a Care Home. It was slowly dawning on the youngster istanbul travesti that the future would belong to himself and his father with little help from any other people. Neighbours would rally round but after a while their support would drain away and, of course, Simon knew he could rely on his close school friends for support but they too were not mature enough to provide more than sympathetic care. The days between the accident and the funeral passed in something of a daze although the requirements after a death kept his Dad busy and Simon tried to offer help and support. His mother had taught him some basic cookery and he was able to produce rudimentary meals for the two of them. After his Dad asked him twice whether he was certain he wanted to attend the ceremony at the Crematorium, Simon insisted on going to say a last farewell. The teenager was heartened by the sight of several of his school friends sitting near the back and giving him an encouraging nod as he followed his father and his mother’s coffin to the front of the Crematorium. Simon found it difficult not to cry and he found, much to his embarrassment, that the tears flowed freely despite his best efforts to suppress them. His father, equally distressed and trying hard to keep a stiff upper lip through the brief ceremony, put a comforting arm around his son as they both remembered a mother and a wife. Simon found the arm around him surprisingly comforting and was slightly disappointed when it was withdrawn just as the ceremony ended. As they stood in the open air outside the building the pair tried to stay strong as friends of all ages came past them to offer their condolences and words of support. Afterwards, the mourners returned to the family house where a catering company had laid on refreshments. Simon watched as his friends from school attempted with some degree of success to spirit away several bottles of beer and a couple of bottles of wine and go off into the garden to consume their treasure. The teenager followed and drank a beer but those who knew him well noted that the smile he wore was on his lips only and did not extend to his eyes that were still red from crying. After his friends had left, Simon returned indoors to find that most of the other mourners had begun to drift away and eventually there was just himself and Marcus alone in the house. It was clear that his parent was quite intoxicated and he was unsteady on his feet, so Simon suggested that his Dad should go for a lie down. As the weeks after the funeral went by, Simon and Marcus settled into a routine which involved sharing the household chores. As Christmas approached both Marcus and his son were concerned about how to deal with the festivities at a time when they felt unwilling to join in. One solution was that Marcus decided that he would start working from home and re-arranged the house so that part of it would accommodate his business needs. This meant that he could take over more of the responsibility for the household chores and allow Simon to concentrate on his school work. As for Christmas, the pair decided that they would accept only local invitations to parties and other forms of social events. Marcus told Simon that he hoped that in the New Year, he would get some help with the business and asked if his son would mind if the person taking up the post came to live in the house. Marcus pointed out that the person would be useful when he had to go on business because although he trusted his son implicitly a more mature presence would help ease the burden of responsibility. Simon agreed to the proposal and appreciated that there would be more help in the house and that his father was beginning to resume his business career with greater energy. On the first working day of the New Year a young man arrived at the house. His name was Chris and he was in his early 20s but had worked with Marcus since he had left school and was very familiar with how he worked. Chris was of average height, fair haired with brown eyes and an easy manner and Simon liked him immediately even though he was a good 10 years older that him, he saw him as something of the elder brother he had never had. After Marcus had given Chris a tour of the business facilities in the house, Simon took over and showed the new employee his living quarters which were situated on the same floor as his own but on the opposite side of the house. Very quickly a routine was established whereby Chris and Marcus would work from home while Simon went off to school. On the day in question, Simon returned home from school early because one of the teachers was unwell and was surprised not to find his Marcus and his assistant in the area set aside for their work. The schoolboy went upstairs to his room assuming that for some reason the others had gone out. As he walked past his father’s room, Simon heard a noise that sounded like crying. This was far from unusual as both he and his Dad had sometimes broken down when a memory or some other stimulus had reminded them of the mother. When this happened, kadıköy travesti Simon and his father tried to comfort each other to the best of their ability and so, without further thought, the youngster pushed open the door. The sight was a complete shock to Simon. Marcus was standing up and completely naked and Chris was kneeling down in front of him and sucking the rock-hard cock that was sticking straight out from Marcus’ groin. Surprised by the intrusion both naked men turned to see who was there. Simon was equally shocked and surprised by what he saw and for several moments stood frozen to the spot before he quickly slammed the door shut and ran out from the house and into the garden. Shortly afterwards his father, now fully dressed, appeared at the back door and shouted for his son. Marcus had little idea where Simon would hide and it did take him quite a long time to find him. When he finally caught up with his son, he said pleadingly, “Please come back in the house. We need to talk.” Slowly, Simon stood up and, dragging his feet, followed his parent into the kitchen. Chris was hovering near the door unsure what to do. Marcus indicated that his lover should give him some space and then asked Simon to sit, “OK Simon, this was not the way I wanted you to find out about the relationship between me and Chris but now you have I want to chat to you about it. My relationship with your mother was a loving one but not particularly intimate if you understand. It soon became a relationship of convenience but we were blessed when you came along and, although we both sought satisfaction elsewhere, we stayed together for you and did so willingly. Chris and I have been having a relationship for some time and we have tried to be discreet, especially here at the house. Clearly, that didn’t happen today and you have found out. I know it’s hard coming so close after we lost your Mum but you are a good son and I’d like to think you would accept the situation.” Simon had been staring at his shoes whilst his father spoke but looked up when it was clear that a reply was necessary, “I want you to be happy, Dad, of course I do. I was just surprised when I saw you two together but that wasn’t the only reason why I ran away.” “No?” “No. I ran away because I felt jealous. Something in me was telling me it should have been me with you as well as or instead of Chris.” Simon stood up and walked over to his father and hugged him tight and Marcus was aware that he could feel his son’s hard dick pressing against his leg as he did so. Chris, who had overheard the conversation came closer to the door but did not enter waiting instead to see what happened next. Marcus continued to hold his son tight and, as he did so, his own cock began to engorge. After a few moments he pulled away and looked straight into his son’s eyes and said, “Do you want to come upstairs with me now? And would you like me to ask Chris to come along too?” In his head, Simon was trying to think of ways to resist the invitation but his dick was sending a very different message and he nodded. As they walked towards the stairs, Chris emerged from one of the other rooms and understanding the brief nod from Marcus followed the pair upstairs. When they got to the bedroom the three went inside and Simon’s Dad turned to him and said, “Tell me. How much experience do you have? Have you ever been sucked or sucked another person’s cock?” Simon looked at the two older men and said quietly, “Not very much, Dad. I’ve wanked with a couple of mates from school but that’s about all but I’m keen to learn.” Marcus and Chris stood either side of the youngster and ran their hands over this body as they unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his trousers. Soon Simon was left with only his underwear on and his pants were tented in an obscene manner. Marcus fondled the hard cock through the material of the pants and as he did so Chris stripped off his own clothes and stood naked as he undressed the older man. Simon had taken a sharp breath in when he saw the size of Chris’ uncut cock which was long and thick with just the tip of his glans peeking out from the foreskin. He wanted to reach over and touch it but he held back until Chris realising the inexperience of the teenager took his hand and placed it on his hard shaft. Marcus quickly released his son’s cock from the confines of his pants and the elasticated waits stretched over the length before finally it sprung back into a near vertical position. Like Chris, Simon was uncut but his was much shorter and the almost translucent skin covered the full length of his dick with more to spare. Finally, Marcus was stripped of his final item of clothing and Simon was again taken aback by the size of his father’s prick which was circumcised with a large bulbous head at the end of a long and very veiny shaft. It was all Simon could do not to immediately lick his father’s glans but he was acutely aware of his lack of experience and he waited to see what would happen next. Chris had taken hold of Simon’s cock and was gently wanking bakırköy travesti it, slowly working the foreskin back off the sensitive head. Marcus was standing close enough so that he could play with Chris’ cock and encouraged his son to fondle the full length of his dad’s prick. Suddenly, Chris was on his knees and Simon’s eyes bulged wide as he watched the horny young man take the bulging head of his father’s cock between his lips and begin to lick along the shaft bringing a loud moan of pleasure from Marcus who took hold of the teenager’s cock and pointed it suggestively at Chris. Few people forget the first time that lips are wrapped around a cock and Simon was no exception and he gasped loudly as the young man showed his skill and experience as he lavished the teenager’s dick saliva. Unwilling to be left out Marcus joined the younger man and together they licked up and down Simon’s shaft and played with his balls. It all got too much for the teenager and he began to get the tell-tale signs of orgasm. His balls tightened and he shouted out a garbled warning as first his father and then Chris leaned close to receive their first load of sweet teenage cum. Simon felt a wonderful feeling pass through his body, one of such intensity that he had never experienced before and probably would never experience again. The teenager’s spunk jetted out of his piss slit and was eagerly licked up by the older men. Such was the intensity of the feeling he was experiencing that Simon’s legs began to wobble and his father reached behind to steady him until the last drop of cum had been swallowed. Gently, Marcus directed his son towards the bed where he lay down to recover his breath and his body returned to normal. Simon could see that his father was now sucking Chris, who was dribbling copious amounts of pre cum, and simultaneously sticking one of his fingers in his assistant’s arse hole. The younger man was whimpering with pleasure and the sound increased each time Marcus inserted another finger. When he judged the time was right, Marcus pushed Chris back onto the bed and raised his legs onto his shoulders thus exposing the gaping entrance to his assistant’s love channel. Simon’s head was in such a position that he had a front row seat as Marcus pushed the engorged head of his cock into Chris’ hole and proceeded to go deeply inside him. The young man gasped out as the prick invaded him, “Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Fuck me, Marcus!!” “Feel it deep inside you, Chris. It feels sooo good in your tight hole!!” Simon, who had heard about but never seen someone being fucked up the arse, watched in amazement as his father pushed into Chris until his balls slapped against the younger man’s arse cheeks and the teenager felt his cock hardening with the sight and began to wank it gently as it was still quite sensitive after its recent sucking. Marcus noticed at once and said, “Simon, move up closer to Chris and feed him your cock.” Obediently the teenager moved and positioned himself very close to his father’s assistant who leaned slightly and took the proffered cock between his lips. Instinctively, Simon pushed his swollen dick in and out of Chris’ mouth while his father pushed increasingly speedily in and out of the young man’s warm and welcoming hole. Marcus smiled contentedly at the sight of his horny son being sucked by his young assistant and this spurred him on to greater efforts. The grunts, groans and sighs of pleasure increased in volume. Marcus knew he was about to cum and gave out a short, excited cry as he throbbed deep inside his willing partner. Chris had begun to flay his cock and was moaning as he sucked the teenager who also was making little satisfied noises of pleasure. Marcus fired his ball juice and cried out, “Yeah!! Take my load, Chris!! Feel me cum inside you!!!” To his disappointment Chris pulled off Simon’s cock as he approached his own climax leaving the teenager to finish himself off by hand. The young assistant came and, as his spunk splattered onto his chest and face, he said with a loud moan, “Oh fuck… yeah…yeah!! So good… Yeah!!” As Chris was speaking Simon also shot his second load, not as much as the first time but still enough to add a further amount of creamy cum to that already decorating Chris’ face. With a broad grin, Chris began to scrape up the jizz from his body and face with his fingers and, after he had licked some into his own mouth, he offered the rest to Marcus and his son. The trio lay back on the bed as they recovered from their exertions. For Simon this had undoubtedly been the most exciting day of his life. In a very short time, the teenager had gone from being a teenager who fantasised as he wanked off to someone who had participated a real sex experience with a good-looking young man and his equally sexy looking father! He tried hard to express these thoughts in words, “That was awesome! Thanks for showing me what I’ve been missing!!” Marcus beamed at his son and replied, “It was my pleasure but I have to tell you, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” More to cum? 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