Simple and Romantic Remedy

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“Nlk-nlk!” My mother’s eyes were wide and shocked as I came. Didn’t she like it? I had tried to hold back as long as possible and I thought everything had gone relatively well. I had managed to maintain my erection and the orgasm was surprisingly intense considering this was just mom who we were talking about.

It’s hard when you’re nineteen and you’ve never had a girlfriend and a painful series of rejections has left you with a bout of depression which seems to be impossible to overcome on your own. Mom had eventually found a well known, although somewhat controversial therapist had who recommended daily oral stimulation to overcome feelings of depression, anxiety and rejection. Professionals were expensive and my parents were already paying the therapist, so mom’s thriftiness had gotten the best of her and she had decided to do this herself.

It was difficult to get excited about mom even if she was naked and I hadn’t ever seen any actual girls like that, but all things considered I thought the first session had been quite successful. Mom had managed to build up a steady rhythm which felt much better than anything I would have been able to do with my own hand and I had ejaculated in healthy, weighty spurts.

“This is a learning experience for me too, honey,” mom said, and I have to mention I had found some new kind of adoration and appreciation for my mother during this. “It’s a bit uncomfortable if it goes straight down my throat like that, and Dr. Janice said it’s important for me to become familiar with the taste and learn to accept it and eagerly expect it.”

“Sure thing, mom,” I nodded in agreement as her fingers started slowly and sensitively stroking my balls, and that felt really nice. Mom was naked mostly just so I would feel less embarrassed about it myself. I can’t say her small saggy freckled breasts were doing much for me, but her strawberry blonde curls felt good when they were bouncing against my hands as they rested on her shoulders. I had noted her pubic hair was the same color as her curls, but I tried to avoid looking at it apart from occasional instinctive and naturally curious glances.

I tried to warn mom this time: “Oh God, mom, I’m gonna…!” but I only felt the pace of her fingers quickening and she kept looking up at me with big Bambi eyes. They widened adorably and she yelped in surprise “M-m!” when I audibly squirted in her mouth so hard it made her cheeks throb. My mother’s eyes were blinking as she sloshed a mouthful of my sperm around on her tongue. Then her lips turned into a tight line as she swallowed. Once, twice, again.

“All right, that’s that,” mom said, but I could see her smile looked a bit forced. She didn’t seem to have liked it as much as I could have hoped. “Or do you think you can still shoot more?”

“Yeah, maybe like two or three times, I think,” I answered honestly and heard mom sigh a little in frustration. She hadn’t gotten used to this yet. The therapist had given strict orders that we had to continue until it was absolutely certain I had nothing left to shoot, so mom was soon active again. She was licking my balls and caressing them with her fingers, looking up at me with big blinking eyes. My hands were on her shoulders as I started hardening again.

I was feeling really warm and less awkward already and I told her as much: “This really is making me feel better, mom. Dr. Janice is a really smart woman”.

“Mm-hm,” mom said and closed her eyes. Now that the initial tension was over she took her time and put more feeling of tender motherly care into it, and after shooting several more times I was starting to feel happier and more content than I had for a long time.

These had already been the best orgasms I’d had in my entire life, so afterwards I could only softly caress my mother’s hair, knowing that tomorrow would be another wonderful day. I was feeling nice and relaxed now, and I was glad we had managed to find such a good therapist to help me.

When I came to breakfast the next morning, even my sister noticed I was looking more cheerful than lately. She didn’t know any of the specifics, of course, realitykings porno only that I was seeing a therapist.

I just shrugged and said: “Dr. Janice is really good, I guess”. I had learned life is much easier to live to the fullest when you know your balls are going to be swallowed dry every evening with the kind of great care and compassion only your own mother can provide. The memories and the knowledge that the next time would soon follow kept me exited and energetic during the day.

We were seeing Dr. Janice twice a week to give updates about our situation and to make sure we hadn’t skipped any evenings. The intention of this month-long oral warm-up period was to teach me to feel comfortable about being close with another person, after which I was going to make love for the first time. I was feeling glad that I was doing this with mom instead of some random girl and I said as much to Dr. Janice.

Mom touched my hand as she explained to the doctor: “Yes, and I think I’m getting used to the taste, so everything is going fine so far”.

“Good, good,” the doctor said, lifting her glasses with her little finger and scribbling in her notepad. She was satisfied everything was well after the first week, so she let us leave earlier this time.

The rest of the month went surprisingly quickly because there was something wonderful to experience every day. We were going to visit grandma’s place for a family gathering just before our final session with Dr. Janice. That could have caused some complications, but I’m sure mom had thought of something even if she hadn’t mentioned it to the doctor.

My grandparents and cousins had gathered for the summer fest. I hadn’t been particularly close with them before, but they seemed to notice I had become more social than before, so we were chatting quite a bit during the dinner.

“Can you come help me pick some apples from the glade, Johnny?” mom asked. She was wearing her flowered summer dress and her hair had been tied up into a practical ponytail with a blue ribbon so it wouldn’t get in the way during cooking and farm tasks.

Grandma’s apple pie was famous, so she agreed with mom. “That’s a great idea, Sandy. They are getting ripe and will make for a nice pie,” she said and smiled warmly, so me and mom left for a walk after the dinner.

“Don’t we need something to put the apples in?” I wondered as we were on the way, but mom reminded me that grandma kept some buckets and baskets in the shack near the glade. When we got there I was surprised to notice there already was a basket full of fresh apples in the shack, and that mom only took a picnic blanket with her.

When mom saw the questioning expression on my face, she explained: “I asked Gina to pick those earlier so no-one would wonder what we actually were doing”.

“Oh, right.” I understood what mom meant and followed her to the sunny and beautiful glade where the old apple tree grew. Being outdoors in the midst of this beautiful scenery created a nice and romantic atmosphere, and mom was looking quite elated as a gentle breeze brushed against her bouncy ponytail and flowered summer dress.

“Don’t worry, your grandma isn’t going to let anyone bother us. She knows this is important,” mom said and set the picnic blanket down on the ground under the tree.

“Okay,” I said and leaned against the apple tree, remembering how I often used to play here as a kid. I took a comfortable position and watched how mom pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I started opening my belt as she reached behind her back and unlatched her bra, revealing her freckled breasts. She let it fall on the fresh green grass and kneeled down on the blanket. She bit her lip adorably and looked up at me. I caressed her cheek lightly and noticed how the breeze had made her nipples all pointy.

Mom’s ponytail was cute and it made for a nice and bouncy visual as her head moved. I was sighing and my hips were twisting and turning in response. Being close with mom had started feeling more natural already and I could appreciate she was doing this herself.

Everything rip her up porno felt slower and romantic here than it did at home. The slimy gurgling and gagging sounds of tender and caring motherly deepthroating were as much a part of nature as the singing of the sparrows in the tree. Mom retained amazing and consistent eye contact throughout. Her lips were pouty, her cheeks were hollow and her ponytail was bouncing energetically. Her sensitive fingers were constantly stroking my balls and she was looking up at me with big shiny eyes, making little slurping and encouraging sounds: “Mm! Mm! Mm!” She was putting more feeling into it nowadays since she knew this was helping, and I was staying constantly rock hard because of it. I felt her ponytail bouncing against my hand and I just wanted to give everything to her.

It ended with wide-eyed surprise again. “Gurlk!” Even the birds seemed to appreciate this beautiful moment. Orgasms and ejaculations were part of the cycle of life, and if your mother’s mouth could induce them better than stroking with your own hand, there is nothing strange or shameful about it. Just remember to be kind and let her swallow, it’s the least you can do.

After the first shots had been swallowed, my mother’s ponytail kept swinging and bouncing for over an hour below that old apple tree. It was heartful, caring, motherly and touching deepthroating, with mom alternating the pace between gentle and vigorous, making sure it would last as long as possible and lead to the best possible result. She swallowed numerous big squirts which caused her to make slimy gargling sounds when I fired them, but she kept going after every one.

Finally I felt like my legs weren’t going to hold because the hard spurting orgasms had made every muscle in my body to spasm until there was nothing left, so I had to rest my hands on my mother’s shoulders and lean against the tree for support.

“You make me feel warm all over, mom,” I sighed to my mother and smiled at her as I started pulling my pants up.

“That’s good,” she whispered to me as we looked each other in the eyes. Sounds of ejaculation were nothing new here in this beautiful garden, as mom explained: “You were conceived here, you know, on a day much like this. It was romantic and wonderful. That’s how I thought of this place.”

“Yeah, this was really nice,” I agreed with my mother.

It started drizzling, so I watched how mom picked up her bra and started putting it back on. Then we sat under the tree waiting for the rain to pass, her head resting on my shoulder.

We explained our wonderfully romantic moment in the apple garden to the doctor on the next day. She listened carefully and flashed a nice smile which was professionally practiced, but still told me we had succeeded up to her expectations. “So, are you ready for your first time, and all right with the fact it’s going to be with your own mother?” the doctor asked me.

“Yes,” I answered without hesitation and glanced at mom, whose smile was warm and genuine.

“I have a room here which you can use if you don’t mind me filming this for educational purposes,” the doctor said and nodded towards a door to the left.

Mom touched my hand and our gazes stayed connected. “Yes, we’re ready,” she agreed.

Dr. Janice directed us to a room adjacent to her office, which contained a large double bed and several mirrors on the walls. She explained the cameras were hidden cameras behind them and told us how they had been aimed so we would know how to best position ourselves.

After the doctor had left I gently brushed my mother’s curls with my fingers. Our gazes connected again, and we kissed and started slowly undressing each other. It was exciting and not awkward at all because we had been naked and had learned to be close during the preceding month.

Me moved onto the bed and just hugged for a while. Mom’s curls tickled and smelled nice and her hand was moving in slow caressing motions near my groin. I was completely hard already because of the lingering memory the moment in the apple garden had rus porno left in my mind, as well as mom being warm and close to me.

“Do it now, honey,” my mother said and looked at me with big pleading doe-eyes as she opened her legs wide, just for me.

I was going to enter my mom, for real. She was watching alertly and attentively as I did it, one hand on my hips and the other ready to give assistance, although I needed less of it than I would have thought. I felt my mother’s pubic hairs against my shaft as I slid naturally into the familiar warmth of her vagina. When I was safely inside, mom bit her lip adorably, moved her hand to caress my neck and whispered to me the most beautiful words possible in a soft whimpering voice: “I’m not on the pill, honey. Promise to shoot it deep, okay?”

“Yeah, I promise, mom,” I sighed as an answer. Our hips had already started moving gently and naturally together.

We were holding hands and looking each other in the eyes, making little sounds: “Mm-hmm… Mm-hm…”

A pretty blush had started rising on my mother’s freckled cheeks, and soon her breasts and the silver necklace between them were bouncing and jiggling as my thrusts instinctively became more agitated. Her nipples were big, dark and hard, unlike how I’d seen them before, and I could feel little shivers and twitches going through her.

A gentle missionary style coupling slowly built up to a bed-slamming, womb-blasting orgasm which made my mother’s wide open legs twitch, and mom being fertile naturally increased the intensity of our simultaneous orgasm.

My mother’s beautiful life-giving hips which went wild with shudders when I fired deep inside her, and it made her come with loud whimpering which everyone could hear on the doctor’s video. A series of rapid and powerful ejaculations followed and struck the back wall of the womb, fulfilling my promise as the sperm cells started rushing towards their goal. Only Dr. Janice’s help had made this possible. With the kind of experiences I’d had, I couldn’t have made love like this without her and mom.

I hope you all know that feeling when you’ve come inside your own mother for the first time ever and you just want to keep on kissing and cuddling and hugging her, because it’s the best feeling ever.

We tried a few more positions with mom riding on top and on all fours, and all ended in a resounding success as anyone can hear on the doctor’s video, where my mother’s loud and umistakable orgasm whimpers can be heard several times. At one point a particularly good zoom shows my balls throbbing when I ejaculate inside her, if anyone had any doubts as to whether that actually happened. Not that the doctor’s famous final video of us which concentrated on mom’s pregnant belly as she swallowed my balls dry in this same room didn’t do that already. Mom’s rhythmically bouncing curly head and the zooms on her pregnant belly have been seen everywhere from music videos to advertisements since then.

Finally when I fell too tired, my mother’s strawberry curls kept bouncing on my lap throughout the night. I would softly caress them, feeling their weight and tickly warmth in my fingers. Even though I was feeling totally spent at first, mom was so gentle and patient so she did eventually end up having to swallow several big spurts during the night. It was all very romantic, and in the morning I woke because she was cuddling close against me and her curls were tickling me as she moved.

A breakfast tray provided by the doctor was waiting on the nightstand, also featuring a card saying: “Good Morning, lovebirds!” inside a pink heart graphic. Luckily plenty of hydration was provided in forms of juices and bottled water. I was feeling a bit sore even if I certainly was well rested.

I woke mom with a little kiss on her cheek. “Good morning, mom,” I said. When I opened the card I noticed it was full of suggestions for baby names, although we eventually set on Janice, because that felt like the right one for obvious reasons.

“Morning, honey. Was it as good for you as it was for me?” she wondered with her eyes wide, as she was resting her head against her hands and looking into mine.

She already knew the answer, but I said it out loud anyway. “It was incredible. Thanks, mom.” We hugged and cuddled tenderly, sighing deep, before heading to the doctor’s shower.

That was my first time, how was yours?