Sissies Make the World Go Round

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Sissies Make the World Go Round”Hank,” yelled Rhonda King. Her husband did not answer. “Hank,” she screamed once more.”Huh,” the fifty-something dark-skinned man replied as he looked away from the 60-inch TV tuned into ESPN.”I’m heading out to the salon. I’m picking up groceries after. Do you need anything special?””No, I’m good,” answered the general practice attorney.”What about some chocolate almond ice cream,” inquired the fifth grade English and Spelling teacher.”That’ll be good.””Okay,” she noted it on her list. “Would you like some tacos tonight or salmon?””I can go either way.””Okay. Bye.”Rhonda exited the thirty-three-hundred-square foot, four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath, Georgian Colonial house. The slender, caramel woman started her white 2013 BMW X5 SUV and backed out of the garage.Hank was glued to the tube until he heard the vehicle start. He knew Rhonda would be gone for the next six hours at least. The slightly husky lawyer went upstairs. He knocked on the bedroom door that was inhabited by his youngest c***d. He opened the door in the same motion. The twenty year-old community college student was lost to the world as the dude had on Beats by Dre headphones listening to music. Hank flicked the lights on and off to get his son’s attention.”Hey, dad,” the younger man said.”Why don’t you go surprise your girl and take her to a movie,” the bulky-chested lawyer suggested.”I would, but no money,” lamented the part-time auto parts store worker.”Here, Xavier,” Hank said pulling out sixty bucks.Xavier King leapt to his feet and threw on his white and light blue Nike Zoom Ascention basketball sneakers. He had showered earlier so he put on a Kansas City Royals fitted baseball cap and headed out of the house. He started the silver 2003. Volvo S40 Sedan that had been driven by his mother initially and then by his two brothers just before him.Hank relished having the house to himself. He made a decent living in the medium-sized . He was a product of a small country town. He had gone to college at Savannah State and completed his law degree at Mercer University. He was successful by all accounts.Hank walked down the stairs. He picked up his phone from the coffee table and opened up a messaging app. He hit the magnifying glass icon so he could search for a specific user. He typed ‘bustybenji’. He tapped the sole result and typed a message..-You free?7 minutes later, Hank got a reply.-Yes sir.-Home alone. Come over.-Okay daddy! Be there in 30.-K.The six-foot-one-inch, two-hundred-forty-three pound man decided to wash up. He dried off and slipped on a pair of black athletic boxers and a pair of white socks. He left his hairy chest şişli escort bare. He went into the basement and poured a glass of Hennessy. He added two cubes of ice and made his way back up to the family room. His phone went off. It was a message from Benji.-10 min away daddy.-Good. Just pull in the garage.Hank went over to let up the garage door. He downed his drink then went to fix another. He also pulled out three of the 200-ml bottle Jose Cuervo ready-to-drink margaritas for his guest. He left two on the counter and carried the third as he retraced his steps to the main floor of the McMansion. He waited patiently and drank his beverage. A few minutes later, he heard the sound of Benji’s gray 2012 Hyundai Veracruz SUV pulling up. He went to the door. When the engine cut off, he opened up and pressed the button to close the garage.Out stepped Benji. He was a lily white, average height, chubby, effeminate man with bleach blonde dyed shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. He wore a coral V-neck cami and distressed light wash denim cuffed shorts – both from the plus size section of Forever 21. The five-foot-nine-inch, two-hundred-fifty-three pound, punk had on a pair of blue-green flip flops. His fake eyelashes were attached and his make-up was near flawless.Hank smiled broadly as he approved of the full figured sissy heading his way.Benji carried a backpack over his right shoulder. As soon as he entered the house, Hank smacked him on the ass.The city bar association treasurer pulled Benji close and kissed him. Then he remarked, “Chocolate flavored lip gloss. Nice!””Thank you,” the twenty-nine year-old, accounting clerk replied.”Let’s go to the man cave,” the homeowner said handing the first bottle to his fem toy.Benji walked in front of Hank. The older man studied the gigantic booty in front of him. He salivated as he shared, “We have about four hours.””Ooh goodie,” Benji beamed.Benji had the drink in his hand and downed most of it when he finished descending the stairs. Hank swooped in with another in the nick of time.The fleshy gurl took a swig and announced, “I’m going to go get changed.””Yeah, baby,” was all Hank could muster.While Hank waited, he fixed another glass of cognac for himself.Benji came back into the main room. He was dressed in a red sheer mesh & lace open cup, crotchless teddy and a pair of black synthetic leather patent style LifeStride Mary Janes with two-and-a-quarter-inch heels. His big boi titties were looking fabulous as they stuck outside the garment.Hank was enamored. He adored chubby white femmes. It had been his weakness for over ten years. He grinned, “Get over here, Bunny.”Benji mecidiyeköy escort replied, “Yes, daddy! I love it when you call me Bunny.””Do you,” Hank remarked as he slapped the sissy’s moobs repeatedly.”Yes sir!”Hank began to squeeze the pink nipples. Benji was cooing with delight. The lawyer took his left hand and tickled his lover’s genitals. The obese bitch boi giggled. Right before Hank started sucking on the massive titties, he said, “Look at that tiny winkie.”Hank swirled his tongue all around Benji’s areolas. He pulled away and ordered, “Shake that booty, baby!”Benji walked to the middle of the floor and gyrated his body. His fleshy ass jiggled and the cheeks made loud sounds as they clapped together.Hank called out, “Show me that faggy pussy hole.”Benji spread his buttocks apart.”Pretty pink boi pussy,” Hank approved.”Daddy needs his dick sucked now.”Benji crawled over to the couch where his master was sitting. He gawked as usual at the nine inch thick shaft. It was uncircumsized. He kissed the head and slid his pouty red lips down the tool. He massaged Hank’s low hanging balls – they were the size of walnuts.Hank’s head fell backwards as he felt the amazing oral skills possessed by Benji. “Put them big ole boi titties on that dick while you suck it, faggot,” Hank commanded. Benji used his tatas to stroke the meat stick while he made love to the tip with his mouth. “I’m gonna fuck you good. Bend over!”Benji did as told. Hank spat on his dick and pushed inside of his bitch.”I love fucking your fat white sissy boi ass, slut,” Hank yelled.”Oh fuck me, sir,” wailed Benji.”Yeah, Bunny! You’re my fat white trailer trash hoe!””Yes, daddy!””Take this Black dick in that pink faggy ass cunt hole,” Hank screamed as he spanked the bottom.”I love your big Black cock, master!””I know you do, faggot! Stand up and put one leg on the counter,” Hank decided referring to the bar.Benji rushed over to the portable bar table and hefted his right leg onto it. He stood on his left.Hank went back in and hammered away. He fucked Benji in that position for the next half hour until he nutted deep inside the gaping anus.Unbeknownst to Hank, his youngest, Xavier, had decided not to go see his girlfriend. Instead, he called Chante. She was a five-foot-ten-inch, brown-skinned knockout with a tight weave. Her measurements were 36D-27-40. Her big mammary glands and juicy ass drove men wild. Xavier had fucked her five times before and took a chance to see if she was free this morning. She was. The other thing about Chante is that she was a transsexual.Xavier sat on the bed as Chante gave him head. He loved şişli escort bayan it. He had no idea that both of his older brothers had fucked her as well. She was never going to tell. Chante had met each of the King boys through her selling weed.”Let’s fuck,” Xavier sighed.”Yes, daddy,” the tranny said bending over.Xavier pushed inside of her pussy ass. “Shit feel so good,” he admitted.”Fuck it, baby,” the former hairdresser prodded.”You like this ten inch dick in that shemale ass pussy?””You know I do.”Xavier was the youngest, but he was also the tallest at six-foot-three. He slammed his meat in Chante and held on to her breasts as he hit it doggy style.”You a good bitch,” Xavier yelled.”Fuck that tranny pussy, nigga,” Chante begged.”Hell yeah!”At the same time all of this was going down, Quentin King, the oldest of the three hung up the phone with his fiance. He was 24 years old and in law school at St. Louis University. His soon-to-be bride was enrolled at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine in Orlando. They were destined to be a power couple. Quentin took after his dad so he had dark sin. He was an inch shorter in height than his pops. He sat down his iPhone and rolled over. He said, “One more before you head to work, bitch.””As you wish,” purred the sexy Ethiopian pussyboi.Quentin slid in behind the femme bottom he had been fucking all night. The sissy was slender with a cute bubble booty. Quentin loved how tight the ass hole was.”Take this dick, bitch,” the L2 howled.”Yes, Q! Plow my sissy ass with that dick,” moaned the grad student.”Slutty. Ass. Faggot. Take. It.””I love the way you force me to handle your cock.””This ain’t no cock, bitch. It’s a dick,” Quentin referred to his nine-inch tool.”Yes, baby!””That’s right, fag!”Quentin continued the anal assault of his gorgeous West African batty boi.Up in Baltimore, the middle King brother was getting excited because he was graduating soon. He was a senior at Morgan State majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering. He had a job lined up with a technology firm in Atlanta. All he had to do was take his finals and not fuck them up. It was a no-brainer in his opinion. He was six-feet-two-inches tall. He weighed two-hundred-eleven pounds. His skin was a deep brown complexion. His name was Marcus. Marcus was beloved by his parents and brothers, but suffering the middle c***d syndrome caused him to think everyone in his life had done him wrong. Marcus grabbed the Afro of his chocolate-skinned faggot. He slammed his generous eight-and-a-half-inch dick in the sissy. He fucked him hard.”Faggot,” Marcus exclaimed.”Oh yes,” cried the bitch.Marcus fucked the femboi with vigor. It was a better romp than Chante.Marcus skeeted all inside his faggot’s pussy hole.Back at the house, Hank was washing red his 1988 BMW 5.35i sedan that he had driven since his first son was born. Rhonda drove up and saw her husband dutifully doing his chores.Rhonda thought she had him trained.