Sissy adventure No. 2

23 Mayıs 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Sissy adventure No. 2I have always loved meeting guys in adult cinemas. You can get up to allsorts, its easy to arrange and most importantly it feels well dirty! That’s why i was really excited to chat to an asian guy who wanted to take me to an adult cinema in Brum. I am ok going on my own, but SO much better to have a date!So we organised it for Saturday night – much better than Strictly. He was there as i tottered round from the car park to the entrance in my ridiculous heels. This did create a bit of a stir amongst some passers by, but I didnt pay any attention as I was 100% focused on not falling over!The sweet guy subbed me in as I had been in such a lather leaving bahis siteleri the house as to forget to bring enough cash. We proceeded to the back row of one of the screens and squeezed into the seats – I could feel eyes on me straight away. We started kissing and it didn’t take long for me to lean forward and taste his cock. Oh my, he was nice, curved and stiff. How could anyone not want to suck that!? I could feel hands starting explore to me from behind. That quickly multiplied and as i came up for air i realised we were surrounded by quite a crowd of guys either feeling me up or waiting to get their cocks sucked. It did feel like those scenes in zombie movies where canlı bahis they close on some poor teenager in the woods!He didn’t last long – he had been waiting for me for quite a while (it takes time to get this gorgeous)! I then proceeded to suck a couple of the guys who were hanging around – a black guy who said he came, but i didnt really notice and another guy who had a condom on (can’t be doing with sucking through one of them, it’s like having an ice pop, but never cutting open the top!).After a bit of this we retired to the next door screen which was much quieter. We had a bit of a snuggle and a chat (I might be a whore and a slut – I am – but i also like a chat güvenilir bahis and a laugh). After a bit of cuddling I could feel he was getting interested again (mmmm) and we tried to work out how we could get it together in the cinema’s dodgy seats. I ended up riding him facing away (reverse cowgurl?). I have never ridden a guy like that before and i was a little scared about how it would be. But omg what a feeling – i wanted him as deep as i could get him and i could control exactly what i was doing to his sweet cock. He had such a big head i could feel it pulling at my hole as i raised up and plunged down. Ohh fuck it was good – i completely forgot about all the people sitting around enjoying the show. My knees were close to giving way when he thrust up into me and came – ohhh wow.I collapsed into the seat next to him. What a great experience and in such a dive! Who would have thought it.