Sister Caught Me Playing Dress Up

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I’m Chris and I’m an eighteen-year-old, awkward teenager. Blonde hair, blue eyes, average build and a seven-inch cock. I started to get a feel for wearing my sister’s clothes when the house was empty one time. My sister, Annie, is twenty-one and she’s stunning. All my friends want to fuck her and, to be honest, so did I. She has short blonde hair, blue eyes, 34D tits and a nice curvy ass. Like I said, I’d be sneaking into my sister’s room when the house was empty and trying on her clothes. At first it was just bra and panties. I’d get so hard just doing that so I kept going back. Then it escalated and I started wearing full outfits when I had the time. I şişli escort bayan came home from work early one afternoon and everyone was out. There was a note on the kitchen worktop from my parents telling me they’d gone to visit relatives for a few days so it would be just me and my sister for the weekend. My sister was in work that day. She worked in a bar so I thought she would be late home ; I decided to use this opportunity to have some fun. I went up to her room, which was messy as usual, and searched for my favourite bra and panty set—a pink, lace thong which wouldn’t keep my cock in if I tried and a matching bra that was very low cut. mecidiyeköy escort bayan I’d stuff the bra with my socks to make sure it seemed full. As soon as I felt the lace on my cock I was instantly hard so I lay on my sister’s bed feeling my “boobs” and rubbing the tip of my cock, pretending it was my clit. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was my sister’s tongue doing the work. I just kept working myself to the edge and then I’d stop and calm down before rubbing again. I kept edging for about twenty minutes and, in my pleasure, didn’t notice that Annie had come home early. Suddenly I heard a scream, opened my eyes and saw Annie stood escort şişli there in the door way. “What the fuck are you doing, you creep? You’re wearing my underwear; get them off now!” she yelled.”Please don’t tell Mum or Dad,” I begged pathetically, “You know they’ll kill me. I’ll do anything.” “Get out of my room now and don’t even think about coming back, you pervert. I can’t believe I’m stuck with you all weekend,” moaned Annie. I quickly got dressed and left the house, tears down my face. I’d fucked up badly and I knew if she told Mum or Dad I was doomed. I wandered aimlessly round the local park for a couple of hours before walking back home. I went to my room and found the bra and panty set on my bed with a note which read:You said you’d do anything. Put these on and come knock on my door. I’ll see you soon, Christina x What was my sister planning? This was wrong but also a dream come true.