Skeletons in my closet part 8 My first swing exper

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Skeletons in my closet part 8 My first swing experSkeletons in my closet part 8 My first swing experienceJohn decided upon Memorial Day weekend to throw that little meet and greet party with Danny and two others. It seemed fitting that I should meet day Danny on that holiday. John had explained to me last month that I was allowed to have sex with whoever I chose to. As long as he knew who I was with and where I was at. Those were to be my only two rules for now. He just loved me teasing other men as well. John told me to follow them or I might get turned over his knee.John said, ”Use Ms. K’s judgment as she had never steered you wrong before.”Come memorial day weekend I took Friday off. Michelle stayed home from school as well. We were going to get things ready for our guests for the party on Saturday. Michelle and I saw John off to work then got dressed to go to the grocery store. Our spring had been a rather warm one mid 70’s to high 80’s so I dressed for that.As I met Michelle in the kitchen she stared at me as she asked, ”Is that what you’re wearing to the store?”I had on short shorts and a very low cut tank top with strapped sandals. My butt cheeks sort of hanging out of my shorts. The girls were being shown proudly. I shook my head, yes smiling at her. Michelle just shook her head at me as we went out the door.John had given us a huge list. I told Michelle it would be quicker if we split up giving her half the list. As I started to fill my cart I noticed a man in his forties sort of following me. I bent over to get something from the lower shelf giving him a great view of my ass. I wiggled it at him as I smiled over my shoulder at him. He followed me around the stores I gave him butt shots and shots of the girls. My pussy was dripping wet and I even rubbed it through my shorts a few times making sure he saw me.I still loved to tease men and was allowed to please them if I chose to. I could see his jogging pants tenting out in front of him as he followed me. I even caught him rubbing and grabbing at the front of his jogging pants. I might have been tempted to take him back to the parking lot. But Michelle was with me so that idea was out. About that time Michelle came around the corner catching that man as he stared down my top at the girls while rubbing his pants.”You pervert stop looking down my mom’s top,” Michelle yelled loudly. Not only scaring the hell out of me but making that man run away. She came over to me and told me if I didn’t dress like that I wouldn’t have perverts like him staring at me. I told her John liked me dressing like this. ””He does?” she asked surprised. ”Yes he told me if you got it to flaunt it,” I replied smiling at her.When we got home Michelle and I put the stuff away and straightened the house up a bit especially those spare bedrooms both upstairs and downstairs. I cleaned the room set up like a dungeon. I found candles, whips, nipple clamp, ropes, handcuffs, and chains as well as a strap on in a drawer in a cabinet in this room. I wondered just which of John’s friends was into this stuff. I might enjoy a sensual light spanking but that was about it. John called and told me to have myself and Michelle ready to go to dinner when he got home.When John got home I was dressed even sexier than in the morning in my schoolgirl outfit. John came over and kissed me passionately while his hands roamed under my short skirt. Michelle came out and I was shocked to see her in a one-piece red very sexy short mini dress and red high heels. I didn’t even know she had an outfit like that.With her long blonde hair and those big tits spilling over her low cut dress she looked like a porn star going out on the town. Oh, and at her age, she had 36 dd tits so the girls were spilling out nicely and bouncing freely as she walked. If I would have had a cock I am sure I would have had a boner checking her out. I looked to see if perhaps John had a boner. However, he did not but he was glaring at her shaking his head from side to side.John looked to her as he said, ”Young lady you march back to your room and put some respectable clothes on right this minute, ” with a harsh tone in his voice.Michelle replied, ”But mom dresses like this, ” looking to me.”John went to her pressed his finger to her lips as he said, ”Your mother is of age you are not.” John turned her back toward her room as his hand slapped on her ass telling her she could stay home if she wanted. John got a shocked look on his face as Michelle walked away pouting.John turned to me with a worried look as he said, ”Kay she didn’t have any panties on”I told John perhaps I might be to blame. I explained to him about the events of our shopping trip today. I told him I would talk to her later. John smiled as he told me he would like to hear about my teasing that day as he wrapped me in his arms. His hands went to my ass as he kissed me passionately. John broke our kiss. He lifted my own short skirt. John smiled at me as he shook his head as he said, ”Like mother like daughter, ” as I too had no panties on under my skirt.I asked him if he wanted me to change too. He smiled as he told me no as I was of age. Michelle came back dressed in a respectful top and blue jeans and her cowgirl boots. She went to John and asked if this was better. John hugged her as he said, ”Much better princess.”John asked us where or what we wanted to eat. Michelle yelled out pizza. John looked to me and I shook my head yes. We drove to a fairly new pizza place which John’s company had built. It was a charming cozy place with your standard tables and pizza decor and full of video games. The three of us sat down at a table and a waitress walked over to us.”Kay is that you?” a very familiar voice asked that I had not heard in over a year and a half.Michelle jumped up and yelled, ”Carol, ” as she hugged her. I stood up and hugged her as I asked, ”You remember John don’t you?”John stood up and hugged her as he said, If she doesn’t I sure remember her.”John grabbed Michelle’s hand as he told us we had to excuse them as he had to beat her on the video games within the pizza shop. As they walked away I sat Carol down at the table. I took her hand as I asked what she was doing here. ”The bar closed three months ago Kay didn’t you know?” Carol asked staring at me.I told her no as I had been so busy with John and working for him. Carol looked to Michelle and John playing that game. She told me it looked like you both have been busy. I showed her my engagement ring as I got her caught up on what had been going on in my life. I explained that John had taken to Michelle as if she was his own daughter and her to him as her father. I told her we were to be married come June. I also asked her to be my maid of honor? She told me she would love too.About this time a young man about 20 maybe came over to our table. ”Carol I ain’t paying you to bull shit with the customers, I am paying you to wait tables, ” in a rather nasty tone of voice as he walked away.Everyone around us heard it including John who came over with Michelle and asked if there was a problem. The young man walked away very quickly probably intimated due to his size. Carol told him, no but she had to get back to work. Carol took our order and left. We watched as her boss seemed to be on her ass all the time. I saw John shake his head I knew he hated to see women mistreated.In a little bit, she returned with our pizza and told us she was sorry as her boss was a jerk, unlike her old one giving me a hug. We ate and we all agreed that the pizza sucked. When Carol came with the check. John gave her one of his cards.John smiled at her as he said, ”Come see Ms. Kay on Tuesday as she needs an assistant, ” he also slipped two hundred dollar bills into her hand as he added that should cover whatever we just had and the rest is for you.”Carol kissed John on his cheek telling him he always was a great tipper before hugging me and Michell. As Carol walk away I told John he didn’t have to do that.John smiled at me as he said, ”Do what?” ”Believe me, Kay, your gonna need an assistant I just saved you time in finding one.”I was unsure of just what he meant by that. As to her tip, I believe that was your tip as he had found that money in Ken’s file at work today John told me smiling.As we walked out the door we all heard Carol as she said, bahis siteleri ”Fuck you you fucking asshole I quit and your pizza fucking sucks, ” to her boss.Michelle looked to John as she asked, ” You going to spank her too Daddy, ” Before she ran to the truck laughing.I wrapped my arm around his waist hugging him as I thanked him for what he had just done. John smiled as he told me for what not spanking Carol. I smiled back as I told him someday he would get the chance to spank. us both. Once at the truck Michelle asked now what?John turned to her as he said, ”It’s home to bed young lady as you got an early wake up as you are going to help me with a project from work running the backhoe.””You sure she is ready John?” I asked with a scared look on my face.”I am ready mom daddy has shown me everything I need to know, ” Michelle replied.”Just remember I am staying at Stacy tomorrow night to Daddy so we have to be done by 4 pm, ” she added.Stacy was Michelle’s best friend from school. I thought it a little strange when I first met Stacy. I wasn’t for sure why those two had become friends. I don’t mean to sound mean or disrespectful but this girl was ugly, plain. And chubby. Perhaps I was just being shallow back then. But to me, they were just mismatched as friends.When we arrived home Michelle told us she was off to bed. She hugged me telling me good night and that she loved me as she kissed my cheek. Michelle walked shyly over to John.John towered over her just as much as Ginger her horse did. Michelle used her finger motioning for John to come down to her size as she was only about 5’2 at that age. John bent down and she kissed him rather heavily on his lips then said, ”Good night daddy see you in the morning, ” before running to her bedroom. I remember seeing that gleam and sparkle in her eye. However, I thought that gleam was of happiness not lust and I had no reason to think otherwise.” John walked me into our family room. He poured himself a Scotch and asked me if I wanted something. I told him no as I had learned my lesson lol He sat down next to me. He explained Danny and the other two guests would be here around five on Saturday so he would be there to greet them.Saturday morning I had plans to be up and have breakfast ready for John and Michelle before going to work at about 4 am. Now I am really not much of a morning person, to begin with, and at 4 in the morning I am a zombie lol I walked to the kitchen to find them sitting together at our island kitchen. I sort stumbled past them as I told them I would get them breakfast.”Don’t bother mom Daddy and I already had breakfast, ” Michelle said giving me her chair at the island.She returned placing a cup of coffee down in front of me. She kissed me on my cheek as she told me morning. I asked them what they had for breakfast.”The best pop tarts I have ever eaten, ” John replied hugging me and smiling at Michelle.John and Michelle then kissed me again as they ran out the door. I sipped my coffee as I thought I got up for this lol I said fuck it and went back to bed. I slept till around 12 then I spent 3 hours deciding what to wear. Do I dress sexy or do I dress normally? I decided on a western theme. Tight ass jeans, tank top with built-in push-up bra and cowgirl boots.I sat in the family room sipping on some wine. At Around 3 pm John and Michelle came in the back door. They both walked to the family room and flopped down next to me. Michelle hugged me kissing me on my cheek telling me she loved me.I pushed her away as I replied, ” Your dirty, greasy and you stink.””Gee thanks Mom I love you too, ” Michelle replied. She turned to John kissing him lightly upon his lips. She thanked John for showing her those little secrets to running the backhoe. She told him she was off to shower the stink from herself glaring at me just like John does sometimes when he is pissed at me.John got up silently from the sofa. He went to the bar poured himself a whiskey and kicked it back he tapped that glass twice on the bar. Then he glared at me with those devil eyes.”Sorry John, I am just nervous about meeting your friends, I will talk to her later, ” I said to him. ”See that you do Kay, ” ”She is trying Kay just give her a chance, ” John said to me.Seemed she had told me the same about him. I knew what he meant as for the last few months we had sort of lost that motherly bond again. Mainly due to that I hardly saw her as at work, she was mostly with John and when home she was in her room. The only time I did see her was when the three of us went for dinner.However, she was always hugging me and telling me she loved me but sometimes I wouldn’t return that love. John brought me over a whiskey telling me here this will calm your nerves. I kicked it back but it really didn’t help much. John went to the kitchen got into the car key cabinet and returned handing me the keys to his 68 Camaro. John told me to take her to Stacy’s and I could talk to her then. He told me he was off to shower too. He told me a good choice of outfits as well before walking away.Michelle came back out asking where daddy was I told her he was showering. Michelle smiled as she told me he could have showered with her we could have saved water.”MICHELLE, ” I yelled.”Just joking mom, ” Michelle replied hugging and kissing my cheek. ”Do I smell better now?” she asked laughing.I told her I was sorry and handed her the keys to the Camaro as I told her to get the old girl out of the garage. Michelle grabbed her overnight bag as we went to the garage. I watched as she carefully backed that car from the garage revving the engine as she did.I opened the passenger door and got in as she looked at me strangely. I smiled as I told to take the old girl up to the road. She smiled back as she slipped her in first and did a burnout. She smiled as she said, ”Daddy taught me that.”Michelle could drive the old gal as well if not better than John as she drove us up to the road. She stopped and I told her to go ahead and drive us to her friend’s house. Michelle turned the car off.She handed me the keys as she said, ” I am not allowed to drive any further mom Daddy’s orders, mom.”I smiled as I told her I understood, we switched seats and I got behind the wheel. I asked her if she was ready she shook her head and I punched it doing a bigger burnout than her and even squealing the tires through the first 3 gears. ”Mom, daddy would be impressed, ” Michelle said.Michelle and I talked as I drove her to Stacy’s house. I told her was sorry for not returning her love lately as I just been busy with work. Michelle told me she understood and besides Daddy had enough love to give us both.I talked to her dressing as she had last night. I asked where did she get that outfit she told me when shopping with Stacy. I explained to her it might be in her best interest if she didn’t dress like that in front of her Daddy. I also told her for the love of God to make sure she had panties on as her daddy was mortified when his hand touched her bare ass.”I know mom believe me I know, ” as Michelle rubbed at her butt.She explained she had gotten punished this morning with a rather hard spanking on her bare ass as daddy had made her drop her work pants and pull her panties down before bending over his knee. I gave her a look as I was a little concerned about that.”No mom daddy was a perfect gentleman as he closed his eyes as he spanked me, ” Michelle said. She smiled as she added, ” Believe me, mom, I did not enjoy that spanking neither.” ”I won’t be going without panties again till I am of age.”I told her I would have a talk to John about that. Michelle asked me not too as one should be punished when they do something bad not rewarded. I wondered why I had not been punished for my own wrongdoing.I dropped her off at Stacy’s house and drove home thinking about what she said to me about daddy had enough love for both of us. Surely she didn’t mean it as I had taken it I thought. I arrived back home with that thought out of my mine parked in the driveway was a bright orange huge laid out truck jacked up so high I would need a step ladder to get in.I got out and walked into the house I heard voices in the family room. I walked in and was shocked to see Linda and another very sexy blonde next to her on the leather sofa drinking margaritas,I saw John standing canlı bahis siteleri with a man built the same as him and also as handsome as him. My pussy sort of twitched as I checked everyone in the room. I sort of just stood there looking at them.The man came to me wrapping a set of arms around me that matched John’s. He hugged me tightly as he said, ”Ms. K long time no see.” ”In case you don’t remember me I’m Danny.””Please call me Kay, ” I replied smiling at him.Danny smiled as he said, ”I believe you know Linda and this lovely creature is my sister, Sara, as he walked to her.Sara smacked his arm as she said, ”Damn it, Danny, I am not a creature.” ”You asshole.”Sara came up to me and shocked me when she took me in her arms and kissed me fully upon my lips. She slipped her tongue into my mouth as well.Sara broke our kiss as she said, ”So glad to meet you, Kay, I have heard so much about you.” looking at Linda, she stepped back looking at me as she added, ”I also like your style of dress.”I looked to see she had on just about the same type outfit as I did. I also noticed Danny, John, and Linda were all dressed in ranch wear as well. At least I had picked the right outfit. Sara told Danny to be a bitch and go get their bags out of her truck. As it was her truck and not Danny’s. Yep, these two were sister and brother I thought. John told him he would give him a hand.Linda came over and hugged me as she said, ”Don’t mind those two Kay you know how brothers and sisters are.”Linda got on one side of me and Sara on the other. Their arms laced through minded they sat me down on the sofa with me between them. Linda asked me if I wanted a drink. I shook my head yes.Linda told me she would get them as she knew where everything was at. Linda was up at the bar mixing a pitcher of margaritas. Sara placed her hand on my thigh as she said, ” So you’re bisexual.””SARA, ” Linda yelled.”What just breaking the ice, ” Sara replied smiling at me.I figured Sara was the dominant one in this relationship. I sat there sort lost when Linda walked over with three beautifully made margaritas. She handed one to Sara and one to me as she sat down next to me.I suppose John didn’t tell you Sara was Danny’s sister. I shook my head no. She told me sometimes John forgets bits of the story. I told her I was just surprised to find out that a sister and brother were swingers. Sara and Linda both busted up laughing. Sara took my hand as she said, ”My dear Kay I love my brother dearly but I don’t fuck my brother if that was what you were thinking.”Linda said, ”Danny was more like their knight in shiny armor much like John is to Michelle and me, he was their protector so to speak.”Linda explained while she and Sara was part of John’s circle they rarely joined in on any fun except between themself. Sure the others might be allowed to watch them but never to touch either of them as that was their choosing.Sara smiled at me as she said, ”Especially that blonde haired blue eyed devil John as he ain’t touching my woman.” Sara’s hand went to my thigh as she added, ”However they would make an exception with me. That was if it was Ok with John.””Why would you have to ask John?” I asked Sara.”Out of respect, ” Sara replied.Danny came walking in as he said, ”What about a little respect for me?”Linda got up and poured a scotch and handed it to Danny. Happy now. That helps Danny said as he walked over to that war wall. I watched as his hand went to that same picture of John and those men. I asked where John was he told me down at the barn.Danny raised his glass as he said, ”Sua Sponte.”The term Sua Sponte (“Of their own accord”); Rangers Lead the Way was the army rangers motto as I had heard and seen John do the same thing many times.Danny chugged his drink and then shook his head from side to side as he looked to me he said, ”Kay, make that man tear this damn wall down,” ”As memories do not always soften with time; some grow edges like knives,” as he walked out of the room.Sara took my hand and told me you have to excuse her brother as in some ways his war has never ended. She excused herself and went after Danny.Linda told me he would be ok as Sara knew how to deal with him. After hearing what Danny said I thought maybe he was right about that wall. Danny and Sara returned and Danny came over and took my hand, as he asked, Care to go for a ride, Ms. K?” I looked at him as I thought he meant to ride him. Danny smiled as he said, Horses Kay.” I told Sara and Linda they had run of the house just like John had always allowed them. Danny walked me to the barn. Where we met John who had two horses already saddled.I went to John pulling him down to my level as I whispered into his ear if I might thank Danny for his service. John shook his head yes.I went to Danny and wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him down just like I do with John as I kissed him upon his lips twice.Danny smiled as he asked, ”What was that for?””The first for your service, the second for saving my husband to be life.”Danny smiled as he replied, ”Hell I couldn’t tell you how many times the sarge here had saved my butt, ” as he smiled at John.Danny helped me up on my horse placing his hand upon my ass. He smiled as he said, ”Sorry Ms. Kay that was purely accidental.”I smiled at him as I replied, ”Catch me and I might let you do it again, ” as I wrapped my thighs tightly around the saddle while I dug my heels into my horse. John smacked the ass of my horse as he told us to have fun. My horse took off quickly due to John’s hand smack. I had learned to ride pretty well as John and Michelle had taught me. However, I found out Danny rode like John and caught me quickly down by the lake. He grabbed the reins of my horse slowing it up. ”Looks like John been busy here too, ” as he pointed to the new gazebo and bridge.I told him Michelle and I had helped him build it last spring. He released my reins and we slowly rode around the lake. We talked as we rode him asking me questions and me asking him questions. I asked him what he did for a living. He told me he and his sister had inherited the family business a car dealership. I realized that was where John leased all of his company pick ups from. We rode to the very back of our property where an old picnic table sat. Danny helped me down from my horse.I asked Danny if I might ask him something about the war. He shook his head yes. I told him John had told me about that dreadful night during the gulf war but never much about afterward. During his recovery.Danny took my hand as he replied, ”My dear Ms. Kay you are his recovery.”I once again wrapped my arms around his neck. I pressed my lips to his and kissed him passionately. Danny sort of broke our kiss and pushed me away.”Did the sarge give you permission to kiss strange men.”I explained to him that John told me that I could be with anyone I wanted as long as he knew about it and where I was. Danny took my hand sitting me down at the picnic table.Danny smiled as he said, ”Sorry Ms. K Sarge doesn’t know and nor does he know where you are at so let’s not kiss like that again.”I asked Danny why everyone seemed to needed John’s permission. Danny laughed as he replied, ”Just out of respect Kay.” ”Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love, ” Danny added telling me John had taught them all that.Danny explained everyone in their circle of friends sort of looked up to John, not just because of all of this as he pointed around our land. But because each within that circle had earned his respect in some way or other. Mostly by coming to him with a problem they had.He told me Linda and his sister had gained his respect when Linda went to him telling him she was gay. Our rewards were all this as he once again pointed around the property. John left us all to come here sort as a resort just like his uncle had with his own circles of friends.I asked him why had his circle of friends ended. Danny smiled at me as he told me, love Kay or the lack of it. The sarge seemed to lose his ability to love when he returned home from that damn gulf war.Danny asked me if I knew about their last mission in the gulf war. I told him John had only recently told me. Danny took my hand telling me I was very special as the sarge doesn’t normally talk about that nightDanny explained John couldn’t forgive himself canlı bahis for that night. While John gave his circle of friends still free run of his home. However, he refused to join in on any fun and often wouldn’t even be here. He explained the group sort of drifted apart as it was not the same without the sarge leading them as he always had. That was except for him, his sister and Linda. Danny explained they were his only family until Michelle and I joined him here.I wrapped my arms around him again telling him they were our family now too. Danny once again removed my arms. I asked him if John had told him and the others that I was off-limits to them. Danny smiled telling me, no but they all knew that Michelle was and heaven help whoever crossed that line. Danny told me Michelle was John’s pride and joy. Danny smiled as he told me John would call him every time Michelle learned something new about his business. Danny told me he had not heard or felt that joy coming from John until we became part of his life.”As to you Ms. K where do I start, ” Danny said laughing.That man loved you from the first time he met you. You had brought him and me a drink one day when we both were in uniform. You told us that was for our service and if we needed anything else to just let you. I told the sarge that I could use a little bit of that. Danny told me he gave him that war glare of his as he told him don’t you dare touch that woman.”Kay, I believe that man would have killed me if I had done to you what I was thinking, ” Danny said to me.Danny wrapped an arm around me as he said, ”You and Michelle were his world.” ”So let’s not spoil his world till we have his permission.”Danny helped me back on my horse and we rode back to the barn. He told me to go check on Linda and his sister he would tend to the horses. I went to him and kissed him upon his cheek. He smiled asking me what that was for.I told him for being a perfect gentleman just like John. Danny laughed as he told me he might not be perfect but was always a gentleman. Danny patted my ass as he added up to the house with me before I got us both in trouble by us taking a roll in the hay.As I walked up to the house I thought in a way Danny was a lot like John. Plus he seemed to like me as well. I got to the house to find Linda and Sara in the hot tub. They were making out very passionately.I walked up to them as I said, ”You two should get a room.””Maybe you should join us, Sara said smiling very sexy at me.”Later I have to get supper ready, ” I replied walking into the house.Inside I found John already preparing the steaks. He smiled as he asked me if I had enjoyed our ride. I told him Danny had been a perfect gentleman in fact maybe too perfect as I smiled giving him a look.”Sorry Kay that might be my fault. ” John told me he would deal with it. ”Why don’t you slip out of those clothes and join Linda and Sara they have my permission, ” he added smiling at me. I walked out onto the porch to the hot tub. I kicked my boots off then slipped out of my clothes. I told them sorry girls I didn’t feel like wearing a swimsuit as I slipped into the hot tub with them.Sara and Linda stood up and removed their one-piece suits as they both said, ” They didn’t neither. ”Linda poured us all fresh margaritas from the pitcher she had out there with them. Sara stood up proudly showing her 38 dd tits and blonde hair covered pussy as she raised her glass to me. Linda and I stood up naked with our glasses raised.Sara said, ” To Kay and her wedding, ” Don’t be afraid to start over, this time you’re not starting from scratch but from experience.” Linda added, ”To John as well for allowing us to be part of her new life.”I stood there looking at these two very sexy nude blonde haired ladies. The carpeting matched the rooftop as well. Linda was about 5’6” with a very sexy hourglass build, while Sara was about 5’ 9” with an Amazon built as she was quite muscular for a woman. They both I would say had 38 dd tits with the cutest big patch of blonde hair covering their pussy.Sara came to me taking my glass from me and placing it with her on the side of the hot tub. She wrapped her arms around me as she kissed me. Sara moved her lips to my tits as her hand played with one nipple as she licked at the other. Both my nipples grew hard instantly. I felt her starting to nurse on my tits as only a woman can. Sorry guys but a woman knows how to suck on another woman’s tit. Her tongue teased at my nipple as she suckled on my tit. Which made my pussy juices start to flow.I moaned softly as Linda got behind me as she turned my face toward her. Our lips met and our tongues danced in each others mouth. Linda broke our kiss as her hand drifted down across my ass. Linda rubbed her hand over my ass telling me I was a very sexy and lovely woman.Linda knelt down and her hands went to my butt cheeks. She parted them and ran her tongue around my asshole just like John had before. I wondered if he had taught her or him her.I moaned, Ahh Linda as I felt her licking at my asshole with her tongue. My asshole was opening and closing begging her to tongue it. I had my first orgasm as I felt Linda’s tongue poking at my butthole. She inserted her tongue up inside my asshole. Now Linda had a tongue on her as well, it felt like a 5 or six-inch cock had entered my asshole from behind. Linda started to tongue fuck my asshole. Only using the tip of her tongue at first. I lifted Sara’s face from my tits. I wrapped my arms around her neck as I kissed her passionately. Our tongues seeking out each other’s mouths as we kissed. I felt one of Sara’s hand move between my thighs parting them as she did. Her fingers gently ran through my hair covering my pussy. Pay attention guys I not do I know of many women who enjoy having her pussy hair pulled on or ripped out even if by accident. As it does hurt like hell and sort of ruins the moment.Sara’s hand felt as if she was gently and lovingly stroking the hair upon my head. I felt my pussy juices start to flow as Linda’s tongue dug ever deeper up into my asshole as she pulled my buttcheeks apart even further.I moaned out both their names as Sara squatted before me pressing her face into my hairy very wet pussy. Linda removed her tongue from my asshole. She started to kiss her way up my back from my hairy asshole. She paused at that little cupped spot I have where my butt meets my back.Now guys if your wife, girlfriend or your slut has one. No, it is not to shot your cum at trying to fill it lol. It is one of those zones I talked about in an earlier part of my story. Linda spent some time flicking her tongue around it then licking at it.Sara was now licking between my hanging meat curtains. She would suck one of my pussy lips into her mouth from time to time. Linda kissed her way up my back until she was standing behind me. She kissed my neck working her way to my ear.”Linda whispered, ”Pee in her face Kay she loves golden showers, ” as she licked at my ear. Now I had pissed on a few guys in my life mainly on their cocks or chest but never in their face. I guess it was a fantasy of mine but I had never done it. I still was a little unsure of doing it to Sara.Sara removed her face from my pussy. She opened my pussy with both her hands. She gave it a quick licking then looked up at me.”Give me your golden nectar, Kay, Sara demanded.Now when I drink I pee. I don’t mean it drips out from my pussy. As when I have to pee it comes out like a garden hose. I sort of bared down and started to pee.I suddenly felt Linda shove one of her fingers up deep into my asshole. I sort of jumped as it had surprised me. Linda started to massage some spot-up inside my asshole.I felt that I’m no longer in control feeling coming over me just as John has given me. My legs shook and I let loose with a massive pussy squirt which contains my juices as well as my piss.”Ahhhhh Fuck, ” I screamed out as it happened.Sara got the squirts in her face before she slowly kissed and licked her way up my body on her way to standing up. Linda slipped her finger from my asshole. Sara kissed me letting me taste my own pee and juices from lips. She then kissed Linda telling us both she loved us. The three of us stood there hugging and kissing each other. We all turned to see Danny and John standing there watching us.I heard John as he said, ”If you ladies are done Danny and I are hungry.”Sara smiled at them both as she said, ”Looks like you both are horny as well, ” as she pointed to their big boners tenting out from the jogging pants both of them had on now.Part nine soon