Sleepy Daughter Ch. 03

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Alex Grey

Next morning at the breakfast table, my daughter had a look of shame and confusion on her face. I guess she was wondering why her pussy felt so good and sore and wet, all at the same time as it she was fucked good all night. I bet she is wondering why she felt like she had multiple orgasms not too long ago. I had broad grin on my face and I was super hyper that morning. I was overly affectionate towards my daughter too. I hugged her a couple times shoving my large tits in her face. I kissed her cheeks. I flashed her my cleavage and caressed her hair a couple times. I had tongue fucked my own sweet daughter and had cum so much and I didn’t get caught.

My daughter asked me about previous night and I told her how she passed out half-dressed laying across her bed with her legs on the floor and how I had undressed her and put her into bed properly.

“So you like saw me naked mom?”

“Yes darling (I smiled) but don’t worry you have everything that I have only better looking. And I must say you have turned into a gorgeous and lovely woman. You are going to make some guy or gal very lucky.” I smiled and winked and my daughter rolled her eyes at me.

The rest of the week went pretty uneventful except that in the evening after coming home from work, I’d pick Jennie’s dirty panties out of the hamper, take it into my bedroom and play with it to make myself cum. I’d sniff it, lick it, suck the fabric, rub her panties against my bald pussy and my ass hole, rub them against my hard nipples and make myself cum a couple times before returning them into the hamper – with her panties soaked with her mom’s pussy juices all over it. It was getting out of hand. One day I got so worked up thinking about my daughter I took longer lunch break, came home and stole her panties from the night before and fucked myself silly. I passed out on my bed, spread eagle with my daughter’s panties stuffed between my legs.

Friday night my daughter didn’t go out. She stayed home to hang out with her mom. We watched a movie and had some wine. I took advantage of this event and was dressed very skimpy. I decided to wear a long tee-shirt and no panties or bra.

“It’s amatör porno like having an adult slumber party Jennie, girls hanging out.” I said.

My daughter who had caught glimpse of my bare cunt (because I was so careless with my legs) said:

“Mom what kind of an adult slumber party did you go to – clothing optional?”

So I smiled and said, “Honey, yeah we all played house and doctor and it was better to wear very little for easy access.” I winked.

We both laughed and my daughter bit her lower lip, went into a deep thought for a few seconds, and gave me the most amazing sexy girl smile I have ever seen. She got up, took off her shorts, let her tank top fall over her gorgeous round butt and then wiggled herself out of her panties and threw them at me and said:

“I guess we are playing either doctor or house tonight mommy.” She laughed.

That not only melted my heart, it made my nipples hard and my pussy gush with warm juices. Not having any panties on, my pussy juices travelled out of my warm pussy and down onto my quivering ass hole. It was the most amazing feeling. My cunt juices were flowing so bad and I am sure the smell of my sex was strong enough to fill up the room. I caught her panties looked at them with great interest and but then stopped myself, and put them on the side table next to me. My daughter had a confused puzzled and dazed look on her face. I guess, not knowingly, I was about to sniff her panties and had brought them close to my nose but never went through with it. She didn’t say anything but had a very sexy look on her face. Oh God.

We kept drinking wine. We were up to our 2nd bottle now. We both sat across from each other while watching the movie. We both paid less attention to the movie and more toward each other. The lights were very dim in the room. It started out with my continuing to be careless with my legs. My tee-shirt would get hiked up over my waist often and I would lift up my body to pull it down exposing my pussy for my curious audience. My legs would be spread open when I would adjust my position pretending to get comfortable. I was crossing my legs anal porno a lot, I was opening and closing my legs over and over again (because that was manipulating my clit and it felt good). On the opposite side of me there was my daughter curiously sneaking a peak at her mother’s exposed body and if she could not take her eyes off of me. That was making me wet.

After half an hour of watching me, I noticed the Jennie became a lot more relaxed. She removed the comforter off of her saying that it was too hot in here showing me her gorgeous long smooth legs and her upper thighs as her tank top had started to hike up a bit. She crossed and uncrossed her legs right when my gaze was on her (from the side of my eyes) exposing her gorgeous bald pink pussy to her mother. Her V-neck tank top was out of form and exposing her deep gorgeous white cleavage. At one point when she sifted to change her posture, I swear I saw her one pink nipple pop out of the top and was exposed for more than 30 seconds. Jennie didn’t cover it up until I had seen it at least a couple times. At one point Jennie curled her legs up with her feet under her naked ass and her both hands between her legs pressed up against her crotch. The move we make when it’s extremely cold and our hands are freezing. But since it was a hot night I knew that Jennie was pressing her hands against her pussy because she could not take the teasing anymore and wanted to rub her clit.

Watching Jennie press her hands between her legs made me very wet. I was half laying half sitting on the couch so I pulled my tee shirt down until it was barely covering my pussy and my ass and (pretending to be lazy and careless) I left my one hand on top of my mound as if I was preventing my tee-shirt to ride up again. In reality it was an excuse to press my hand against my aching pussy. Since we were watching the movie in a dim light I became a little bold and started deliberately rubbing my pussy not paying attention to my daughter or looking at her exposed cunt. My eyes closed with intense pleasure, I thought about how I tongue fucked my sleepy daughter the other night, I rubbed my cunt hard and came ana breakers porno 3 or 4 times with a quiet shudder. I am sure I moaned pretty loud. With my hand pressed against my cunt and the part of the tee-shirt that was covering my pussy – soaking wet, I passed out.

When I woke up over an hour later and realized that my hand was not on my pussy any more, my tee shirt had ridden up over my waist and I was exposed from the waist down. Also, my legs were pretty wide open and my cunt was exposed. My pussy was wet, quivering and very warm. My pussy felt used, sore and sensitive. I don’t know for sure but I had a feeling that my daughter took advantage of her sleepy mother and abused my cunt and pussy. Or at least I wish that she did. I wonder if she tongue fucked me or just explored my pussy lips with her finger. Did she shove a finger in my pussy? oh God I hope so. I look over towards my daughter and I found her to be asleep. Covers off of her, tank top ridden up over her waist, cunt exposed and nipples very hard.

I called out her name but no answer. For the next two minutes I called out her name in increasingly loud voice but no answer. At one point she stirred, pulled the bunched up covers and threw them over her side partially covering up her face. After a couple more minutes of me calling out her name I was sure that she was sleeping. I slowly got up and crawled up over to my daughter. I kept calling her name but no answer. I smiled to myself and slowly spread her legs a bit more to better expose her pussy to me. The smell of her sex was very strong, her pussy was definitely wet, pussy lips were swollen and engorged, and quivering. I gently kissed her pussy and slid my tongue up and down her slit. I pushed her pussy lips open with my tongue and kept lapping at her Clitty.

I put my lips around her hard clit gently and sucked on it. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy making Jennie cum at least 2 or 3 times. Her pussy juices were flowing down her pussy, her thighs and onto her ass hole. Oh God her ass hole looked so sweet, puckered, and sexy. I had to lick it, lick it hard. I had to tongue fuck my daughter’s ass hole. I had to tongue rape my sleepy daughter again. So I fucked her ass hole with my tongue. I kept fucking her pussy and her ass hole over and over again until my tongue got tired and my pussy was sore from over stimulation. I crawled back to my seat and passed out a happy well fucked mother.