Sloppy Seconds Plus One

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Anal Fucking

“Are you sure you want to do this?”, Bob asked as Sue finished rinsing the breakfast dishes. “You bet,” Sue said, “it isn’t often that a woman gets a chance like this.” “Okay,” Bob said, “I’ll be home about 5:00 and we’ll see what happens.” He came over to her and kissed her on the lips, feeling their warmth and softness, aching with love for her. Bob looked into her eyes, and admired the beauty of her face. “I love you more than you can imagine,” he said, “not many women would tolerate my sexual perversions. You are wonderful.” Bob headed out the door and Sue began to feel the tingling between her legs that she got when she was erotically turned on. After their last session of sex, when Bob had eaten her cunt with Will’s cum in it, they had discussed their desire to explore this route of sexual activity further. Bob had told her that he wanted to do the same thing again, only the next time he wanted to watch her have intercourse with the other man, and then have sex right away. He had brought up the possibility of her having sex with two other men, while he watched, and then had sex with her. The idea of this had caused a tremendous stirring of sexually erotic feelings and excitement. She had never experienced such feelings before. She had simply touched her clitoris with her finger and immediately orgasmed. Bob had just watched her in amazement as she came. This was Friday and it was the day they had made arrangements for Will and a friend to come over this evening, and act out their little fantasy.

Sue remembered how Will had reacted when she had presented the idea to him. He had been unbelievably excited as well. She could tell from his tone and the pitch of his voice that he was excited. He said he could get a friend that would be willing to participate and they could be at Bob and Sue’s house at the allocated time. Sue had taken the day off from work, knowing she could not concentrate. She spent the day straightening up and cleaning the house. She put clean sheets on the king size bed and shuddered at the thought of what was going to happen on that bed this evening. Sue took a shower pendik escort and reached between her legs, running her fingers between her cunt lips, feeling for her clit. She softly rubbed the little nub. She very quickly shuddered with an orgasm, imagining what was to happen that evening. Sue thought how fortunate she was to be multi-orgasmic. She dried off running the towel erotically over her breasts. She spent an hour primping with her hair and make up, and then went to the closet to see what she had that was sexy enough for the evening. Finally she picked out a cotton dress that had a deep cut neck that would show her cleavage. She didn’t bother to put on any underwear knowing that it would just get in the way. She applied a light touch of perfume and knew she was ready.

Five o’clock finally rolled around and Bob popped in the door. He gave her a long passionate kiss and said he was going to take a shower and freshen up. Will and his friend were due at 6:00. After the shower Bob came downstairs fresh in Dockers and a knit shirt. “Well, is everything ready,” he asked. Sue smiled and said she thought it was. Bob poured them each a drink and they sat down anxiously awaiting their guests. They didn’t have long to wait. The doorbell rang just a little before six o’clock and they both went to answer it. Sue opened the door and there stood Will. He looked good. At six feet and 170 pounds he was a well-built man, with broad shoulders dark hair and a handsome face. Behind him stood a black man about three inches taller than Will and extremely well built and handsome. Sue’s mouth fell open when she saw him and she nearly shuddered with an orgasm just thinking about sex with this lovely man. “Come on in,” she said, introducing Will to Bob and Will in turn introduced John. Everyone seemed to feel the tension in the air with the anticipation of what was about to happen. Bob poured the newcomers a drink and they made small talk while getting use to each other. Bob noticed the wedding rings on both men’s hands. This is good he thought, the chances of any type of sexually transmitted diseases were maltepe escort minimized with married men. Will explained that he and John had grown up together and been best friends from early childhood. They had always dreamed about having sex together with the same lady, and had even fantasized about this type of activity throughout their teens after reaching puberty.

Finally Bob suggested that they retire to the bedroom and let the fun begin. There were no objections from anyone, so Sue led the way up the stairs to the bedroom where a dim light shone and candles and incense were ready for lighting. Sue was the first to kick off her shoes and pull the dress over her head. She laid down in the middle of the king size bed and said, ‘Okay guys, it’s up to you, I’m ready’. All three men stripped their clothes off as quickly as possible. Bob starred at both men’s cocks as they both climbed onto the bed with Sue. Will’s was quite large in itself, about 6” hanging flaccid, but John’s was very large, about 8” flaccid. Will bent over and kissed Sue on the lips, while John immediately lay between her legs and began to lick her cunt. Bob watched enthralled as these two men quite literally devoured his wife. Before he knew it, Sue had Will’s cock in her mouth and was sucking on it fervently. It was now rigid and appeared to be about 8” with a nice thickness. Bob watched as John now kneeled between Sue’s legs and rested his uncircumcised rigid 10” cock on her triangle of hair. He reached between her legs and spread her cunt lips as he pulled his hip back and grasped his cock with his other hand. Bob watched as he pulled the foreskin back exposing his penis head and positioned it at the opening between her cunt lips. He slowly and gently began to push his penis into her cunt, knowing that his was a larger cock than she was use to. Bob had always felt he had a reasonable sized cock at 6”, but nothing like what he was witnessing here. As John slid his large black cock into Sue’s cunt Bob noticed Sue’s first orgasm. She literally rocked with a massive orgasm. Bob looked at her face and saw her eyes kartal escort closed and her lips wrapped around Will’s gorgeous cock. These ministrations went on for about another 10 minutes and John and Will agreed to switch places. Bob’s cock now dripping with precum just about exploded. He was fascinated and enthralled watching Sue take John’s big black cock into her mouth. She could hardly get more than the head in. It was just too large. Bob watched as both men, now nearing the point of no return on their orgasms, literally fucked his wife in earnest. John was the first to cum. Bob noticed John’s eyes close and his body become rigid and then quickly glanced down at his cock still embedded in Sue’s mouth. He watched as the large black cock throbbed and knew he was cumming in her mouth. He pulled out after a fragment of a second and spilled some of his sperm onto her face. This obviously had an affect on Will who pushed his cock into Sue’s cunt and shoot his load into her, filling her with his sperm.

Bob, watched as both men backed off after cumming. They knew what was to come next. Sue laid there with her legs spread her toes pointing up toward her head and her eyes closed grasping the sheet with her hands, cumming again. Bob climbed between her legs and couldn’t wait. He was close to cumming himself. He reached down and spread her pussy lips, noticing Will’s cum ooze out of it and quickly rammed his cock into her. Bob felt the Will’s cum ooze out around his penis as he pushed into Sue’s cunt. He then bent and began frantically kissing and licking John’s cum off of Sue’s face, probing his tongue into her mouth and tasting the saltiness of cum as he tongue fucked her mouth. Bob rammed his cock into her cunt. He came like he had never cum before. He shoot his load into her on top of Will’s and pushed into her as hard as he could. He felt like his whole body were involved in this orgasm. He shuddered and felt the excitement spread from his head to his toes. Sue orgasms were continuous, one after the other, she shuddered and arched with unbelievable ecstasy. Bob pulled his cock out of Sue and looked at John and Will. His intent was clear to them as they climbed back onto the bed and all three men began kissing Sue’s body from head to toe, almost as if she were an object of worship. This was just the beginning of a lovely, lovely evening.