Small dick laughed at by 2 nurses

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Small dick laughed at by 2 nursesA friend of mine is a doctor and as part of her training she did a stint in the sexual health wing of the hospital she was working in. She is a very game girl constantly regaling us with tales of funny medical incidents. She told me about games she and her colleagues played to keep themselves amused and spirits high while working in quite a gritty environment.She said they had a hilarious time asking really intimate questions because people would answer 100% honestly (very eye opening she said).. other guys would treat it like counselling and the moment the door shut on the examination room begin pouring out their hearts and asking for advice on things like making a woman orgasm.When inspecting guys if when they dropped trousers the guy had a particularly small cock, the girls would say they needed a second opinion and leave the bloke standing exposed while they fethiye escort went and got another colleague. She would go back into the examination room with another colleague so they could both laugh at the guys lack of equipment.I suddenly became very interested having been very unlucky in the size department and questioned her about this part. She said it was a regular thing to head back into the staff room and have hysterics at some poor guys expense before going back in to see him. Having my little cock laughed at is my biggest turn on in life and the prospect of setting myself up to get humiliated without offending anyone (I would love to flash, but don’t want to upset anyone for my perversion)This gave me an idea, about 2 months later i plucked up the courage to go and have an std check. I took some sp*ed about 2 hours before my appointment which had it’s regular effect of shrinking my already escort fethiye tiny guy even more. I was taken into a room by an early 20’s girl who questioned me about my sexual behaviour for a few minutes. Eventually she asked me to drop my trousers. I dropped trousers then boxer shorts very slowly and deliberately savouring every moment. When I finally dropped my shorts i lent forward so she couldn’t see my penis. I then stood up and displayed it in one motion. I watched her eyes drop to my groin and stay there getting a full view of my member. The dr*gs and pressure of the situation had done a fantastic job and my old boy has never been smaller. After a pause she looked up at my face with the edges of her mouth curled up in amusement. Looking straight into my eyes for a second she paused then said she needed to get a swab and asked me to roll back my foreskin. My dick was so shrivelled fethiye escort bayan i could barely uncover the head with the foreskin rolled back – she had to help with a gloved hand – the feel of which was incredible, pure shame and excitement. She asked me to stay there and just as my doctor friend had told me went to fetch another nurse for a second opinion. I remained trousers round ankles soaking in the situation. After a short while I heard them coming back in and covered myself with my hands to watch the full effect on the new nurses face. They walked in together and knelt down at my crotch. Nurse 1 asked me to move my hands – the new nurse audibly drew in air when she was faced with the tiny cock on a big guy. The both glanced at each other for a second (a moment I will remember forever). Then they stood up and told me to dress. As I was checking out at reception I heard two girls laughing loudly behind the counter. I am sure it must have been them.It was terrifying and needed a lot of courage to work up to the event, but it was incredible!! I still think about it regularly!! Would love to hear your similar experiences.