Sneaking Into Friend’s Younger Sister’s

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Sneaking Into Friend’s Younger Sister’sThe floor creaked as I softly stepped around the foot of the bed in my friend’s sister’s room. I could hear her sleepy breathing as I moved cautiously towards her. She wore light colored sleeping shorts, a matching pajama shirt, and fuzzy socks. She was cute, even sleeping, her cropped blonde hair all messy in her pillow, the covers mostly off her as she lay in a partly curled position on one side. Everyone else in the house was sleeping, including my friend. We slept over almost weekly and sucked each other’s cocks. One time she joined us out of curiosity and let me lick her private parts. She liked it and told me I could wake her up if I wanted to do it again.So here I was, tiptoeing up to her sleeping body, my penis poking straight forward in my shorts. David had already sucked me off a few hours ago. But, the thought of her laying in here and the permission she gave me to put my mouth on her body again had kept me from sleeping. I was horny again and wanted to taste her once more, maybe for longer this time if she let me.Cautiously, I placed one hand on her arm and squeezed. Her eyes jumped open with a start, and she gasped.”Shh, it’s just me. Can I lick you again?” I asked. I pointed my finger at her shorts. “Down there…?”She nodded, stretching her arms out wide kadıköy escort and long, her legs flexing straight out. She flopped flat on her back, kicking her foot free of the covers so she was all on top. I couldn’t believe it was as easy as just asking. I climbed on the bed below her and pulled at her shorts. She lifted her butt up off the sheets to make it easier. Her panties were white with red apples all over them. They slid down over her knees with her shorts easily. Her legs fell open and the little slit between them seemed to gaze up at me. She looked down as I scanned up her body. My dick was throbbing in my shorts.I lay on one elbow between her legs and smelled her sweet body smell, a little musky, but feminine. She was thin and was not yet growing hair anywhere. I was fascinated with her body. I have no sister, so I knew nothing about the differences until the other day when she let me explore her. This time, I wanted a closer look. So, I let me face settle in really close to her. With my fingers, I parted the two ridges and exposed the pretty pink inside, visible even in the low light of the nightlight in her room. It was moist in there, with a pink part sticking up at the top. She seemed to like it best when I touched üsküdar escort that. So, that’s where I started, passing my fingers gently back and forth over it. She gave an involuntary sigh as I massaged her there. I traced my fingers downward, feeling the shape of the crevice and all the little flowery parts inside. Then I stretched it open left and right, making a diamond shape and exposing the flap of skin the covered the opening and left a tiny hole at the top.To this, I first applied my tongue. Her flavor was a mixture of musk, vinegar, and a sweet bold taste unlike anything I knew before. “Mmmmmm…” she sighed. I licked upward, passing over the protruding part and suckling it with my lips.”That’s the best part,” she said, reminding me she liked it most. I paid special attention to it. I found that what I liked most was giving her what she liked most. It flittered softly back and forth under my tongue as I licked and sucked on it. Her tummy contracted every now and then with the pleasure. I licked down the ridges on either side, her milky smooth skin felt nice on my tongue. I pulled her butt cheeks apart and gave a lick down there. Her anus was pink and pouty. She cooed when I drilled my tongue into it. Then back up I came. At the base of the slit was a dribble of tuzla escort clear liquid. It had a salty, sexy taste to it. I drew it upwards with my tongue back to the top and spread it all around.”Ohhhhh, that’s good…” she whispered. Now my mouth was wet and open over the tight edges of her vagina, licking and dipping inside as I worked the whole area. My hands gripped her small butt cheeks as I took her into me. Her breathing got faster and faster. Her fists tightened, pulling at the sheets as something seemed to be happening to her body.”Oh, oh, it feels bigger and bigger, ohhhhhh…” She sounded out of control. I was a little worried she’d wake her parents. But, then she got suddenly silent as her entire body tensed up, pulling up on the sheets, her legs tightening on either side of my head, her face pushing upwards away from me with a taut expression. She held that, quivering, her hips popping up and down with my mouth hanging on to her private place as a fresh wash of liquid seemed to flow out of her.”Ah!” she exclaimed as she released and fell limp, panting as if having exerted herself immensely. I licked some more, but she pushed me off.”It’s good, that’s all,” she said, still gathering herself from whatever happened. I sat up, looking down at her bottomless body on the bed. It was so exciting! Her vagina glistened with my saliva and her juices. I wanted to touch it again, but sensed she needed to rest.”Did you like it?” I asked. She only nodded. “I’d like to do it again sometime.” She nodded again. I stood up, my rock hard cock sticking forward in my sleeping shorts. She pulled hers back on and rolled over and I left the room.