SnowBoard Trip

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I had been planning this day since late December. I was sure I could pull this one off. I work most weekends when I don’t have plans with my man. This leaves me free on weekdays to play my own games. I have been snowboarding for over 20 years and while I’m not that good, it’s a rewarding activity for me. I was seeking lodging at a ski resort in exchange for a nice date with the right guy. I began by searching some of the websites that I belong to, but wasn’t getting responses from people that could supply what I was seeking. So I made a post on Craig’s List. I know it was risky but I knew given the time I had waiting to get my tax money back, and snow to arrive, I’d be able to screen the right person. I whittled it down from sixty five possibilities, to twenty, and then ten. These I then narrowed to five and finally picked the one.His name was Bill and he lived on the side of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Maine. It has great skiing and is far enough from home to not be a big risk of being caught. The mountain in mid week is almost empty but it kicks ass for snowboarding! Bill was forty eight years old, divorced, and had moved up there to work on the mountain. He had a place right in the middle of where most people şişli escort lived. After a day of boarding and being wet and sore, I was going to need to relax and his place sounded like just what I wanted. Bill and I chatted for over a month exchanging stories and talking about what we wanted from the visit. He was sweet and loved sex, but it had been a long dry spell for him. But the most impressive feature that Bill possessed was he was hung! Finally the day arrived when I had all the arrangements complete. I told him I was coming that Thursday and Friday the first week of February. I then got everything in order from bus tickets to packing. Thursday arrived and I had to get up early so my man could drive me to the bus stop. I was so excited I almost forgot to kiss my husband goodbye. I boarded the nearly empty bus and sat by myself. I passed emails with Bill during the ride and he couldn’t believe I was coming. He sent me some porn links and told me he’d see me at 4pm when he got off work. I arrived to a brisk day and after getting situated, I hit the mountain. I spent most of the day with only one break, taking full advantage of my time in ME. I was having so much fun, I almost lost mecidiyeköy escort track of time. When I saw it was just past three in the afternoon, I went to the lodge to pack up. I opened the email from Bill with directions and I began my walk to his house. It was less than a mile away and across the street from the lodge. As I got close, I became excited. I walked up to his complex, found 3A, and rang the bell. I was nervous and excited as well as sore from boarding, but I couldn’t wait to get out of these clothes. He answered the door and I walked in to a hug and a kiss. Bill was very tall; I’d say 6’3” or so. He was a big and burly guy born in Canada and was overjoyed to see me. He looked like a big lumber jack with grey, balding, bush hair and a groomed beard. I put my stuff down, smiled at him, and told him I wanted him to take me to dinner. He said “Great. Just let me change.” He asked “Did you bring the clothes you are going to wear with you?”“Of course.” I said and spread my bag to show him my skirt. As I pulled off my sweater and put it in the bag. I asked “May I take a shower?” He began to give me a tour of his place. The living room had a beautiful flaming fire place, a big screen TV, and a big plush couch. We then toured his deck with a hot tub just waiting to be turned on. I was so happy to see the tub and smiled at him as I ran my hand through the water. He told me to come back inside and he’d show me the shower. I slid off my snow pants walked upstairs in my leggings and turtle neck He turned the light on and showed me the bathroom which was nice. He showed me the bedroom with its king size bed and apologized for the mess. As I sat on the end of the bed, I asked “Is this where I have witnessed you on cam?” “Yes.” “Good.” I hopped up and hugged him. He grabbed my ass tight and said “This is mine isn’t it?” I said “Yes.” and raised my arms so he could pull my top off. He did and told me how beautiful I was as I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor. He squeezed my breasts and kissed me hard. He picked me up and sucked one of my breasts as he grabbed the other. I didn’t think he could wait much longer but I squirmed down, stepped out of my leggings and panties, and walked into the bathroom, knowing he was watching me. I stepped into the shower and turned to see Bill watching me as he touched his cock through his pants. I washed and as I stepped out, he greeted me with a towel. I walked back to the bedroom and went to get my brush, but was pushed to the bed, flipped over, and pulled to the end where Bill’s face was forced into my crotch.