So my massage ther****t fucked me

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So my massage ther****t fucked meThis is a very true story….I have always enjoyed getting massages. My wife turned me onto them several years ago and I like a good deep tissue…get into the muscles massage. Since the fist of the summer I have been going to a friend of mine who was freelancing with another massage studio. Within the last month she opened up her own massage studio.Now the woman(she is mid 30’s) and I have known each other since high school. In fact, we have had sex in the past but that has never come up during my massage. Don’t get me wrong, I have done everything to initiate it, I just did not want to come across as too big a pervert in a business setting.My appointments are every two weeks on Fridays. To cut to the chase I get a txt message from her a few hours before my massage asking if I know how anadolu yakası escort to make a woman squirt. I replied back that I know how (thanks xhamster for having the “How to make a woman squirt video :)” but a lot of it has to do with the woman’s ability to relax. She replies back she wants to learn and also wants to gag on my cock. My reply is I want to teach you but we need more than an hour for all that…can we make it 3:15. She says sure and bring some Pot if I have some…I reply “WORD”I show up at her studio..we smoke the leftovers of a bowl from the day before(I was out of pot) and proceed to the therapy room. I still wanted a massage because my back was sore. She begins working on my back and we have our typical sexual small talk when she asks me how ataşehir escort do I want my blow job. “It doesn’t matter to me” I replied. She than lowers the sheet exposing my rock hard cock. She than climbs onto the massage table and expertly begins to suck on my cock. Knowing she likes it rough I proceed to grab the back of her head forcing it onto my throbbing member. She starts to gag as my cock presses against the back of her throat and I slowly face fuck her. I tell her to remover her clothes. She takes off her shirt wearing only a sports bra. As she removes the top her beautiful 34 C breast are exposed making me even harder. The blowjob continues for a couple more minutes until she cuts her lip on her tooth. She tastes the blood but it doesn’t stop her. She is turned on by the ümraniye escort pain. I than tell her to take her shorts off. As she strips down her beautifully shaven pussy is exposed. I tell her to get on top and ride me. She lowers herself onto my shaft and slowly starts to grind on me. Within minutes her body starts to shake from her first orgasm. I had to think of everything to keep from blowing my load. After she is finished cumming I keep my cock in her pussy and hold her as she catches her breath. I slowly start to slide my cock in and out letting her feel my full 10 inches from head to balls. After several minutes of this she is on the throws of her next orgasm. I place my hands on her hips and press her onto me as her body twitches. My cock pulsates as it releases a full load of cum deep into her pussy. Her orgasm is multiplied in intensity by my hot load streaming into her..she collapses on top of me into my arms. We lay there and talk for a few minutes. I than get up and start to massage her back. We get dressed and walk up to the front. She says lets call it even. Works for me, I could have that type of massage everyday