So Size does Matter BBC

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So Size does Matter BBCMy name is Sharon. I am 22 years old white gurl, 5’5″, 130 lbs, brown eyes and hair. I was using a dating site when I was messaged by this black guy. His name is Dominic. He is about 6’5″ average build, handsome, and a year older than me. We messaged back and forth before we finally met.We agreed to meet at a restaurant at 6 p.m. I was wearing tight white jeans to show off my ass, and a tank top. He was wearing jeans, and a t-shirt. He was tall and handsome just like his photos. He was the perfect gentleman on our first date. After 4 dates and some heavy kissing and petting I had always notice his large outline of his cock I finally went home with him.I was sitting on his couch, and we started to kiss. I felt his hand slide down my stomach, over my hip, and onto my butt as he laid me down on my back. I knew where this was going, and I was ok with it. I was getting very excited as his lips trailed down my neck. His hand released my butt, and rubbed down my thigh before coming back up and grabbing my breast. I let out a little moan as it caused my pussy to instantly heat up, and become very wet. The room was fairly dark with only the dim light from the television.His hand slid up under my shirt to gain better access to my erect nipples. I wanted his mouth on them so bad I just peeled off my shirt, and bra. He immediately did the same, and his tongue went straight for my nipples. My hands gently stroked his back, as he unbuttoned my pants and slid them off. I was completely naked now. He kissed down my stomach, and onto my inner thighs. My hips were starting to move wanting him so bad. He parted my legs, and then gripped my ass as he delicately started licking my pussy. I grabbed my breast with one hand, and placed the other güvenilir bahis on the back of his head as he continued to eat my pussy. This man was very skilled with his tongue, and soon I had my first orgasm. I was panting, and could tell he was taking off his pants but I still could not get a good look at his cock as he started kissing back up to me.He started making out with me again. His body heat felt so good against my skin. I felt him start to rub his penis onto my soaking wet pussy. It was so sensitive I needed him to fuck me so bad. His cock was so hard, and felt great rubbing my pussy. “Oh, no “I thought. In all the excitement I didn’t mention a condom. Then he settled the head on the entrance to my tight pussy I realized he felt larger than others, and I forgot about the condom again. He started to push into me. I let out a little yelp as he began stretching me. He stopped pushing in, and said “Are you ok?” It was no doubt now he had a very large cock. “Yes, just be easy” I replied. He started to push deeper, and it became a little uncomfortable, painful even as he started stretching me even more. Panting harder now as the pain increased I tried to relax, and told myself I could do it. Then the pain got to me “take it out”! He withdrew the huge cock from my body, and I immediately started rubbing my pussy.”Are you ok? Do you want to stop? Its fine if you do or we could try some other time.”The throbbing in my pussy was subsiding a little so I said “no let’s try again.”He rubbed that huge cock on my pussy again, and then started to push it in me. I opened more easily this time, and I felt my pussy allowing the large invader inside. Slowly inch after inch of thick cock entered my tight pussy. The pain was gone, and this huge penis güvenilir bahis siteleri inside me felt amazing! He started to withdraw before pushing back in me again. Deeper and deeper he sank into me until he hit my cervix. Again another painful moment and I still didn’t feel him all the way against me. He pushed a little harder but no more of that monster was going to fit. I was embarrassed I couldn’t take all of him, but soon I stopped thinking about anything but this huge cock that is now slowly thrusting into me. Long deep strokes sent my body over the edge as I had another orgasm. He knew I was cumming on that huge cock, and took advantage to thrust harder into me. My pussy gave in and allowed more of his massive rock hard cock to penetrate me.I felt his large balls starting to slap my ass as he began pounding me deep, and fast. I could only hold on to his hips as he took my pussy as his own.”Do you like that big dick in you?””Yes, fuck my tight pussy with that big dick!!”I had given in to him completely, and forgot all about any pain I was in as this huge cock fucked me. He talked so dirty. This perfect gentleman was impaling me with his massive organ, and saying.”Whose pussy is this?””It’s yours!””This pussy is so tight. It feels so good wrapped around my big dick. I’m going to stretch it out, and own this pussy. How do you like your dick?””I like them big!!”He was slamming that entire huge dick into me hard, and fast. I was just holding on. My titts were swinging back and forth. His hands had a tight grip on my ass, as he continued to own my pussy. After about twenty minutes of hard sex he said.”This tight pussy is going to make me cum. Are you on birth control?””No, please don’t pull out of your pussy!””You want this iddaa siteleri big dick to cum in you?””Yes, cum in me, fill me up with it.””You love this big cock don’t you?””Yes, it’s so big. I’ve never had a dick this big.”He buried his entire cock into me. I thought he was about to cum in me when he started kissing me. I was so full of cock I started to cum again. He let me finish but didn’t cum with me. He started pumping in and out of me again. I felt his huge cock swelling, and I knew he was about to cum. Suddenly he pulled completely out of me. For the first time I saw the huge member. It was so fucking big! It was very long and thick with huge veins bulging on the sides. His testicles were massive like plumbs, and hung low. Then a long thick rope of hot sperm exploded out towards me, dropping on my forehead and trailing down my face, over my mouth, onto my chest and stomach. Then another rope blasted out coating my face and chest again. It was so much cum my pussy began to cum again just watching this huge magnificent black cock spew these huge ropes of sperm onto me.When he finally finished he easily slid his still stiff massive cock inside me again. Now I felt how sore everything was. I laid there with his monster inside of me, covered in his sperm. He began kissing me again as his giant organ remained hard inside of me. He begin to move his hips again and grind against my clit as I had another series of orgasms. As he was balls deep I grabbed his balls and played with them pulling and rolling in my fingers as he moaned Yes. I knew that would get him to cum as my pussy was getting sore. Grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling him deeper into my pussy he came again inside my pussy. He finally withdrew his large cock from my well fucked pussy. He told me to rub his cum as it leaked from my pussy into my skin, so I did. I was exhausted, and my pussy was sore but I had just had the most amazing sex. He was right he owned my pussy from then on. Apparently size does matter.