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Soar!A couple of months before my 50th birthday, I began to explore (online) possible thrill-seeker adventures to commemorate this milestone in life. I had enjoyed a successful career and I was in good health, but for the last 20 years, I have been conservative in that I usually avoided risky behavior.After many hours of scouring the web and over the course of a couple of weeks, I was fortunate to happen upon a rather obscure advertisement that caught my attention. After looking at videos, pictures, and customer testimonies, I decided to email the host. I became more intrigued by the idea of this “soaring in the clouds” experience as I awaited a reply. After a typical canned reply, I checked them out and found the cost to be much higher than I anticipated, but I just couldn’t get this new adventure fantasy off of my mind. So I decided to sleep on it for a few days.A week later, I called the host using the number found in her email and spoke to a very nice woman who booked my appointment and took my deposit. Her name was Amanda. She had a sweet southern accent, but a degree of wit and intelligence that made me wonder about her. I was to come to her countryside home in Mississippi at 3pm on a soon to arrive Friday and join her and her team for an exquisite home cooked dinner. On Saturday morning we would be up before sunrise and taking off into the hopefully blue skies at dawn for about a two hour experience. She asked me personal questions about my health, height, weight, allergies, food and wine preferences, in addition to my experience with flying, skydiving, and roller coaster type rides. Before ending the call, she reminded me to call her that Friday morning before leaving my home for a weather and operational status check. She welcomed me to call, email, or text her if I had any questions in the meantime.On that Friday, I called her number and she said everything was good to go and she added that she was looking forward to welcoming me to her place that afternoon and assured me I was going to love this experience. So after breakfast, I showered and dressed and packed my bag. She had insisted I bring loose fitting comfortable shorts and a shirt for the flight and some sweat pants as well.I drove several hours and followed my GPS directions all the way to her tree-lined driveway. A camera was on me when the gate automatically opened allowing me to drive through the gate and about a half mile back to her home which was situated near a big metal building which appeared to be a hangar. I was greeted by her, her father, and her boyfriend Charlie and a couple of her dogs. She was a beautiful woman. About 35, 5 and a half foot, lean build, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very pretty smile.We got acquainted over a glass of tea and soon I was with them in the hangar looking over a custom built wing glider that was small yet with a wide span and a sleek coat of paint over fiberglass and aluminum frame. Her father was an aerospace engineer and built this for her. Outside the hangar was a long asphalt paved private runway with the usual windsocks. Inside were several aircraft including this custom built glider. I need to explain what this is as it plays an important part in this story.A glide plane has no engine, but mechanical controls to maneuver the wings and elevators. This one had a manual landing gear retractor too. It had light instrumentation sivas escort for VFR and a handheld radio mounted. Normal small planes have two seats in a side-by-side configuration, but that wouldn’t work here given the fuselage size. Instead of having tandem seats where the pilot and passenger sit in front or behind, this design took all that seat weight out of the airframe in favor of a custom molded pad and floating harness system. What is most unique about this craft is the incredible visibility afforded to the pilot and passenger by the amount of clear lexan windshield spanning the nose of the craft as well as above even below the head – looking straight down! So, visualize a pad you would lay on tummy down with your head elevated above your waist and stirrups to put your feet in and a almost unobstructed view ahead and to the sides and when you look down you see instruments and controls for your hands to maneuver under the pad.I studied this configuration and Amanda expected to see my puzzled face. When I looked at her she laughed and explained how she will be face down at the controls and I will be strapped up above her. I nodded ok and felt that typical twitch I get when my mind wanders off into perv land.The plan is for one of their other gas engine planes to tow us up on a steel cable in the morning and she will release that tether and we soar about for the next 50 minutes or so until we land at their strip. We will be in radio contact with the other plane and the ground controller. I began to realize that wing efficiency and weight had almost everything to do with the amount of time we would have to enjoy up in the air. She said yes. Every single ounce of weight matters. My excitement grew each moment as I studied and learned about her experience as a glider pilot and the safety systems. I also realized that this was her number one hobby and she needed dudes like me to pay the freight for those many times when she went solo. She admitted to me that she only gets a customer to take up about 6 times a year.With that, she showed me my room and I got ready for dinner. We enjoyed a long delicious meal and I welcomed the smiles and stares I was getting from Amanda as we ate as a group. Pops slipped off first, Then Charlie left soon after clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen. This left her and I to finish this bottle of Cab still open and talk about our lives. An hour later, I sensed she was getting sleepy and offered her a friendly hug goodnight as I thanked her for a great meal and her wonderful hospitality. During our embrace she hugged me tighter and kissed my neck and cheek – something I didn’t expect. Boy did I not mind at all. I arose at 4:30 as she suggested and was back in the kitchen for a cup of coffee and a muffin. I had on the sweatpants and tennis shoes and a t-shirt. She looked me over and asked if I had the shorts underneath. I nodded yes. She said ok then, follow me. What I didn’t say is that I wasn’t wearing any underwear because that would be too many layers for me on this warm July morning.At the hangar, we did a pre-flight check as Charlie checked the other plane. We rolled it into position and went over the game plan. She took me back to the hanger to get me into a harness and she put hers on. It was now that I realized she was wearing a bikini top and bottom that was made of neoprene tekirdağ escort like material. She had peeled off a big sleep type t-shirt while I wasn’t looking. The sides of her bikini bottoms were high cut and had velcro fasteners of some sort on each hip. She suggested I leave the sweat pants due to the heat in the glider. No AC system – I nodded yes and obliged and after I got down to my loose fitting gym shorts, she tightened this harness that covered my shoulders, waist, and thighs in X patterns of webbing with D ring hooks about it. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds. I had to snake my body into the plane and as the sun rose, she showed me how and helped me strap my body into place – somewhat suspended in air above where she would be. When she was satisfied, she did a final check on the tether and signaled Charlie to crank up his engine. Then she climbed in feet first – then ass (right in my face which I did not mind one bit) – then the rest of her gorgeous body. She latched down the hatch as she apologized for having to stick her rear end where she did and there we were.. She wiggled her body just under mine into position and I sensed my job was to hold as much of my body weight off of her using my handlebars and foot stirrups. There was some chatter on the radio and before we knew it the cable tightened and we were barrelling down this long runway following the plane ahead of us. It lifted at about the same time ours did and she retracted the nose gear. Without engine noise, we could talk normally to each other. She worked to keep us in the proper position behind the tow plane as I gazed about at the views. She explained how we are going to an altitude of 9,800 feet before we unleash ourselves. Given the temperature and winds we would have about 40 minutes of climb out before we were going to unleash. The views were spectacular and the smell of her hair was delightful. As we corkscrewed up, my heart was racing and my excitement grew. She pointed out different landmarks below us and said the weather conditions were ideal today. The temperature in the cabin grew colder as we ascended.Then came the big moment. After some radio talk with Charlie and Dad on the ground, she reached for a pulled a lever which let us free from the cable. She thanked Charlie using his call sign and off he went to land back at the strip. She began to show off. Doing turns and rolls. I was giggling like a k** and she loved it. She would dive down and then up and we would feel the G forces in our bodies. I suddenly realized I was sporting a serious boner from the five or more times her ass would push back against me or i would be forced by gravity to press my pelvis into her butt. I nervously began to apologize and she laughed and said she didn’t mind it and said it feels pretty good! By now I don’t know what the hell to do. My senses are being super-stimulated and my hormones are raging. She knows I am struggling and she is purposely grinding her ass back into my cock as we soar and turn and even roll upside down for a moment. I am terrified and on the best high of my life at the same time. She is checking instruments and saying how we have lots of time left to enjoy the glide. I said great cause I am digging this a lot. Then she asks if I have blue balls yet? I laugh and said yes. She asked if she could help me with that. I escort bayan said sure – not knowing what she meant.She reaches one hand back and fondles me and works her hand around my shorts and the harness trying to free my 7 inch rock hard cock. I adjust myself and have to help her a bit by moving the shorts downward. She moans yeasss when she is finally able to hold the whole thing and stroke it. Without notice, she unsnaps one side of her bikini bottom (I heard the velcro noise) and guides the tip of my throbbing cock to her wet slit. I keep a firm grip on my handles and look out into the blue skies and white clouds as she rubs my head up and down the slit and then pushes back forcing her lips apart and my cock inside her. She lets out a long mmmmmm sound. God did that feel good. Without saying anything, she returned her hand to the controls and we did even more aggressive aerobatics which forced my cock deeper inside her and in and out of her tight wet pussy. We found a rhythm that worked well and minutes later she began to moan and demand that I fuck her harder. I loved the dirty talk too and commanded her to come on my hard throbbing cock.. She squirmed and squealed and her whole body began to tremble underneath me. She exclaimed “OMG I am cumming” as she grinded her ass into my lower abdomen. I felt the walls over her pussy tighten around my cock as she trembled. I was about to blow my load but I didn’t know if it was safe..I hesitated and asked “can I” she cut me off and said yes fill me with your load of cum Mike. Nine more good hard fuck thrusts and then one last hard deep pump and I let her have about 8 days of my jism. Streams of my cum pumped into her then I exhaled and felt dizzy. She flew the remaining 15 minutes toward the landing strip as my cock shrunk and eventually fell out of her well worn and soaking wet pussy. With her right hand she reached back and she fastened her bottoms properly in place and I was able to get my act together. Our bodies were covered with sweat and the whole plane smelled like sex. She said hold on now. This last 60 seconds is where we achieve success or crash and burn. I was startled as she entered the final approach leg. A minute later we are in the ground and rolling to a point where we exit onto a grassy pasture near the end of the runway. She hurried to open the hatch and let some air in. She squirmed quickly to unhook herself and scoot out the plane. Seconds later Charlie arrives on an ATV and they hook up wheels on the ends of each wing and they drag me back up to the hangar while she rides behind him on the 4 wheeler – looking back often to make sure I and her baby were both ok. I gave her a thumbs up when I new it was clear.At the hangar she brings me a cold gatorade and helps me out of the plane. I am weak in the knees and she helps me out of the harness. I down the drink and she suggests we both get showered up and meet in the kitchen to settle up my bill. I follow her to the house and go to my room and take a rather long shower and get into some fresh clothes for the ride home. I grab my bag and wallet and meet her in the kitchen where I look over her invoice and pay the balance owed plus a nice tip. She smiles and says you are welcome back any time. I shook her father’s hand and thanked him as well. Then I wasted no time heading to my car. The whole drive home I was smiling in complete disbelief of what took place. When I got home, I found a note in my bag. She must have slipped it in there while I was in the shower. It said “Thanks for the company today – best D I have ever had in the air! A”Needless to say, I plan to experience that adventure again!