Sperm Party – The Cuckold

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Sperm Party – The Cuckold”Here is how its going to be M, I’m going to have those guys even if you don’t like it.” Caroline told him flatly.”But, but . . . ” Her husband M protested.”No buts M, you are not enough for me your cock is pathetic and your loads are just dribbles. I’m going to have more men.””Where, when?” he asked lamely.”Well here of course, and pretty much any time I like. I’ve already started in fact.””Started?” M jerked in surprise.”Yes, I’ve started gathering my team of studs. Just a few now as I meet them. I invite them here. You have been at work.” she smiled at him, watching him come to terms with her fair accompli.Caroline got up from the sofa and took M’s hand. She guided him out to her kitchen and opened the freezer door and reached deep to the back and drew out an ice cube tray. It was the type with individual plastic sections.”Here M, look.” she showed him.M looked. In the tray of twelve sections he could see that five contained a little frozen white stuff at the bottom.”What?” he asked, “what is that?””Oh don’t be stupid M, its sperm of course, don’t pretend you don’t know.”M did know of course, he just didn’t want to admit it. The little tabs of paper label that Caroline had put by the filled compartments would have told him anyway. Each lettered in Caroline’s neat feminine handwriting. She extracted one marked “Joe” and showed it to her husband.”There,” she said with a certain smugness to her look, “there is some sperm from a real man. I only extracted it yesterday.”M thought where he had been yesterday. He thought of his wife with a stranger’s cock in her hand.”When I was out shopping?” he asked.”Yes, Joe is my latest stud he called to deliver a package and I had him right then. He has a fantastically nice cock, quite thick and a really firm erection. Look how much sperm he did for me. Its quite a lot isn’t it?””But, do these studs fuck you?” M asked her puzzled.”Yes of course they do, but they also know my need for their sperm. They are quite happy to serve me and then make sure that I collect their load afterward. They know what I want their sperm for.” Caroline smiled and popped out Joe’s deposit from the cube.M was transfixed by the frozen piece. How large it was.”Its big isn’t it?” Caroline echoed his thoughts, “nicely cream coloured. It was really thick when it came, sort of oozed and flowed from his cock. Too heavy to spurt really. Here.”Caroline 1xbet yeni giriş popped the cube in her mouth and offered M her fingers that had been holding it.”Lick!” she urged.Licked her beautifully manicured fingers, glistening with the melted sperm.”Nice isn’t he?” she said, “its the first time I’ve tried him although I did lick my own fingers yesterday after I’d wanked him. He won’t mind me eating his offering now, although I told him I’d let him see me do it next time he visited. Mmm, nicely salty, lovely creamy taste, clean living boy my young Joe, don’t you think M?”M tasted the salt, but he was shocked by the thought that he’d tasted another man’s sperm.Caroline laughed.”You see M, I want to have lots of men, but more importantly, I love the taste and texture of their sperm. One load isn’t enough so I’m going to collect it like this so that I always have some to taste, and I’m going to try to get enough supply so that it becomes a significant part of my diet. I’ve read about and talked to Jenny and Claire and they both agree that it is really good for a woman to eat sperm. It helps the complexion and I’ve heard it increases my breast size.””You’ve talked to Jenny and Claire?” M was aghast.Jenny was his sister and Claire was Caroline’s best friend.”Of course,” Caroline replied, “why wouldn’t I? Women talk about these things. Jenny is all for it by the way, she knows that you are not enough for me.”Caroline carefully put the ice tray back in the freezer. She smiled with the memory of how she’d obtained the remaining four offerings.”They are for later, I am a little sperm robber aren’t I.” she chuckled. “Look, let’s arrange a little party for Friday evening. You can join in as long as you understand the situation. I’m going to phone around my men now. If you have any friends, they can come next time, I’d have to interview them individually first if you know what I mean.”M grudgingly agreed. Well, he really didn’t have much choice and perhaps it was better than it all happening behind his back.Friday evening arrived and promptly at six the doorbell sounded.”Hello Joe!” Caroline kissed him, her hand travelling down to the front of his jeans too. “This is M, my husband. Oh don’t worry, he won’t get in the way, he’ll get you a beer though.””Hi M,” Joe greeted him offhandedly. He wasn’t fazed, after Caroline’s comment he realised instantly the situation. 1xbet giriş “You want to see how a real man gives a woman what she wants? Well, get me that beer first then.”M fetched it, all the time thinking, you’ll give her what she wants OK, and that will be just your sperm tonight. The doorbell sounded again.At ten minute intervals guys arrived exactly as they had been instructed. M was busy fetching beer until the room was full with twelve men other than himself. Caroline was kissing them all and distributing her favours freely. They had already removed her dress and unclipped her bra and M looked and saw that she had started to masturbate a young guy he’d heard called Pete. M remembered that Pete’s was the name against one of the sperm samples in the freezer.Some of the other guys had got their cocks out and were already erect as they watched Caroline. They wanked slowly. M guessed that Caroline had told them what the format of the evening was to be. Caroline wanked Pete and M watched too, fascinated as his wife’s sensuous fingers rippled along Pete’s shaft and made his foreskin ripple. Pete was obviously close, Caroline was not going to let him last long and smoothly and incessantly she brought him off. M watched Pete’s thick cock jerk in her fingers, watched as Pete’s glans swelled and pulsed and watched as the first jet of his semen spurted. M also watched as Caroline neatly caught it in a small glass bowl that she was holding.”Oh Pete, thank you.” she smiled at him, “such a lot too, you’ve been saving it up for me haven’t you!””Yes ma’am, and I’ve been exercising my cock like you told me too ma’am. Nothing too good for you ma’am” he grinned.Other men were approaching the bowl now and Caroline grabbed her next cock. The man took a sharp intake of breath as her fingers touched his glans.”Hey Jim, you’re not going to last long are you! Just make sure that all your lovely seed goes in here.” she said.”Sure Caroline,” the older man said, “there’s going to be a heavy load of prime Texan sperm for you there.”Caroline giggled and tickled Jim’s frenum.”M, I want you to help these men queuing to be ready for me. Jim’s not going to be long but I want all the others quickly. It is important that their sperm is fresh and warm. I want all the original taste and texture.” she instructed.To back up her words, Jim grunted and began to disgorge his seed. M watched as it 1xbet güvenilirmi splashed into the glass in thick powerful jets. He counted at least 10 spurts. It was far more than he would ever manage to do. Caroline took her third cock.Come on Ramon, lets see if you can equal Jim!” she urged.M took hold of the cock of the man nearest him.”OK buddy,” the man told him, “you just get it ready for that sexy little wife of yours. Get your hand around it right. Pretty big isn’t it, bigger than yours?””Much bigger, and your balls are much bigger than mine too.” M complimented him, “Caroline will enjoy your sperm.”M wanked the man who swelled with male pride at the praise his organ gathered.Caroline had wanked Amos by now and watched him as he’d added his not inconsiderable load to her bowl. Caroline rocked the bowl, there was enough glutinous offering in it now to begin to move about as one mass, although she had only three loads as yet. She beckoned over the man that M had been wanking and took over. Almost immediately he spurted and added his load to her collecting vessel.”Thanks Simon, that was quick. M must have done a good job on you. My you’re nice and thick tonight, richer and creamier than your usual offering.””Good training routine you told me about Caroline, seems to work just fine.”Meanwhile M had taken another man in hand. To him, these penises were depressingly and uniformly large. Of course Caroline had been very selective, she only looked for large cocked men, or more importantly, men with large balls.The session did not last too long and the men wanked themselves while they waited to donate to Caroline, or they were wanked by M as he got them ready.”Wow,” Caroline gasped as the last guy, George, spurted under her fingertips. ” That’s the biggest load yet! Twelve, thirteen, no wait, f******n spurts!””Glad to oblige Honey.” George told her, “You going to drink it all now?””I don’t know if I drink it or eat it with a spoon George, its all so thick.” she told him, gazing at the collected sperm in awe. “This is the most I’ve ever had! M, look!”Caroline made M study the sperm from his rivals.”Stir it up for me M, there are some clingy pieces in it. Stir it with your finger and taste it for me.”Obediently, M did as he was asked and as he took his finger to his mouth, stick with sperm, Caroline lifted the bowl to her mouth and took a deep gulp. She swallowed with a satisfied smile and proceeded to finish off the bowl in three more gulps. Right down, no playing, she needed to quench her thirst.”Oh wow boys, that was terrific. Thank you all so much. Lets do that again soon.” she said, her vocal chords thick with their sperm.