Squirt & Swallow

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Squirt & SwallowOh my god she is so tight, thought Glenn as he slammed into her. The girl moaned as she was driven higher and higher towards yet another orgasm. “Yes, there right there, just like that.” She moaned as Glen drove into her. He could feel the pressure build around him as he slid in and out of her, “I’m Cumming” she screamed. He pulled out as her orgasm ripped through her and her ejaculation soaked him as it sprayed out of her vagina. “I love a woman who can squirt” he thought, “It’s so hot.” He re-entered her and started a hard fast rhythm. He was close very close, and she was building again. He continued his fast pace, and then he felt it starting he held on for a few more seconds and then exploded into her, she screamed and exploded around him. He collapsed on top of her and rolled off her.“That was fucking amazing, you have bursa escort got to give me your number,” he said as he propped himself up on his elbow to look at her. The girl smiled at him, leant over and gave him a long slow kiss pushing her tongue into his mouth. “I would love to cum again.” She said, maybe next time we could do a scene from one of your movies” she smiled, “maybe even that threesome from your last movie, I have a friend who would love to join us.” Glen had spent the last ten years in Los Angles. Nine of those years he had spent in the adult movie industry. Six months ago Glen retired from the industry and moved back to Ireland and his home city of Dublin. “I am surprised at just how many Irish ladies watch porn and have seen my movies.” He said. She smiled a sexy smile, “my name is Annette, but everyone calls me Anny, bursa escort bayan and you would be surprised at just how many Irish women recognise you. “Let’s just say that you will never have to go home alone.” She looked him in the eye, “I just need to clean myself off you,” she said, and she moved suddenly so that her face was at his crotch. Her tongue slowly licked the tip of his penis and made it twitch, she smiled at this and sucked it into her mouth where it grew rapidly. Glen felt himself harden again quickly, and realized that Anny was deep-throating him and wasn’t coming up for air. “Has this woman no gag reflex” he thought, as she took him all the way into her mouth and half way down her throat. Then she started to move her head back and forward, face fucking him. “She could be a top porn star,” he thought as she moved him escort bursa in and out of her mouth, “the very least I can do is reciprocate,” he thought. He reached over and encircled her hips with his arm and gently but firmly pulled her over. She straddled his face and he buried his mouth in her partially shaved vagina. He quickly found her Clitoris and started to nibble it gently, she moaned and started to move her head up and down faster. This was going to be quick, he was a sucker for deep throat and could never last long. He re-doubled his efforts on her clitoris and vagina and felt her start to quiver. He could feel his own orgasm starting. Suddenly she exploded and squirted over his face, he exploded into her mouth. He tried to withdraw but she held him firmly in place. He kept coming but she wouldn’t let him go. He liked up the juices from her wet love swollen vagina and marvelled at how good she tasted. Anny lifted her head, looked at him and smiled. “Oh my god,” he thought, “a squirter and a swallower, this lady is a definite keeper, I have got to hold on to her.”