squirting after years of marriage

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squirting after years of marriageI really think squirting comes with age and wisdom, when we were all 20 or so all us men wanted to shag a 40 year old but never got the chance.Then you get a bird, marry and go with the flow, my wife has been a great shag for 20 odd years but suddenly a little squirt came out and when i loved it, it has got better and better ever grandbetting yeni giriş since, she is in her forties.Don’t get me wrong there were always little clues over the years that she may be an apprentice squirt-er but nothing solid and now by the time she gets to 50 i may see fountains from all directions.The Ecstasy in the grandbetting giriş moan or scream is to die for and i have a squirt-er in my own home, every man should have one.And by comparison every woman should have a cock or dildo to bring the squirt to every-ones attention.The mood needs to be right, don’t get me wrong i get a good squirt grandbetting güvenilirmi every couple of months even thought we make love 2 or 3 times a week.Women need touching, pampering, rubbing, listening to things like, wow your legs look fantastic in those legs, for at least 8 hours before you she may even think about letting herself go into a full blown squirt, or even a little one you don’t appreciate.And if they are not in the mood for making love or even squirting, the headache went away in the 70s, it’s now you bastard leave me alone.I’m sure you agree he he And most squirt-ers you see on porn sites are getting paid, that’s their incentive.