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Stacy/SamStacy’s StoryI looked in the mirror and checked my makeup. I wanted everything to be perfect for this evening. Tonight, I was going to express my love to Sam, my boyfriend of 4 months. He was an amazing guy and treated me wonderfully. We both are virgins and after several weeks of discussing, tonight was going to be the night!I spent an entire week trying to figure out what I was going to wear. I bought all new clothes and underwear for the event. I even went to a European Wax Center and got my pubic hair waxed. For the evening I chose to wear a mid-thigh black dress with a low-cut neck, black stockings, 3 inch heels. Underneath I had a matching Blue lacy number that I hoped Sam would love. I left my deep red hair down and was putting on the last touch of makeup when I heard the door bell ring. I tried to hurry downstairs before my dad answered the door. I knew he would embarrass me somehow. My parents like Sam but my dad is such a goof ball. I arrived downstairs as my dad was giving him the usual, “I have guns,” speech. I took Sam’s hand and pulled him out the door, shutting it in my father’s face as he said something about being home by 11. We climbed into Sam’s car and drove off in a hurry.I grabbed his hand for the journey to dinner. You could sense a bit of excitement in the car as we both sat there smiling, not saying a word. I could feel his hand sweating as I held it. The restaurant was only a few minutes away, but it was plenty of time for me to ponder the evening.I thought about what it was going to feel like, was it going to hurt? Would I have an orgasm? I have masturbated a few times, but I was really tight and could only get a finger or two in me. My friend Erica said that her first time hurt like hell. She did tell me that it got a lot better and I often felt myself getting wet as she would talk about her experiences. Now I could feel my vagina tingling and getting wet as I imagined having sex with Sam. I looked over at him and saw a small bulge in his pants.We pulled up to the fancy restaurant. Sam refused to let me get out until he opened the door for me. He was so cute as he reached in for my hand and helped me out of the car. We walked arm in arm to the podium. A few minutes later, our reservation was confirmed, and we were seated at a table in the corner. The lights were dim and a single candle on the table illuminated us. Dinner was amazing! The food and atmosphere were excellent. We just talked, laughed, joked and had a good time. Sam again reached for my hand and walked me out to the car. He was such a gentleman and it just confirmed in my head that tonight was the right choice. We again nervously held each other’s hand as he drove us to the hotel that I picked out. Sam saved up his last couple of paychecks to get a night at the Hilton downtown. It was new and boasted great views. He also got his older brother to make the reservations and had to use a fake ID to check in. It’s sad that we couldn’t even stay the whole night because I had to be home by 11pm.We parked the car and walked into the lobby. My heart was pounding. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to pull off checking in. We both are not old enough to get a hotel room and even with a fake ID, we do not look old enough. Everything went off without a problem and in 10 minutes, Sam was swiping our key card through the lock. We entered a standard hotel room that was warmly lit. The curtains were pulled back and the lights of the city twinkled through the window. It smelled new and looked very clean. I loved it!We walked over to the bed and sat down. It wasn’t as soft as it looked. Sam bounced up and down on it a few times and then nervously looked at me. I could feel my heart pounding, my voice caught in my throat and my loins tingled as I asked him if he was going to kiss me.The kiss was soft and sweet. His lips were dry as he reached out and put a hand around me. I could feel him shaking. This was the moment we had been planning on for weeks. I broke our kiss and asked who was going to get naked first. Sam said that he would, and he started to unbutton his shirt. I stopped him because I wanted us to undress each other. I always thought that it was hot and romantic when lovers took each other’s clothes off. I finished unbuttoning his shirt and looked at his bare chest. I had seen him in swim trunks numerous times, but I always thought he had amazing arms and muscular chest. Next, he took his shoes and socks off and then I started to undo his belt. Up until now, we had only seen each other in bathing suits. I had rubbed his dick through his pants a couple of times and he had felt my vagina through my panties. Other than that, this was all new to us. I got down on my knees as he stood in front of me and I slowly undid his pants and then slid them down. He was rock hard and his member was poking out of the slit in his boxers. He was about 5 inches long but pretty thick. I wasn’t sure how he was going to fit in me. I stared at it for a second, watching it bounce with each beat of his heart.Sam snapped me out of it but lifting me up by arms. “Now that you have seen mine, I want to see yours,” he said with cheesy grin. I turned around so he could undo my zipper. He then slid the soft material off my shoulders and the dress fell around my feet. I could feel the air against my body and I stood there frozen realizing this was the first time he, or anyone, would see me naked.I was suddenly self aware of my body. I could feel his eyes on my back and feel him staring at my ass through the lacy blue underwear I picked out. My vagina was starting to tingle and I could feel my juice starting to soak my panties. “Don’t turn around, I want to enjoy the view,” he said. He told me that he loved the underwear I picked out. He then undid the snaps of my bra and slid them off. The air on my exposed breast made my nipples hard which made my vagina tingle even more. It felt like forever, but I eventually felt him slip a finger into the waste band of my panties and he slid them down. Then I felt the warmth of his soft mouth on my ass cheeks. God I was so wet and horny. He then stood up and grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around me pulling me tight against him. He cupped my breasts and when I looked down, I saw the head of his penis sticking out from between my legs. He then spun me around and we started to make out. I could feel the bulge of him pressing against me, both of us wanting each other.I stepped back and let him admire me. “What do you think” I asked. “You look amazing!”I really didn’t like my body. My breasts measured in at a small B cup and I didn’t like my long slender legs. It made me feel taller than I was. Sam told me to lay down on the bed as he took his boxers off. His dick looked even bigger without the shorts on!I laid down on the bed as told and spread my legs slightly opening myself up to him. I truly was giving myself to him. He climbed up on the bed and for the first time he touched my exposed vagina. “You are soaking wet,” he exclaimed.“I can feel it.”He started by lightly touching my labia and it sent electrical shocks through my body. He seemed to play with it for a while and I wasn’t sure if he was scared or something so I told him he could put his finger in me. He started to slide his finger in, but he was too quick at first. He slowed down and it felt amazing. Soon he was massaging the inside of my vagina with two fingers. He pulled his fingers out and I could kadıköy escort see my white, creamy, juice glistening on them. He stuck them in his mouth and licked it off. I let out a “ewww” as he smiled and said it tasted good.“Really,” I asked“Ya, want to try?”I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to but I didn’t want to disappoint so I said I would. He stuck his fingers back in me and then pulled them out bringing them to my face. I opened my mouth and he slid them in. It was salty and kind of creamy. It reminded of melted butter. It wasn’t bad but I wasn’t going to be dying to try it again. Sam then got down between my legs and told me he wanted to lick it all out of me. I smiled and chuckled a bit as I spread my legs more for him. I could feel his warm breath on my clit as he got closer and then suddenly his tongue found my clit. I let out an audible moan as it was like nothing I ever felt before. He kind of fumbled around down there for a few minutes. I knew it was his first time and I thought it was pretty good. Not that I had anything to compare it too. I really liked when he would suck my vagina into his mouth and when he gently bit and sucked my clit. “I want you in my mouth,” I said. While him going down on me felt good, I wanted more and was getting bored with it.He flipped himself on this back and fluffed up his pillows and I nestled myself between his legs. I commented at how large his dick was and this seemed to make him happy. I took it into my left hand and could feel his pulse as I wrapped my fingers around it. I cupped his scrotum with my other hand and began to massage it as I slowly started to stroke him. I could see his thighs tense. His mouth was open slightly and his breathing became deeper. I then opened my mouth, closed my eyes and put the tip of his penis into my mouth. It tasted kind of salty but really wasn’t much of anything.Slowly I tried to take as much of him in my mouth as I could, but my jaw was really stretched. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I almost had all 5 inches of him in my mouth. I pulled out a bit and then started to rub my tongue over his shaft. “Oh fuck that feels so good,” he barely got out.I looked up at him and his eyes were closed with his mouth still wide open. I could see his heart beating in his chest and I could feel each heart beat in his dick in my mouth. It was kind of weird. I got his dick wet with my spit and then started to stroke him. All of a sudden I felt him pull away from me and he told me to stop because he felt like he was going to cum soon.I asked him what position would be easiest for him to enter me and we agreed that he would stand at the edge of the bed and I would wrap my legs around him. I got into position and when he was standing between my legs, I wrapped them around him. His skin was hot. I propped my head up with a pillow because I wanted to watch him enter me. He squeaked out, “are you ready?”I shook my head yes because I couldn’t speak. It felt like each breath was sticking in my throat and my heart was beating hard and fast. He grabbed his penis and guided the head toward me. Just before he touched it to me, he stopped.“Are you sure you don’t want me to use a condom.”“Yes, I am on the pill, we have covered this. Please fuck me already, I can’t wait any longer.”He then took his dick and pressed it to my hole. I could see the tip of him spreading my outer lips. It took a few minutes of painful poking and prodding but he finally found my opening.As he started to put the tip into me it started to hurt. It was a burning pressure. “Go slow,” I told him. He told me he was barely moving. It felt like he was trying to ram into me as quick as he could. It started to hurt even more and again I told him to go slower.“I’m barely moving and I’m not even in you.”I looked down and saw that he was at the same position. He held it there for a minute and the pressure went away. When it was gone, I told him to try again. This time he tried a little harder but it still wouldn’t go in. He said that I felt too dry.I told him to try and spit on it, that’s what they do in porn, so he did. It felt gross but it did seem to help. I wasn’t feeling as much pressure but it was still slow going. After some time he had slowly creeped all the way in. I looked down and saw that his penis was buried up to his sack in me. It looked hot and it made my pussy tingle. He started to pull out but it hurt. I told him that he had to go slower so he barely started to move it out. It felt like hours but eventually he was able to move it in and out of me without too much pain. I gave him the green light to ahead and go as fast as he wanted. He pulled out and went back in. I heard him moan and I saw him tense up. After a few seconds he collapsed on me and I felt his penis shrink in me and then eventually slide out.He rolled off me and looked like he was about to cry.“Im so sorry,” he said.“Why?”“Because I came already.”“It’s okay,” I said. I was lying to him. All that work and it was over already. Erica warned me about this and said that guys cum really quickly on their first time, especially if the girl is too tight. He snuggled up to me and we held each other naked for a few minutes, which was nice, until I felt something ooze out of me. I touched my vagina and had this white stringy stuff on me. It was his cum dripping out of me. I stood up to go to the bathroom and clean up and when I did, a big glob fell out onto the carpet. It was gross.I sat on the toilet and tried to clean up with some toilet paper and at that time I realized I was bleeding a bit. I tried to push more of his jizz out and then I washed my vagina and went back into the room. Sam was still laying there naked with his now small penis flopped onto his belly. That’s when I saw the clock and had a panic attack. It was already 1030. “Fuck get dressed now,” I yelled at him. We hurried up, got dressed and left. The drive home was silent and felt awkward. So much so that I was now wondering if this was a good idea. There was a tension and I didn’t know what to make of it. We barely spoke on the way home. I wondered if I had upset him in some way, was I not good looking for him, was the sex bad for him, did he regret this night? All questions that I had as we pulled up to my house.In hindsight, it wasn’t as great of a night as I had hoped. The entire experience was awkward. I ended up getting grounded for two weeks for being 30 minutes late. The next few days my vagina hurt to walk but it eventually went away. Sam and I had sex a few more times after that, but he changed. He wanted it more. It was almost like he was trying to impress me or something, but it felt more like he was pressure me to have sex. It did eventually start to feel better though. However, I broke up with him 2 months later. I felt that our relationship had changed and I didn’t love him anymore. Sam’s StoryI shifted in my seat as my erection was pressing against pants and starting to hurt. I couldn’t believe that Stacy and I were finally going to have sex tonight. From the moment I met her, I knew that she was the one. She was very sweet, kind, and beautiful. She was actually way too good for me. After several weeks of discussing it, we finally planned the perfect evening to give ourselves to each other.She left me in charge of planning all the details. I made reservations at an expensive restaurant üsküdar escort and with the help of my brother, secured a room at the Hilton downtown. Both places cost a lot of money and I picked up extra shifts at work to pay for all of it. Stacy was worth it though. I didn’t want it to only be about sex but I couldn’t help myself. It was all that I was thinking about for the past week. I often times had to try and pull my shirt down to cover the bulge in my pants. It was insane as to how much my brain just kept thinking about sex instead of it being just a great night with a beautiful woman. I wanted to skip dinner and just go straight to the room.I knocked on Stacy’s door and her Dad answered. We had a pretty good relationship, but he still made it known that she was his little girl. He always had some dad joke about guns and what not, but he really was a nice guy and treated me well when I was there.Just then I saw her come down the stairs. She looked amazing. Her black dress formed to all of her curves and stopped about mid-thigh. Her perfect breasts were showing off the right amount of cleavage and her ass looked fantastic. I will admit that I am a leg man and her long, slender legs did not disappoint in her black nylons. She was so beautiful.She flew down the stairs, grabbed my hand and yanked me out the door before I could even really say hi to her dad. I heard him say something about “guns,” and “11” as Stacy shut the door in her face. We quickly walked to the car and drove off.She reached for my hand. I loved holding it. When we held hands I felt safe and secure with her. That warm fuzzy feeling led me to start thinking about tonight. That then led to a tingling feeling in my dick and before I knew it, I was squirming in my seat again. I kept casting glances over at her legs and cleavage. I couldn’t wait to see her naked. I kept imagining what her vagina would taste like, what her nipples looked like, and how my dick would feel buried in her pussy. A friend of mine told me that it felt awesome but on my first time not to expect to last very long. When we got to the restaurant, I told Stacy to wait as I got out, adjusted myself and then walked over to open her door. I reached in and couldn’t help but to look down the top of her dress at her breasts. They looked perfect. As she stepped out, I noticed her long legs and the dress riding up her thigh. I wanted her now.We walked arm in arm to the podium. I gave our name and in a few minutes we were seated in a corner table. It was dark in the room but the light from single candle shined on her face. She looked amazing. She was totally out of my league and I was way in over my head with her. I was still in shock that this beautiful, wonderful, sweet, and amazing girl was going to have sex with me in a few hours. If you asked me now, I totally could see myself in a few years asking her to marry me. I would never do better.Dinner was nice. The food was excellent and it was totally worth the extra money to come here. Stacy and I just enjoyed small talk and being in each other’s company. However, I was eager to pay the bill and get going. It was already 730 and I had to have her back by 11. Stacy finally asked me if I was ready. I paid the tab, took her hand and walked her out to the car. I opened the door for and again couldn’t stop from looking at her breasts as she climbed in.The drive to the hotel went rather quickly as we discussed our plans for checking in. My brother made the arrangements in his name since he was old enough. I had to use his ID to check in. We looked like twins, but we had 7 years difference in age. My brother assured me that they wouldn’t even look at the picture because the room was prepaid. He warned me not do or say anything stupid at the counter and everything we would be fine.We parked the car and then walked up to the desk. My heart was pounding as I handed the ID to the clerk at the desk. I held my breath as he entered some info on the screen. For a few moments he said nothing, just typed on the keyboard. I tried to read the expression on his face but it was flat. I couldn’t tell if he was on to us. Suddenly he looked at me and said, “How many keys?”We took our two keys and tried to casually walk away. After we got off the elevator on the 28th floor, we found our room. I swiped the key card half expecting it not to work but, I heard the door click and the light turned green. I opened the door to reveal a standard looking hotel room. The room smelled new and it looked very clean. The curtains were open and there was an amazing view of the city lights.We walked over to the king bed. It looked soft but the mattress was firm. I sat down on it and bounced up a down. I wasn’t sure if I could sleep on something this firm but at least I wasn’t going to be sleeping. My mind right back to sex and this time all I could do was look at Stacy.“Aren’t you going to kiss me?” I was too busy looking at her but she broke me out of my trance. We stood up together and I kissed her softly on her lips. I wrapped my arms around her as we made out. I had kissed her hundreds of times but now I was very nervous. I could feel that my lips were dry and I was shaking. I almost felt like I was not able to breath enough air as we kissed and I had to take frequent breaks. Then she asked who wanted to get naked first.I really wanted it to be her because I was overly excited. However, I tried to be the gentleman and I said that I would. I started to unbutton my shirt, but she placed her hand over mine and told me stop. She thought it would be more romantic if she did it. I didn’t want to disappoint, so I let her. After she got my shirt off, I took my shoes and socks off. I had butterflies in my stomach and my dick was tingling as she undid my belt and then got on her knees in front of me. She slid my pants down and my cock was already poking out through slit in my boxers pointing right in her face. Her eyes widened as she saw it. I hoped she liked what she saw. I felt a bit self-conscious as I stood there. I didn’t want her thinking that my dick was too small.To break up some of the awkwardness I told her that it was her turn. She turned around so I could undo the zipper on her dress. After I got her shoulders out, the garment slid right to the floor around her feet. I told her not to turn around because I wanted to enjoy the view from behind. I loved the color of the underwear she chose. It didn’t hide much, and her ass looked amazing. It was small but plump. I then undid the snap on her bra and with a little help from her, it was off. I looked at her reflection in the window and I could see her breasts. They were perfect!Then I got down my knees and slid her panties off. Her gorgeous ass was now in my face and I couldn’t help but kiss it. I gently sucked on her bare skin. My dick was throbbing, and I thought I was going to cum already. I stood up, wrapped my arms around her pulled ass and back up against me. I could feel my dick go between her thighs as I cupped my hands over her breasts and played with her nipples. The feeling of her skin on my dick is something that I still can’t describe with words. All she would have to do is move slightly and I would for sure bust a nut right now. I spun her around pulled her close to me and started to kiss her. The warmth of her tits was pressed against my chest and I could feel my dick poking her pussy. I could feel the tuzla escort heat coming off her crotch and I wanted to fuck her right then. Everything was moving by so rapidly, but each moment felt like time was standing still.She stepped back from me and asked what I thought. I didn’t really pay much attention to the areas I had already seen like her face and legs. I first looked at her B cup breasts. Her nipples were pointing out and her areola was small and darker than I imagined. My eyes then wondered on down to her pussy that void of all hair. I was hoping she would be bald, but I was afraid to ask. I loved they way her inner pussy lips poked out and I could see her juices glistening in the light. “Lay down on the bed,” I said as I slipped my boxers off.Stacy got comfortable on her back and then spread her legs. I could see her pussy spread apart and I could for the first time saw one in front me. I saw her clit at the top and her hole just below that. It was pinker than I thought it would be and I noticed she didn’t have a hymen. I figured she broke it masturbating or something. I climbed between her legs and then touched her with a finger. I didn’t want to seem too eager so I played with her lips. She then told me I could stick a finger in her. She was soaking wet and very slippery. It felt like someone covered her in oil. I stuck a finger inside of her and it was hot, soft, and wet. I must have hurt her though because she told me to go slower.For several minutes I explored every inch of the inside of her with my fingers. I could feel her getting wetter as I played around. Eventually I had two fingers in her. When I pulled them out, they were covered in a white, creamy juice. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and licked it off. Stacy moaned out a “ew” but I kind of liked it. It tasted salty with a bit of sweetness. It was close to melted butter. I told her it tasted good and asked if she wanted to try it. Her face said no but she said yes. I stuck my fingers back into her to get them covered in her. I brought my fingers up to her face and she started to suck on them. The feeling of her tongue was hot, and I wanted her to give me a blow job. “Not bad,” she said. I wanted more so I got between her legs. As I got my nose close, I sniffed for any orders. My friends said that if she smells like fish I shouldn’t go down on her and should make her wash first before we have sex. I didn’t smell anything, so I dove right in. It tasted the same as it did on my fingers.I went down on her for several minutes. I stuck my tongue as deep in her as I could, sucked her clit, even gently bit it. She seemed to really like when I put my mouth over her pussy and sucked on it. I personally really enjoyed sucking her inner lips.“I want you in my mouth.”I was happy to hear that. I was getting kind of board eating her out and I wanted to move on. We switched positions and she took my dick in her hands. Her hands were cold as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft. Her cold hands made me tense up.She then put the tip of my cock in her mouth and then slowly started to go down on me. This moist warmth wrapped around me and I could feel her tongue slide down my shaft. I was impressed to see that she could take all of it into her mouth. She blew me for a few minutes and then started to stroke my shaft. I had jerked off numerous times but the feeling of it not being my and plus my dick being slippery with her spit had me about to cum. I could feel this sensation of like I had to piss really bad. It was kind of like when I jerked off but much more intense. I had to stop her because I was afraid I was going to blow my load before we even started. We didn’t have time for me to regroup because of her curfew. The blowjob felt amazing, but I was ready to enter her.“What position would be best for you,” she asked.I had planned this moment for years. I knew exactly what I wanted.“Bring your butt to the edge of the bed and lay on your back.”I got off the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I guided her legs around me. This was it! I couldn’t breath and I could see my dick bouncing as I pointed it at her pussy. I then started to panic because we didn’t have a condom. She told me was on birth control, but I still wasn’t sure if we should do it without protection. She seemed to get upset with me when I asked.I took it in my hand guided it to her. I pressed the tip into her, and it wouldn’t go in. I could see her lips spreading apart and the very tip of my dick disappeared in her. She moaned loudly in pain and told me to go slower. I couldn’t go slower because I wasn’t going anywhere. I thought maybe my angle was off so I readjusted and tried again. Still I couldn’t get in her. I could feel friction and it kind of hurt as I gently tried to increase the pressure into her.Stacy suggested that I spit on her, so I did. It looked gross and I felt like I was treating her like a whore doing it but, I wanted in her. The spit helped and slowly I started to slide into her. I felt like I could barely move because I was causing her so much pain. Her face looked like I was torturing her. Finally, my dick was all the way in her. It felt amazing in her. There was this heat that wrapped around my shaft. It almost seemed to be burning me. I could feel her relax so I started to pull out. Her pussy tightened around me dick and she begged me to go slower. I told her I was going as slow as possible. I don’t think I was even moving. After awhile I was back out, but I think it was because her muscles pushed me out. After a couple more reps I was moving freely in and out of her, but it was taking everything in me not to finish. Finally, she told me that I could go as fast as I wanted. I think I gave her one good thrust and then I couldn’t hold back anymore.The muscles in my dick started to milk the cum out of me as the orgasm raced through my body. All my muscles tensed up as I squirted my cum deep in her pussy. I collapsed onto her as I tried to catch my breath. It was the most intense orgasm that I have ever had. I laid down on top of her and could fell my dick shrinking.I looked up at Stacy and saw the disappointment in her eyes. She said it was fine, but I knew she was lying. We snuggled up together for a few moments. It was nice feeling her skin against mine. I felt horrible though. This night was supposed to be perfect. I knew that I wasn’t going to last long but I didn’t think it would have been that quick.Stacy got up to use the restroom. As she stood up, a glob of my cum drip out of her. I watched her naked ass go into the bathroom. I laid there trying to figure out how I was going to make it up t her. I wanted to make her cum, but I was too quick.When Stacy came back into room, I saw panic in her face. We were late and she was going to get into trouble. I went into the bathroom to wash the cum and her juice off my dick. It was that time I notice that I had some blood on me and I hoped that I didn’t hurt her. We quickly got dressed and rushed home. The drive home was tense. I could tell that something was wrong and I knew it was me. I wanted this night to be magical for her and it went by so quickly. Nothing was said on the car ride home. The atmosphere was a 180 from just a few hours ago.Stacy ended up getting grounded for being late so we couldn’t really discuss the night for two weeks. I was focused on trying to make the experience better for her and kept planning the next time. It got a little bit better and I started to last longer but I still had the sense that it was not good for. I researched different techniques, tried to come up with new ideas but a rift was building in our relationship. Two months later she claimed that I had changed and broke up with me. What was supposed to be the best night of my life was actually the start of the end with the woman I loved.