Starting Early Part 2

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Starting Early Part 2I remember being a little older but before p*****ns and exploring my ass, I knew if felt good to rub my finger over the hole and saw in porn mags that people would stick things in it. Of course, I wanted to see what it felt like but knew it was probably going to hurt, so I tried to find the skinniest thing that I could find. I licked it to give it some kind of lubrication at least and inserted it into one of my no – no places. I also recall a time in elementary school, I had a friend that came over and to cure our boredom, we went digging around my parents stuff…of course we found the stash of toys. I had NO idea what a vibrator was at this point in my life but let me tell you, my friend new exactly WHAT is was and how to use it. She explained to me what it was. Let’s just say that my friend had educated queenbet güvenilirmi me on some things growing up. Anyways, she told me I should try it. I’ve seen one before in those cheesy magazines that come in the mail but they had said they were personal massagers and showed it on someone’s neck, so what she was about to do with it amazed me. She pulled down her pants and panties and sat down on the ground opened her legs wide turned the vibrator on and said “ok watch this”! She proceeded to slide the tip over her clit and rub it up and down. I could tell in her face how good it felt and I was eager to try it next. Who would of thunk it? This was in the house and I had no idea? Needless to say that was my go to piece when no one was in the house. It did all the work for me and my arm never queenbet yeni giriş got tired. I was amazed at the other toys, ones of all sizes, double ended ones, glass ones, rings, ones that vibrate and some softer.I recall watching porn early as well, no one was home and I’d hit my dad’s stash, as I’m pretty sure the majority of k**s did…at least from talking to friends. As I got a bit older, I began to create my own little collection that eventually grew into quite a nice one. I would take my favorite bits and pieces of the longer versions and make my own “Mix Tape”. We happened to have one of those video copy machines where they were side by side. So I was able to enjoy a full tape of only my favorites. Now with all of this being said, would you believe I didn’t lose my Virginity until I was queenbet giriş 17? Well believe it! I waited a long time to give it up, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have all of those nasty thoughts! When I was in my early 20’s I’d be in my room late night working it out and pleasuring myself for long periods of time. I picked up a nice cyber feel dildo that had a suction cup on it so I could use a stool and ride the shit out of it, or stick it to my wall and back up on it. One of the best investments I’ve ever made lol. Don’t get me started about using it in the shower…whew I’d work that thing out if it was a real dick it wouldn’t be able to stand lol. I’ve always been turned on by the sounds. The moaning and groaning, the dirty talk, the slop sounds of good head or a nice cock ramming into a nice wet pussy expelling all the juices down her thighs so it runs down an asshole. I can be sitting there doing something else and when I hear my husband watching porn next to me, I can’t help but to get all wet and horny without even seeing it. So, I guess it ALL started at a young age…old habits die hard.