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STEP DAUGHTER 4Next morning I got up early like I do every morning and cleaned the bathroom, the lounge room and the kitchen. And then I cooked some breakfast for my mistress scarlet. My ears were on the bell that rings when she presses the remote for me. I wanted to wish her good morning by kissing her feet, probably on all four. Then maybe offer her flip flop or house sandal properly on top my head and then maybe lick them clean and serve her any way she found me useful and hear her giggle. Her giggle – it is better than any music ever created. Well I finished cooking breakfast and she was still sleeping.Let me divert a bit and tell you about me and my step daughter. We live in 6 bedroom palatial house in a posh northern beach suburb in Sydney husband left us millions and not to mention half the shares of this software company that he had found with his brother. scarlet study the english poetry in the university and she bought a c***d care centre. She has managers and workers who run the place but my mistress scarlet visits and spends time there whenever she fancies. Everyone there likes mistress scarlet and respects her. It is not just because she owns the place and is their boss. Well she is very beautiful and very pleasant person. It is very difficult for people not to like her and respect her?I quietly went to where her clothes and shoes were. How lucky are these shoes!! There were going to touch her beautiful divine feet and go with her. No matter where she went these shoes would go with her, covering her soft beautiful feet! I felt so jealous of the shoes and wished I could somehow become her shoe. Then I would be touching her feet and be with her all the time in place of these lucky shoes. What to do? I reverently picked her shoes and kissed them everywhere. The soles had been licked thoroughly clean last night by me but I couldn’t resist the temptation of having few extra licks. Her shoe soles are like candy for me. I can never lick them enough. I think they wear out more from my licking than her walking. Taking a few hard licks of her soles,I kiss her shoes good bye and go for cleaning her room and attached bathroom. Earlier she used to keep them very clean but as I increasingly started doing domestic chores I started cleaning them as well and would urge her to leave them for me to clean. At times I had to beg her not worry about cleaning her bedroom and bathroom and leave them for me.Slowly she figured out that she had a most willing servant at her beck and call. A servant who would beg her to let him clean her room, clothes, shoes, toilet or whatever needed to be done and would do it with a great relish. I mean if she had to do any of these things, her servant would see it as a missed opportunity to serve her. I don’t want to miss any opportunity to serve her. She is the Queen and I am here to serve her. Why should she have to worry about all these chores? Her servant can take care of all that. As time passed she got used to leaving her clothes, shoes, other such things here and there and leaving all the cleaning and other chores to me.Well her şahinbey escort room did need a bit of cleaning. I reverently picked up from the floor. I got down on all four like a dog. I so much wanted to be her dog. I picked her red flip flops with my teeth and after a few kisses and licks, placed them in the wards So I quickly got busy cleaning. Soon her car pulled in.As I heard her walking towards the door, I opened the door for her. She was wearing the blue business skirt suit with a white top. Her skirt was a few inches short of her knees, displaying her toned shapely legs. Feet were in matching high heels!! Her long hair flowing!! Her beautiful face and her clear green eyes!! She looked every inch of a beautiful Goddess that she is!! As soon as she reached the door, I bowed down on all four before her and started kissing her shoes. I think she was not expecting it and laughed down pleasantly at me. After letting me kiss her beautiful shoes a few times, she started wiping her shoes on the doormat. I quickly prostrated before her with belly flat on the ground.“mistress scarlet. Please don’t use that doormat.” I begged “Please wipe your beautiful shoes clean on my head.”She giggled a bit shyly as if not sure whether to go ahead and wipe her shoes on my head. She was hesitant and I think, she was in a mood different from yesterday and not exactly ready to start off we left last night. I on the hand hadn’t thought of anything else since last night. I so badly wanted to be her doggie and to be near her feet and worship them every single minute.I looked up to her divine face and begged.“Please Ma’am”.She looked a bit uncertain. I looked into her beautiful green eyes with my puppy dog eyes begging her from the depths of my heart. I couldn’t have made a more pleading face.“Please!! Please!! Please Ma’am. Please wipe your shoes on my head.”She was looking down at me with a smile – a bit uncertain as if to grant me this favour or not. And then her eyes got that look of mischief. Gently she lifted her foot and I quickly slid my head under it. And she started wiping her shoe sole on my back of my head, giggling to herself. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I started rubbing my head against the sole of her shoe like crazy, thanking her at the same time. “Thank you Ma’am. Thank you very much”.“You are” Her tone was a bit dominating and she was certainly starting to enjoy my servitude.I got really excited and in my excitement, as she wiped her shoes at the back of my head, I started kissing and licking the doormat where she had just wiped her shoes. She started laughing uncontrollably.“Oh my God!!” and she couldn’t stop laughing“You are crazy.” you are the most crazy step mother in the historyHow beautiful she must be looking wiping her shoes on my head and laughing as I kissed and licked her doormat!After wiping her shoes clean on my head, she gave me a gentle kick on my face with her shoe, nudging my face sideways. As I raised my face, she presented me her shoes, soles to my eyes.“Are they clean yet?” She asked smiling rather innocently. She had the dominant look of yesterday and her eyes were shining.I looked at the soles of her shoes. They were mostly clean but there was some spec of dust here and there.“No Ma’am. Please wipe you beautiful shoe soles on my head some more” I lowered my head down reverently.But she just stood there, with her hands on her waist looking down at me with mild amusement. “Sweety, your head is quite dirty already and wiping my beautiful shoes on it would only put the mud back on them. You don’t want my shoes to get dirty again?” she giggled.“I am sorry. Ma’am.”“Please forgive me” I said turning quickly on my back and took my tongue out as much I could.“Ma’am may I please lick you beautiful shoe soles clean?”“Yes you may!” She smiled down at me looking pleased and lifted her foot a bit.I slid under her shoes and started licking her shoe soles. I took long licks at her shoe soles relishing the taste and the smell. How stupid of me. I mean I lick her shoes all the time when she is not there. For some reason, when she comes in today, I offer my head for her to wipe her shoes on. Why didn’t I lick them with my tongue in the first place? As if my tongue is too good to be licking her shoes.“I am really sorry Ma’am for not licking you shoes clean straightaway and offering you my head to wipe your shoes while lying on the ground like an idiot. That was very stupid of me. I am very stupid Ma’am. I should have licked you shoes clean as soon as you walked in. Please forgive me Mistress Scarlet’“That’s ok..” she giggled “ I will forgive you as long as you clean them nicely.” and she raised the second shoe sole for me to lick clean.I was in heaven licking her shoe soles while she stood over me. All her curves looked heavenly from the ground. Laughing and giggling she looked like a beautiful Goddess. Somehow I felt really grateful to her for letting me lick her shoe soles clean. As I finished cleaning her shoes“Thank you very much Ma’am for letting me lick you shoe soles clean. I feel very privileged.”“You are such a strange step mom. I like it as well. Walk into home and have someone ready to lick your shoes clean!!! I could get used to that.”“Ma’am, it will be an honour for me to do it. I will lick you shoes clean every time you come into the house.” Then I worshipfully started kissing her shoe soles.“Ma’am, I feel very, very lucky.”She just laughed. “Yes sweetie, you are a very lucky mom.” as she wiped her shoe soles dry on my cheeks. Oh that comes naturally to her – to wipe her shoe soles dry on my cheeks after I had licked them clean with my loving tongue. Ok, that is what my cheeks are for. I hope my cheeks were clean for her shoe soles. Next time she is coming in, I better make sure they are clean.As she walked into the room, I crawled behind with my eyes on her shapely behind. T I couldn’t control myself and started kissing her shoes as she walked. She just stepped sideways so as not to step on my head. “Come doggie!” as she nudged me towards the couch. She reclined on the couch putting her feet on the table.“Take off my shoes!!”I think I could never have enough of her calling me doggie in her sweet voice. Her doggie grew excited and starting kissing her shoes like crazy.“My doggie is very excited today. Isn’t she?” And she patted me face warmly with her shoes, talking to me in her affectionate tone like she talks to dogs when we go out. “My doggie is so cute.” She was playing with my face with her shoed feet and I was kissing and licking them.‘Ok. That’s enough!” giving me a gentle kick with her shoes. “Now take off my shoes” But her dog was just too excited and couldn’t stop. Kept kissing and licking her shoe.“I said that’s enough!!” Then she slapped me hard on the face with the sole of her shoe.“You are not listening! You are being a bad doggie!!!” And she again slapped me with the sole of her shoe.“I am sorry Ma’am”. I stopped kissing her foot and sat down on the floor. Then I bowed my head down and lifted her shoed right foot from the table and placed it right on top of my head. In this position I see up her beautiful legs up her skirt and caught a glimpse of her panty. Then using my hands I gently lifted her stockinged right foot out of her high heel and placed it back on table. Her foot smelled lightly of foot sweat mixed with shoe leather. It was intoxicating. Then I took off her other shoe in the same manner.“I hope my feet don’t smell. Do they?”I buried my nose in the soles of her feet and inhaled deeply. She giggled slightly watching me inhale but I was in heaven. Can any smell in the world be sweeter?“Maybe I should wash my feet before you lick them?”“No need Ma’am! Your beautiful feet smell sweeter than the sweetest of roses!”“What?” She looked at me in disbelief and then burst out laughing. “What? Say that again” She was still laughing with disbelief and looked somewhat pleased at same time. God she is so beautiful.“Mistress Scarlet. You are so beautiful. And your feet are so beautiful. For me they are holy – something that I should worship. Any smell that comes out of them is divine smell for me. No smell in the whole world can be sweeter than that. Roses can smell sweet but to me that smell is nothing compared to the smell of your divine feet. I …”She sort of blushed crimson by all my talk and interrupted me by place her feet on my lips.“All right! All right! That is enough!!”She shrugged her hair back and then on second thoughts tied them into a bun. She started patting my face affectionately with her feet.“Know what? I think you are a very sweet mom.”“Thank you. Ma’am.”Then she adjusted her shapely hips on the couch making herself comfortable, reclining a bit and switched on the TV.“Now get busy.” As she slid her left foot into my mouth.I had hardly started sucking her toes, when her right foot slapped me on my cheek “Remember no tickling!”“Yeth. Ma’am.” For her toes were in my mouth. I started sucking her toes while flicking my tongue at the bottom of her toes. I sucked between her toes and any toe jam I found I swallowed like a hungry dog. I sucked on her toes softly at first and then harder. Then licked her foot everywhere, tasting her saltiness, drinking every bit of sweat that I could find. She totally ignored me other than to slap or kick me on the face every now and then. That her way of telling to lick the other foot