Step Mom Helps out

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Step Mom Helps outThis happened in the 70’s. Mother was a classic beauty in her day. She was 5’10 and weighed 130 lbs. She was a MILF before anyone knew what that was. She had a 36-24 36 figure and a nicely trimmed hairy pussy and she wasn’t shy about being naked around the house. There were many morning and nights when I would watch her get dressed, undressed or take a bath, She never seemed to mind. When I turned 18 I really started to notice and would jack-off 2 or 3 times a day after watching my Mom in some state of undress or nudity. I had a constant boner every time I was near hear and she was my fantasy. I would steal her panties and smell them as I pleasured my self, I would make sure to be in the bathroom when she was taking a bath, anything to see her naked. She had great tits, with large nipples, a little saggy because they were so big. She had a hairy pussy, with black hair that she kept trimmed on the sides so she could wear a swim suit. She was beautiful and all my friends wouldalways ask me if I saw her naked, and of course I would say no. I didn’t want anyone to know what I was up too. I was trying to figure out how to see her naked alone and to actually see between her legs and my mind was focused on that all the time. Then one day we were alone in the car, talking and she said something to the effect of is there anything I can do for you, and I just blurted out “Can I see you naked”. I was embarrassed and about to say sorry when to my shock she laughed and said “You can see me naked anytime you want, all you have to do is ask”. I didn’t have much else to say except okay as my dirty little mind started to figure this out. We got home a few minutes later and me and my hard cock ran into the house. I sat in my room and thought about it for a few minutes, I knew nobody would be home for hours and I figured what the heck, I’ll ask. Mom was in the kitchen and before I could ask she said “I’m going to change my clothes, why don’t you come into the bedroom and talk to me while I change”. Even better I thought so I said okay and I followed her into the bedroom. My cock was again rock hard, only this time I didn’t want to hide it, I wanted her to know I was turned on, just to see how far this would go.Once we were in her room she turn her back to me and asked me to unzip her dress, which I did, i started to sit down on her bed and she said’ while your back there unhook my bra please’. Now my hands were trembling as I reached up and started to unhook the 3 hooks on here bra, my cock was throbbing as I grabbed the 2 sides and pulled them together and then apart. Just like that they came apart, my mom leaned forward a little and the straps slide down her shoulders and then she turned around to face me as she took it all the way off. I was staring at the greatest set of tit’s I’ve ever seen to this day. They were milky white and round with a little sag, but here nipples stuck straight out, centered nicely on her boobs. The nipples were hard, as thick as my little finger, surrounded by half dollar size aureoles. My cock at this point was jerking ordu escort up and down and I thought I would shot off right then. Then my mom hooked her fingers in her panties and pulledthem down and kicked them off. When she stood up she was completely naked. Her bush was black and very thick between her legs and up to the top of her V, with it thinning out to the sides and I could see her slit, but nothing else. She looked and me and smiled and said”there you go, you saw me naked””Happy now”I just kept staring and nodded yes and then said something dumb Like “thanks mom” and then I ran into my room as quick as possible. The minute I got my pants down and touched my cock I came. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, as I reached for something to clean up with I turned around and there was mom standing there in her robe in my doorway. She looked at me and smiled and said” you should close your door when you do that, someone might get the wrong idea” and she went back to the kitchen. This all happened in about 10 minutes of us getting home, so feeling ashamed yet bold, I finished cleaning up and went down stairs. I went into the kitchen and gave my mom a hug and said “thanks mom”. “What are you thanking me for, the show or the part after” I turned beat red my face got hot as I said “Both”. She laughed and said “anytime”. I thought about that for a second and said “how about now”.I think this shocked her, because she looked at me for a few second and got a real serious look on her face before she said “what exactly do you have in mind David”I figured what the heck so I said, ‘Mom, I want to see your pussy, I want to look at it and touch it and stuff” “I’m your mom, that wouldn’t be appropriate, and if anyone found out I would be in big trouble honey””I won’t tell anyone and besides you said I could see you naked anytime, I just want to see more. Please Mom””I’ll think about it, go do your chores and I’ll let you know”So I went and did my chores and thought about all the possible things that I could do with my mom. My cock was so hard it hurt when I finished my chores and went to find my mom.She was sitting in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine and when she saw me she smiled. She told me to sit down and that we needed to talk.”I want you to answer me honestly and I promise I won’t get mad, Okay”I nodded my head and said “yes, I promise”.”Do I turn you on and is it me you think about when you play with yourself”?I couldn’t lie so I said “I’m sorry mom I can’t help it, your just so sexy and every time I think about you I get really hard””I know honey but I’m your mom, Don’t you ever think about anyone else”?I thought about it for a minute and told her, “I think about your friends Ann, Bernadine, and grandma, I don’t like girls my own”Ann was my moms best friend and a huge tease, she was always showing me skin and flashed her pussy at me a few times. Bernadine was an old friend that could have been my moms twin and I had heard that she was a swinger. My grandmother was nothing like my mom, she was tiny and had A cup osmaniye escort tits and a bald pussy that I had peaked at when she was in the bathtub. “Well how often do you think of them”?”Not that often, it’s really you 90% of the time””Okay, so what do you do with my panties”?”I smell them when I’m jacking off, I love the smell of your pussy. I just want to smell it, lick it and make you cum. Then I want to cum on your tits, pussy and in your mouth. I want you so bad mom it make me so hard to think about it” She look down at my shorts and there was my hard cock pressing against my zipper. Her eyes got big and she looked at me and Said,” I do that to you when you just think about me” All I could do was nod my head yes, I was embarrassed and excited at the same time.”Okay, so here is the deal. You have to keep your grades up, do your chores and you can’t tell anyone about this. I control this, when everyone is home I’m just your mom. When we are alone and I feel like it we can play. If I say no then thats it, don’t bug me or it will all stop. Do we have a deal”I was so shocked that I nodded my head and just muttered a “yes, thanks mom””Take off your shorts and let mommy see it”I was still shaking as I pulled off my shirt and shorts, My cock was so hard it hurt and was sticking straight out.”oh baby you have such a nice big cock. It’s bigger than your dads””Show me how you stroke it and tell me what your thinking about”I reached my hand down and started to slowly stroke it up and down, i was trying hard not to cum as I gazed at my beautiful mother. She opened her robe and asked me “Will this help you honey”I just nodded my head as she pulled her robe open and there she was in all her glory. Her tits had some sag, but her nipples were perfect in the center of her tits they were pink and hard. I looked down to the most beautiful pussy I would ever see in my life. She spread her legs and then reached down and spread her pussy lips. It was pink and wet,”do you like this baby, do you like mommy’s pussy”.I just nodded as I was staring at her pussy, my cock was throbbing in my hand, I could barely move. Then it struck me that I needed to taste her and I feel to my knees and before she could move I buried my face into her pussy. I stuck my tongue out and started licking, it was sweet and tangy and I couldn’t believe I was doing this. My tongue explored her pussy hole and she started to moan and then grabbed the back of my head.”Oh David your licking mommy’s pussy, oh don’t stop baby lick me”I was charged up by that and I just wanted to make her cum. She started humping my face and saying”Don’t stop, Oh Yes eat your moms cunt baby, lick it make me cum…I’m cumming oh baby your making your mom cum.”Then I found her clit and started sucking it and that sent her over the edge. She started shaking and moaning and her hairy pussy starting running like a faucet and she moaned”oh god son you made me cum, stop baby it’s to much”and she pushed my head away and laid back on the bed.She looked at me and smiled,”Know one has ever made escort bayan me cum that hard baby. That was amazing, you father doesn’t like to lick me, but you can do that anytime.””You taste so good and he is an idiot if he doesn’t like that, I could do that all day mom””Thank you David for making me feel special, now it’s your turn” She grabbed my hand and pulled me up and had me flat on my back and then she grabbed my cock and started licking it. then she took it in her mouth and started moving up and down until she had my 8 in hard cock at the back of her throat. It was the most amazing thing to watch my mom deep throat my cock.That was it for me.”Oh mom I’m going to cum, Oh I’m cumming for you mommy”I didn’t just cum, I exploded in her mouth and she just kept on sucking me until I was done and then she lifted her head and looked at me and opened her mouth, it was full of cum and then she smiled and swallowed it all.”I forgot how good a young boy taste”Then she came up and kissed me hard on the lips, are tongues started to twist around together, I reached for her tits and started playing with her tits and feeling her hard nipples in my hand. I broke off our kiss and lowered my head to her tits and sucked a hard nipple into my mouth. I sucked and twirled my tongue around one nipple and then the other. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. My cock got hard immediately and I sucked on her nipples and move between her legs, my hard cock pressing against her pussy. I started to move up and down her slit, when my mom spread her legs and reached her hand down to my cock and guided me into her wet tight pussy.”I know this is what you wanted baby, I’ve known for a long time that you wanted me. Fuck me baby, fuck your mommy and cum in side me baby”That was all I needed to hear as started sliding in and out of my moms pussy. It was very wet and really tight and it was like heaven to be inside her. I’d spent so many days, weeks, months and years dreaming about this and it was finally happening and it was to this day the best sex of my life. I buried my cock deep into her, I could feel her pussy sucking my cock back and forth,”That’s it David fuck me deep and hard, give me your hard cock, its’ so good son, it feels so good”She started bucking then and saying “oh so good, so good, make me cum on your cock David, Fuck me hard now and make me cum”.I started ramming my hard cock into her and she tilted her head back and closed her eyes and then she started shaking.That’s it FUCK ME DAVID, FUCK YOUR MOTHER, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, OH FUCK YES DAVID FUCK ME I’M CUMMING”That was it for me as she started to buck and scream.”I’m cumming in you mom, I’m cumming in my mom, I’m going to fill you up mommy here it comes.I started shooting rope after rope of cum into her wonderful pussy, I had never cum that hard in my life. I just collapsed on top of her and laid there for a minute trying to recover from the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. It was awesome and I couldn’t believe I had sex with the woman of my fantasies. I , I want to be your lover momlooked down at my smiling beautiful mother and kissed her gently on the lips.”Mom that was the most amazing thing ever, I want to be your lover mom, now and forever”She smiled up at me, I could feel her love and see it in her eyes.”I want that to David, I want that too.