Story 1

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Story 1I have an active mind and it often drifts off into sexual fantasy, conjuring up all sorts of erotic images that make my nipples tingle. Just last night I was laying in bed buzzing my clit with a vibrator when I was taken back to the previous weekend and a dinner date I had at the Royal Anarkali, a great Indian restaurant down the street. The guy’s name was Sujay and I had met him a week earlier while I was doing some shopping at the mall for a few new outfits. He was so confident and smooth in his flirting that I just couldn’t turn him down when he asked me out for dinner. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he was incredibly handsome and well built.We had set a date for Friday night at 8:00 pm and he arrived promptly, ringing my doorbell at 7:59. I let him in and we shared a glass of wine and chatted a bit before heading off to the restaurant. It’s quite close to my apartment so we simply walked down the street chatting, laughing and casually touching each other. The night had barely begun and I was already turned on. My pert nipples were poking out through the thin material of my dress, which was a slinky red halter dress that ended just above the knee. I was also wearing red high heels, elaborate golden earrings, and a bejeweled red bindi.We arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a secluded table in the back. We shared two lovely meals, some fine drink, and even better conversation. I could tell that we also shared a connection, sexual in nature. We hadn’t even breached that topic of conversation but the sparks were definitely flying. At some point during the meal I slipped off my heels and began to rub his legs with my feet. Our table was well hidden from the rest of restaurant so my behavior was emboldened. I ran my foot all the way up his leg and found his türbanlı aksaray escort thick package. Apparently he was feeling some of the sexual spark too because his cock was nearing full hardness. With a little bit of pushing and prodding from my skilled feet he was soon shifting in his chair, trying to re-arrange his dick so it would rest more comfortably in his pants.At some point the conversation totally dried up as he could no longer focus on anything but his genitals being stimulated. I was using my foot like a pro, working it up and down the length of his cock before rubbing his balls gently and repeating the whole process over again.When it seemed like he was about to explode Sujay leaned over and whispered to me “If you keep that up I’m going to cum in my pants.”In response I drove my foot harder into his crotch, but that only elicited a groan and a roll of the eyes into the back of his head. By this time my pussy was dripping wet; I was just as turned on him, if not more. It was time to take action.“Why don’t you go into the bathroom and wait for more. Lock the door and wait for me to come over. I’ll knock three times so you know it’s me.”Obviously eager, he practically jumped out of his seat at this suggestion and ran over to the bathroom. He waited half a minute for the current occupant to leave and then rushed in. I could hear the lock snap as soon as the door shut. I pulled my makeup mirror out of my purse and grabbed my lipstick. I wanted to put a fresh coat of my dark pink lipstick on. I was planning on giving an incredible blowjob tonight and I like to leave a mark when I suck cock.After a minute and a half or so I gently slid out of my seat and walked over to the bathroom door where I knocked three türbanlı aksaray escort bayan times. The door opened and I walked in to find Sujay standing there, his pants tenting out as his erect cock tried to escape from it’s cloth prison. After I stepped in he shut the door and locked it again.“Why don’t I help you with that,” I said as I lowered myself to my knees.With one hand on his cock bulge I used my other to pull his belt off and unzip his pants. They quickly fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them, freeing himself from that burden. His underwear were next to follow and then there was nothing between my mouth and his beautiful cock.He was already hard as a rock, so some of the work was done. I leaned forward and stuck just the tip of my tongue out of my mouth. With the lightest of touches I flicked it over the head of his cock, slurping up the drop of precum that had formed there. It tasted salty and delicious, a wonderful dessert. After my brief taste I wanted more and I took his whole cockhead into my mouth, savoring the salty, tangy taste of his thick manflesh.With my tongue I feverishly worked the underside of his cockhead, spreading my saliva and sending waves of stimulation through his body. He groaned deeply as I worked three of his seven inches into my mouth. He tasted delicious and I was never more turned on than when I had a dick in my mouth. My pussy was dripping wet, slick with lubrication, and when I moved my hand down there to masturbate myself my finger easily slipped inside, eliciting a moan from my throat.By this time I had managed to swallow all of Sujay’s cock. His full seven inches was buried in my throat, and he was having difficulty keeping his moaning to a minimum. I was afraid türbanlı escort aksaray someone might hear us, but that was a part of the thrill. After I had his cock lubricated with my spit I began a fast bobbing motion. I would pull my head back until just the tip of his cock remained in my mouth and then swallow the whole thing again. As I took him in I used my tongue to work the underside of this dick, putting pressure in all the sensitive spots. It was an erotic dream and my own orgasm was fast approaching.To help Sujay get off in time to match my own orgasm I used my right hand to massage his balls, squeezing them tightly as I sucked his cock with a passion. By now I was moving my head up and down on his turgid member at a furious pace, sucking all of his lovely meat into my mouth and throat. His balls tightened and I could tell he was getting close to his orgasm. His legs began to tremble slightly and he placed a guiding hand on the back of my head. Having seized some control over the situation he began to gently thrust his cock, partially fucking my throat as I squeezed his tight nut sack.My own orgasm was coming upon me. My body began to tingle and my extremities went partially numb, always the sign that an amazing orgasm was on the way.“I’m going to cum,” Sujay said through clenched teeth.I pulled him out of my mouth and looked up saying “I want you to cum on my face baby. Spray me with your hot juice. Wreck my pretty face with that delicious jizz of yours.”The dirty talk was what did it for him. As I finished my sentence a hot spurt of cum hit me right in the cheek. It was followed by what seemed like an endless stream of cum. After the first one hit me my own orgasm came, flooding my body with pleasure. I love having a cock in my mouth, but there’s nothing more erotic than receiving a huge load of hot cum on your face. When he was done my face felt hot and wet, he had shot a huge load.“That was amazing baby, thank you,” he said before walking over to the sink to clean up.“The pleasure was mine, trust me,” I answered. It really was too; I love giving a blowjob and receiving a hot load of cum as a reward, what can I say?