Stress Relief

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The clock hit 5 pm, and Kevin sighed triumphantly.

His second week here had been especially busy, with the entire office stressed due to a series of projects commissioned by the upper echelons of management. The boss, Eric, usually a calm and relaxed type, was perhaps the most stressed of them all.

All those projects had been completed, and now it seemed that the office would return to the normal pace that Kevin had observed during his first few days.

“Can I get everyone’s attention for a moment?” came a voice from behind him.

He glanced around to see Eric emerging from his office. The boss was wearing a wan smile, with faint bags under his eyes and sweat marks marring the armpits of his button-down.

“I just want to say that this past week has been busy and a bit stressful, but thanks to all of you, it went by smoothly. Shout out to Kevin, who handled everything we threw at him. I think it’s safe to say you’re one of us now.”

A smattering of chuckles followed the wry joke, a polite smile and nod his own reaction.

“But you’ve all done great, seriously. Rocked it, as usual. So, now it’s quitting time, and I hope you all have great nights and weekends. See you on Monday.”

Kevin joined the chorus of responses, the employees bustling about now, gathering their belongings. Eric slipped back inside his office, keeping the door open as he sat down at his desk to peer at something on his computer.

“Hey, Kev,” called Sean, “you coming to Sally’s for happy hour?”

“Yeah, just let me get my things.”

Sean nodded, already ready himself.

It only took a minute for Kevin to get set to leave, and quickly the duo was headed for the exit, other employees going the same way.

The door to the main office opened as they approached, and a beautiful woman slunk through.

Wearing a simple black dress, showing off toned legs and admirable cleavage, she was a picture of effortless allure. As she passed them, they were graced with a nod and a small smile.

“Who is that?” he murmured to Sean, glancing back, his eyes fixed to her shapely rump.

Sean chuckled.

“That’s Lisa, Eric’s wife. She drops by sometimes, so they can fuck in his office after everyone leaves.”

“He’s one lucky man.”

Sean chuckled again.

“Yes, he is.”


The office door was locked, the blinds closed to keep any prying eyes out. Sounds of aggressive sex filled the room, the force of rough thrusts shaking the desk, items falling off to clatter to the floor.

“You like that?”

“Yes, yes, don’t stop…”

Eric groaned, bent over his own desk as Lisa fucked him in the ass, her strap-on screwing through his innards. His cock was achingly hard, pre-cum dripping down to the floor.

A sharp slap rang out, Lisa bringing her palm down against one of the cheeks of his ass. He yelped, pushing back at her, receiving a series of subsequent spanks. Her treatment reddened his flesh.

“You’ve had a stressful week, huh, babe?”


“Leave it to me. I’ll take care of you.”

The thrusts upped in pace and force, his wife pounding into him with gusto. His knuckles were white from how tightly he was clutching at the edge of the desk, holding on for dear life, juddered by her strong efforts.

As she kept up the anal onslaught, her other hand, the one not currently slapping at his ass, slid up the back of his sweat-soaked shirt, and reached around to grab his tie. Deftly, keeping up the rhythm, she worked it around until it was resting on his shoulder. One backwards yank, and he cried out, his head wrenched up, his hands scrabbling at the desk now.

Lisa rode his ass viciously, using his tie as a makeshift rein, slapping all the while at his ass. Her dress was cast off, on the floor, bra and panties similarly strewn about, the glory of her fit frame on full display.

It had indeed been a stressful week for him.

His position in the company was undeniably important, and while he usually managed it all with aplomb, occasionally the stresses of the job got the better of him.

In those times, it was her wifely duty to help him ease that stress.

The hand that had been slapping at his ass moved to grip tightly to his hip. There was no predictability to the way she yanked back at his tie, mindful of keeping him off-balance, the weak sputters that were his reaction quite delightful sounds. She glanced down, seeing the cheeks of his ass shake as her hips slammed into him, sending the strap-on deep into his guts.

His strained grunts made her chuckle, the thrusts relentless, the built-in clit stimulator working wonders, a series of shudders breaking out over her. This was a psychological pleasure as well as physical, taking him so roughly in his office. It was where he was the boss, respected and talented, highest on the totem pole of power. His employees likely knew why she visited him but did not know the true dynamic erotik film izle in these moments, the boss become submissive, the perfectly feminine wife using a phallic facsimile to claim his ass.

“You want me to fuck you harder?” she purred, yanking back at his tie.

He struggled to speak from the forceful pace and the pull around his neck, each attempt morphing into a soft gasp. It was an unnecessary question since she could tell that he wanted it as hard as she could give it. But she enjoyed the way that he whined while trying to respond, as if afraid that no answer would lead to this stopping, his desperation evidence by itself of just how stressful this past week had been for him.

Laughing at his pitiful attempts, she leaned forward, smothering her breasts against his back, her hips still pumping, churning through his bowels. The sweaty shirt rubbed deliciously against her rigid nipples. Her mouth found his ear, and she nibbled on the lobe, murmuring to him, telling him how much she enjoyed fucking him.

This salacious arrangement had started nearly a year ago.

Seeking to spice up their love life, the couple had tried pegging.

Both had quickly come to enjoy it, Eric taking her efforts with an eager dedication, Lisa giving him every ounce of her strength and stamina. As they began to incorporate it into their sex life, they had discovered that he had a definite submissive side, and she a dominant side. And although not every pegging session included such a dynamic, whenever he needed some relief from the stresses of his job, she was happy to flex her proverbial and literal muscles, putting him in a place of obedience and subservience, a place where all he had to worry about was pleasing her, a place where all the control rested in someone else’s hands.

And he was currently in that place, comfortable there, squirming on the desk. Her mouth slid down to his neck, sucking and nipping, occasionally possessively, Lisa hoping to leave a mark. The employees would easily notice, and know that she had left it, but would not know the full story.

As she continued to pump deep into his ass, her free hand slid from his hip, seeking out his cock.

It was hard and raring, leaking sticky streams of pre-cum.

She closed her hand around it, hearing him moan in response, pushing mindlessly back at her.

Quickly, a pace was set, wet strokes up and down. It was easy to tell from the way his moans grew louder and lewder that he was close to a messy finish.

“That’s it, cum for me, come on babe, do it…”

He grunted, his hands gripping at the edge of the desk. A series of powerful throbs ran through his cock, pulsing against her palm, heralding the oncoming load, her strokes speeding up to coax it out.

“Do it, cum for me, come on, come on…”

One last throb rolled through the straining shaft; sensing the imminent eruption, she slid her hand down underneath the head.

A drawn-out groan spilled from him as his orgasm struck.

Hard spurts rocketed out into her cupped palm. She cooed in his ear, still pumping her hips, the load quickly overfilling her hand, the last spurts topping off the pool of semen, trickles escaping to drip off onto the floor.

Euphoric shudders ran through him, the tail end of his orgasm providing one last wave of ecstasy. The hand holding his tie yanked his head back via that grip, to meet the other hand, cum now trickling sluggishly down her wrist, a small, creamy puddle resting in her palm.

“Clean me off,” she ordered, letting go of his tie, finally stopping her thrusts.

With no hesitation, he leaned forward, suckling at the offered hand, groaning as the taste of his own spunk coated his tongue. The puddle in her palm was drawn into his mouth by his breathless licking, the off-white remnants sticking obscenely to his lips, giving them a dull sheen. The wet slurps made her purr, desire easily readable in his eyes. He was thorough in his obedience, taking his time in lapping at her hand, running his tongue in between each finger, moaning as he licked back down to her wrist, the trail of spunk no match for his enthusiasm.

“Good boy,” she crooned, kissing at his neck, feeling him nuzzle back in response.

Post-climax, he sighed happily, his fingers easing up at the edge of the desk.

“We’re not done yet,” she told him, seeing the new spark of lust appear instantly in his eyes.

Rising back off him, she ran her hands along his back, sliding underneath the shirt to stroke at his flesh. Her hips had stopped with the strap-on halfway inside him. With one steady push, it filled him back up again, shoving deep into his innards. He groaned softly, grinding back at the length of plastic.

“Work your ass back against me,” she ordered.

His hips began to rock backwards immediately. She chuckled, watching intently as he drove himself against the fake cock, grunting from the sensation of the plastic inches churning through his insides. The flesh of his ass lured her fingers, red-colored film izle nails digging into the cheeks. A shudder ran through his body as he kept up the self-impalement.

“Harder,” she urged.

A loud, consistent smacking sound rang out as his pace upped in response. He groaned, head hung low, hands flat against the top of the desk, using that position to push more desperately. The sight of that ass bouncing was exquisite, the flesh rippling from each impact. That insistent backwards movement kept the clit stimulator rubbing against the sensitive bud. Her own orgasm built, unfurling slowly into what would surely be a wonderful crescendo. As the pleasure rose, she gripped tightly at his ass, drawing a lustful sigh from him. She was unmoving, keeping the strap-on pointed forward so that he could skewer himself on it again and again.

“Yeah, that’s it, babe, just like that, work that ass back on it…”

By now, all the items that had been on his desk were on the floor, some placed carefully there, others swept off in the first moments of their session, the rest falling due to the constant juddering that their insistently clashing bodies created. His pace increased, breathless gasps coming from him in droves.

The swell of sensations rose, thrills provoking shudders all over her, his feverish rhythm unrelenting. As her climax beckoned, she clutched at his ass, drawing it back towards her, helping him take every inch. Her muscles tensed, the pleasure reaching the breaking point.

And then the orgasm struck her, radiating out sheer bliss all over every inch of her body. She groaned, the ecstasy intense, her pussy drenching itself in her juices. Still caught up in his obedience, Eric mashed himself back against the strap-on. The continued impacts kept the clit stimulator doing its job very well, but she found herself overwhelmed quickly, the incessant sensations too good, too sharp, making her shudder uncontrollably. Her hips drew back, bringing the plastic length halfway out. He peeked over his shoulder, stopping in mid-motion, understanding from the look on her face that she was currently caught up in a powerful climax.

The orgasmic waves washed over her quickly, leaving her body unwinding on the way down from the ecstatic heights. She glanced down at her husband, seeing how he was staying in place, his head hung, his ass up and impaled partially on the strap-on.

A small smile crept across her mouth at the sight.

It had not escaped her notice that he enjoyed accessing his submissive side very much. The more often they indulged in these sessions, the more she saw that side come out, and in fact increase, her husband looking to her and waiting for direction more before acting.

Her hands squeezed at his hips. The response was a husky sigh and those hips stirring unconsciously.

“It’s been a hard week, huh?” she purred to him.

He nodded, whining with desire.

Any stressful week that he had these days was usually ended with one of these bouts of fierce pegging. But this past week had been particularly difficult for him, so it stood to reason that he would want more this time around. And if he wanted more, it was her wifely duty to give him just that.

She thrust suddenly, driving the rest of the strap-on back through his clasping asshole.

A surprised cry broke through the silence in the office, her husband forced forward by the rough motion. Not wanting to give him time to adjust, she started up a rhythm, pumping deep into his bowels, watching while he squirmed on the desk. The sound of repeated flesh-on-flesh contact rang out, complemented by his continued cries, melting into weak moans as she continued to rut into his presented ass.

Her hands slid up his tensing back, assuming an assertive grip on his shoulders. She took advantage of the added leverage to make her thrusts harder and stronger, rocking him with a spirited effort, laughing at how he wailed. The clit stimulator began to work its magic again, sending thrilling sensations out over her body.

Just as his submissiveness kicked up a notch each time she pegged him, she had also noticed that her stamina increased. The first time, she had not lasted long, but every time since she had gotten progressively more able to exert herself for a little while more. And although even now her muscles were starting to feel the strain, rivulets of sweat trickling down her frame, she resolved to keep going, to test her stamina yet again and extend it further for the next time.

It was of course, an entirely altruistic and selfless motivation.

One of her hands took a fistful of his hair and yanked back. He grunted meekly, his head bent back towards her. Another yank brought his mouth against hers in a rough kiss. The resultant moan from him was muffled by her lips, their tongues tangling quickly. Caught up in the mindless passion, her husband nuzzled against her, one hand splayed on the desk for additional balance, the other thrown back onto one of her thighs.

She broke their kiss seks filmi izle to nip at his neck. Her other arm slid across his chest to bring him closer, secure in her embrace, juddered by her still pumping hips.

Her lips dragged up to his earlobe, trapping it between her teeth, feeling him quiver at the light and playful stimulation. The wet material of his shirt, inundated with his sweat, rubbed delightfully at her hard nipples, swirling with the continued rubbing against her clit from the stimulator built into the strap-on. The hand that had been twined in his hair moved, acting on a hunch, and dipped down his figure to wrap around his cock, surging again.

“Are you hard again?” she murmured softly into his ear.

“Uh-huh,” he whined, nuzzling back mindlessly into her embrace.

“You really love it when I fuck your ass, huh?”

“Uh-huh…so much…you fuck me so good.”

She giggled at his wide-eyed adoration.

“If only your employees could see you now. I’m sure some of the guys would trade places with you just to get a chance to fuck me…I wonder how they’d feel if they knew our little arrangement.”

He groaned, her hand coaxing his cock back towards its full length.

“Maybe one day I’ll come in earlier and fuck you in here with the door wide open. See how your employees react. I’d just bend you over the desk; they’d probably pretend not to watch. Judging you while they imagine being you. Wondering how good it must be if the boss is so eager for it.”

She kissed affectionately at his neck. At the feeling of her lips, he canted his head to the side, exposing more flesh, her mouth trailing along the vulnerable swath, sucking and nipping.

“Or maybe I’ll take you over the hood of your car, fuck you in the parking lot first thing in the morning, let everyone coming in get a good look at me riding your ass. How’s that sound?”

His mindless whine made her giggle again.

She had learned that she could say anything to him in these moments, and he would react in such a way. Admittedly, she did not know if he was actually listening to the specific words, or if he was just reacting to the sound of her voice. Given how submissive he could be, perhaps he did enjoy the idea of her taking him front of his subordinates, letting them see his other side.

Her hand stroked along his cock, feeling it pulse, straining in her grip. Kissing again at his neck, she coordinated between that hand and the strap-on, making sure that the former was wrapped around the base of his shaft each time the latter was lodged entirely through his clasping asshole. The combination drove up his pleasure relentlessly. His moans fell constantly, her name mixed in there.

Ordinarily, his refractory period was at least an hour. But she had found out that her furious thrusts striking deep again and again, crashing right against his prostate, would trigger another orgasm very soon after the previous.

She kept up the assault, relishing every little sound that he made, the breathless gasps, the hoarse moans, the excited squeals. Her hand worked just as diligently, driving him closer to a second climax, just as another one beckoned for her.

Wanting to stave off hers for now, she slammed deep into his innards, holding herself there, jerking quicker along his cock.

His second orgasm burst forth, splattering onto the desk, a few stray strands catching her hand. Making sure that he had plenty of stimulation throughout the ecstasy, she rotated her hips, putting pressure on his prostate, smirking at the overwhelmed moans that spilled from him. Her hand kept up the strokes, milking him for every drop of semen.

When he was finished, there was a glaze across her fingers, and a small puddle on the desk.

The first mess was cleaned up when she teased those fingers against his lips. He licked and lapped at them, slurping up the cooling spunk, swallowing with loud and shameless gulps, shuddering as the musky flavor dominated his taste buds.

The second mess was dealt with when she dragged him away from the desk with a quick pull on his hips, and then pushed his head down towards the puddle.

He understood immediately what she wanted and ran his tongue across the semen-slicked wood. Another set of shudders ran through him from more of his own essence sliding down his throat to settle in his belly. It was quite the naughty sight to witness the boss licking his own spunk off what was essentially his seat of power. She kept his head down, making sure that he cleaned up every bit of what he had spurted forth, only relenting once the clinging semen was replaced by the shine of his saliva.

Her own climax had been put on hold, but now that he was basking in the afterglow of his second orgasm, it was time to resume the drive to ecstasy.

She pulled back, shaking her head in bemusement at his despairing whimper, and then turned that whimper into a moan with a deep thrust. The rhythm picked up again, her hips pumping steadily. The cheeks of his ass bounced hypnotically, drawing her attention, the hand that had been holding his head down now moving to land repeated spanks on the jiggling flesh. Each one made him squeal lustfully, those noises in turn provoking more of those treatment.