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Subject: “Stress Relief” As always, I live for your feedback. Please send me any comments, whether you loved it, hated it or just think you can help me make it better. Sasha_neko@hotmail Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure fiction, concucted by my ever-lustful mind. This story contains explicits descriptions of sex between four women, if this material offends you or it is illegal for you to view this material for any reason please navigate away from this page immediately. This story is the intellectual property of its auther meant for personal enjoyment only, if you wish to post this story on your own site please ask permission first, you can e-mail me at ail Please Enjoy… The grandfather clock at the end of the hall began to chime loudly, pulling Lacey from her semi-lucid state. She felt hands sliding across her body, gripping and squeezing her most sensitive places. She didn’t know what was happening, the drugs made it so she couldn’t move, could hardly think. But she felt everything, and her body reacted to it naturally, her nipples hardened, she felt the wet juices accumulate on her exposed pussy. As the hands found what they were looking for, pinching and twisting her nipples while squeezing her breasts, and another set of hands spread her legs wide apart. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she should be embarrassed, or frightened. But her physical and mental state of exhaustion, and the drugs that had been slipped into her wine earlier that evening prevented that. What she did feel was excitement, as a lone bursa yabancı escort hand, not belonging to the two that restrained her, started to rub her pussy. She heard a voice, soft and unclear, but she heard it whisper. “Oh my, already this wet? You must have just been waiting for us to do this, huh?” It was an oddly comforting voice, she didn’t know if the drugs made it seem that way, or if it was because it was a voice she knew and trusted. All she knew is that it relaxed her. Two small, delicate fingers began pushing their way inside of her, deeper and deeper, slowly, carefully. Lacey opened her eyes, trying to see who it was that was making her feel this way. But all she could make out was blonde hair, and if she had seen more she wouldn’t have known what to make of it. She felt a cool, wet kiss on one of her nipples, followed by soft sucking and playful biting. Her mouth was dry but somehow she managed a soft moan. “I’m glad you’re enjoying this so much.” Came a second, but nonetheless comforting, voice. Kisses fell softly all over her, slowly sucking her neck, her breasts, her thighs. The fingers inside of her sped up, and the wet, sloppy sound reached her ears, making her more excited. The third one, kissing her neck, stopped only long enough to whisper, “She looks ready.” In reply, Lacey was pushed down softly, so she was laying flat on her back. Looking up she could make out three faces smiling down at her. Faces she knew but couldn’t recognize. Suddenly their was movement the three bursa sınırsız escort spread her legs, one held on leg up and one arm down, the other held her other leg and arm, while the third laid on top of her, with a naked cunt hovering just above her mouth, dripping juices onto her face. Slowly, but surely, the girl lying on top of Lacey began to lick her thighs, moving in towards her waiting pussy. The girl’s tongue licked and lapped up all of Lacey’s juices before kissing and sucking her pussy. The two other girls laughed and giggled. The mouth between her legs grew bolder and bolder, sucking on her labia and clit, the tongue dipped deep inside her, sucking out the sweet juices. A finger rubbed her ass hole, tracing circles around it before dipping in. The pleasure drove through Lacey’s body in waves, undoing all the stress and pain and anxiety of her life. It wiped away her fear and doubts, leaving her only with the pure ecstasy of the moment. As more of Lacey’s senses began to return, she could smell the strong odor of sex and taste the juices that dripped all too slowly into her mouth. She could barely think, but it felt only appropriate to slowly slide her tongue across the slit that stood only an inch from her mouth. As the girl between her legs got bolder, so did Lacey, kissing and sucking on the soaking pussy. She filled herself with the smell and taste and the sound of the girl moaning. These senses only heightened her pleasure, raising it to a point of unbearable delight. All the muscles görükle escort in her body tensed, her back arced and an audible cry, filled with the purity of her pleasure escaped her lips as the orgasm ripped through her. She thrived and convulsed, but she was held down firmly. She had never squirted in her life, but she felt the cum rushing out of her in a feeling unlike anything she had ever experienced. The last thing Lacey heard before she passed out was a muffled, half-audible, “No need to thank us, Lacey, just sleep well.” She did sleep well, and when she awoke the next morning she was clothed in her regular pajamas, in her own bed in the apartment she shared with her roommate, Annabel. Confused, and slightly dazed she cautiously reached under her pajama bottoms, her pussy was soaked and tingling. Was is all just a wet dream? She wondered. The knock at her door made her jump. “Lacey, the girls just called and wanted to know if we wanted to go out for dinner tonight, you up for it?” “N… no.” The words were thick on her tongue but she swallowed and forced her composure. “Tell them I’m sorry but I can’t, I have a lot of work I need to finish today.” The Girls Annabel referred too were their best friends, Kel and Amy. The four girls had been best friends all through high school and had only briefly lost touch during college. They kept nothing from each other, but Lacey couldn’t tell them about the dream, those girls in her dream could only have been the three of her best friends. “Are you sure? You know, you shouldn’t overwork yourself, you need to relax, relieve some stress. We`re all worried about you.” Her voice was right outside Lacey’s door. The closeness of it reminded her of the girl from her dream, whispering ‘She looks ready’ from right behind her. “Come on, Lace, you can’t deny how much fun we all had last night.”