Strict aunt spanks unruly girls

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Strict aunt spanks unruly girlsYour parents were going away so they decided to send you to your aunt who lived in the country for a couple of weeks … it was always a time of mixed emotions for you as you loved going out investigating in the woods looking for a****ls and this time you were going with your friend Amy , but your aunt was always from the school, she lived in a time warp and believed c***dren should be seen and not heard and she dressed liked an old spinster from the old days , long dresses, a broach by her neck and little glasses perched near the end of her nose … she had rules when you went there , and believed in old fashioned dicipline, so it was always a challenge when you went to have a great time without incurring her wrath and ending up knickers down across her lap . You and Amy arrived that warm afternoon, the taxi pulled up and she stood waiting for you , arms folded , again in that long dress . You looked at Amy and you both giggled . “Afternoon auntie””. You thought start off in the front foot . You were a teenager but quite sassy and at times cheeky… pushing people to the edge and pulling back testing them , Amy was a bit more reserved , she followed you whatever and admired you emmensely and wanted to learn from you . “Afternoon” she replied, come on in, your room is ready. You also found her interesting .. her home was a time warp, wooden floors, grandfather clock ticking away , old pictures in wooden frames, black and white photos in gilt frames. Rugs and a rocking chair in the corner of the front room. You did love the fireplace , you could watch the flames for hours and often threw the old thing in the fire to see how it burned , when your aunt was not around of course . She adored her home and it immaculately kept , your aunt hated dirt and mess and you knew to keep your room tidy at all times . Over the next few days you had a ball with Amy , you played in the woods , went investigating , hide and seek , and you managed to stay in your aunts good books . Until that Wednesday that is . You went out again , but that day your aunt had said, it could rain so don’t go far, she was going into town to pick up some groceries, and would be back later . Off you both went , and this time climbing was on the agenda , canlı bahis the time flew and the weather closed in, a few spots of rain, led to drizzle and then to rain, both of you had got caught and were absolutely drenched.. you hoped your aunt was not back yet so both of you ran back .. she was not there … great , so you both came in and went straight upstairs . Forgetting the wet and mud on your shoes ,, both of you had trampled this into the rugs and on the wooden floors . In the bathroom you cleaned up as best you can but the mess you left. You just got changed and you heard the door shut .. she’s home!!! And you had not cleaned up the hall and stairs . You looked at each other open mouthed …. follow me you said to Amy .. you quickly left the bathroom “Hello auntie”, you exclaimed as you moved quickly to the top of the stairs .,you both looked down and saw her standing at the foot of the stairs open mouth with a look of horror ! You both gulped. “Come down her you two!!” And she walked into her front room , the dark clouds outside has darkened the room and the dying fire offered just the right amount of light without her need to switch on lights . The next few minutes was a tirade from her about respect for other people , for obeying instructions , for listening etc etc etc. You both had your heads down and all you hear was blah, blah, blah etc . She then looked at her watch and said “just enough time before then come to pick up… ” you both had no idea what she meant …”Laura, go and stand over there , and she pointed to a place in the room, you twisted defiantly round and stomped over. “Amy, come here. ” your aunt was now seated in a high backchair and beckoned Amy over . Within seconds she was across her lap, skirt was flipped up and over exposing her knickers… your aunts hand then smacked down on Amy knickers bottom, and proceeded to at a regular place.. all the time scolding her for following you , she knew Amy was not the instigator she just did what you said but it did not stop her from feeling the force of your strict aunts hand … smack smack smack !!! Yeowww, noooo, pleaseeeee,,, stoppppp!!! Then her knickers were pulled down to below her rosy bottom and the spanking continued … amy started snivelling and tears followed bahis siteleri . 6 hard smacks ended her punishment and she was told to go up to bed ….. she got up and pulled up her knickers gingerly and ran out upstairs . ” now young lady “… I will not tolerate disobedience from you.. you are in my house and abide by my rules …. ” You had seen Amy’s bottom getting a good roasting and slowly your defiance started to crumble. You bite your lip as she again started the tirade.. your chest heaved, you went from foot to foot , your bottom clenched, your hands went clammy .. you had not been spanked in years and this old fashioned woman knew how to dicipline …. ” I am going to make sure every time you sit down tomorrow you remember this moment and what you did … “” now come here … you walked over sheepishly .. she sat patting her lap .. her glasses on the end of her nose , looking up at you .. she started to roll up her sleeve.. this left you fearful .. she meant business … ” I am sorry auntie, I forgot the time , we were having so much fun…””” not interested my girl, the mess you have left on the floor and stairs I won’t tolerate !!!!””Get over my knee now!!!”You placed yourself over her knee , she moved you so your bottom was in the perfect position for her hand … she flipped up your skirt and immediately pulled your knickers down to your ankles … “ohhh noooo…. ” she did not even start on your knickers straight to your bottom …. she rested her hand on your bottom slightly stroking it as if preparing it … you had a perfectly rounded bottom at your age.. you often admired it in the mirror, filling out trousers perfectly and knee soon you would be looking at it being a different colour to the milky white of it now… again a tirade of scolding and then…”whack” it began.. taking you a bit by surprise.. it started slowly and meaningful, and then got steadily faster and harder … smack! Spank! Whack! Smack! Spank! Whack !! You started howling . Your aunt held you tight , around the waist as she spanked you expertly , pausing to retrieve her glasses that had fallen off her nose … you didn’t think this older lady would have such a strong right arm!!!! Your bottom danced under her slaps … each cheek was spanked and then bahis şirketleri the middle of your bottom. Every inch was covered …. your legs kicked, you twisted and turned but her hand just kept spanking you . Tears started to flow and really you k ew you deserved it and needed this spanking … you had been unruly and disrespectful and aubergine a not sore bottom was needed !!!! As she continued spanking there was a loud knock at the door … ” come in Margret… ” she slowed with the spanking … you were across her lap facing away from the door.. Margret looked in and saw your sore bottom still being spanked … ” your goods are on the kitchen table Margret …”” oh thanks… this is your niece I assume getting what she deserves””” she said it so matter of fact .. you suddenly realised she was there at the doorway looking at your rounded bottom getting a good licking …. your legs kicking as your aunt spanked you … how embarrassing … the shame… your hand went to your face in shame … Margret left and the spanking stopped ….. you got up … crying and snivelling .. very apologetic … you were sent to the corner of the room and your bottom was on fire …. minutes went by and your aunt ordered you upstairs to your room .. you picked up your knickers and ran out .. You laid in your bed on your front gently stroking your burning bottom ..Amy consoling you , knowing you had the harder spanking . You heard your aunt come up the stairs …. on step at a time.. then a feeling of dread came over you .. the bathroom !!! You both had left it in a state getting the mud removed …. you heard her open the bathroom door … “noooooo””Within seconds your aunt had gone to her room and was opening your door … you both jolted upright .. in her hand was a large slipper , obviously not hers but which she had kept from her husband who had passed years before … she grabbed Amy’s arm and pulled her round and threw her across her lap … at least 20 whacks with this big slipper reigned down in her rosy bottom.. she screamed and howled … and kicked …. to no avail . Then she was firmly put back in her bed. Then your arm was held and you were across her lap and a prolonged whacking with the slipper on your already burning bottom… you kicked, struggled , twisted but each cheek still got the full force of your aunts anger …. whack! Thwack!! Whack!! Thwack!!!! Whack!!!…… she then got up and got you into bed , crying and snivelling and extremely repentant …