summer at home!

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summer at home!Note:this is a fantasy all characters are fake! Hi I’m Dallas an I am going to tell you about my amazing summer I had at home! So I finally got to go see my family for summer break I have been so busy between college and baseball I haven’t had the time to go visit them for about three years now. They live in Florida and I go to college in Texas so it’s kinda hard because traveling is so expensive. So when I finally got home I was greeted by my stepmother and stepsister which I was so happy to see my dad was gone on business in Europe so it was going to just be three of us at the house all summer. Which was fine and let me explain why my stepmom Krista and my stepsister Bethany where to very sexy ladies. K which I called my stepmom as her nickname is a beautiful 42 year old woman short blonde hair beautiful brown tan firm C cup breast and a ass that you couldn’t miss. And Bethany oh goodness where do I start she is 21 and plays volleyball in college so her body is really sexy and fit she is about 5’6 like her mother she has long curly brunette hair with breast about the size of k’s. But her ass was even better it wasn’t as big but it was firm and tight which I loved. So after I got unpacked and settled in. Beth which I call her for her nickname came up to my room to see if I wanted to go swimming with her and K which I agreed to. As she was walking out my room she lifted her skirt and I could see her ass in her little panties that only covered half of butt cheeks. And she turned around and winked at me. See me and Beth have always been flirty with each other always messing around since are teen years but never done anything because we were kinda scared you can say. But I changed Into my swimming trunks and went down to the pool K and Beth were already swimming which was fine. K ordu rus escort looked over and said my have you changed which I just laughed what she meant was I was bigger now muscular six pack big arms and also a arm sleeve tattoo. So I got in we small talked about college and my dad for a little while until K got out to go fix supper. That’s when it got interesting because Beth started her flirting with me which I didn’t mind but she had a little more courage this time then in the past. She swam over to me and started to talk to me saying look at Dallas all grown up and sexy smiling at me which made me smile as well which I responded you know you want this you little slut! She always loved when I talked to her like that for some reason. To which then she didn’t respond and started to get out as she started walking towards the house she pulled her bikini bottoms down just a little and smacked it which surprised me because that has never happened but it made me really hard! So I decided to go in to the house and saw K cooking so I sat at the table to talk to her thats when Beth came down to the kitchen in a tanktop and panties! Which her Mom did not approve of yelling Bethany go put some clothes on Dallas here that is disrespectful. Secretly I loved it and Beth knew it. So food was done so we all went to the living room to eat supper and to watch a stupid chick flick that they wanted to watch . It turned in to be a long movie which K went to bed before it ended so I went to my room as well to play some Xbox for a while that’s when Beth came in I asked her what she wanted to which she responded I am bored so I came to see what you where doing mister. I didn’t respond. So she sat down behind me watching me play the game. Then all of a sudden she jumped on me ordu rus escort bayan a put me in a choke hold then I knew what she wanted. She wanted to wrestle like when we where younger. So I finally got her turned over and ended up on top of her but she was laying on her stomach so my cock was right on her ass! She knew this and started to wiggle her sexy little ass which I tried not to but it made me hard. She looked up and said someone’s happy. Well duh Bethany and attractive girl like your self Is going to turn some one on. So I started to get up so I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed any more that is when she jumped on top of me and said its okay Dallas. And then all of a sudden she pulled my boxers down. Beth what are you doing I asked, she just stared and said it’s so big I said Beth what are you doing she said shut up you know you are liking this! Which I said maybe and then she put my 9inch cock in her mouth and it was over. I was speechless I just my cock took over my brain and no longer cared that my stepsister was blowing me like a porn star I was so turned on! That’s it sucks that big cock you nasty slut. After a few minutes I had to see her naked so I took over her I picked her up and started undressing her. I took her tank top off and her bare breast where so perfect I had to suck on them. Which made her moan a little then I turned her around an took her little panties off that she was teasing me with all night. An started smacking her beautiful bubble butt. She said that’s it spank me daddy which made almost cum I was so turned on by that. So I picked her up and put her legs around my face and laid down on the bed liking her beautiful trimmed pussy and sucking on her clit! Which made her moan loud to which I told her to be quite because rus ordu escort I didn’t want to wake K. The aroma of her pussy was amazing she was soaking wet I inserted two fingers in to her tight little pussy which made her moan louder then the first time which I didn’t care this time because I was ready to fuck my stepsister. So I pulled my fingers out to which Beth sucked on tasting her own juices. Then I asked her if she was ready. She said ready for what I said this and I shoved my p***s in her to which she screamed oh my goodness Dallas it’s so big! I started to bang her harder now which made her have a orgasm and she tore into my back and said I’m sorry but that was the most exciting orgasm I ever had! I said do you like my big cock in your tight pussy you dirty little girl. Yes daddy yes yes oh give it to me. By this time I had to rest so I rolled over and said ride this monster show daddy what you got and she did just that. She was riding me like a champion bull rider I couldn’t help but say Beth you are the best I ever had you sexy vixen. To which she responded I know you would love me and my tight little pussy to which she started screaming I’m cumming oh my my she couldn’t talk I felt her warm juices run down my shaft to which she got off trying to catch her breath. I just rolled her over and told her to put her cute little ass in the air and started pounding her harder than ever. I said you ever been butt fucked cutie she yelled no and your not going to with that monster so I kept pounding her and when she wasn’t expecting it I inserted my finger in her butt which was amazingly tight she screamed really loud I’m cumming I pulled out and she started squirting I was surprised and said your a squirter To which she responded I have never squirted before I then said open your mouth and started to cut she swallowed all of it . Then winked night Dallas thank you I said no thank you. I feel asleep and was woke up by a yell k**s what was all that noise I was hearing last night. Oh no I thought what’s next. I hope you enjoy this story if you want me to keep it going just comment thank you!