Summer of 93’ Nothing Compares To You Part VI

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Summer of 93’ Nothing Compares To You Part VISummer of 93’Nothing Compares To YouPart VIWe all got out of bed and I got new sheets and pillow cases and sent everybody out. Turned on the two exhaust fans in the bathroom and spritz a little air freshener. I got the bed made lickety-split as Maggi and Donna announced their plans to jump in the shower. Nat said “I’m going to jump in the spa”, and everyone knew that’s where I was headed.Maggi got the water running in the shower and I headed out to the swim-spa. Natalie was already in relaxing in the current. I got in and went under water for a minute and surfaced right next to Natalie. All the lights were out except the porch light which was just a 40 watt bulb. Natalie reached her arms around my waist and put her head on my chest. I held her and kissed the top of her head. She looked up and asked, “Pete, did you like having me on you like that?” “More than you can imagine Nat, I loved it, not to sound lewd, but your pussy is very special”, I answered as we kissed.She held me and said, “Now when you’re inside me I cum without even touching my clit, that never happed before, not even with Jeff (Nat’s ex-husband)”, Natalie explained. Nat put her arms right under my arm pits and locked her self against me, she pulled back just enough to kiss me, this time we opened our lips and our tongues met for a long mingling. My cock got hard again and went right between her legs pressing up on her vulva. She pushed herself on me and said, “I want to make love to you, Pete.” I said, “let’s talk a bit while were alone.” She kissed me and nodded.She brought up her ex-husband which surprised me, she never talked about her marriage much at all. She told me how Jeff broke the news to her that he was leaving for another woman, “If you can call an 18 y/o – 4 months out of high school girl a woman?”, Nat said with disgust. I asked her if he ever said why, Natalie’s response, “She was very pretty, petite and skinny, I’m sure she was acrobatic in bed for him, she’s not very bright, she barely passed high school.” She went on to tell me they had the issues that couples have once the honeymoon wears off, stop talking with friends, stop having sex, feel isolated and alone. Natalie explained she was willing to try anything but Jeff wanted out. “Hell Pete, I let him fuck me in the ass”, she said. I said, “I think all couples try that at one point, Maggi and I got it out of our system way before we got married. We kept hearing people say it was so great, we tried a couple of times and neither of us found it to be pleasurable, Maggi found it painful and still tried because she thought it might get better.” Natalie said, “God, you’re so cool for sharing this with me; well Jeff made me try a lot more than a couple of times, he would fuck my ass every other day, he’d fuck me and wouldn’t even look at me, just come in my ass and go wash his dick off, it never felt good, it stopped hurting after a the 9th or 10th time, but it never felt good.”“I can’t imagine it would, that’s why I wouldn’t go on with Maggi, I couldn’t stand seeing her in any pain and I know she felt it degrading.” I answered. I held Natalie and looked into her eyes, “Nat, I love you with all my heart, promise me you’ll never do anything you don’t truly want to do. I know we get pretty kinky, but don’t ever think you MUST do something with us or me.”Nat kissed me again and said, “I can’t ever imagine saying no to you.”We talked some more and I asked Natalie, “Was Maggi in a lot of pain when she was getting waxed, because I told her DO NOT do this for me.”“Pete, we went over this, don’t feel guilty, Maggi was not in any pain, it was a little uncomfortable but Donna really knows what she’s doing and we had several glasses of wine”, Nat answered. Nat continued, “Besides, Donna ate us out after she washed us off and oiled us up; Oh God, she maid me cum twice, the first time it was so fast, she knows what she’s doing when it comes to eating pussy too.” I just said, “Wow, Maggi always said Donna is amazing.”Nat said, “She is, Maggi had a lot of hair waxed off, Donna really wanted her to feel good, Maggi was really vocal when Donna had her coming the second time, I grabbed Maggi’s nipples and she was so turned on, I almost came watching her. After that we made out, all three of us, we were all naked on the bed in the guest room. Maggi loves playing with our tits.”I laughed and said, “Maggi has “A” cups so I guess she likes what she doesn’t have, you have a “C” and Donna a “D”?” Nat said, “Yes, I’m a 38 C, Donna is a 42 D, and Maggi’s a 35 A. We all know each other’s sizes.“Do you know my size?”, I asked.Nat laughed, “Your size has been talked about quite a bit by me and Donna, you’re 7 and 1/4 inches and bigger around than either mine or Donna’s wrists. “Remember when you made love to me that first time, it had been 2 years and one month since a man touched me, I didn’t know if I could get excited being with a man again. At one point I even thought about going to a bar and just picking up some stranger and letting him fuck me to see if I could get off. I’m glad I didn’t.” Nat explained.Nat continued, “When you entered me after eating me out I couldn’t believe the sensation I felt, I felt like I was having sex for the first time, without any of the shame, guilt or pain. You had just made me cum by eating me out and that in itself was amazing, I had never had an orgasm from a man eating me out before you.”I stoped her and asked, “You were married 2 years, didn’t you and Jeff, you know…?”Nat answered, “Oh I gave him plenty of blow jobs, I liked to, but he would only get near my pussy if I begged him and then he would lick me for about 2 minutes, stop and run off to the sink to wash his mouth out. I went to my gynecologist 4 times just to see if there was something wrong with me. She said everything with my pussy was perfect, I was healthy, no infections, no odor, she even tested the ph balance to see if there could be something wrong. In the end she told me that there are a lot of men that will never perform oral sex on a woman, a lot of it is cultural, it stems from religious beliefs, superstitions and just plain ignorance.”I told Natalie about my first sexual experience, “My first sexual experience was oral sex on a woman, I had no idea what I was doing and had only seen a vagina in magazines. She was a virgin too, we were making out in her bedroom and the next thing I know I had her pants down and she spread her legs. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on, my mouth started watering. She told me I was not to put my cock in her.”Nat stoped me and asked, “Your mouth actually started watering? Wow, I guess you were born loving pussy?”I continued, “When I got close the fragrance was intoxicating, I didn’t hesitate, I spread her lips and started istanbul escort french kissing her pussy like crazy, the next thing I knew I was getting flooded with her cum, I didn’t know what it was then, and neither did she. Instinctually I went to her clit and licked and sucked it into my mouth as I massaged it with my tongue. She went wild and started shaking like she was having a seizure.Nat said, “That happens when it’s the girls first orgasm, was it her first?”I answered, “She told me it was, I couldn’t believe it, she was 18. I thought girls are like boys.”We laughed and nat said, “Shit we’re wrinkling up.” We got out and rinsed off. Maggi and Donna were sleeping in the master bedroom both under the sheets, Donna’s tits were uncovered, I wanted to squeeze them and suck her nipples so bad. So Natalie and I went to the guest suite, after I lubed her up with vitamin E oil we tucked our selves in, kissed and talked some more in the dark. Natalie could tell I had a raging hard on It kept bushing against her. It didn’t help that Nat brought up Donna’s D cup tits.Nat Said, “Donna’s boobs are really smooth and pretty, they look great, so young looking.” I answered, “Yea I noticed that; I wouldn’t call myself a boob-man, more a lower-half man, but I really wanted to hold her boobs and suck her nipples back there.”Nat kissed me, pulling my lip into her mouth then saying, “Is that why you’re so hard, you know mine are a “C” cup?”I said, “Nat I’m so hard because I’m lying next to you and we’re both naked, I’m so turned on right now I might just spray cum on you without doing a thing.”“I’d prefer if you’d spray your cum in my mouth or pussy, or my ass if you want”, Nat whispered.Nat turned so we were spooning, she pushed her ass out, the tip of my dick went into her pussy, this position didn’t allow for a lot of penetration. I got my dick about 4” in her, I felt my head go past her vaginal corona, Nat moaned whispering, “That’s it, right there.”She took my hand, pulled it and guided me to her pussy; she put my middle finger just on the shaft of her clit, her clit hood was loose from the shaft and I noticed once when she was masturbating very slowly she slid this hood over the shaft just as foreskin slides over the head of a cock.“Do you feel it, just enough pressure, that’s it, perfect.” Nat guided me.I pushed my cock in her another half inch as she adjusted her position so I could get more depth. I could feel the lip of my helmet going over and back through her vaginal corona, the stimulation was perfect for both of us. I moved slowly, my finger and cock together in rhythm. Nat moaned and whispered, “ Oh my God, this is perfect, nice and slow, we’ll cum together, this is so amazing.”I kissed the back of her neck, she smelled like sunshine and flowers, her long blond hair surrounded my face, her hair was so soft.I whispered, “Natalie, my angel, I’m in love with you, completely in love with you.”We continued and I felt her clit starting to throb, she moaned, “I’m Coming.”I pushed my cock in another inch as I thrust my pelvis forward and shot my first stream of cum.Nat said, “I can feel you coming, it’s so warm, oh god I feel it.”Her clit pulsed just like a penis ejaculating as she just kept moaning. I shot 4 or 5 really strong streams of cum into her wet pussy, Nat grabbed my hand and pulled it to her tits, I squeezed them firmly, she moaned, “Oh yes, oh, your hands feel so wonderful on my body.”Nat rolled into me so she was under me, she spread her legs and angled her pussy so my cock could go in with maximum penetration. I was still pretty hard even though all my cum was now deep inside her. She pulled me into her and I felt my cock going deeper, I flexed my pelvic muscle to see if I still had a good hard-on. I did and as I thrust deeper it got harder. I thrust slowly as my dick got harder each passing second and after twenty minutes I was 100% hard again. I could tell, I could cum again if I wanted to.Nat whispered, “Oh my god, you can go forever, I have never felt this good in my life, I’m going to cum again.” “I am too”, I whispered. Nat smiled and whispered, “How can you have anything left, I don’t care I want all of it… I’m coming, oh, I’m coming.”I came as I thrust hard and deep into her pussy, I could tell some cum came out, but I knew I was drained and my dick actually ached. Nat and I kissed for 5 minutes or so as my dick finally fell out of her relaxed and open vagina. I rolled off of her and we went to the bathroom together. She pee’d then I pee’d, she queefed as she pee’d. “Ok, that was not a fart, you understand?”I answered, “Of course, I know what a queef is.”Nat laughed and said, “Good, because it was your big thick cock that put all that air in there. I swear, I have never queefed as much in my whole life as I have with you.”Nat was looking at her pussy with the hand held mirror, she was inspecting it closely. I asked, “What’s the matter?” She answered, “I have never seen my pussy so red and swollen, Pete, I don’t think I’ve ever fucked, been sucked and sucked so much in my life, not even on my honeymoon, I’m going to be sore.”Nat looked at my dick, “Pete did you see yourself, the head of your cock is swollen like a red apple, does that hurt?”I said, “I know, don’t touch it, what ever you do.”We went to bed in each other’s arms and fell asleep. I woke at 5:30 and checked on everyone. Maggi and Donna were still sleeping naked but now the sheets were on the floor. They looked so good lying there naked. Donna’s big tits flopped to one side and Maggi all tan on her side with her legs pulled up, her beaver was puffed out, I just wanted to lick it. I grabbed the sheet and covered them up.I went back to bed with Natalie.I fell asleep again and when I woke up Natalie was gone. I was walking around the house naked, looking for any one. There they are, all three sitting at the breakfast nook in the kitchen drinking coffee and looking at the polaroids Maggi took last night and the ones we took the night before. They didn’t see me so I listened in. Donna said, Maggi you did a good job with these pictures, none of our faces are in them.“Yea, Pete takes pictures of me and he makes sure there are no faces”, Maggi replied.Donna said, “I love this one, my pussy is spread so wide open, Pete has got to teach that to Danny, I get tingles just thinking about it.”Maggi said, “You know Pete actually just thought that up one day?”Natalie said, “I bet Pete thinks about pussy a lot, I mean he’s so good at everything, I’ve never had an orgasm from just a cock before.”Maggi and Donna nodded their heads. Donna said, “First, Pete was always a gentleman and very professional always, But when we worked together, I would go into the bathroom and masturbate because I was in his office avcılar escort or we were working on a display together.”They turned their attention back to the homemade porn.Maggi said, “This was right before your gushing orgasm, here take it home to Danny, and take this one, it’s of my pussy after you waxed me.” Maggi put it against her pussy and said, “Tell him I Kissed it.”“Shit, he’ll love this, he’ll either want to fuck or jack-off”, Donna answered.I walked in the kitchen grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a yogurt, grabbed a spoon and said, “I’m going back to bed.”Maggi stood up and said, “Hold up there, come say good morning and kiss me and Donna goodbye.” I said, “What goodbye, no, who’s leaving?”Maggi answered, “I’m taking Donna home and then going to my father’s house to do his books for his business. I’ll probably help my brother pick out his classes for this fall semester.”Maggi and her Dad were very close, her Mom died back in 1988 while I was half way around the world with The Navy. Her Dad had his own plumbing business, Maggi kept his books straight for him. When Maggi’s Mom died her Dad spent nearly a month in his house just crying. Maggi, her brother and my Mom & Dad helped to get him back into living again. Maggi’s brother was a senior at University of Tampa.I replied apologetically, “I’m sorry I forgot this was your day to help your Dad, do you want me to come with you?, I’ll load Danny’s massage table into your 4Runner.”“Relax Husband, it’s all done, were not helpless little waifs, go get some more rest, I’ll see you in time for dinner.”I hugged and kissed Maggi and Donna goodbye and kissed Nat good morning. Maggi said, “You need to clean the house, you did a great job on the yard yesterday by the way, I love you.”I went back to bed in our master bedroom, ate my breakfast and fell asleep.I woke up with no idea what time it was, our master bedroom had black out shades and someone pulled them down. I felt much better and went into the bathroom to empty out. I took a very refreshing shower (our master bath shower had 6 shower heads) and dried off. I figure if I’m going to clean I might as well start with the bathroom, as I looked around I noticed it was clean, spotless clean. I put a towel around my waist and walked into the living room and it was clean. “Do we have elves?”, I’m thinking.I ran around the house, it’s not a small house, everything was clean. I ran out back and Natalie was laying out naked with her ass sticking up all oily. I ran over and said, “How did the house get so clean?”, She rolled over and said, “I cleaned it Pete, and Dave returned your Sawzall.” The box was next to Natalie on the pool deck.I said, “Natalie, No, you’re Not supposed to clean, you’re our guest, Nat, I feel terrible.” I knelt down next to her apologizing, she turned over and hugged me and said, “Would you relax, I worked my way through college cleaning houses and offices, it’s no big deal. I love you and Maggi and I’m here so much it’s the least I can do. I want to get 30 minutes of sun on each side, C’mon, join me or just sit next to me and we’ll talk.”I looked at my Sawzall and asked, “Dave my neighbor returned this, did he bring it in the back yard?” Natalie said, “Yes, he said he figured you were back here because all the garage doors were open and no one answered the front door.”I said, “Let me guess, you were naked?”Nat replied, “Yes (and started giggling), I was putting the vitamin E oil on my pussy so I had my legs spread out, I heard him, I thought it was you and said, Hey, I need help putting this oil on my pussy, I looked up and he was staring right at me and said, “M’am, I’m married, but if I may say, you have a beautiful one. Please let Pete know I dropped off his saw, and he took off running.”I said, “Hey Nat, I’ll be right back, I need to run over to Dave’s real quick, please don’t over do it in the sun.”I put on my shorts and sneakers and ran over to Dave’s house. Dave, Curtis and Orlando (not the city, another neighbor) were in the garage. Dave’s garage was like mine, we both had 4 car garages, Dave had the end section set up as a nice little work shop/ man cave.Curtis and Orlando were choking back their emotions when they saw me run up and Dave said, “PETE, you come over to hang out with the old men, Do you want a beer, sit brother, sit??”Curtis said, “Yes Pete, sit with us, I was just telling Orlando yesterday while we were up on my roof cleaning out the dryer vent chimney that you should spend more time hanging out with us.”I said, “You and Orlando were on your roof yesterday, in the afternoon?” Curtis said, “Well the back of the house is shaded that way.”Right then, Dave’s lovely wife, (his second wife, 15 years younger than himself) came out with a newspaper in hand. “Dave look at this, they’re having an RV show at the fairgrounds next weekend”, Becky said.She saw me, I was in my board shorts tied at my hip bones with nothing else on but my sneakers, her eyes opened wide and she said, “Oh Hi Pete, it’s so good to see you, I saw you running the other day, I honked, you run so fast, it certainly wasn’t jogging.”I answered, “No M’am I was running a timed mile, I’m not as fast as I was in The Navy but I’m only 12 seconds over four minutes, if I go all out and the wind is behind me.”Becky walked up to me as if the three other men were invisible, reached over to my arm tentatively and touched me saying, “Well, I can certainly tell you work out, oh yea, you must work out a lot”, as she looked me up and down.“I do what I can M’am”, I answered.“M’am, I’m only 30, we must be close to the same age you and I?” I answered, “Indeed Becky, I’m 28.”“See, it’s better to call me Becky, we’re all friendly here and good neighbors aren’t we; Has anyone ever told you that you have the bluest-blue eyes?” Becky said as she laid on her southern charm accent.I answered smiling broadly, “Thank you, Becky, I’ll take that as a compliment.”Becky asked, “May I touch you, I mean your muscles?”Before I could answer, Dave grabbed his wife and said, “Becky, I hear the phone ringing, it’s probably your mother, you better go answer it!”Becky was staring at my abs and my shorts and said, “Ok Pete – I mean Dave, (and started laughing as she looked at my eyes again) Pete come over to swim anytime you want.”Dave pushed her into their house. Orlando and Curtis started laughing. Dave said, “I don’t think it’s funny”, as he pushed Orlando and Curtis.Curtis, “I’m sure you couldn’t see into my backyard all that well, I mean the width of my property is 210 feet and yours is what, 300 feet, you have the 4 acre lot right, mine is just the 2.2 acre lot; you’re going to build a stable aren’t you?” I asked.I then said, “Well I’m sure we all have enough room for privacy anyway, and the next time I am entertaining şirinevler escort lady friends, I’ll be sure to invite you and your wife; Lorraine right, she’s very nice.”“You’ve met her?” Curtis asked surprisingly.“Oh yes she came over the other day, Maggi and I were home, Maggi invited her in and showed her our home and offered her a cup of coffee. Lorraine’s purpose for her visit was to ask me if I could identify a snake by the pool, apparently Lorraine was frightened while laying out and ran right over.”Curtis asked, “Was she wearing just her bathing suit?” I told him, “Yes and she was very happy with it, she pointed out, she just bought it at Dillards and it was a designer suit, Maggi really liked it, she wears the same style T-back herself.”“IT WAS A T-BACK!??”, Curtis asked as his voice cracked a little.I answered very calmly and spoke very clearly, “Well that’s the style now, they’re very revealing, Maggi, Donna and Natalie were just waxing their pussies bald yesterday in our guest suite, I learned it’s very important to keep the entire vulva well oiled with vitamin E oil after the waxing. I was kept pretty busy making sure they all kept oiled up.”Orlando dropped his beer and said, “Fuck Me!”I said, “Dave probably knows of what I speak, I’m sure Natalie would have appreciated your helping hands Dave, no one would have known except me, you and Natalie. Remember a missed opportunity is one you’ll never get back.”I continued, “The good news Curtis, Maggi and I both went over, Maggi says you have a lovely home by the way, and I found no snake by your pool, and I can assure you that no snake will ever come from my yard into your’s, or your’s Dave or your’s Orlando.”They all three shook their heads.I said, “Anytime you and your wives want to come over we’d be glad to have you as our guests. After all we’re neighbors, share and share alike right?”They shook their heads again.I excused myself and shook their hands, “Sorry, there’s some vitamin E oil on my hands. Guys I have to get back to my Special Friend, Natalie, she can’t get over exposed to the sun, she’s Swedish and want’s me to fuck her silly by our outdoor bar; Take care.”I walked back home. I could here the three of them, wasn’t sure who said what, but I heard, “My wife will never go for that”, “I think Becky would have fucked him right here on the floor, did you see her eyes?”, “Yea Dave” “What about you Curtis, did you even know Lorraine OWNED a T-Back?” “Who do you think she bought it for?” “Guys, we’re ok, he’s a good guy, you heard him, no snake”. “Good thing, Lorraine would probably be over there letting him oil her up, spreading her legs!”I ran to the back yard and made a mental note to get a lock for the gate.Natalie was turning over right as I showed up, “30 minutes exact” she said.“Natalie, It’s very important with your skin tone that you Do Not Burn!”, I told her emphatically.Natalie sat up and said, “Kiss me you wonderful man.” “Oh Pete, your mouth is really dry, you need to get hydrated, were you talking a lot with the neighbors?”I answered, “Yes, I’ll get some water, what would you like?”Laughing Natalie said, “Surprise me, but no more wine, and take off those shorts.”I came back with two bottles of water and my homemade lemon sun tea for both of us. We sat together on the deck talking and kissing as we replenished our fluids.Natalie asked me if I would help her work out in the swim spa, she said, “Pete, I want to get toned up?”“You bet when do you want to start?”, I asked.Nat jumped in and said, “How about now?”I showed Nat the breast stroke, it was by far the best to tone up your entire body. Once I got the current speed set, she went to it, I stood out of the spa and watched her. Watching a beautiful woman doing the frog kick naked is an incredible site to behold. I set the timer for ten minutes and gave her encouragement to keep going even though she was winded. The 10 minutes were up and I jumped in to help her warm down and stretch. Nat held on to the grab bar as I pulled her legs, massaging her from her crotch to her feet, I worked my way up to her arms and shoulders. She found the entire exercise revitalizing and she was encouraged by how good she felt.Natalie and I were holding each other in the warm water and started kissing passionately as we always do. She asked me how long it would take to start seeing results.I said, “If you do this 5 days a week and add a little time each day you should see nice results in one month, you’ll notice changes in ten days.”After rinsing off Nat put a towel down on the end barstool under the veranda. She leaned back against the bar and said, “You know this is pretty comfortable, Maggi said I should try it out, would you oil up my pussy again?”As I was applying the vitamin E oil I remembered, that’s where she and Danny (Donna’s Husband) would fuck when all four of us were together, she said she always would cum when he was fucking her on this bar stool. Thinking of it, I was fucking Donna and Danny was fucking Maggi, we were right next to each other on the barstools. Both women came pretty quick, me and Danny were switching back and forth until we came. Natalie turned, put each knee on separate barstools about 2 feet apart and leaned onto the bar to support herself. This put her asshole right below my nose, me standing 6’5”. I kept thinking about her getting fucked in the ass. I oiled up her taint and the rim of her asshole.Natalie said in her sweet soft voice, “Do you like the view from there?” I didn’t say a word, I slowly licked her taint and around the rim of her asshole. She said, “Oh I’ve never felt like this before.”I asked, “What’s different?”“I’ve never been turned on by having my ass tickled like this, oh this is a new and wonderful sensation, oh wow.”, Nat whispered with a sexy voice.Again, I didn’t say a word, I moved over her taint and around her puckered hole, I licked all the way to the center slowly with increasing pressure. I pulled away and softly blew on her, I kept thinking of her POS ex-husband and how he abused such a beautiful young woman. How could he just fuck her beautiful little asshole not even care if she experienced any pleasure at all? I put two fingers in her pussy and used my thumb to stimulate her clit. Natalie moaned with pleasure, and was pushing back on my fingers as I moved forward, I put in a third finger and she cooed with delight, I reached my arm around her legs as she lunged forward and announced to the neighborhood, “I’m COMING!”.I caught her as both stools fell over, I flipped her around so she lay in my arms, she looked up at me and said, “I’ve never felt like that before.” She laid her head against my chest, kissed me and said, “I just realized if you didn’t catch me, I would have gone head first into the deck, I would have been seriously hurt, but I was never scared, I just knew you were there.”I kissed the tip of her nose and smiled.Nat said, “You know, I’m a pretty skittish person, I just realized, whenever I’m with you I’m not scared at all, I wasn’t scared of falling or getting hurt or of anything.I smiled.“Let’s go inside Pete.” Natalie whispered as she pulled herself into me with her arms around my neck.End Part VI