Summer of 93’ Nothing Compares To You Part X

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Summer of 93’ Nothing Compares To You Part XSummer of 93’Nothing Compares To YouPart XSaturday morning came and I was up at 0500, out to the pool for a workout, three sets of 30 minute swimming, then 100 sit-ups followed by two sets of 25 pushups, back in the spa for a warm down. I took a quick shower outside so I wouldn’t wake Maggi and Natalie. Once I was dry I jumped back into bed holding on to Maggi’s ass. Natalie and Maggi were spooned together so i just joined the stack. I fell asleep and when I woke Nat was gone and Maggi was still sleeping but now on her back spread eagle. I slid down to see if I could start eating her pussy before she woke up. She loves this, I got lucky a few times, right as she woke, she’s like, “What’s going on, Oh MY GOD, What’s Happening, I’m coming!” That always freaks her out. She’d say, “What The Fuck, I missed all the best part.” So I snake my way in, I can smell the wonderful fragrance of her pussy, (her pussy has the best taste and smell of any pussy in the world.)And I start licking, very softly, just the top of her pussy right below the clit, then up and over the clit and back down. I had a nice steady rhythm going, I look up and she’s smiling, and she’s still sleeping. She rolls to her left, toward the center and stops on her side, her bottom leg out straight and her top leg pulled up. This view is so beautiful, her beaver sticks out and her pussy opens a little, it’s a perfect position for fucking. Now here’s the thing, if you want to eat her out, you better not mind getting real close to her asshole and putting some tongue there as well.I get in there and I’m licking and Natalie walks in.“Wow, that’s pretty hot, Pete, I’m next”, she says. I pull up and went, “shhhhh, she’s still asleep.”Nat whispers, “Pete you are SOOOO kinky sometimes, have you ever done that to me, if not, start tomorrow, please.”So I motion to Nat, pointing to my dick and then pointing to Maggi’s pussy. This is the funny thing, she’ll get wet in her sleep.So Maggi is all wet and her pussy is relaxed. Natalie points to her ass and pulled her ass cheek, opening up the attack angle. I rubbed my dick with my saliva and went to slide myself in. My dick went right in, Nat started kissing Maggi and Maggi starts moaning in her sleep and kissing Natalie back. I was getting good penetration.Just then, Maggi mumbles, “Natalie, how can you be fucking me, don’t stop.”Maggi opens her eyes and smiles at Nat and says, “I was dreaming you were fucking me, isn’t that weird?” They kept kissing and Maggi said, “I’m going to cum all over your dick Natalie.”She starts to cum and realizes it’s me and says, “Oh my god Pete, wake me up like this every morning, I’m coming…”I came right after Maggi, when she realized it was me she lifted her leg to allow me a little better penetration. Once I came she rolled over on her back again, her and Nat kept kissing. Maggi woke up with a huge smile and she was in a great mood. I went to the hall bathroom to pee and wash my dick, Nat and Maggi went in the master bathroom.Natalie had done all the set up for pancakes earlier, once we all came out, Natalie made pancakes and we all ate together. Maggi kept saying all morning, “I feel so relaxed and in a good mood.”We planned out part of our day, Maggi was going to the mall to shop for 2 new suits, she said, “If I get laid off, I’m going to need a couple of new suits for interviews.”Me and Natalie are headed to the beach, we planned to do some running and swimming. Nat said, “Don’t forget making out, we’re going to do a lot of making out.”Maggi was laughing and said, “I plan on joining you after I get the suits and then the making out can begin.”I told Maggi, “I’ll be in my spot so you know where to find us.”Nat said, “I guess I’ll take a shower in the guest suit.”Maggi said, “What’s wrong with ours, it can fit 6 people?”Nat said, “I know you guys are going to fuck in there, I can’t so…”Maggi said, “Stop Nat, you know you’re going to masturbate alone if your not with us. Trust me you will have a great time and me and Pete will make you weak in the knees, and Pete will catch you if you fall.”Natalie said, “I love you both so much and I love this, the three of us.”Natalie sat on my lap and we kissed, tasting the maple syrup from the pancakes. Maggi got up and I picked Natalie up in my arms and we headed to the shower.We soaped up, Maggi and I paid special attention to Natalie. We kissed her and rubbed her pussy, massaged her beautiful “C” cup tits. Maggi knew how to make Nat cum with just her hand on her clit, the warm soapy water maid it even better. As Maggi was rubbing Natalie she bent over. I slid my cock in her, it slid right in she was so wet and turned on. I grabbed the shower rail and started thrusting in and out. Natalie held on to Maggi for support, she reached around and pulled Maggi’s ass cheeks apart, spreading her asshole open and allowing me to get deeper penetration. Nat slid her middle finger onto Maggi’s cute little asshole, she quivered with delight. I kept thrusting and Maggi said, “More.”I said, “Oh baby you’ve got all I have.”Maggi was gasping and said, “No, Nat, more Nat.” Nat slipped another finger into Maggi’s asshole, Maggi let out a loud, “OHHHH, Yea, one more!”Nat had three fingers in Maggi’s asshole, she slid them in as deep and they would go and Maggi pushed back with her hips and announced, “Oh God, I love it, I’m coming!”I released my come and I pumped up into Maggi’s pussy, Natalie kept her three fingers in her asshole until Maggi stopped grinding up and down. Breathing heavy Maggi said, “Nat pull out slow, slow Nat.” Natalie pulled her three fingers out of Maggi’s hole, and as she did Maggi’s whole body quivered.Cum was running down her long tan legs as she stood with them spread apart leaning forward like she was being searched by the police. She said, “Pete, oh my god, hold me I think I’m going to fall.” I nodded to Natalie to back up and I swept my Maggi up in one motion cradling her in my arms. Nat said, “Holy shit Pete, that was so fast, how did you do that?”Maggi was built like a model/ athlete, she was 6’ tall and weighed 135 lbs and was all solid muscle, handling her wasn’t just a matter of strength but of balance. I’ve picked up Maggi a thousand times, in every way imaginable, she always knew I had her, she had complete trust in me.I slid down to the shower floor and sat her down with her back against the wall, warm water raining down on us, Nat, slid down on Maggi’s other side and we finished washing and rinsing as we sat together.Natalie turned off the water and from a cross legged sitting position, I scooped Maggi into my arms again and brought her to our bed. Natalie gasped in disbelief, “Pete how did you just do that?” Maggi kissed me and said, “I told you Nat.”Nat and Maggi dried off, still naked, laying side by side, first on their stomachs and then on their backs with their hands straight up to stretch. I looked at these two woman as they looked to one another and kissed and sarıyer escort I thought, “This is the most incredible sight any man could see.”Maggi said, “We’ve got to get going, Not that I don’t want to lay in bed all day, I do, but we have got to get moving people.”We all jumped into motion, Nat and I loaded up the truck for the beach, Maggi made plans to meet us there later and we were off.We claimed our spot and set up. The area of Clearwater Beach we used most of the time was a designated T-Back suit area. (Yes they actually had that). What was nice was there were no k**s and the people were all good looking, every once in a while there would be some 70 year old man with a Banana Hammock walking around with a cucumber stuffed down his Speedo’s, the overwhelming majority were good looking and nice people. I wore board shorts and Nat wore her new pink t-back. Nat got settled in, the sun umbrella was casting a nice shadow for her. Nat was pure Nordic, descended from Vikings, she was beautiful and brilliant, but her Achilles Heel was her inability to withstand sunlight. I was of the same stock, but I was raised in the south, I was water skiing on Tampa Bay when I was 8 years old, swimming in Lake Tarpon and scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico all my life, my skin had adapted. Nat was content, she had a great view of the water and plenty of people to look at and talk to. I said, “Nat I’m going to run two miles in the sand I’ll be back in 15 minutes.” The life guards had markers along the shore line as distance indicators they used for their workouts, every marker was an eighth of a mile.As I was running back to our beach blanket I saw that Maggi was there with Nat and they were kissing. I came sliding in like a runner into third base (I loved sliding in the sand).There was a young woman and a boy sitting with them, the young woman looked familiar and so did the boy, but no name came to mind.Nat looked at her watch and said, “13 minutes, 58 seconds, Pretty Boy, How far did you run?” I held up two fingers.I dropped to my knees, kissed Maggi and Nat and grabbed a jug of water. Maggi said, “Do you remember Connie, she was at our wedding, she went to school with us?”“Hey Connie, nice to see you again”, I answered like I remembered her, but honestly I didn’t. So many of Maggi’s friends that came to our wedding I really didn’t know. I was gone for 6 years after I graduated high school, most of Maggi’s friends I knew from her letters she sent me.Connie said, “Pete, this is my little brother Jack, he’s 18 and was thinking about joining The Navy, he’d like to ask you some questions.”I looked at Jack and he seemed preoccupied staring at Natalie’s and Maggi’s pussies. Maggi and Nat were both sitting with legs crossed facing Connie and her brother. With the type of bathing suits they were wearing, there was almost always a part of their pussy that would peak out while sitting this way.I stood up and said, “Jack come here we can talk.”Jack stood up and limped over to me. I said, “Walk it off son.”He started laughing and said, “Walk what off?”“You know what I’m talking about, son, when I was your age I was the best Beaver Shooter on the beach.” (Beaver Shooting, that’s what we called it down South) I said.We spoke for about ten minutes and went back to the women. I said, “Jack quick look, Maggi’s leaning over, you’ll be able to see it all.” He dropped down and copped the shoot.I kissed Maggi and Natalie, pulling Maggi over so Jack could get a good look again.After an hour we headed home, Natalie got a little sun and no burn, here face was so beautiful with a little color from the sun and her skin was radiant.On the way home in the truck, I said, “Natalie what the hell happened in the shower this morning?”She replied, “Oh thanks Pete, you and Maggi make me feel so loved”, She leaned over and kissed me.I said, “We do love you, Nat, I told you, I’m head over heels in love with you, but I’m talking about you putting three fingers in Maggi’s asshole, that’s new to me.”Nat answered, “Yea, that’s new for Maggi too, a couple of weeks ago we were talking and I was telling her about how you were tickling my asshole with your tongue and fingering me and I came and fell off the bar stools, thank God you caught me, but I know you’ll always catch me. She was saying that the last couple of times she masturbated she would have fantasies about you fucking her in the ass.”“Me?”, I said.Nat said, “Yea, she said you guys tried like 7 years ago and never tried again, but after I was telling her about what happed with us on the bar stools, she’s been interested.”I asked, “When was this, was this on my drill-weekend, I was away for the Reserves?”Nat answered, “Yes, it was just us two, so we were running around playing with our vibrators and eating each other out all day, you know we get pretty kinky, I even fisted Maggi twice. Oh and now when I fist her she tells me all she can do is think about you and when she cums she always calls out Your name.”I laughed and asked, “Does that bother you?”Nat said, “Not really because Half the time when I cum with Maggi, it’s you I fantasize about, I called out your name a couple of times and Maggi just went with it, and talked in a low voice.I said, “Maybe we should try again?”Nat answered quickly, “Pete after the other day I really want you to fuck me that way, I know I never enjoyed it with my Ex, but I bet you would would have me seeing stars, everything you do, every time you touch me it feels like it’s the first time you kissed me back in tenth grade.”We pulled in the driveway and Nat said, “Peter, I shouldn’t say this, but I need to, it’s the truth. I was married for two years, so I know what love is, but I never loved Jeff the way I love you.I hit the clicker and Maggi was in the garage hanging up her bathing suit totally naked. (Don’t ever put them in the clothes dryer, I did that and they were all ruined, Maggi was PISSED.) Natalie started laughing, Maggi didn’t blush, she walks out, comes up to my window and tells me not to park so close to her 4Runner.Nat said, “Maggi do you realize you’re naked?”Maggi stood with her hands on her hips, faced the road and said, “We live in the woods, no one can see me.”Our homes were pretty far back from the road, most homes were set up so the front yard was a mini pasture for your horse to hang out in the day time.So right as she says that she walks to the end of the driveway to get the mail. Just then, my neighbor’s son Ryan (16 y/o boy in high school) drives by in his dad’s car, windows down and stereo blasting.He slammed on the brakes and said, “High Miss Maggi.” Maggi waved and said , “Hello Ryan, that stereo was a little loud.” Ryan apologized and sat there staring at Maggi as she walked back to the garage.Ryan was my neighbor Steve’s son, he was a good k**, he house sat and mowed our lawn for us about a year ago while we were on vacation in NYC. His latest venture, esenyurt escort pressure washing driveways, decks and cleaning out horse stalls.We all went inside and I kissed Maggi and Nat called her a slut as she was laughing uncontrollably. Nat said, “Oh My God Maggi, you were flashing your pussy to Connie’s little brother, now Steve’s son is going to run up to his bedroom and jack-off because of you, you’re going to be known and The Slut of Odessa, Florida.”So Maggi just smiled and said, “Maybe he’ll mow our lawn for free, and Oh, Dave left this note on the door for you Pete.”I read the note, “This is from Becky, not Dave, Dave would never write this.”The note said: “Pete, I got a package that was delivered for you. We’re making homemade ice cream tonight, come over after dinner for ice cream and a swim, it’s adult’s only and clothing optional.” Nat said, “I’ll bet my beautiful white ass Dave didn’t wright that!”Maggi looked at Nat and said, “Becky!, she wants to fuck another man in this neighborhood so bad.” I said, “which man?”Nat said, “You’re Number ONE on her list, but she’ll settle for any man that will have her and can get a hard-on.”Just then Curtis and Lorraine ring the doorbell, Maggi answers the door, still naked. Lorraine says, “Oh SHIT, did we come at a bad time?”Nat answered, “No Maggi is just trying to win The Slut of Odessa award.”Maggi pulled them in and said, “I am sticky and sweaty from the beach, and I’m not putting on clothes until I get a shower.”Lorraine says, “Did you guys get a note from Becky?”I said, “Yes, are you going, who else is invited?”Just then, Maggi and Nat grabbed Cutis and said, “I thought you were going to come by and say hello yesterday?”Lorraine came up to me and said, “I’m sorry I should have come over to thank you, all of you.” She hugged me and said, “Maggi, Nat, is it ok if I kiss Pete to thank him?” They both laughed, “as long as Curtis doesn’t mind”, Maggi said.Curtis said, “We have a good thing going, we need to keep it going, were all good friends that happen to like having fun with our clothes off with one another.”Maggi pushed Curtis back on the couch and jumped on top of him and kissed him passionately and said, “You’re so CUTE!” Than Nat kissed him and said, “Kiss me again, I love that tongue of yours.”Lorraine said, “We both want to thank you, ever since the other night, Curtis and I have been screwing like horny teenagers.”I stepped up before Nat and Maggi started calling each other Sluts again. I asked Curtis, “So what did your note say?”Lorraine answered, “Dave’s making ice cream and invited us over for a “Clothing Optional” Ice Cream and Pool Party.”Curtis and I looked at each other, Curtis said, “I know the clothing optional thing is Becky’s idea. Pete and I have talked to Dave enough to know, he’s not the clothing optional type and he does not want to open his relationship.” I Concurred. Lorraine said, “I really hate to say this but Dave is too good for her, everyone knows she wants to fuck Pete even Dave knows, Oh and she only invited the five of us, do you think she knows about us?”I said, “It doesn’t Matter, Dave is a good friend and I let him know in no uncertain terms, I will never nor have I ever fucked another man’s wife behind his back, what we do is totally different, we’re open and upfront about what we do.”Natalie said, “What should we do?”Lorraine stepped up and said, “Ok, Here’s what we’re going to do, (as long as you guys want to) we’ll go over and eat ice cream and have a friendly evening, since I know Dave doesn’t want to have any funny business, we’ll hang out, swim naked and eat ice cream.” Maggi interjected, “God I love ice cream.”I said, “I know Dave is not taking off his shorts, so neither will I.”Curtis responded, “Me either, it will make Dave feel uncomfortable, I think you girls should be naked if you want that way Dave will have the fun of seeing beautiful naked women and Becky will be looking at us in shorts.”Maggi said, “I don’t know why Becky’s after another man, Daves got the biggest dick on the street.”I said, “What the fuck, how do you know, do you have X-ray vision?”Natalie and Lorraine agreed, “Oh yea, without a doubt, he’s hung like a porn star.” The women were all shaking their heads in agreement.Curtis and I looked at each other confused, Curtis said, “Did Dave sleep walk naked or something, how do you know??”Lorraine said, “No, now both of you pay attention and you’ll learn that women know more than men. Dave is 15 years older than Becky, and she was 28 when they got married, Dave is ok financially, but Becky’s still driving a five your old Nissan. She didn’t marry him because he’s a millionaire. Dave is very handsome, but being 15 years older and handsome to a 28 y/o isn’t enough. He had to have either a lot of money or a Big Dick!”I looked at Curtis, hit him on the arm and said, “Jesus Christ, She’s Nancy Drew!”Curtis said, “So none of you have seen his dick?”Lorraine said, “If you would stop thinking about Maggi’s pussy and listen, you would have understood that.”Maggi said, “Well in Curtis’ defense, I put his hand on my clit.”Nat said, “See, Slut of Odessa!”Lorraine said, “Ok, we’ll see you after dinner, I’m going to give Curtis a blow job before we go so he won’t be so tempted, Pete do you need me to give you one too?” Lorraine hugged me laughing, pulled my face down and kissed me again. Than Maggi said, “We can all come back here, if you guys want to?”Lorraine smiled at Curtis, I know Curtis will want to and I already do.Curtis and Lorraine went home, it was clear to see they were both horny and I’m sure they took good care of each other.Nat said, “Come on slut, grab our husband and let’s take a shower and have dinner.” We took a shower together, Maggi was horny from playing with Curtis and wasted no time, after we soaked up and rinsed off she soaped up my dick and got me good and hard, she grabbed a handful of vitamin E oil and lubed herself. Maggi said, “Pete, let’s make this quick we need to go out to dinner.” Natalie was gone. I yelled, “Nat where are you!?” She had her toothbrush in her mouth and her vibrator on her clit, she took out her tooth brush spat in the sink, “We don’t have time for everything, but I do want to cum and I will scream out your name when I do, in fact I’m going to name my vibrator after you Pete!”I came before Maggi, she said, “Ok, I’m almost there, just stay hard for another… Oh… I’m Coming! Oh wow, that was quick, Pete look at me I’m covered with goose bumps, I’m addicted to you so bad.”Natalie turned off the water and said, “Tell me about it, every time I have an orgasm I see Pete.”Maggi turned around and kissed me, than again, and again, Natalie yelled, “C’mon Maggi we have to go.”Maggi got out of the shower and said, “Shit I have cum running down my leg.”“Look at me, it’s still coming out of my dick”, I said. Maggi raced over to me and dropped to her knees and milked my cock dry and sucked what cum was left, avrupa yakası escort swallowed and said, “Oh, I wish you came in my mouth, damn it taste good.”Natalie handed Maggi her toothbrush and said, “Brush your teeth cock-breath.”We got dried off, dressed and headed to The Red Lobster. I said as I pulled in, “Good, were early enough, there’s no line.”A good friend of mine manages this one, and it’s the closest real restaurant to our home. My friend “Geo” greets us and, we caught up, he asked how married life was, just than Natalie, and Maggi said, “Come on husband, they’re ready to seat us.”I said Geo, come sit with us and I’ll explain. He said, “As soon as you’re served, I’ll be over.”We sit down and order our drinks, the guy seating us said, I’ll be right back with your drinks and rolls; your waiter will be here to take your dinner order.The waiter came out and said, don’t worry about the menus Pete, Geo said he’ll be taking care of you and your guests, he took the menus and the food started coming, sample platters of everything, it was unbelievable. We picked the things we wanted and enjoyed our food. Geo sat down and said, “This is overdue, I haven’t seen you in a year, it’s all on the house and I would really like to be introduced to your, w-i-v-e’s, is it?”I explained the situation and he was staring at me like I was some sort of deity. He got up after we finished and bowed to me said, “I am not worthy.”We shook hands goodby then Geo kissed Nat’s and Maggi’s hands.I pulled out my wallet, Geo pushed my hand down and said, “NO My Friend, I Got You Covered, not a penny, I got it.”We went home to stretch out a bit we had about 30 minutes to go before the Clothing Optional Ice Cream Social. I went to my bathroom to empty out, feeling very comfortable, I jumped in the spa floated around a bit got out rinsed off and put on my board shorts and flip flops. I walked inside, Maggi and nat were trying to look at their assholes in the mirror. “What’s going on?, I asked. Nat said, “We want to make sure we don’t have any toilet paper on our asses.” “Why would you have toilet paper on your assholes?”, I asked, ( I knew the answer). Maggi said, “Why do you think, what do you do after you eat, C’mon Pete, help us.”I said, “I’ll help you, you’re both naked, go jump in the spa, all the jets are on full blast.”Nat said, “Oh why didn’t I think of that, no wonder you always have a clean asshole.”They jumped in and swam around making sure the jet’s hit their asshole but not their pussy, Maggi said once, “That jet made me cum, but water was coming out of my pussy for 20 minutes.”Nat and Maggi put on old swim suits, a T-shirt and flip flops; we even brought our own towels.We met Lorraine and Curtis on the way over and locked arms, boy – girl arrangement as we walked.We knocked on the front door, Becky answered naked from the waist up.Beck was really a knock out, if it wasn’t for her conniving ways, she would be amazing. She was 5’8” tall, light brown straight hair down below the middle of her back and very pretty big brown eyes, beautiful face and skin tone, very fit, almost athletic looking, her ass was perfectly round, not a millimeter of sag, just smooth beautiful ass, her boobs were a work of art, they were probably a “C”, maybe a “D” cup and didn’t sag at all, her tits were perfectly symmetrical, with 2.5” areoles, perfectly centered nipples like a pencil eraser but not quite as long. Her tits were perfectly tanned as well, not at all over done.So we go inside and make our way to the back lanai-pool deck area. Dave had it set up nice. It was a huge deck surrounding a very large backyard pool, this was one of the biggest back yard pools I’ve seen. It had a walk out design and on the wall seats so you could sit in the water and just hang out and relax.Dave brings out the ice cream, he made 2 gallons, french vanilla and milk chocolate. Dave said, “Pete, I know you’re a health food nut, that’s why you’re so good looking, I can swear that this ice cream has nothing but natural ingredients.”We sat down ate the ice cream and talked about the usual stuff, than Dave said, “Maggi was that you getting your mail today?”I just shook my head and looked at my feet. But Maggi said, “Yes, I just got back from the beach and was all sticky and sweaty and didn’t want to dirty some clothes to run out to the mail box.”Nat said, “So the trip was that necessary?” Nat coughed and said SLUT in the cough. We all started laughing. Dave said, “What Nat?” Nat replied, “I think Maggi is trying to win (The Slut Of Odessa Contest).”Everyone took it as a joke. Dave cleaned up the bowels and put away the ice cream. So Becky who was topless the entire time said are y’all going to join me for a dip, maybe a Skinny Dip?” She took off her sarong and revealed her mouth watering pussy, I mean absolutely perfect, totally bald, not one hair, blemish, ingrown hair, bump or anything. Just two perfect little lips pert and pouty sticking down about an inch. I thought, “God I Want To Lick Her Pussy.” She had the kind of pussy and ass a man would eat the corn out of her shit for. (That’s a southern saying if you didn’t know)So not to be out done, Maggi, Natalie and Lorraine stood up and walked out of their suits and stood at the front of the pool with Becky.Dave came out with some drinks on a platter, he damn near dropped them and put them down on the table. He was serving Bailey’s Irish Cream, except for Lorraine and myself.Becky said, “See Dave, I told you all the ladies would want to skinny dip, so did you change your mind, honey?”Dave said, “Well Becky the draw string to these shorts got knotted up, I’m afraid they’ll have to stay up.Curtis and I said in succession, “Yep, Mine Too.”We all got up and went in the water, Dave had the temp at about 94-95 degrees I’m guessing, very comfortable and not too hot so we wouldn’t have to limit our time.The evening was pretty normal except every time I got separated from Maggi or Nat, Becky made a move on me. One time, we were all talking and Lorraine must have had a brain lapse, she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth.Normally if this was at mine or Curtis’ house, no big deal, I watched him fucking my wife, what’s a kiss?Becky just opened her eyes and said oh that was friendly and started moving to me. Curtis blocked her and said, “They know each other from way back.” Lorraine, said yea, “We dated but we’re still friends”, and kissed me again.That was about it for the night, we sat for a while talking, the girls were all naked but the lighting was pretty low. Lorraine kept bumping mine and Curtis’ thigh when we were staring to hard at Becky.The only glitch that happened is Lorraine thought Dave and Becky were inside, Maggi kissed Curtis and Lorraine kissed me, Dave walked out of his house on to the porch and Becky was standing behind us.Dave said, “That looked like more than just a friendly kiss.”Quick thinking, I stood up, “Dave, Becky I’m French, (I actually do have a very French surname) this is how we say goodby in France. So I walked over to Dave and kissed him on each cheek, then Curtis followed by Natalie and Maggi.I whispered to Dave, “I’ll explain tomorrow”, after I kissed him, I found out later that Natalie whispered, “You can still oil be up”.We all left, Lorraine and Curtis snuck over to my house!Wait til you hear what happed next…End of Part X