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Subject: Summer With Gramps, Part 13 (gay/incest) This is adult FICTION. It is not intended to encourage or condone any similar activities in the real world. It is merely ENTERTAINMENT, for which Nifty could use your donations! http://donate./donate.html Don’t read this story if you’re not old enough for this stuff, if m/m stories offend you, or if “family fun” isn’t your kind of fantasy. On the other hand, if that’s what you’re looking for, then unzip and get busy! SUMMER WITH GRAMPS PART 13 (FINALE) “What the hell are we doing here?” Gramps grumbled as we stood on Old Man Geary’s porch and waited for him to answer the door. “I couldn’t go off to university without saying goodbye to Mr. Geary and Paul,” I replied. “That explains why you’re here. Why am I here?” “Because now that Paul is home, it’s time you and Mr. Geary made up,” I said. “Life is too short to hold grudges.” “And you’re too young to know what you’re talking about. Besides, they’re obviously not home. Let’s go.” Gramps headed back toward his truck and I followed him reluctantly. As I did, though, I saw that Mr. Geary’s car and truck were parked near the barn. He and Paul had to be around. “Come on, Gramps,” I said, grabbing him by the elbow, “let’s check out the barn.” “Only if you let me fuck you if they’re not there,” he grumbled. “Fair enough,” I laughed. “Come on.” “Holy shit!” Gramps exclaimed when we walked through the barn door and discovered Mr. Geary leaning back against a stall gate with his arms stretched out along the top rung. Paul was on his knees in front of Mr. Geary and sucking eagerly on his dad’s cock. “Joe!” Mr. Geary exclaimed back, quickly grabbing Paul’s head, but Paul obviously didn’t care who watched him perform. “Don’t mind us, you holy hypocrite,” Gramps chuckled. “You fucker,” Mr. Geary growled. “You offering me your boy’s ass now?” Gramps laughed. “Times sure have changed.” Mr. Geary’s mouth dropped open as he stared at Gramps for a moment. He then gently smacked Paul on the head. “Stop it, Son!” he hissed. Paul did as his dad ordered. With a loud slurp, he let the dick slip from his mouth, then he turned to look at me and Gramps with a big grin. “Hi, Joe. Charlie. Wanna join us?” “Paul!” Mr. Geary objected. “Now that you and I’ve made up, Dad,” Paul replied, looking up at Mr. Geary, “I think it’s time you and Joe made up too. He never made me do anything I didn’t want to do.” “If that’s what making up looks like,” Gramps chuckled, “I’m willing to give it a try.” “Get over here, then,” Paul laughed as he slowly stroked Mr. Geary’s slightly softened cock. “I don’t know,” Mr. Geary grumbled. Undoing the straps on his overalls, Gramps stepped up to Paul, dropped the bib, and pushed the overalls down onto his thighs. “How’s this making-up thing go?” Gramps asked innocently. “Like this,” Paul said, taking Gramps’ dick in hand as it began to plump up. He gently pulled on both cocks to bring the old men closer together. I gave my own growing cock a quick rub before crossing the barn to get on my knees opposite Paul. “This is for you, Charlie,” he smiled at me. With a wink, he brought the two cock’s together. “Paulie, I don’t…” Mr. Geary obviously wasn’t convinced. “Just relax for a change,” Gramps grumbled. Mr. Geary let out an involuntary moan as Paul gently pulled back his dad’s foreskin. “Mmmmm,” Gramps sighed when his foreskin was also pulled back slowly by Paul. “Cool,” I whispered as Paul pushed the two exposed cocks together. Head to head. Piss slit to piss slit. I then watched as he slid Mr. Geary’s foreskin forward over the head of Gramps’ cock. “Oh yeah,” Gramps moaned when he felt the warm flesh sliding over his. I licked my lips at the sight of Mr. Geary’s foreskin stretched over Gramps’ head. The outline was so distinct with Mr. Geary’s veins running over it. I couldn’t resist. I leaned forward and licked the joined cocks. Mr. Geary and Gramps groaned simultaneously, and I felt a hand from each suddenly resting on my head. “I think they like that, Charlie,” Paul smiled. “I know I sure do. But watch this.” I pulled back just a little and watched with fascination as Paul pulled Gramps’ foreskin forward and over Mr. Geary’s foreskin, reinforcing the join. “This is what they call double-docking,” Paul informed me. “Cool,” I repeated before leaning in to give the united cocks another lick. The old men both moaned and rubbed my head gently. Paul smiled at me and then leaned in to lick his side of the tunnel. “Oh god,” Mr. Geary groaned as he rested his other hand on his son’s head. “We’ve got quite a pair here, Geary,” Gramps said, resting his other hand on Paul’s head too. There was a long pause, then Mr. Geary replied, “We sure do, Joe. I’m sorry I fucked it all up all those years ago.” “So to speak,” Gramps chuckled. “Yeah,” Mr. Geary laughed back. “Oh fuck, Paulie,” he moaned when Paul began slowly sliding the joined foreskins back and forth on the two sensitive cock heads. “Maybe later,” Gramps laughed. “Any time you want it, Joe,” Paul replied. “But Dad has first dibs.” “Fair enough,” Gramps moaned. Paul and I both leaned forward and started licking the shafts of the two joined dicks as he stroked the foreskins. Licking the flesh. Sucking on the sides. Our tongues occasionally meeting. Stretching our lips to form another tunnel around the heads. “Oh god,” Mr. Geary moaned as I felt him and Gramps both pushing Paul and me together. “Mmmmm,” I sighed, kissing Paul around the cocks. Our lips softly pressed against each other. Our tongues flicking over the rods and occasionally finding each other. Finally, I slid my mouth along Gramps’ shaft as Paul slid his along Mr. Geary’s shaft. “Oh fuck,” Gramps moaned when my mouth found his hairy balls and began sucking eagerly on them. “Oh Paulie,” Mr. Geary groaned, and I guessed Paul’s mouth had found some balls to suck as well. As I lapped at Gramps’ full balls, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Paul grasped the foreskin tunnel firmly and continued sliding it back and forth over the two cock heads butted against each other inside. I could feel Gramps swaying slightly as he started fucking into the tunnel, followed by Mr. Geary fucking into the tunnel from the other direction. It wasn’t long before Paul was just holding the joined foreskins in position while the two old men fucked back and forth. As the fucking quickened, I could feel Gramps’ balls tightening in my mouth. Growing firmer. Growing bigger. I could hear his breath becoming more ragged. Mr. Geary was beginning to pant as well. “You ready to seal this deal?” Gramps finally grunted. “Oh god, ready when you are, Joe,” Mr. Geary panted. “Suck those balls, Paulie,” he groaned. “You sure have changed your tune,” Gramps laughed. “Never too late to learn,” Mr. Geary groaned. “You think those balls are about ready to blow, Charlie?” Gramps asked. “Mmmmmmpppphhhh!” I replied, sucking eagerly on his churning balls and wishing I was on the receiving end of the load that was ready to blow. “Tighter, Paulie,” Mr. Geary begged. “Yeah, that’s it, Paulie,” Gramps sighed. “Almost there.” “Me too,” Mr. Geary panted. Gramps’ crotch was swaying faster and faster. His thigh slapping against my cheek. His balls harder than ever in my mouth. “Gonna cum,” he grunted. “Me too, Joe,” Mr. Geary panted. “Almost…” “OH FUCK!” Gramps suddenly roared as I felt his balls give a final contraction. “OH GOD!” Mr. Geary roared back. “I’M CUMMING,” Gramps yelled as his cock throbbed and pulsed. “I’M SORRY, JOE, FOR EVERYTHING!” Mr. Geary yelled back. “ME TOO, YOU OLD FUCKER!” Gramps laughed as their loads burst from their cocks and mingled in the tunnel. Filling their foreskins with shot after shot after shot. Thrusting against each other. Churning the jizz together as Paul held the tunnel tightly intact. The two old men thrust their cocks violently against each. Grunting. Groaning. Moaning. Huffing. Puffing. Panting. “Shit,” Gramps finally grunted as his body experienced a final shivering spasm. “Now that’s what I call making up.” “We should have made up a long time ago, Joe,” Mr. Geary laughed. Then he added softly, “I really am sorry, Joe.” “Come here, you old pervert,” Gramps replied, and I looked up to see him pulling Mr. Geary’s head forward for a kiss. It wasn’t a deep, passionate, “love you forever” kiss. It was just a nice “that was fun” kiss. Gramps grinned when it was finished, but Mr. Geary responded with a more reserved, nervous smile. They still had a little way to go, but after that make-up session, I was convinced they would get back to being best friends soon enough…and this time with benefits. “Ready for your reward?” Paul asked, grabbing my attention. “What reward?” I asked stupidly, and Paul nodded at the joined cocks with the tunnel still holding all that granddaddy cum. “Oh yeah,” I said with a grin. “Which do you want?” he asked. “Which do you want?” I echoed He smiled appreciatively and said, “Thanks, Charlie, for everything. I think you know which I want.” “I thought so,” I laughed. “Works for me.” “Ready?” “Oh yeah,” I replied. Paul and I wrapped our lips around the cock tunnel again as he slowly pulled back the foreskins. When the seal was broken, all of that pent-up cum oozed onto our tongues and into our mouths. We gulped and sucked as eagerly as possible. Neither of us wanted to lose a drop. Then, almost as if on an unspoken signal, my mouth engulfed Gramps’ cock and Paul’s mouth engulfed his dad’s cock. We each sucked eagerly as the old men moaned with pleasure and a little bit of discomfort at the tenderness of their overused foreskins. Paul and I both pushed those foreskins back to suck the heads clean and lick all of the cum from inside the foreskins as well. I then pressed my tongue against Gramps’ piss slit and stroked his cock from the base. I worked out the last few drops of cum as the foreskin rolled over the tip of my tongue. “Mmmmm,” I moaned, tasting the last of his salty juices and feeling the softness of the foreskin. “Easy there, Charlie,” Gramps sighed as he gently rubbed the top of my head. I finally released his cock from my oral grasp and looked up at him with a smile. “I just can’t get enough of this cock, old man.” “Glad to hear it,” Gramps laughed. “Same here, Dad,” Paul said. “Glad to hear it,” Mr. Geary echoed lovingly. ***** “Sorry you didn’t get your rocks off,” Gramps said as we headed back to the pickup from Mr. Geary’s barn, “but we’ve lost too much time as it is.” “Time for what?” I asked as we climbed in the truck and slammed the doors. “Clay Walker called this morning,” Gramps grumbled. “Said there’s something wrong with my account at the elevator.” “Really?” That didn’t sound like Gramps. He usually knew every penny he had and every penny he owed. “Yeah, like his lack of basic math. That’s what’s wrong,” Gramps replied as he started the engine and revved it up. As we headed down Mr. Geary’s driveway, I felt my cock plumping a little at the thought of Mr. Walker’s fat beer-can cock. I’d been able to play with it a few times during the course of the summer, but not nearly enough. ***** When we eventually pulled into the parking lot at the grain elevator, I asked Gramps, “Do you want me to wait in the truck?” “Afraid my language is going to shock those tender pink ears of yours?” he laughed. “It’s possible,” I grinned. “Come on,” Gramps ordered. “Maybe he’ll be distracted by the thought of your tight young ass and I can get this all cleared up faster to my benefit.” “Whatever it takes,” I smiled as we got out of the truck and headed in to the elevator office. ***** “That’s odd,” Gramps said, checking his watch after seeing the empty receptionist’s desk. “Betty’s usually here at this time. Too late for lunch and too early to leave, even on a weekend.” “Maybe she didn’t want to hear all the yelling,” I offered. “There’s sure going to be a lot of that,” Gramps replied as he opened the door. “Where the hell’s Betty, Clay?” Gramps asked as he entered Mr. Walker’s office. But Gramps stopped short and I ran smack into his back. “Hey, what the…?” Then I looked over Gramps’ shoulder. “I gave her the rest of the day off since you were the last appointment,” Mr. Walker replied, looking at us standing in the doorway. He was sitting at his desk but swiveled sideways. His legs were spread wide and his son, Tim, was kneeling between them. Tim let his Dad’s fat cock slip out of his mouth, took a gulp of air, and then finally said, “Hey, guys, what kept you?” “Settling an old feud,” Gramps replied, and I was glad he was keeping the Geary secret. “Now I’m here to settle your account. What kind of fucked-up bookkeeping have you been doing?” “Calm down, Joe,” Mr. Walker chuckled as Tim began sucking his dad’s cock again. “I just heard this was Charlie’s last weekend in town.” “What’s that got to do with it?” Gramps grouched. “I figured if you thought you could get the better of me in a business deal, you’d bring him along to distract me.” “So, there’s no problem with the books?” Gramps asked, calming down a bit. “Not that I know of,” Mr. Walker admitted, “but Tim and I didn’t want to miss our last chance…for now…to give Charlie some memorable satisfaction.” “Sounds good to me,” I replied, stripping of my shirt and starting to step around Gramps, but he held out his arm to stop me. “Not so fast,” Gramps said. “What’s in it for him?” “More like what’s going to be in him?” Mr. Walker laughed. “College is expensive,” Gramps replied calmly. “He could use a nice scholarship.” “Fuck, Joe. Are you pimping Charlie now?” Mr. Walker laughed. “Just thinking about his future,” Gramps said calmly. Mr. Walker moaned under the ministrations of his son. “Yeah, that’s it, suck Daddy’s dick.” With one hand, he rubbed Tim’s head as it bobbed in his crotch, and with the other hand, he casually reached out and wrote something on a notepad on his desk. Mr. Walker then tossed the notepad to Gramps. “I like to educate the local boys,” Mr. Walker smiled. “Will that help?” “Shit!” Gramps growled when he saw the number written on the pad. “That’s the four-year total. I’ll pay it out in regular installments contingent on Charlie stopping by to give me satisfactory progress reports and show me anything new he’s learned,” Mr. Walker clarified. “You mean he lets you fuck him whenever he comes home,” Gramps clarified in return. “Yeah, that’s pretty much the idea,” Mr. Walker laughed. “And Tim if he’s around.” Tim pulled his mouth off of the huge cock, gulped some more air, darıca escort and said happily, “Thanks, Dad.” “Don’t mention it, Son. And don’t stop,” Mr. Walker replied, pushing Tim’s mouth back down on his raging cock. Gramps hesitated briefly and then finally held the notepad up so I could see it. “What do you think, Charlie?” he asked. My jaw dropped when I saw the number. It was more than just pocket money. “Are you serious?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t just a prank. “I never joke about money,” Mr. Walker declared. “You’re a good kid with lots of potential. I just want to help you achieve that potential. And if you help me achieve an orgasm now and then, well, we’ll both be better off for it.” I looked at Gramps, who was looking at me seriously. Finally, he gave me a wink and I immediately asked Mr. Walker, “When do we start?” Mr. Walker reached into a drawer, pulled out a tube of lube, and tossed it to Gramps. “As soon as he has you all lubed and opened up take our Walker meat.” “Go for it, Gramps,” I said eagerly, finally stepping around him and entering the office. I quickly stripped off all my clothes and then leaned over with my hands planted on Mr. Walker’s desk and my ass pushed back toward Gramps for preparation. “Don’t be too slow, Joe,” Mr. Walker urged. “Tim here has been getting me ready for quite a while now, since you were so late for our appointment.” “I don’t hear him complaining,” Gramps grumped as I felt him spread my butt cheeks and touch my pucker with a lubed finger. “No, he likes sucking Daddy’s dick,” Mr. Walker agreed. “But Daddy’s dick needs some ass.” “And my ass needs that dick. Oh fuck,” I grunted when Gramps pushed two lubed fingers into my hole with one thrust. “Relax,” he growled, “or you’ll never be able to take those Walker cocks.” “Just lube it up, old man, and let me worry about the rest,” I replied. Gramps forced another finger with more lube into me. I inhaled a deep breath and tried to relax my body. “That’s it,” Gramps sighed as his fingers moved more easily in and out of my hole. “You take direction well.” “I learned from the best,” I laughed, followed by a slight grunt as he worked a fourth finger into me. I could feel him splaying them out. Stretching me. Opening me. Getting me ready for the fat Walker cocks. “That’s enough for now, Tim,” Mr. Walker said. Tim pulled off of his dad’s cock and wiped his mouth on his arm. “You need some help, Joe?” he asked Gramps. “No, I think we’re good here,” Gramps replied, and it did feel like he had me opened and lubed enough to take a watermelon up there. Well, nothing that big maybe, but I was definitely ready for Mr. Walker, who stood up and walked past Tim and on around the desk. “I think Tim was talking about this,” Mr. Walker said, casually grabbing Gramps’ crotch and confirming that lubing up his grandson’s ass to be fucked had indeed given Gramps a hardon. “I wouldn’t complain, if that was his intention,” Gramps chuckled as Mr. Walker continued gently fondling Gramps’ hardon. “Is your boy ready?” Mr. Walker asked. “I think so,” Gramps replied as he pulled his slick fingers out of my ass and I tried to keep my hole relaxed, open, and ready for the invasion. “About time,” Mr. Walker growled as he took Gramps’ place behind me and Gramps walked around to the desk chair, where he dropped his overalls to expose his rigid cock before sitting down. “Just don’t get too comfortable.” “I could say the same to you,” Gramps replied while he stroked his hard cock in Tim’s face. “Well, boy, what are you waiting for?” “For Dad,” Tim replied. I felt the head of Mr. Walker’s beer-can cock pushed between my cheeks and up against my asshole. Then he said, “I’m ready when you are, Son.” Bent over the desk, I watched Tim grab Gramps’ cock, slide back the foreskin, and eagerly devour the head. He quickly pulled off with a grin. “No wonder they were late for the appointment, Dad. This dick definitely tastes like cum.” “Not mine,” I assured them with a laugh. “Oh fuck,” I grunted as Mr. Walker finally began to push his cock into me. I could feel my ass stretching. Spreading. Opening up. And still it wasn’t enough.” “Relax, boy,” Mr. Walker hissed in my ear. “I know you can do it. You’ve done it before.” I breathed quickly and deeply trying to relax. Feeling my hole being stretched wider. “Oh fuck yeah,” I grunted when I felt the sphincter finally contract on the shaft behind the crown. “Hard part’s done,” Mr. Walker chuckled. “That’s what you always say,” I panted as he waited for me to adjust to the initial invasion. “And I’m always right,” he finally replied as he began slowly pushing that fat dick deeper into my guts. “Just relax and think about the money, Charlie,” Gramps laughed as Tim’s mouth slid easily up and down his rock-hard shaft and he reached under Tim’s chin to play with his own balls. “You and Tony will be able to fix up your place real nice.” “Who’s Tony?” Mr. Walker asked as I continued absorbing him into me. Relaxing a little more with each passing second, in spite of the increasing amount of cock inside my ass. “My roommate at college,” I panted. “Another cocksucker,” Gramps laughed as Tim continued devouring his cock. “How do you know?” Mr. Walker asked skeptically. “We swapped blowjobs while Charlie was off discovering what college life holds in store,” Gramps replied casually. “You dirty old man,” Mr. Walker said, then he let out a soft, satisfied grunt. “You’ve taken it all again, Charlie. Good boy.” “He sure is,” Gramps said proudly. “Yours isn’t too bad either,” he added as he started fucking his cock up into Tim’s eager mouth. “I like watching my boy suck cock,” Mr. Walker sighed, and I could feel his belly resting on the top of my butt. “Especially when it’s not mine.” “And I like watching Charlie get fucked,” Gramps replied with a wink at me. “Then you’ll really enjoy this,” Mr. Walker moaned as he pulled out partway and then pushed forward to fill my ass with meat. I must have grimaced, because Gramps said encouragingly, “You can do it, Charlie. Take that big fat Walker cock.” “Oh, Gramps,” I moaned, “it feels so fucking good.” “Sure does,” Mr. Walker agreed as he continued working himself slowly in and out, creating a smooth fucking rhythm. “Is your ass hungry for cock today, Tim,” Gramps asked after watching Mr. Walker fuck me for a couple minutes. Tim pulled off of Gramps’ cock and said eagerly, “Yes, sir. Hungry, lubed, and waiting.” “I know you, Joe,” Mr. Walker laughed. “Didn’t want to waste your time.” “Then what are we waiting for?” Gramps asked eagerly. Tim stood up and turned toward the desk. I licked my lips at the sight of his dick, which was as big as his daddy’s. I really wanted it in my mouth, but that would complicate things for Gramps, so I just kept my desires to myself as Tim faced me and leaned over his side of the desk. “Yeah, fuck my boy, Joe,” Mr. Walker growled as he continued filling my ass with his thick, hard rod. “That’s the idea,” Gramps grunted as he lined up his cock with Tim’s asshole. The look of pleasure that quickly spread across Tim’s face indicated that Gramps didn’t have any problem sliding his dick smoothly and deeply into Tim’s hole. “Oh yeah,” sighed Tim, confirming my assumption. “Feels so good, Joe.” “Sure does,” Gramps agreed as he grabbed Tim’s plump hips and prepared to ride. Gramps pulled his dick out and then slammed it back into Tim with a grunt. “Mmmm,” Tim moaned as Gramps’ continuing thrusts pushed him farther and farther over the desk. “Yeah, that’s it, Joe, just the way he likes it,” Mr. Walker observed as he increased the momentum of his own thrusts into my ass. They became more and more urgent and more and more forceful. He was definitely enjoying the sight of his son getting fucked by his buddy. “Fuck me, Mr. Walker,” I moaned as his plunging cock forced me farther across the desk too. “Having fun?” Tim whispered when our faces were only inches apart. “Oh yeah,” I replied. “You?” “Oh yeah,” he grinned before stretching forward the extra few inches so our lips could meet. As his dad’s cock pounded my ass, Tim’s tongue slipped into my mouth. I could feel it gliding across my teeth and over my tongue. “Mmmmm,” he moaned and it made my mouth quiver with pleasure. I stretched forward eagerly. Returning his kiss with a desire to taste him as well as be tasted by him. “Mmmmm,” I moaned back as our lips slid across each other and our tongues flicked against each other. Driven together firmly by the cocks pounding our asses. My hands slid across the desk for better balance, and Tim quickly placed his hands on top of mine. “Tighter, Charlie!” Mr. Walker ordered, giving my ass a hard slap to remind me of my priorities. “Yeah, that’s better,” he moaned when I obeyed immediately and clenched my sphincter on his shaft…as much as I could with my hole being stretched so wide by his cock. “You too, Tim,” Gramps growled, and I heard a loud smack. “Yeah, that’s a boy,” Gramps added approvingly. Tim and I continued to kiss as we were fucked. Harder and harder. Gramps and Mr. Walker were grunting with every deep thrust. Tim and I were moaning with pleasure every time. Our fingers intertwining for balance. Swapping saliva as we got more and more worked up by the dicks in our asses. “You ready to breed these boys?” Mr. Walker finally grunted. “Oh god yeah,” Gramps moaned. “I thought you’d never ask.” “No stamina?” Mr. Walker grinned. “Do you have any when you’re in this ass?” Gramps grunted. “Not often,” Mr. Walker admitted. “You ready boys?” “YES!” Tim and I yelled into each other’s mouth as we gripped our hands tighter together and our asses began getting fucked more urgently. “Nice and tight,” Mr. Walker grunted, giving my ass a slap. “Tighter, boy,” Gramps ordered, giving Tim’s ass a slap. “That’s it,” he grunted. “Close to blowing,” Mr. Walker panted. “Same here,” Gramps groaned. My ass felt raw and abused and still desperate to be flooded with cum. I broke away from Tim’s kiss and yelled, “Fill me with cum!” “Me too, Joe!” Tim yelled. “You heard ’em, Joe. Let’s breed these boys,” Mr. Walker growled. “So close,” Gramps grunted between gritted teeth as he pumped his dick urgently in and out of Tim’s butt. “I’m not gonna wait for you,” Mr. Walker panted. “I’m gonna… CUM!” he roared, slamming that fat cock as deep in my ass as he could. “SHOOTING MY LOAD IN YOUR GRANDSON, JOE!” Gramps grunted and thrust a few more times while Mr. Walker continued thrusting and spewing his jizz into my guts. Then Gramps suddenly roared, “I’M BREEDING YOUR BOY, CLAY!” “THAT’S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR!” Mr. Walker yelled, digging his fingers into my hips and fucking me harder and harder. Really ramming that fat, throbbing, shooting cock into me. Nearly ripping me apart. I just moaned with pure pleasure through it all. “And what I like to feel!” Tim laughed as Gramps pumped his seed into that tight fat ass. “Breed me, Joe!” “Fucking flooding your ass, Tim,” Gramps grunted as his entire body shook and he gave Tim’s ass another hard slap that made Tim moan with pleasure. “That’s how my boy likes it,” Mr. Walker panted as he finally slowed down and just slowly slid his spent cock in and out of my hole. Then he finally pushed his dick all the way in and let his belly rest on my butt as he panted away. “Sounds like Charlie was too much for you,” Gramps kidded. “Never,” Mr. Walker countered, rubbing my ass gently. “Never,” he repeated after a huge breath and an audible exhale. “You say that now, when you know he’s going away to school and won’t be putting you to the test,” Gramps laughed. “Oh shit, I need to sit down.” “Tim too much for you?” Mr. Walker asked with a grin. “No, just right,” Gramps grinned back. “Oh yeah, that feels good,” Tim sighed as Gramps pulled his dick out. “You about finished with Charlie’s ass?” Gramps asked as he collapsed into Mr. Walker’s chair. “Just about,” Mr. Walker acknowledge as he began to pull out. “Not yet!” I objected, squeezing my worn ass on his shaft to keep it in. “Just making room for my boy,” Mr. Walker replied. “Fuck yeah!” Tim crowed as he hurried around the desk to join his dad. “Oh fuck,” I groaned when Mr. Walker’s dick head stretched my hole to the maximum before popping out. Mr. Walker gave my ass one final slap and said, “All yours, Son.” He then stepped back and Tim took his place. With an ass full of Gramps’ cum, Tim was definitely ready for action. He plunged his dick into my ass with no hesitation. It was so quick that my sphincter didn’t even have a chance to complain about being stretched by the new fat head being driven into me. “That’s it, Tim,” Mr. Walker ordered. “Churn up all that daddy cum with your fat cock.” “Oh, Dad, it feels so fucking amazing,” Tim panted as he eagerly pumped his cock in and out of my ass. Again and again. Deep. Hard. “You’re leaking, Son,” Mr. Walker said casually. “OH FUCK, DAD!” Tim yelled only a short time later. “Mmmmm,” Mr. Walker sighed. “Your cum sure tastes good coming out of my son’s ass, Joe.” “It should,” Gramps laughed, “as much fun as it was putting it in there.” “Oh yeah, Dad,” Tim moaned as he continued fucking me, but a little slower. After the initial shocked surprise, he was obviously enjoying his dad eating cum out of his ass. “Come on, Tim,” Gramps finally said, “Charlie hasn’t got all day.” “Oh fuck, okay,” Tim grunted as he returned his concentration to my asshole and his cock. “So fucking amazing.” “Come on, Son, add your cum to mine,” Mr. Walker hissed. I could already feel Tim’s hands gripping my hips, so the two hands spreading my butt cheeks wider to allow Tim’s dick to go deeper had to belong to Mr. Walker. “You should see yourself, Charlie,” Gramps chuckled, and I looked up to see him stroking his semihard cock even though he’d already shot his load into Tim. “If I watch this much longer, I might have another load for you myself.” “SORRY, JOE,” Tim suddenly yelled. “I’M GONNA SHOOT!” “Do it, Tim,” I said. “Yeah, add your cum to Daddy’s,” Mr. Walker whispered. “Breed him, Tim,” Gramps ordered as he licked his lips in anticipation. “CUMMING!” Tim grunted, slamming his fat dick into me. “OH FUCK!” “Deeper, Son,” Mr. Walker hissed, and I could feel him pushing Tim’s cock even deeper into me as it throbbed and began pumping his seed into me. “Breed him, Tim,” Gramps ordered again. “I AM!!!” Tim roared as he plunged his shooting cock in and out of my ass. “CUMMING!” “That’s my boy,” Mr. Walker growled. “Fill that ass.” “Oh fuck,” Tim finally kocaeli eve gelen escort panted as his thrusting slowed to gentle pumps, just like his dad’s had. “Oh shit,” he sighed as he pushed deep inside me and let his belly rest on the top of my butt…just like his dad had. The room was filled with heavy, satisfied panting for a minute of two, and then Tim finally began to pull his deflated but still fat cock out of my ass. “Mmmm,” I moaned as my sphincter stretched one last time to let the head pass. “Thanks, Charlie,” Tim gasped after he’d finally popped free. “That was hot.” “Don’t leave a mess, boy,” Mr. Walker ordered, and a couple seconds later, I felt Tim’s tongue lapping at my tender asshole. “Ohhhhhh,” I sighed as my body finally relaxed. “That feels so good, Tim.” Tim paused momentarily to say, “Tastes good too.” Then he dove back in for more. I just let my ass relax as the father-and-son loads oozed out of me. “Well,” Gramps said, finally gathering up his clothes and putting them on. “When you’re all finished with my grandson, we’ve got to be going.” “I don’t think we’ll ever be finished with your grandson,” Mr. Walker chuckled. “But you’ve had enough for now, Tim. Wipe him up.” “Okay, Dad,” Tim replied, but he was obviously disappointed as he wiped my ass with what I discovered when I turned around was my T-shirt. “You fucker!” I yelled, grabbing my shirt from him. “I didn’t hear you complaining,” Tim smiled. “Filling my ass with cock and cum is one thing,” I replied. “Using my shirt as a cum rag is a whole other thing.” “Noted,” Tim replied and then started laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked, honestly a little perturbed. Tim pulled a T-shirt from the bottom drawer in his dad’s desk and tossed it to me. “I always keep a spare for emergencies.” “That’s my boy,” Mr. Walker grinned. I pulled on the T-shirt and then held it out. “It’s like a fucking tent!” “A lot goes on under the big top,” Mr. Walker replied, reaching under the oversized shirt to rub my ass. I looked at him for a second and then said with a straight face, “Well, it does feel like I’ve had a couple elephant trunks shoved up my ass today.” “It sure wasn’t peanuts, Charlie,” Gramps replied, and we all burst out laughing. ***** “Is your ass okay?” Gramps asked as we drove back toward the farm. “Not bad,” I replied. “I wish I’d worked out with the Walker’s more often this summer.” “You would have worn them and your ass out,” Gramps laugh. “Not good for anyone. The Walkers are better in small doses. A special-occasion kind of cock.” “Well, I guess I’ll be finding that out for myself, now that I’ve committed to the scholarship deal.” “You know,” Gramps said after a long pause, “Clay’s always been good about helping out the kids in this town who want to get out and make something of themselves. It doesn’t depend on them being willing to take his cock in the bargain.” “Oh yeah?” I replied, without really thinking about it one way or the other. “I’m just saying, he likes you, Charlie.” “My ass can vouch for that,” I laughed. “What I’m trying to say is that he already told me he was setting that money aside to help you out. The ‘scholarship’ today was just our little joke. He’ll give you the money without the fucking around. Just so you know.” I grinned at Gramps and replied, “Good to know, but the idea that Mr. Walker thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants with me and I can’t complain is pretty hot.” Gramps laughed and shook his head. “Well, if it ever goes too far…” “I’ll send out an emergency call for you to come and save me…or join in.” “You little pervert,” Gramps laughed. “Look who’s talking, old man.” ***** “Hey, where are you going?” I asked, when Gramps drove past his farm without slowing down. “I told Hank we would be over to help him with a last-minute chore he wants taken care of before you leave town.” “Oh, okay,” I replied, suddenly feeling happy at the thought of seeing Hank. “But what about Gran? Isn’t she expecting us for dinner?” “Some meeting at the church. She’s not sure how late she’ll be, so we’ll have to fend for ourselves.” “I hope Hank has something good to eat.” “You know he does,” Gramps replied with a grin. “That’s true,” I agreed with a smile. ***** “Anyone home?” Gramps called out as we walked into Hank’s house without knocking. “In the living room!” Hank called. “Come on in.” I followed Gramps into the living room and was a bit surprised to find Paul on his hands and knees with Hank’s cock stuffed in his mouth. And to complete the surprise, my dad’s cock was filling Paul’s ass. “Looks like you started your chores without us,” Gramps laughed. “Paul just dropped by,” Hank replied casually as Paul continued sucking his cock. “And one thing led to another,” Dad shrugged as he casually pumped his cock in and out of Paul’s butt. “I guess that’s to be expected,” Gramps chuckled as he began to get undressed. I just stared at Hank and Dad spit-roasting Paul. The sight was amazing. I was so engrossed that I didn’t really even realize how hard my cock was getting. Just watching those two daddy dicks sliding in and out of Paul’s holes was like my own private porn video. “Well, what are you waiting for, boy?” Gramps grumbled. “You should know by now that chores don’t take care of themselves.” I tore my eyes away from the threesome in the middle of the room and looked at Gramps, who was stroking his hard cock and grinning at me. “Oh sure, right,” I said as I scrambled out of my clothes. By the time I was ready to play, Gramps was already feeding his cock to my Dad. I walked over to Hank with my hardon in hand and said, “I guess that means I’m yours.” “I’m not complaining, Sweetie,” he said as he wrapped his warm hand around my shaft. I glanced around to see if anyone had heard the endearment, but if they had, they weren’t paying attention. I forgot all about them anyway when I felt Hank’s lips slide slowly over the head of my cock as his tongue circled all around it. “Oh yeah,” I sighed as Hank slowly sucked me deeper and deeper into his warm, wet mouth. “Where’s your old man, Paul?” Gramps asked casually. Paul pulled his mouth off of Hank’s cock but continued stroking the shaft as he looked over his shoulder at Gramps. “Church meeting or something. I got bored at home and decided to come hang out with these guys like old times.” With the update complete, he quickly swallowed Hank’s cock again and moaned with pleasure. “It sure feels like old times to me,” Gramps replied as he casually fucked his cock into his own son’s mouth. “Mmmmm,” my dad agreed as he maintained his coordinated sucking and fucking. Paul moaned with every thrust of Dad’s cock into his ass, but the moan was stifled as his mouth was driven onto Hank’s cock. The moan turned to a sigh when Dad pulled his cock back and Paul’s mouth slid down Hank’s shaft again. And again. And again. “With the added bonus of Charlie,” Gramps continued with a wink in my direction as he tugged on his own balls below Dad’s chin. “Mmmmmm, hmmmm,” Hank agreed, looking up at me and holding my gaze. “Always glad to help out with chores,” I smiled down at Hank. I watched my cock sliding in and out between his luscious lips and moaned when he gently began fondling my balls. I licked my lips and began caressing his cheek as we continued looking into each other’s eyes. When Hank finally released my balls and slipped his hand between my thighs, Gramps said, “Be careful there, Hank, the Walkers have already said their goodbyes to Charlie.” Hank’s expression took on an edge of concern as he gently caressed my tender hole. “That feels nice,” I sighed, smiling down at him. “Mmmm,” I moaned when he tentatively worked a finger into my slick hole. “Mmmm,” he groaned in reply around my cock as his finger explored my cummy insides. “Yeah,” Gramps chuckled, “they both gave him some nice big parting gifts.” “But I’m up for any gifts anyone else wants to give me,” I assured Hank with a grin. Hank pulled my cock out of his mouth and asked, “Are you sure, Charlie?” “You wanna be the first?” I smiled. “Sorry, Paul,” Hank said as he pulled his own dick out of Paul’s mouth. “Understood,” Paul laughed as Hank stood up and took me in his arms. I sank into Hank’s tight embrace and our lips met. I could taste the flavor of my cock as my tongue explored his mouth and his tongue fought for admission into my mouth. Swapping saliva. Entering each other. His rough hands gently caressing my back and massaging my firm butt cheeks. “I miss you already,” Hank whispered into my mouth. “I miss you too,” I whispered back as we sank to the floor. “Now that your mouth is free, Paul,” Gramps said, pulling his cock out of Dad’s mouth, “we can really make it like old times.” “Oh yeah, Dad, let’s do it,” my dad replied. “Sounds good to me,” Paul declared as Gramps moved into position in front of him and quickly fed his cock into Paul’s empty mouth. “This really is like old times,” Dad grinned as he eagerly fucked Paul’s ass while Gramps fed Paul his cock. “And what did you do in the olden days?” I asked Hank with a grin. “Usually sucked Paul,” he grinned back, “when I was lucky enough to join in.” I quickly slid my head under Paul and stretched my neck up to suck on the tip of his cock and taste the clear, sweet precum that was oozing out of it. Paul let out an appreciative moan. “Just like that,” Hank said as he climbed into position between my legs. “You sure about this?” he asked as he lifted my ankles to his shoulders. “Mmmmmm, hmmmmm,” I replied, which made Paul groan and lower his hips to feed me more of his tender cock as Dad continued plunging his dick into Paul’s ass. “If it’s too much, let me know,” Hank said as he pressed the head of his cock at my back door. “I don’t think anything can be too much after having the Walkers in there,” Gramps laughed. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned as Hank’s cock easily slid into my ass. “Shit,” he mumbled, obviously surprised at how loose I was after servicing the Walkers. I did try to tighten up, and he felt it. “Just relax,” Hank sighed. “It feels good just like it is.” “Filled with Walker cum,” Gramps said. “Oh yeah,” Hank sighed again. “So warm and wet.” “That’s my boy you’re talking about there,” Dad laughed. “He’s my boy now,” Hank groaned as he gently and tenderly slid his rock-hard cock in and out of my ass. I wasn’t sure how Dad and Gramps took that statement, but I didn’t care. I just relaxed and sucked on Paul’s cock as Hank filled my ass with his daddy dick. Suddenly, Paul let out a muffled roar, and the next thing I knew, my mouth was being flooded with cum. He panted and huffed and thrust. I gagged and gulped and swallowed as he pumped more and more jizz into my mouth. Tart and tangy and too much. Without warning, his dick pulled out of my mouth and shot a load on my chin and another on my nose before I could wrap my lips around it again. “Damn, boy,” Gramps crowed, “when you go over the edge, you go over the edge!” I heard Paul gasping for breath as the last of his cum oozed out into my mouth. Finally, he took a gulp of air and said, “I couldn’t… Three generations at once. Oh fuck, that was more than I… Shit.” “Glad we could oblige,” Dad laughed. “Now, can we continue.” “Oh yeah,” Paul replied sheepishly. “Sorry.” That was too much. Everyone cracked up and the driving sexual urges were sidetracked for a moment. Dad collapsed on the floor beside me and couldn’t stop laughing. “Fuck you,” Paul growled jokingly as he spun around and pinned Dad to the floor. “I doubt your limp, spent dick could manage it,” Dad replied as he struggled playfully to escape Paul’s hold. “It would sure give it a try,” Paul replied, keeping dad pinned to the floor. Suddenly, Paul dipped his head and pressed his lips against Dad’s. Dad was obviously surprised and froze for a moment, but Paul persisted. As Gramps, Hank, and I froze to watch the unfolding scene, Paul continued kissing Dad with overwhelming passion. Obviously wanting more. Wanting Dad! Finally, Dad wrapped his arms around Paul and held him tight as he surrendered to Paul’s kiss. He didn’t just surrender. He responded! It was like neither of them had ever really kissed anyone before. Hank silently pulled his still-hard-and-unrelieved cock out of my ass and stretched out on the floor beside me. “I always wondered why they didn’t…,” he whispered to me. Gramps sat down beside us and said soberly, “Because their dads fucked it up.” I looked at Gramps and was shocked to see that it looked like he was about to cry. I didn’t know what to do. I had to look away. From him. From Dad. I buried my face in Hank’s neck and just listened to the reassuring sound of his breathing. ***** The mood was kind of broken for a while after that. Hank, Gramps, and I wandered off to the kitchen to put together a makeshift dinner of sandwiches and potato chips. Not bad. In the meantime, Dad and Paul disappeared into one of Hank’s bedrooms. It was obvious that they had a lot to talk about. We took the food back out to the empty living room. I curled up against Hank on the sofa, and Gramps sat in a recliner. We turned on some old movie and ate in silence. And yes, we were all still naked, and I occasionally stroked Hank’s cock when I had a hand free. After I’d finished all of my food, I filled my mouth with Hank’s cock. I just sucked on it casually as he gently stroked my hair and watched the movie. “Told you Hank always has something good to eat,” Gramps chuckled without looking away from the television. ***** Just as the movie was ending, Dad and Paul returned to the living room. And yes, they were both still naked too. “Sorry for the interruption to your chores, Hank,” Dad said casually. “We had a few things to discuss,” Paul added a little shyly. “So, when’s the wedding?” Hank joked. There was a pause, and then Dad said, looking straight at me, “Not sure yet. Sometime after my divorce is final, obviously.” I looked at Paul, and I swear he was blushing. “Holy shit,” Gramps sighed. I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant until he added, “I’m happy for you both.” I jumped up and ran to hug Dad. I hugged him so tight. I’d never really thought about it, but it all made sense. Everything I’d learned about him and Paul all summer. I was so happy for them. “Congratulations!” I said before giving him a big kiss. “Welcome to the family, Paul!” I said giving him a quick hug and a kiss as well. “That’s sure what it felt like earlier,” he joked with a shy look at Dad. “I’m sorry we wasted so many gebze escort bayan years,” Dad whispered before hugging Paul. “I’m not,” I said kind of honestly. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here!” Dad grinned at me and ruffled my hair before pulling me into a group hug with Paul. Gramps quickly joined our hug and said, “I never guessed my family would keep growing at this late stage. Not sure what your mother’s gonna say about all this though.” “She’s always liked Paul,” Dad replied casually. “She’ll get over it.” “I might have to go back to fucking her to keep her happy,” Gramps replied. “Or at least keep her from wondering about all the time I’ve spent with you two over the years,” he added with a laugh. “You can always come spend time with me, Joe,” Hank offered as he joined our group hug and patted my ass, “since I don’t have any known connection to those two perverts.” “Fuck off, Hank,” Gramps laughed. “You don’t think she’ll start wondering about all those sleepovers you three boys used to have.” “He’s got you there, Hank,” Dad laughed. “Then we’d better take care of this now, while we can,” I replied, grabbing Gramps’ semihard cock. “What do you have in mind, Charlie?” Gramps asked innocently. “Just a little something I’ve been thinking about ever since the Walkers had their way with me.” I broke the group and led Gramps back to the scene of our previous session. “On the floor,” I ordered him as I released his hardening dick. Gramps looked at me for a second, then he grinned and said, “Whatever you say, Charlie. It’s your going-away party.” He ran a hand down my body as he sank to the floor. Then he laid back with one arm behind his head as a cushion and the other hand stroking his cock to a full-blown hardon. Dad, Paul, and Hank gathered around us as I straddled Gramps’ waist and knelt down over his cock. “You ready?” I asked him. “Feels hard enough to me,” he grinned, pulling back the foreskin and rubbing the head of his cock against my hovering asshole. “Then here goes,” I said, pressing my palms to his hairy chest for balance as I lowered my ass on to his cock, which he was holding pointing straight up. Between the Walkers and Hank, I was more than ready and Gramps’ cock slid in so easily. “You’ve come a long way this summer, Charlie,” he sighed as I sank farther and farther down his cock. “He sure has, Dad,” my own dad agreed. “You’ve taught him well, just like you taught us.” “That’s for sure,” Hank agreed. “He was definitely welcoming when we first met,” Paul added, and I laughed as I finished taking Gramps’ dick all the way up my ass. “That’s it, boy,” Gramps cooed. “You’re as good as they ever were,” he added with a wink. “Thanks a lot, Dad,” my dad replied with a mock pout. “Relax, Dad, you’re next,” I said, looking over my shoulder at him. “Then hurry up, Gramps,” Dad laughed. “Why wait?” I asked casually, still looking at him and slowly leaning forward. “Are you kidding, Charlie?” Dad grinned. “Never more serious,” I replied, leaning even more forward and showing Dad, Hank, and Paul my asshole stuffed with grandpa dick. “If you don’t, I will,” Hank said while stroking his cock in hopeful anticipation. Dad looked at Hank and Paul. He was obviously both excited and nervous at the thought of sliding his dick into me along with Gramps’ already embedded cock. “And if you two don’t, I will,” Paul finally laughed. “Come on, Son,” Gramps called. “If Charlie can take even just one Walker cock, you know he can take two of ours.” “Okay, you asked for it, Charlie,” Dad finally said, getting on his knees behind me. “I sure did, Dad. I really want this. Both of you. Together.” “Holy shit,” Dad hissed as he pressed the head of his cock against his dad’s shaft and my hole. “That’s it, Son,” Gramps encouraged him. “Slide that dick in with mine.” I breathed deeply and tried to relax my ass as much as I could. As I much as I had for the Walker dicks. “Oh, Charlie,” Dad sighed as I felt the head of his dick pushing its way into me. Stretching my hole. Pressing against his own dad’s dick. “That’s it, Son, you can do it,” Gramps said, letting Dad do all the work. “Oh shit,” Dad grunted when the head finally slid inside me and was grabbed by my sphincter. “The head’s in,” he added, as if I needed to be told. “This is so fucking hot,” Hank moaned, and I knew he had to be jacking his cock. “Enjoy it, Charlie,” Paul said. “I know I did the first time they did it to me.” “Really?” Hank asked with surprise. “What, you never…?” Paul laughed. “Fuck no!” Hank laughed back. “Oh fuck,” I groaned, drawing their attention again as Dad’s dick slid along Gramps’ dick and pushed deeper and deeper into me. “So amazing.” “It sure is, Son,” Dad sighed. “So proud of you.” “And I’m proud of both of you,” Gramps moan. “Your cock feels so good against mine, Marty.” “Oh yeah,” my dad replied to his dad. “Almost all the way in,” he added. “You’re takin’ ’em both, Charlie,” Gramps informed me proudly. “Fuck me, Daddy,” I begged. “Oh, Son,” Dad sighed as he slowly pulled out and then pushed his dick back in. “Feels so good.” Again and again and again. My body relaxed into Dad’s slow fucking motions. With two dicks in my hole at once, I didn’t have to worry about keeping it tight. “Don’t stop,” I moaned. “I won’t,” Dad sighed. “But I gotta start,” Gramps replied urgently. The next time I felt Dad pulling out, Gramps pulled out as well, then they both pushed their cocks into me again together. Out and in. Out and in. Father and son working in unison to fuck the next generation together. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations exploding throughout my body. Filled again and again. Not by just any two cocks. By my dad and grandpa. Again and again and again. More than I’d ever hoped for. More than I’d ever even known I’d wanted. “Can we be part of this, Charlie?” Hank asked, and I opened my eyes. He and Paul were standing on either side of me with their hard cocks both oozing precum. I turned my head to Hank and gave his cock a lick. “Mmmmm,” I sighed, licking my lips and enjoying his flavor before turning to Paul and licking the precum from his dick as well. “Mmmm,” I moaned. “One happy family,” Gramps chuckled as he and Dad continued pumping their cocks into my well-stretched asshole. “Oh yeah,” I agreed as Hank and Paul stepped closer so that the heads of their dicks were almost touching. As I rode Gramps and Dad, I began licking the dicks in front of my face. Oozing precum as they were stroked by their owners. Hank’s dick and then Paul’s dick. Back and forth. Again and again. Finally the heads were pressed together and I could lick them at the same time. Hank and Paul moaned as they stroked their dicks and I wrapped my lips as far around their joined heads as I could. “You are one hot fucker, Charlie,” Gramps groaned as he sped up his fucking. “He sure is,” Dad agreed, increasing the pace of his thrusts to match his dad’s. “Oh god,” I moaned as the two cocks plunged furiously in and out of my ass. Again and again. Stretching. Heating. Fucking. “Oh yeah,” Hank and Paul moaned together. They were both jacking so fast that their knuckles kept hitting my chin. “Can’t last much longer, Marty!” Gramps called. “Me either, Dad,” my dad replied. “Oh fuck me,” Hank grunted. “Oh god,” Paul moaned. The moans and groans grew louder and louder. The thrusts became more urgent as the noise of flesh slapping flesh again and again and again filled the room. “I want it all,” I moaned around the two cock heads in my mouth. “HERE’S MINE, CHARLIE!” Gramps suddenly bellowed, thrusting his cock deep into my ass. “I’M CUMMING BOYS!” he yelled as his cock throbbed and began adding his cum to the Walkers’ cum. Dad’s fucking became frantic. Faster and faster. His cock being coated in his dad’s cum. “ME TOO!” he finally yelled, thrusting his cock all the way up my ass and unleashing his torrent of seed to mix with his dad’s. “FUCK, CHARLIE!” he roared as he kept bucking against and into my ass. “OH, CHARLIE!” “HERE IT CUMS, CHARLIE!” Hank finally panted. “FUCK!” he roared as the first shot of cum flew through my lips and coated the head of Paul’s cock. “SUCK ME, CHARLIE!” Hank begged, and I quickly turned my head to engulf Hank’s cock as it shot wad after wad after wad of cum into my mouth. “FUCK, CHARLIE!” Paul suddenly yelled and I instantly felt his hot cum splattering on my cheek. I released Hank’s cock and turned to engulf Paul’s dick and gulp down his jizz…as Hank continued shooting his load on my other cheek. Without warning, Gramps reached up and grabbed my erect nipples. He pinched them tight and twisted them gently but firmly. “OH FUCK!” I yelled with a mouth full of cum and a face plastered in cum and an ass overflowing with cum, “I’M CUMMING!” And with that, my cock erupted all over Gramps’ belly. Expelling all that cum that had built up all day. First with the Gearys at their farm. Then with the Walkers at the grain elevator. Finally, it was all released from my balls. Shot after shot streaked across Gramps’ body and oozed down into all that graying hair. As I shot, I frantically tried sucking Hank and Paul for more cum. One oozing cock and then the other. Trying to suck out every last drop as my own shots grew weaker and more erratic. “Oh fuck,” I finally moaned when I began to return to my senses. “What the hell just happened?” “Something we’ve all been waiting eighteen years for,” Gramps grunted. “OH YEAH!” Dad, Hank, and Paul all shouted together. “I hope the next time won’t be eighteen years from now,” I sighed, leaning down to lick the cum off of Gramps’ body. “I think we can guarantee that,” Gramps replied, ruffling my hair as I continued licking him clean. He then let his hand slide down over my cheek and chin to gather up some cum to eat himself. “Mmmm, not bad, boys,” he grinned up at Hank and Paul. “Thanks, Joe,” they replied in unison. “I wonder if Mom’s church meeting is over yet,” Dad said casually. “Who the hell cares?” Gramps laughed. “This is the last night of Charlie’s summer. Whatever he says goes.” “I have a few other ideas,” I grinned. ***** That was definitely one of the most memorable nights of my life, although we had a few others now and then that almost matched it. I also had some memorable times at university. It didn’t take my roommate Tony long to find out that I was just as horny as my grandpa and just as eager to trade favors with my roommate. Any time the studies got too stressful, we would both just relieve all that tension with yet another hot and heavy fuck session. Nothing more than that ever developed between us. We were just buddies who enjoyed getting off together. I eventually took Tony home to the farm during one of our breaks, and Gramps and Dad were both eager to tell me later that they had each fucked with him before we headed back to school. We never did play as a family with Tony, but he sure enjoyed us all individually. He even still calls whenever his job brings him to our area. I never did take Professor Brooks home to meet the family, but I think I did end up having more sessions with my academic advisor than any student at that university ever had before or since. Whenever I go back for an alumni Homecoming football game, I always schedule an appointment to check in with Professor Brooks. We have fun talking over old times and making sure I haven’t let my oral (and anal) skills slip. He stayed with his wife, and they even had a couple more kids…one of which is named Charlie! In fact, he’s always told me that there was no one else after me. I find that both flattering and sad. Still, it does guarantee my participation in alumni activities if only to keep him occasionally satisfied. Pretty much the entire town was shocked when Dad and Paul announced that they were getting married during the summer after my freshman year. Gran was probably the most shocked of all. It was touch and go for a while until Mr. Geary told her, “I lost out on twenty years with my boy already. I’m not going to lose any more, now. I know Marty’s a good boy, and if they’re happy, that’s all that matters to me. So, if you don’t want to lose what time you have left with Marty, then you’d better deal with it for his sake, and your own.” And she did, in her own way. It took a while, but she eventually started treating Paul like her second son again. She was also happy that Gramps and Mr. Geary had patched up their own friendship after all those years. In fact, she was so happy about it that she never even thought to wonder why Gramps started spending so much time at the Geary farm. Mr. Walker was so impressed with my performance, both academically and sexually, that he extended my “scholarship” to help me earn a master’s degree in business administration. At my final graduation, he announced that he was ready to retire and wanted me to take over the grain elevator. I refused at first, because I didn’t want to upset Tim. But Tim said he didn’t care as long as the profits continued to go into his bank account and he got to keep fucking me occasionally. With that assurance, I took up the offer, although I did have a really strong additional incentive. Hank. No matter who I fucked with during those years, it was always Hank I wanted to be with. To spend time with just cuddling on the sofa. To make love with, not just have sex (well, sometimes just having hard, sweaty sex, too). I knew he thought I would grow out of it. That I would get tire of “old men” and find someone my own age. But I never did, not in that way. So, because of his fears, I ended up being the one to ask him to marry me. He actually started crying before he said yes. I think a lot of people in town had wondered about him living on that farm all by himself for all those years, and my dad’s shocker had broken the ice, so they weren’t too surprised when we made our announcement. Gran only said, “Well, I guess if it’s good enough for your dad, it’s good enough for you.” I wasn’t sure whether that was a congratulations or not, so I just let it go. I’m sure she was wondering what the hell was going on with all the men in town and was just glad Gramps wasn’t plumb loco like the rest. I’ve always been grateful to Gramps for giving me the most amazing summer in my life. I learned more than I ever thought I would, and it certainly changed my life forever. I’m so glad it did. And I still show him how grateful I am whenever he can escape from Gran to visit Hank and me. And if Dad and Paul can stop by at the same time, so much the better. We’re all just one big happy fucking family. THE END ——————- I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun. I always enjoy hearing from satisfied readers: hoo Remember, always play SAFE in the real world. You never know where that thing has been! You can check out my other stories fty//authors.htmlhotfordads