Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 07

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Arched Back

Surprise Honey
The Sequel
Chapter Seven

The morning of my wedding dawned sunny and warm. A cool breeze wafted through the air, and as we cruised into Icy Straits, I saw in the distance a small boat headed towards us. Pulling into a small cove to the North side of the Straits, we anchored up.

The small boat soon came in close enough for me to see that Sandra was coming and dressed for the wedding in formal attire. It was kind of a strange thing to see a woman all dressed up running a skiff on the waters so far out in the middle of nowhere.

Jake had ridden along with us, and at my insistence and with the help of Julie and Anne. He let himself be talked into being my Best Man. The Captain May had found to marry us was smiling and getting to know the girls. Jake had already known him from years before, and respected him too.

As I watched them I realized that Jake must have mentioned something to him about the time at his cabin and then in Juneau since the Captain seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time with Julie and Anne. Of course, as the youngest and only single ladies on board, it could have been a natural thing too.

I helped Sandra on board and was awestruck at her dress. It was a classy light green one, and it matched the other’s dresses as well. I wondered how she got it and then knew to wear it too. I guided her in on my arm, and as we entered the main cabin, May and the other ladies all squealed, surrounding us.

“Oh you look so beautiful Sandra. It fits you perfectly too.”

“Thank you May. Your taste was divine too. I would never have thought I would look so good in this color.”

“Oh,” said Julie, “I wish I looked half as good in my dress as you do in yours Sandra.”

“Yeah, you are the best looking of the bridesmaids for sure.”

Anne spoke softly and with a bit of a wistful tone. She had been just staring at her and I could detect a bit of tension there for sure. Sandra, for her part, diffused that tension as best she could. I think that Anne felt a bit upstaged, even though the Maid of Honor was to be May for Jan’s wedding, and Jan for May’s wedding.

Julie hooked her arms with Sandra and Anne and tugged them off to the rear of the boat for a private and quiet conversation. Evidently she too had noticed a bit of tension as well. I could see that she would get things straightened out between them in good time.

I was now getting nervous. I had been married twice before yet still felt like a man about to be married for the first time. I wondered if anyone else who had been in my position had ever felt as I did right now too? I knew that May was giving more than her hand in marriage. I hoped that we would stay happy and well married for the rest of our lives.

May went down below to get dressed with Jan, and ‘us’ Grooms cooled our heels on the bridge talking with the Captain that was about to marry us off. Jake was hanging around and visiting too. When Julie and the other Bridesmaids showed up we knew it was about time to start. Getting into position as we had talked about, Jake slipped up beside me and patted my shoulder.

“Heh…good luck ol’ man. I hope you have a long and healthy marriage.”

“Thanks Jake. I think I will.”

The music started, and as I turned May made her entrance. She looked absolutely beautiful in her white dress and long flowing train. My breath caught and I was frozen in time as she approached. Jan was walking beside her in her dress looking quite beautiful too. Of course, as I was a bit…shall I say prejudiced, I felt May looked far better.

Carl moved to stand across from me, and the women stepped up between us. Jake being the only other man present acted as the surrogate father and lifted the veils of the brides. Each one got a kiss on the cheek from him as he did his part. He then stood behind us, still in the middle, as he had the rings to hand us also.

Our vows were spoken quickly and firmly. The rings went on at the same time and we were married. Both Brides tossed their bouquets, and Anne and Sandra caught them. Julie was laughing and enjoying the chase and not a bit upset at not catching one.

It was a fast ceremony, but a sweet one. A video camera had been set up and filmed the whole shebang. Afterwards, we all went down to the kitchen and cut the cake. We let Carl and Jan go first, then May and I cut our sections out.

After a few toasts and eating the snacks prepared by Julie and Anne, we all danced a bit. The Captain that married us, I still can’t remember his name, danced with Julie, Anne and Sandra. Once I thought I caught canlı bahis him with his hand on Sandra’s bottom in a quite provocative manner. He moved them when he saw me looking, but I just smiled and nodded.

While May and I were dancing she began to touch me here and there.

“Hey, you keep that up you’ll have your hands full of a hard problem.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for sexy.”

“What about the Captain and Jake?”

“Perhaps I should share the wealth then? Is that what you think?”

“Uh…I meant…well…do you think that they’d handle what we have done together in a large group setting?”

“I think that Jake wouldn’t be a problem, as a matter of fact I don’t think either of them would mind. I for one would like to try Jake out too…unless you’d rather not share me anymore that is. I’ll leave it up to you, dear.”


“Yes…dear. Bill, I love you and we are man and wife. I’ll always call you dear…unless we are playing of course.”

“Oh, I imagine that you’ll eventually have some other names you call me though…remember, I’ve been married before.”

May punched me on the shoulder and laughed out loud. I joined in and as the other’s looked at us, they all began to smile. Not knowing the joke that we had shared, they could only smile at our being so happy. May began to grind against me, and soon our dance developed into a sexy bump and grind.

Carl and Jan, seeing what May was up to, soon joined in. Julie was dancing with the Captain that had married us and she too began to grind sexily against his body. Jake and Sandra were dancing together, and I nodded to her as Anne stepped up to dance with May and I. Soon, all the women were dancing and rubbing against all the men.

Suddenly, May began to strip. The Captain’s eyes got huge as he realized that my newly married wife was going somewhere that he never thought anyone would go with others present. I smiled to myself, as I knew what the next step would bring.

Jan had begun to strip as well, yet the other women waited. Soon May and Jan were in their sexy underwear sets, all in white and lace. I could see their nipples just being covered by the lace, the brown color of the aureoles showing through the whiteness like twin headlights in a fog.

The Captain was looking on with great interest as both of the brides he had just married rubbed up against their new husbands. May kissed me hard, fondling my cock through my pants before breaking off from me to dance over to Carl. Jan came to me and together they danced for each of the ‘other’ husbands.

Then they both moved on. Jan went to Jake while May went to the Captain. As they danced up against them, each bride began to undress their partner. The Captain began to protest, but May kissed him and it was obvious that with the tent in his pants, he was more interested than not.

Once they had the men naked, they began to go to their knees, kissing their bodies as they went. It was quite a sight to see my new wife in her white sexy under-things, a bridal veil on and her lips touching another man she had just undressed.

Both women looked above and beyond sexy. It must have been the ‘married’ thing that caused me to be so turned on. I had a raging hard-on and wanted to get busy. Looking away from the brides, I noticed that the bridesmaids had stripped to their underwear as well.

They were wearing light green lace and silk G-strings and bra sets. Breath taking in each instance. Sandra and Julie danced up and around me, while Anne danced over to Carl. Soon the grooms were being treated to a similar dance and stripping. When I finally remembered May, I looked over to see her ruby-red lips around the shaft of the Captain, his eyes closed and his hands on her head, over the veil. A sexier sight I had never seen.

Jan had Jake’s cock in her mouth and they were all going to town. I felt a tongue on my cock and looked back down to see Sandra kneeling in front of me, looking up, as her tongue caressed my shaft. Julie was behind me, her tongue just now beginning to play with my ass cheeks.

Anne had pulled Carl down and was in a sixty-nine with him. He was busy with his face buried in her pussy as she deep-throated his cock. May was in the process of taking the Captain down on to his back and as I watched, my new bride of only an hour or so slowly lowered her hot and wet pussy over a rather long cock, protruding up from the prone Captain.

Her panties had disappeared at some point and his hands were undoing her bra. It was a front closing model and it barely contained her breasts as it was. As she lowered closer bahis siteleri and closer I saw him succeed in undoing her bra and pulling it off of her.

Sandra had begun to really work me over now, and I looked back down to see her looking up at me. Just as our eyes met, Julie’s tongue shot into the crevice between my ass cheeks and slipped over my asshole. I almost lost my load at that instant. I was in overdrive sexually and I couldn’t remember being so wound up.

The moans and cries in the room added to the whole image in my mind and with the soft mouths and tongues on me I was having a time controlling my body. My cock was throbbing hard, and Sandra’s oral pleasure was bringing me closer and closer regardless of how hard I tried to prevent it.

Julie’s hands came up to my shoulders and she gently pulled me to sit down. Sandra never let go of my cock while I was guided onto my back. Once there, Julie straddled my head, and I watched her sweet, wet pussy come down to meet my mouth.

As I began to lick and suck on her, Sandra moved around and I soon had a pussy on my face and a pussy around my shaft. I was lost in a world of flesh and heat, loving every second of it. Evidently I was not the only one worked up. Julie began to cum almost immediately, and just as Sandra got going good and with full depth strokes on my shaft, she too began to cum.

I was lying there, with two young beautiful women riding me, and so worked up I found myself wanting to cum…and couldn’t. I was too worked up it seemed. Julie got off and slowly pulled off my face. I tongued her until I couldn’t reach her anymore, my head lifting to the last possible inch to stay with her.

Sandra laid down on me, her breasts crushed against my chest. Our lips met and we kissed. I broke away to look at my new bride and saw May on her hands and knees, getting fucked hard and fast by the Captain. He was going to town like a youngster. I was amazed. Jake and Jan were in the late stages of orgasms and Jan was crying out with sheer ecstasy of her joy.

Carl and Anne were laying quietly resting. I could see that both of them had expended themselves for the moment. I, on the other hand, hadn’t cum yet. Julie, seeing my rock hard cock after Sandra rolled off of me, jumped right on and settled in. Her pussy was tight, wet and so hot.

She leaned down and fed me her breasts as she rolled her hips around, working my shaft. I feasted on her tender nipples, loving the taste of her salty skin. She then moved to kiss me. Just as we kissed, I felt a soft wet tongue on my ball-sack. It must have been Sandra, as I couldn’t see her at all. The feeling of that tongue where it was while my hard cock was in Julie’s glove-tight pussy was all it took and I began to shoot off.

Julie squealed and really began to rock her hips. Sandra’s tongue stayed with us and I could tell that she was licking Julie’s asshole while she was not licking me. Julie shoved her tongue deeply into my mouth and as I came down from my orgasm, she fired into hers. I held on, kissing and hugging her tightly to me.

We laid back for a bit and the quiet onboard was amazing. All that could be heard was the gentle lapping of water against the yacht, and soft breathing in the cabin. After a bit, I rose up and saw May just laying beside the Captain, her eyes on me. Julie put an arm around me from behind, and hugged me close.

“Happy wedding day dad.”

Her whisper broke the silence and everyone began to talk at once. The Captain was profuse in his thanks to May for the great sex. Jan was telling Jake how she had liked her experience with him, Carl and Anne were talking to Julie, and I as Sandra started to laugh.

“What’s so funny Sandra?”

My curiosity was aroused, as was my cock too. Her laugh with its throaty sound had caused me to stir to life.

“It’s just that a minute ago all you could hear were the cries of passion, and the sounds of sex. Then, suddenly, it was quiet…way quiet. Now, all at once everyone began talking…oh so politely…after all of us having had sex in the same room together, naked, and everything. It seemed so…well…weird.”

“So why the laughing?”

“Because I guess I was relieving tension in a different way than you all were. I mean…if you could see the looks on your faces just before you all started talking. It was like you all just had to say something to cover the fact that you were all naked. I don’t know…maybe it was just me.”

I slipped beside Sandra and then, without any warning, I began to tickle her. Her shrieks of laughter soon had Carl over there helping bahis şirketleri me. We didn’t tickle her too much, and she got a rest once in a while, but each time we really got to going, I noticed that her nipples would get a deep dark red look to them and they would also get as hard as rock.

“Hey you two…let her breathe.”

May was crossing the room, a smile on her face and her hands on her hips. I reached up and grabbing her pulled her down to the floor beside Sandra.

“Hmmmm. I think I see someone who needs a tickle too.”

“Don’t you dare Bill. Dear. Hah…hah, hah, hah…stop…oh noooo…”

I started tickling May and Julie and Anne came to try to rescue her from my clutches. Carl stepped in and soon a regular tickle-fest was going on. Jake and the Captain also joined in, although not with the same enthusiasm as we were generating.

I hugged May to me suddenly and we kissed. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouth’s and hands all over each other as well. She grabbed my raging hard cock and lightly stroked it. I ran a hand to her wet pussy and began to finger it.

We rolled over, me on top, and as I got situated between her legs, she guided me into her warmth. As the head of my cock pressed in between her lips, I drove forward and buried it in one long smooth motion. Then, holding myself still as I could I just savored the feeling of her heat, wetness, and muscles throbbing all along my shaft.

Looking right beside us, Carl and Jan were coupled together kissing and fucking rapidly. On the other side Jake and Julie were in a sixty-nine devouring each other. I heard moans above my head and raising it I saw that the Captain had Sandra and Anne taking care of him. We were right back at it again, only this time, Carl and I were with our respective brides.

After looking around I felt May stirring below me, beginning to beg me to fuck her.

“Bill…darling…please…come on…fuck me. Give me that hard cock. Ram me. Hard…please.”

I could tell from the tone in her voice she was extremely horny. I pulled out slowly…so slowly, and as I did her moans told me that she was on fire for a real good hard fuck. I eased back in as she tried to yank me hard into her.

“Easy there honey. I want to take my time at the moment. Nice and slow.”

“NOOOO…fuck me. FUCK ME…please. Oh…Bill…please. I need you to fuck me hard…real hard. PLEASE?”

Her begging tone was pleading more and more with me to release her and give her a much wanted orgasm. I wanted to tease just a bit. Perhaps I was a touch jealous that she fucked someone other than me right after our being married, or perhaps I was just in a mood. At any rate, I pushed my teasing up a notch.

I pulled out and held the head of my cock just inside her pussy. May twisted and shoved her hips up desperately trying to get me to drive into her. I held where I was, moving with her as best I could.

“Oh God…please Bill…I’m begging you. Please. I’ll do anything. ANYTHING…please…just fuck me.”

“Anything May?”

“Oh God yes. Anything at all. Just fuck me.”

“Okay, I’m going to hold you to that ‘anything at all’ and I’ll expect you to hold to it too.”

“Please…anything…fuck me. HARD.”

Hearing her promise me to do anything I let her have what she wanted. Driving fully into her pussy, I heard her gasp and then her hot breath whoosh out. I began to ram in and out faster and faster, my cock became a battering ram.

The harder I fucked her the more she begged. The more she begged, the harder I fucked her. After a bit we were moving across the floor with each of my thrusts into her willing body. Her hands hugging me tight her legs wrapped around my back.

I could feel her breasts, with her hard nipples driving into my chest as I would bottom out deep inside her. When I pulled out I would feel those hard nipples rubbing against mine. May had her tongue out and licked my lips a few times before I kissed her. Our tongues met and played with each other.

I broke a sweat and all else in the room went unheard or thought of. We had become two people rutting in a needful sexual plateau of passion and desire. I felt May begin to cum and as she did her muscles milked my cock thoroughly, and I soon began to cum as well.

My orgasm washed over me and encompassed my whole being. May must have felt the same as I did since when I looked at her face her eyes were closed and I thought she may have passed out. I rolled to one side and kept my arms around her body, her legs entangled with mine.

Looking around I saw that everyone was just staring at us awestruck. We had put on quite a show it seemed. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, falling asleep with my new bride in my arms, naked in front of the rest of the wedding party.