Surprised encounter, part 1

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Surprised encounter, part 1Now, I am surprised, sometimes, by my wants and desires, so lets talk about a certain fun time I had recently.You see, I love to fulfill my fantasies. One fantasy has always been my desire to see just how far my wife of thirty-five years would go if put in a sexual situation. One that was just plain, out of the norm for us. One night I got my chance to experience my desire..You see my demure wife is a great looking lady, despite our middle ages. As with everyone age takes its toil on our bodies, but she holds her age wonderfully. The the guys still look her way when she walks by. I, as a man, can see the men’s inner thoughts of, “Man I’d like to fuck that.”We have been going to a local nightclub/pub for a few months for dancing and drinking. The people seem to get to know us and we seem to attract new friends, male and female.One night she had gotten really shitfaced drunk and but was having a great time. Let me say that when she dances she can make a guy want to fuck her, it is awesome to watch. Her hips slide and move so well to the music that you’d think she is fucking when she dances. Slow dancing always gives me a hard on that is visible when the music stops.One special night she had danced with me as well as a couple guys who asked. They all seemed aroused when the songs ended and she looked like she enjoyed arousing them. The line of men seemed to grow as the night went on.As the night went on two black guys that came to the bar, quite often came in and watched her dance. They came over to the table, introduced themselves and we all had a good time talking and getting to know one another.One of them asked her to dance and she looked at me and I nodded okay. They went to the dance floor and she put her arms over his shoulders as they started moving. He was actually grinding into her pussy as they danced and she was responding to it. Her head was nuzzled into his shoulder and his hand stroked her ass. I watched intently and was smiling as she had a good time. The song ended and they parted smiling.After a while another song began and the other black guy asked to dance with her and off they went. bahis siteleri He took off where the other man ended but this guy was really into the slow grind. I could tell she was getting into also.The guy with us at the table asked me if we wanted to smoke some weed, I declined but said my wife loved it and probably would love to. He said it was laced with some other goodies which didn’t bother me one bit. He said he was going to ask her if she wanted some of it and I told him if he could talk her into going out in their car with them, I’d buy him a beer.He said, “Shit man she is so hot, I can do better than that.”I said, “Okay big guy, if you can get a kiss I’ll buy you two drinks.”He said, “What if I can feel those tits?”I said, “If you can, I ’ll give you, “Five..”Amazingly he went on and said “What if both of us can kiss her, feel her tits and finger her pussy?”I said without flinching, “Ten.”Now it was beginning to become a competition and he remarked, “Ok, what if she’ll suck us off?”I told him I doubted that would ever happen. I was confident since she’d never been with a black man before.I said, “Well that would cost me fifty total.”He smiled and agreed. I said I would be close by but not in sight so I could verify it.The other black guy came back with her. The one with me announced that he and his friend had some great weed in their car and would anyone want to smoke some. She instantly said, “Yes.” and looked at me. I declined but told her it was okay if she wanted to. She looked at me for approval and since I thought it was okay then she agreed to go with them. Off they went outside to their van.Their car was near the back of the lot and was a nice custom van with windows on the side and rear door. One opened the rear door and they got inside There was bench seat and two chairs in the back but they all sat of the bench seat. I did sneak around and could peer inside the rear window without being seen.One guy put some music on the stereo and the other pulled out some weed and lit a bowl up for their use. Each of them smoked it in deep and settled back in the seat to enjoy the effects.After a while the effects were beginning canlı bahis to show on them as one guy put his hand over on her leg. She didn’t remove it and he started to rub her leg from knee to thigh. The other guy reached over and kissed the back of her neck which she desperately loves. She leaned into his kiss and I could tell she was enjoying the attention.The guy rubbing her leg slowly moved upward to her lap where his hand began to rub her crotch area. She had then leaned all the way back on some pillows by then and he just rolled her around until she was laying flat.One guy got on one side and the other on her other side as they began to kiss and rub her. The man kissing her neck leaned her face to him and kissed her on the lips snaking his tongue inside her mouth. She must have been responding as she was kissing him. I heard her moans from outside.The man rubbing her leg just unbuttoned her top and laid it open for them to see her bra. She offered no resistance at all. He then reached under her and unsnapped her bra. He tossed it in the floor exposing her breasts and nipples to their gaze.Her arms went around each of their heads pulling their mouths to her hard nipples. They each took one and sucked them as she moaned and moved under their sucking. She was holding their heads to her breasts and enjoying the all of the attention.I watched as one man unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. I was expecting some resistance from he but got none. He quit his nipple sucking and just pulled her jeans and panties down and tossed them to the floor.There was my wife fully exposed to two black men she didn’t know. She automatically spread her thighs open for their access. They knew they were in control then and one put his hand between her legs.I knew he had inserted a finger into her pussy because she yelled “Oh god yes, finger me.”His hand was moving and finger fucking her, she was responding and fucking his hand. Her head was moving side to side as he finger fucked her wet pussy and moaning for more.The other man asked, “Do you want to see my black cock?”.She moaned, “Oh yes let me see that cock PLEASE!”.He kneeled beside her as güvenilir bahis she watched him undo and lower his pants spring out a 10” black thick cock.She gasped when she saw it and I heard her say, “Ohhhh I have never seen one that big!”She reached for it and grasped it. He smiled and said, “Suck it.” She hesitated but put her mouth to the tip, she licked the tip then spread her lips wide as she took it in her mouth half way.He groaned and said, “Oh yeah baby, suck that cock.”She began to move her mouth up and down the shaft as far as she could. Her mouthing speed got faster as she sucked,The other mans finger fucking was bringing her to orgasm. He must have slipped his finger out of her pussy and into her ass because she screamed around the cock in her mouth.Her hips were thrashing about and she came. Her cum and actions brought the cock in her mouth to his climax and she took in the huge spew of cum. She swallowed all she could before her mouth was full and some flowed down her chin.He collapsed and moved on the bench seat. The other guy said, “Next, but I want to fuck that pussy.”She replied, “No I can’t do that but I’ll suck you off too.”Not wanting to miss anything he told her to kneel on all fours on the bench seat. He got in front of her and grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his 8” cock which she greedily began sucking.The first guy recovered and got behind her and she quit her sucking to ask him to, “Finger my ass if you want.”.He took one then two fingers and began to finger fuck her ass as she started sucking the other man again. Her hips were fucking the finger in her ass and her mouth was being fucked at the same time.This went on for a pretty long time until the man in her mouth grunted and came in her mouth also. She swallowed his load also and licked his shaft when he withdrew. The man behind her was masturbating his cock as he fingered her ass. He also wanted to cum and spewed his load all over her ass cheeks. His cum also gave her another climax.They recovered themselves and they all got dressed. She smoked another joint and they came back inside, I had went in before them so as to act normal.She went to the rest room to clean up I suppose. One black guy handed me a fifty dollar bill and I asked why.He smiled and said “It was well worth it.”She never knew I was watching as far as I know. The rest of the night was great.