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SUSAN SLAVE 2: SEX-ADSusan’s steps into voluntary sexual slavery at an unknown Master PETER is a long story to tell well.Susan’s story is not new: we are back in the second half of the eighties in old wood-port quarters.Susan’s story in her words is well written in her wording but it badly lacked paragraphing & livelyness.”Susan’s story needs experienced editing”, I stated in my comment under the first part of eight here.Susan’s story may need a couple of dozen short well written installments best with matching pictures.Susan’s story is mine as seen through her eyes relates her erotic experiences during our sessions.——————————————————————————————————————————————–Susan reacts to an ad for a “woman who wants to explore her boundaries & to give herself to a man”She had read the ad in the local underground newspaper, asking for a single woman who,‘wants to pendik escort explore her boundaries’ and ‘discover the joy of giving one’s self to a man completely’. The ad had intrigued her. To be really honest about it: the small unusual freethinker’s ad excited her. enormously. It triggered her fantasy and imagination. So, soon Susan called the number. The voice of the answering machine, or perhaps it was voice-mail, prompted her to leave her name and number. After a slight hesitation, she had done so. This was on a Thursday afternoon, and she finally received a return call on her cell phone the following morning. The caller, Peter, told her that he was returning her call, and that he supposed she was calling in response to his ad in the paper. Susan responded that she hadindeed .“I’d like to set up a meeting with you, in a public place on Saturday afternoon, if that’s alright with you,” he said.Susan replied, kartal escort “Saturday afternoon is fine,” as her mind raced.“Great, we could meet at the Riverwalk Café at the end of Westerdokdijk around two o’clock,” he said.“Two o’clock is fine with me,” she nervously answered. “I’ll be wearing a red blouse, so you’ll know me.”His reply was short and to the point, “I’ll know you when I see you. Please don’t be late.”Then he had hung up and Susan stared at her cell phone as though he were about to come through the receiver. She pressed the End-button on her phone to discover her heart was pounding. She was surprised that others around her couldn’t hear it.That night she barely slept. She tossed in her attempt at sleep, wondering what she had become involved with. She would move from wanting to call the number again and leave a message that she wouldn’t be able to make the appointment, then wanting to experience maltepe escort the excitement of the unknown. Finally she found sleep, awaking late the next morning to the daylight streaming through the windows of her tiny apartment. She looked at the clock on her nightstand and nearly panicked to learn that it was nearly eleven thirty.She rose, made coffee and toast, then prepared a hot bath. She bathed and performed her morning toilet, then sat at her table eating her morning meal. The entire time her mind is wondering about what she is getting involved with, and more importantly, what type of ‘gentleman’ Peter will turn out to be. ======================================================================================SWEET SUSAN IN HER EROTICISING RED TOP IS AROUSED BY HER IMAGINATION OF SEXUAL SLAVERY =======================================================================================TO BE CONTINUED SOON: I EXPECT NEXT PARTS TO POP UP WITH ONE OR TWO HOURS IN BETWEENCOPYRIGHT by Prof. Poet-PETER in A’dam at ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’ — 02/05/20DEAR READERS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHOW YOUR HEART (OR HARDENED CLIT): VOTE ‘THUMB-UP’DEAR READERS WE WARMLY WELL-COME YOUR COMMENTS WHICH ARE ALWAYS WORTH READING!