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SusanIn my med school days, I rented a house not far from campus. It was a haven for my friends, and the extra bedroom was frequently used as somewhere for them to hook-up without being interrupted. Several of my friends had keys, and it wasn’t terribly uncommon for me to find strange women in my place at all hours of the day and night. Most of the time I got a call, letting me know they were coming, sometimes…not.It was late December, classes were over until January. Most everyone had gone home for the holiday, I however did not. I needed the time to get caught up and prepare for the next semester.I awoke around 9:30AM and pulled myself out of bed. After a quick shower, I headed for the kitchen for some much needed food. As usual, I didn’t bother to dress, I usually went nude when I was home alone. Saved on laundry and, well to be honest, I just don’t like clothes.Absentmindedly, I rounded the corner and walked into the kitchen, still not completely dry, only to find my friend Andrew’s sister Susan sitting at my table with a cup of coffee.Her eyes widened as she saw me, and I stopped dead in my tracks.“Be right back.” I sputtered and returned to my bedroom. I pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants.I went back to the kitchen and sat down. “Wasn’t expecting any company.” I said. “Sorry if I startled you.”Susan smiled. “Nah, not the first naked dude I’ve seen.”“What are you doing here?” I inquired. “Didn’t Drew come home for the holidays?”“Yeah, he did.” Susan lamented. “I had a big fight with my boyfriend, and just needed somewhere to get away from it all.” “I don’t need their advice right now, I just need to be left alone.”I’d known Susan for several years, her brother Andrew was a good friend and a classmate. She was 2-1/2 years into a nursing degree, and was pretty level headed. This can’t be good.“You know I’ll respect your privacy.” I told her. “But you need to call home and let them know you’re safe.” She called home, assuring her mother she was OK and wasn’t going to do anything “stupid”. She, however did NOT tell her mom where she was. Again, strange, but…“I’m here if you need to talk.” I told her. “Otherwise…”She interrupted me. “I’d really like your advice.” She looked at me, her big brown eyes pleading. “I don’t know what to do, and you always seem to have all the answers.”“Well, I don’t know about that.” I admitted. “I’ve done my share of boneheaded things, but I’ll do my best.” I’d met her boyfriend a time or two, typical redneck, no ambition, immature and impulsive. I never really understood what she saw in him.“Bobby and I have been together since high school.” She started. “He’s always been good to me, you know, attentive, caring and all.” She broke down briefly, and I sat next to her and held her til she recovered.“I started a part-time job at a local doctor’s office as a receptionist and general girl Friday.” She added. “I don’t think he needs me, but he’s a friend of the family, and I appreciate the work.”“Well, a girl I know came in to see the doc, wasn’t feeling well, blah, blah.” She continued. “Turns out she’s pregnant.” “Not really a big deal, right?”“OK, sure.” I answered, not sure where this was going.“Well, later, I went to file her paperwork and saw the name of the father.” She sobbed. “It was BOBBY.”“I confronted him about it that night, and he admitted he’d been screwing her for quite awhile.” She spat. “I tried to get some kind of explanation out of him, but all he had to say was ‘We’re not married, what’s the problem.’.”“I’m so sorry Suz.” I said, hugging her. “You don’t deserve this.”“No, you haven’t heard the worst part.” She hissed. “He insists he loves me and wants to marry me, she’s just sex, and doesn’t mean anything to him.”“But…” I started.Susan finished the sentence. “The baby.”“Exactly.” I stated. “She may not mean anything to him, but he’s now on the 18 year payment plan.” “He’s gonna have to pay support.”“And it’s not like he’s rich, he works at a lumber mill.” She bemoaned. “He’s barely getting by.”“Well.” I pondered. “I’ve heard all I need to.” “You still want my advice?”She nodded, tears running down her face. “That’s why I’m here.”“Dump the dumb bastard.” I stated. “Sorry to be so blunt, but he’s a reprehensible piece of shit and doesn’t deserve you.”“If he’s knocked up one bimbo, he’ll do it again.” I added. “He has no respect for women, you’re all just pussies for his pleasure.” “By the time he figures it all out, if he ever does, he’ll be too old to be useful, poor and up to his neck in support payments to several women.”“But I still…” She sniffed.“Don’t tell me you still love him.” I spat, cutting her off. “Because you don’t.” “You’re just afraid to be alone, and you’re mad at yourself for not seeing what he was doing.”“There are worse things than being alone.” I took her hands and looked into her eyes. “Besides, you’re a helluva catch, you’ll move on in no time.” “He’s the idiot, someday, he’ll realize what he let get away.”She hugged me. “You always know what to say.”“Not always, but this one’s a no-brainer.” I admitted. “I think you’d already come to the same decision, but just wanted independent confirmation.”She nodded, then put her head on my shoulder and sobbed quietly for a bit.After she’d vented her frustration, kadıköy escort she sat up, wiped away the tears and smiled.“I feel better, thanks.” She said.“I’m glad I could help.” I beamed. “You hungry.”“Dying.” She admitted. “I haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday.”I made us some breakfast, and we ate it, chatting and catching up.“You seeing anybody?” Susan inquired.“Nothing serious.” I lamented. “Not really looking for anything serious til I get out of school.” “Wouldn’t mind though.”“I can’t believe you’re single.” She giggled. “With…” She blushed and stopped.“With…what?” I asked.“You know.” She nearly whispered. “Your big…”It took me a few seconds to realize she was talking about my dick.“You weren’t supposed to see that.” I growled. “Can we change the subject?”Managing to divert her attention, we talked some more, then did the dishes.“Would it be OK if I stayed here for awhile?” She asked. “I’m not ready to face Bobby or the family.”“Sure.” I smiled. “Always nice to have you here.”She hugged me, nearly crushing my ribs. “Great, I’ll get my stuff.”She bounced out the front door and returned with 2 suitcases.“Good Lord girl, you moving in?” I laughed.Her eyes twinkled and she smiled. “That an invitation?”She whisked down the hall before I could answer and I heard her puttering around in the guest bedroom, unpacking and getting settled.When she came back out, I was sitting in the living room reading. I still needed to work on school.Suz plopped down on the couch next to me and turned on the TV. “Will this bother you?” She asked.“Nah.” I said. “I’ll just study in my room.”Several hours later, Suz knocked on my door. “It’s open.” I called out.She opened the door and stepped in. “Not disturbing you, am I.”“Nope.” I said, looking at the clock. “Time for lunch anyway.”A huge grin spread across Susan’s face. “What’s so funny, girl?” I said.“I made lunch.” She beamed. “I was just coming to get you.”She’d made a nice lunch for us. I was impressed. She’d always said she was a terror in the kitchen.We ate and chatted, mindlessly passing the time. Afterwards, we retired to the couch. It was a sunny day, and the couch was setting firmly in a sunbeam, making me sleepy.I must have dozed off, because the next thing I know, I’m laying on the couch, under a blanket, and Susan is snuggled up next to me, snoring softly.Not a bad way to wake up.Susan woke a short time later. “Sorry, didn’t get much sleep last night.” She yawned. She hopped off the couch. “Gotta go.”Returning, looking less urgent, she plopped down next to me again.“What’s the plan for the day?” She quizzed.“Don’t really have one.” I admitted. “Just planning on studying until I go back to class.”“That’s over 3 weeks away.” She moaned. “Yeah.” I stated. “Probably not enough time to get caught up.”I returned to my room to study, a little miffed at Suz. I’m happy to help her, but she needs to amuse herself, I don’t have time to babysit her.She brought me some dinner later. “Sorry if I upset you.” She said.“No problem.” I reassured her. “I’m just not used to guests.” “OK If I hit the shower?” She asked.“Make yourself at home.” I answered. “The towels are under the sink.” “You need shampoo or anything?”“Nope.” She stated. “Brought all that with me.”I went back to studying, only vaguely registering the sounds coming from the rest of the house.About 9PM I decided to knock off for the night. I went to the kitchen for a snack. The house was dark, so I presumed Susan was in her room. After my snack, I started back to my room. As I walked down the hall, I could see Susan’s light was on, and the door was slightly open.I stopped, intending to knock and see if she needed anything, but stopped when I saw what was going on.Susan was lying on the bed, naked, one hand pinching her nipples, the other playing with her pussy.The position of the bed exposed her perfectly, allowing me to see everything. Fortunately, her head was not visible, so there was no fear she’d see me.She had nice tits, not huge, but ample, with small areolae and perky nipples, she was about 5’5” and 140 lbs or so, curvy, but not fat. Her bush was dark haired, and fairly sparse, certainly not a jungle. I could see from the glistening wetness, she’d been at it for a bit, and wasn’t going to last much longer. By now, I had a raging hard-on making a tent in the front of my sweat pants. I reached down and pulled out my cock, stroking it slowly. Damn! The girl is sexy.She was picking up the pace, so I did as well. I was determined to see her cum, and she was going to… soon.Before long, she arched her back, and orgasmed, trying desperately to be quiet, then laid there, panting while her pleasure faded.Just as she came, I exploded, shooting goo everywhere. I tried to catch it with my pants, but in the dark, I couldn’t be sure I succeeded. When I could walk, I beat a hasty retreat to my room before I got caught.I showered, cleaning the cum off me, then pounded out another one, the vision of her body still fresh in my head. I crawled in bed, my head still reeling. Damn! She’s a beauty, and just in the next room. Should I go for it, or not. Sleep ended the argument.I awoke, some time later. I thought üsküdar escort I heard a noise. Probably just Susan going to the john. The clock showed 2AM. Just as I rolled over to go back to sleep, Susan slid into my bed and wrapped herself around me.“Suz.” I mumbled. “That you?”“Who the hell else would it be.” She laughed. “You hiding another woman in here somewhere?”“Dumb question.” I admitted. “What are you doing?”“I’m planning on getting some of this.” She said, reaching around me and wrapping her fingers around my inflating cock.I turned on the light and rolled over facing her. “Suz, I’d love to fuck you, but…”“Don’t play all noble with me buster, your cum is all over my door.” She grinned. “I know you saw me.” “Actually, I was hoping you would.”“I-I…” I sputtered. “I’m impressed and a little disappointed you had the self-control to keep from barging in and helping me.” She smiled.“You’re my friends sister.” I insisted. “It’s not how I do things.” “Well, since I started this.” She stated, stroking me slowly. “It’s not a violation of any dumbass rules you may have.”She had a point!I kissed her, kneading a tit, and pinching the nipple, just as I’d seen her do. She moaned and rolled over on her back, giving me better access to the rest of her.I hesitated for a bit, getting a good, close-up look at her young firm body. She’s 5 years younger than me, but when you’re 26, that’s huge.She was even more beautiful up close, smooth pale skin, soft breasts, firm ass and muscular thighs and legs. Sometimes, being a farm k** isn’t all bad.“Do you really want to do this?” I asked, concerned. “You’re on the rebound.”“Yeah.” She smiled. “I really do.” “I deserve to be happy, and I’m pretty sure that cock of yours can make me happy.”“No pressure.” I said sarcastically.“Besides.” She cooed. “After I saw you, I mean it, this morning, I haven’t been able to think of anything else.”“I actually tried to start something while we were na-apping, but you sleep like the dead.” She giggled.I dropped my face onto her left tit mid sentence, causing her to stutter, and massaged the nipple with my tongue.“Oh..oooh.” She moaned. “I…I like that.”Smiling, I kicked into high gear. I alternated between her tits, sucking one, then the other, all the while groping the one not in my mouth.“Let’s be fair about this.” She said, pushing onto my back. “I’m here for this.”She wrapped her fingers around me, then leaned over and kissed the head of my member, flicking a drop of precum from the end.“Impressive.” She cooed. “I can’t believe you don’t have women beating down your door.”“Well.” I admitted. “To be honest, after the novelty wears off, well, there’s more to a relationship than sex.”“True.” Susan admitted. “But I’m not looking for a relationship, just a good fucking.”She returned to her task, teasing me with her tongue, before finally taking me into her mouth.“I’ll never get all of it in.” She lamented. “I like what you’re doing.” I encouraged. “Don’t sweat it.”She did manage about half, and worked me over enthusiastically, slurping and sucking until I grunted and filled her warm, willing mouth with my cum.She sat up, smiling, a small trickle of semen trailing down her chin. She felt it, swooped it up with a finger and stuck it in her mouth. “Quite a load.” She giggled.Suz snuggled up next to me, dr****g an arm over me and mashing her tits into my side. “How soon can you recover?”“Damn girl, you don’t want much do you?” I teased. “I’ll need just enough time for…”I sat up, pushed her onto her back and spread her thighs.“What are you…” She sputtered. “You’re gonna…”When I stuck my tongue into her cleft, she screamed and slammed her legs closed on my head, nearly knocking me senseless.I pried her legs back apart, then settled in, probing her slick depths with my tongue. Susan writhed and moaned, both hands on my head, grabbing handfuls of hair.The longer I ate her, the louder she got, flailing and panting. I continued assaulting her slit, leaving no area untouched, and just as she dropped over the edge, I jammed 2 fingers into her cunt.Susan shrieked, convulsed and orgasmed. She came for the best part of a minute, non-stop, then collapsed, breathless, quivering every few seconds as aftershocks shot through her overheated pussy.I flopped down next to her and held her while she recovered.“T-that w-w-was…” She stuttered.“Shh.” I chided. “Don’t talk, just enjoy the afterglow.”It took her most of 20 minutes to fully regain her senses.I softly stroked her face, kissing her tenderly until she recovered.“First time?” I grinned.“Every guy I ever dated expected a blowjob, usually on the first date.” She said. “But let me ask for…THAT, and they’re suddenly tired, or it makes them queasy, or the ever dreaded, ‘remind me later’.” “So, yeah, first time.”I just laid there smiling.“You look pretty pleased with yourself.” She stated. “What’s that all about.”“You might say you just experienced my ’specialty’.” I grinned. “I rather pride myself at my ability to orally please a woman.” “Anything else you need to warn me about?” She chided. “You damn near killed me.”“I fuck even better.” I said, trying to look serious.“Oh.” She moaned. The twinkle in her eye told me she was looking tuzla escort forward to the experience. I intended to deliver on my boast.I started massaging her tits again, slowly reigniting her passion, and soon she was moaning softly, and stroking my now engorged member.I sat up, ready to go. Susan pushed me back down.“Let me be on top.” She said. “At least at first.” “That thing’s huge, I’m not sure I can take it all.”Susan straddled my hips, her ample boobs waiving in my face. I nuzzled her, flicking my tongue over her nipples.“You’re not helping.” She hissed. “Sit still.”I laid back and watched as she slowly worked my dick into her sopping wet slit.After about 10 minutes, she bottomed out, her pussy hair meshing with my curly pubes. She sighed deeply and leaned forward, laying on my chest.“I’ve never felt so full.” She moaned. “I feel like I’m gonna bust.”“You need to stop?” I queried.“No.” She said. “Just give me a minute to get used to you.”I kissed her and started kneading her tits again. I could feel her pussy putting out more juice as she got more aroused.Slowly, she started to move, not much at first, gradually increasing her movements until, before long, she was taking most of me in and out of her overstuffed cunt.Soon, she was slamming herself onto me, tits bouncing wildly, driving herself towards ecstasy.The sight was intoxicating, watching this pretty thing impale herself on my spear was almost more than I could take.A few minutes later, she moaned loudly and orgasmed, then fell onto my chest, breathing heavily.While she recovered, I stroked her hair and kissed her, my throbbing cock still wedged in her hot pussy.Eventually, her kissing became more passionate, and she started to wiggle her ass, causing my dick to swell and pulse.“Your turn.” She purred. “Now that I know I can handle you, I want you to fuck me properly.”I rolled her over, careful to not fall out. She spread her legs, allowing me to settle into her, then grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in, making sure I was at full penetration.“Jesus, that feels good.” She gasped. “I’m ready, when you are.”Slowly, I pulled myself out of her wet, slick pussy, then sank back in, making sure to hit her love button with each stroke. I increased speed, til I was pounding her, slapping my balls against her firm, round ass.Soon she was howling, tossing her head from side to side, rapidly approaching orgasm, while I hammered her cunt furiously.She came, screaming and babbling, about 2 minutes later. I continued my barrage on her inflamed hole, fucking her like my life depended on it.She orgasmed again a few minutes later, a much more intense one, making her cunt spasm around my raging rod. Then she went limp, whimpering softly.“Ugh…ugh…ugh…” She grunted each time I hit bottom. “I…mmm…ohhh…”The harder I fucked her, the more her tits bounced and shimmied and the more she babbled.Her overworked cunt was making wet, sloppy noises as I continued to slam myself into her, our skin slapping rhythmically with each thrust.Finally, I could take no more and with a final stroke, I groaned and filled her pussy with my hot load. “AaaahhhhhHHHH!!!!”. Susan screamed as she came yet again, convulsing repeatedly, her pussy throbbing and pulsing, drooling cum into her ass crack.We separated and laid side by side, panting and sweating. After we had calmed down, I pulled her to me and kissed her. “You OK?” I croaked.“I…oh…mmm…uhuh.” She babbled. “I-I’ll live.”We cuddled, basking in our afterglow, then must have fallen asleep, wrapped around each other.I awoke several hours, bladder screaming, still wrapped up in Susan’s arms. Carefully untangling myself from her embrace, I hit the can, then returned to bed.Susan sighed in her sleep, then snuggled up next to me as I went back to sleep.I woke in the morning, staring into Susan’s eyes. “Morning lover.” She purred. “Sleep well?”“Died.” I answered. “You?”“Haven’t slept like than in years.” She smiled. “You really wore me out.”“Everything else OK?” I asked, worried I’d hurt her.“Little sore.” She admitted. “But totally worth it.”“I’m glad.” I admitted. “Sometimes I get carried away.”Her stomach growled loudly, making us both laugh.“Sounds like somebody’s hungry.” I laughed. “Either that or your pussy’s become a lion.”She punched my arm. “You’re terrible.”I shrugged and grinned.“Well, before I eat, I’ve got to shower.” She said. “My thighs are sticking together and there’s cum matted in my pubes.” “Not very appetizing.”“Can I join you?” I asked. “I’m a little messy myself.”She hopped out of bed, then pulled me out. “Let’s go.”After a long, hot shower, (we behaved, mostly) we had breakfast. She was wearing one of my t-shirts, her nipples sticking out nicely, and no panties, so her shapely ass and wispy bush were an full display.I, as usual, was nude. Susan occasionally shot a glance at my cock, grinning devilishly and licking her lips.I was having difficulty making the damned thing behave, and she wasn’t helping, prancing around half dressed and shaking her goods in my face. If I was completely honest, I was enjoying watching her, I just didn’t want her to know. Unfortunately, Mr. Happy has a mind of his own, and he took every opportunity to extoll her virtues. So I spent most of the time with a stiff dick.Susan spent a couple more days at my place. Needless to say, I didn’t get much studying done, but her ego got a healthy boost, and I got to bang a cute, hottie with a raging libido, almost equalling my own.About a year later, she landed a doctor at the hospital she was working at and settled down. I still see her from time to time at conferences with her husband.