Susan’s First Night on the town – out in Publ

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Susan’s First Night on the town – out in PublSusan had posted she was free on the night of March 22nd and was hoping for better responses than she had received from the two previous attempts to attract a date in the city.A few days passed with no one seemingly taking an interest when a message arrived – plain and to the point “Could spend the day and evening with You…..dinner out? What time will you get there”. Susan was taken aback! “Dinner out?” she thought. That was a very tempting offer, could she feel confident enough to actually go out on the town? She stalled, replying she had to sort out arrival times. “Ok. Do you want me to stay over too.?” came the reply. Wined, dined and made love to all night? Susan was in a bit of a spin. No one had made such an offer before (Well there was PJ of course, but nothing could be as good as that night! could it?), should she go for it? She could not resist the temptation and messaged back “Ohhh a whole night of love making would be very nice. I can be there and ready to meet from about 1530 a Gurl needs a little time to get ready Xxxxx. Where could we go for dinner? No one has ever actually turned up for me there before! Love Susan””I know lots of places. Shame it’s not in Hull it is a better night out for tvs. You have no problem sleeping together? I have no problem going home late on if I have to xxx”Susan was hooked and gave him her number, and carried on Chatting on Whatsapp. The days went by and Susan could hardly wait, she spent hours just thinking of what she should wear! Plain Jayne? Saucy Susan (LOL) or Magnificent Marylyn? Well there is only one from that list isn’t there she thought. Out came the suitcase, out came the little black halter neck Marylyn dress (so slinky, thin and raunchy), the Black 6″ platforms, black and pink lingerie and black stockings (of course). She had got so engrossed in the dinning, what about the night! Easy! Black baby doll with black satin panties xxxxxx.The day arrived. Having checked in, she messaged the room number and started to get ready. That was fun too! Part dressed and part made up, the door opened and in came Barry (had already sorted an extra key card for him). He d****d himself over the bed making Susan’s knees go so weak she had to lean against the wall with her legs crossed. Standing there as he looked her up and down they chatted a while, getting to know each other.Susan was too excited to chat too much so she went back to getting ready. She felt best standing in front of Barry whilst she wriggled into the dress. She asked him to help her with her necklace which he did so willingly. After a few adjustments, Susan pronounced ” I am ready!” Yes you are he said, picking up her coat and holding it for her to slip into. “What a gentleman” she thought. Well he said he would look after her in every way a man should.She picked up her handbag and stepped out into the corridor, Susan thought “last time I stepped into the corridor here I videoed myself and posted it on XHamster, got lots of messages about that!” Barry took her arm and they walked to the lift, Susan felt SO alive it was untrue! what was the evening going to hold for her on her first outing in Public? The thing was she didn’t actually care! what girl wouldn’t be happy hanging a lovely gentleman’s canlı bahis arm strutting and swinging her ass as she walked down a very busy main street?Barry asked her where she would like to go first, but Susan didn’t care, she was just happy to be “out”. So, they went into a lovely bar by the river, it was very nice and she had been there before (but not as Susan). They went towards the back and suddenly Susan’s heart skipped a few beats and her legs went a bit weak. she didn’t say anything to Barry, but she had just seen 3 people she knew very well! she recovered a bit and couldn’t help but notice that although they were looking straight at her there was not a glimmer of recognition to be seen! That really made Susan feel great. So much so she started to swing her hips even more and throwing her head back proceeded back through the bar and sat down on one of those very high seats.Barry arrived with a bottle of wine (Merlot) and two large glasses. They sat there drinking and chatting for nearly an hour, all the time Susan’s self-confidence was growing, more people came and went some looking at her some not (one girl gave a quizzical look over, but Susan no longer cared if anyone thought she was anything other than herself). It was time to move on, but Susan needed to visit the ladies. They proceeded to the back of the bar (past those 3 people she knew) and she went into the ladies. She was feeling a little tiddly as she had not had much to eat and with a very slippery tiled floor she nearly went tits over heels!Well, arm in arm Barry lead her out into the street and along the river bank to another Bar. Not as good this one, but she had realised Barry was in need of some real ale. She sat down swishing her dress under her ass as she did so, crossed her legs and looked around at everyone. At least two guys stared at her, but even more than before she didn’t care, she even winked at one who quickly turned away. Though he kept glancing over during the 30 minutes they were there. Barry arrived with another huge glass of wine and a pint. They chatted more, he even started to slip his hand under her skirt (the naughty boy). He was becoming a lot more tactile and complementary, the hairs on her neck were tingling and her panties were starting to get damp!”Time to eat” Barry declared. They left the bar, crossed over the bridge and walked to the restaurant area. What do you like to eat? asked Barry. Susan replied, “well I have never tried sushi before, so maybe not that”. “I really like good Chinese” said Barry, Susan agreed and they entered. Oh dear, Susan needed the ladies again! As she entered the ladies a thought crossed her mind “Is he trying to get me drunk?”. Again, she didn’t care. They sat down ordered the crispy duck and crispy chilli beef – and another bottle of wine! It was fun sitting there eating, chatting drinking wine. taking pictures (none of which were very flattering – but I posted one).Then it was a short stroll back to the Hotel, Susan was a little tottery, but mainly due to the 6″ heels and slippery stone paving. she was so at ease now she would have let him have her right there in the street! especially when he started to touch her ass as they walked. Getting in the lift an older couple joined them and they asked Susan if she had had a bahis siteleri good night, entering their room She replied saying that she had had a lovely evening. The door closed behind Barry, Susan sat on the bed and had to take off those heels (Oooooh what a relief!).She swung her feet onto the bed and flopped back. Barry was by her side in a flash! Taking her in his strong arms and telling her how sexy she was, he kissed her so sensuously her panties got wet very fast! they kissed and cuddled for what felt like an eternity, he nibbling her ears and kissing her neck, she was just in heaven. She slid her hand down to where her desire resided, GOD it was so hard it felt like steel! his hands were all over her now, sliding along her thighs pushing up the hem of her dress until his hand slipped into her panties. She felt like she was going to orgasm there and then! Susan was losing control now and she quickly started to unbuckle his trousers (being a gentleman he did it for her), she slipped her hand down his boxers and grabbed that rod of steel, she squeezed it hard, he moaned gratefully and slumped back.Susan got up on her knees and slipped his boxers down to reveal a beautiful hard cock. She kissed the tip, he moaned, she licked it, he moaned again. Susan teased him for quite a while kissing and licking his cock, all the while he had his hand down her panties playing with her pussy. Then, gently and slowly Susan slipped his cock between her lips and let it slide into her mouth, she didn’t stop until it was all the way in and she could push out her tongue and lick his balls at the same time. She slowly bobbed her head up and down enjoying that lovely cock in her mouth, it was so easy to slip it down her throat because it had just the right curvature!Barry whispered, “ride me cowgirl”. Susan replied “Oh yes please!”. She pulled off her panties and straddled him, being so nicely curved all she had to do was slide backwards a little and he just slide straight into her with almost no effort, “ That went into me like it would a real wet pussy” she thought. She was in her element now and she bounced on his cock letting it pleasure her and pleasuring him. She rode him until that wonderful feeling started to take over her body, she was tingling all over, her head was starting to spin, it got more and more intense, then suddenly she shuddered, she screamed with pleasure as that gurly orgasm shook her over and over again. “GOD that was amazing” she said, dr****g over his manly chest with him still ramming his cock into her.Barry whispered into her ear, “slide on to your side”. Susan obliged, he snuggled up behind her put his arms around her, caressing her all over and slide his cock back into her. At first he just left it there as his caresses and kisses made Susan feel fantastic, then he started to slide it in and out slowly at first, but gradually getting faster and harder. He was screaming now, he was pounding her like his life depended on it, not like some porn movies suggest a pounding is like, but really pounding, ramming it in as hard and as deep and as fast as he could. Susan orgasmed again, and again, and again until he screamed loudly and shot his load into her. Susan had the biggest smile on her face! She knew was a big smile as it felt like it was bahis şirketleri from ear to ear! He stopped pounding her and just lay still, his cock just stayed as hard as steel and Susan could just wriggle her ass and still feel it deep inside her.After a while Susan got up, slipped off her dress, rolled down her stockings and let her lingerie fall to the floor. “I have to have a shower” she said and disappeared into the toilet. She showered and slipped on her black baby doll and black satin panties. Barry was dozing when she slipped back into the bed snuggling up to him with her ass firmly against his still hard cock (how can he stay hard even when he is almost asleep?). She dozed off feeling like the woman she has always wanted to be.Something made Susan wake up! He had rolled her over, turned around (into a 69 position) and was slipping her panties down around her knees, he buried his head between her legs and was licking and sucking her, Susan returned the favour and slipped his “still” hard cock into her mouth. “Maybe I can get a mouthful this time” she thought. But it was not to be, the sucked and licked each other for a long time. Susan was feeling so turned on, no one had been able to do “that” to her, it was throbbing so much it almost hurt. Suddenly he stopped, got on his knees and rolled Susan onto her front, spread her legs apart and buried his cock into her.He had put his knees outside Susan’s legs but had his feet over her legs locking them apart, with her arms pushed up above her head and him holding them, she could not move even if she wanted too. He was pounding her now even harder than before screaming and shouting hammering his cock into Susan’s willing hole. She was thinking, “This is what PJ did to me on that wonderful night last year”, this is just as good (in a different way because she had been out in public this time), “Fuck me! FUCK ME” FUCK ME HARDER!” she shouted. Every time she said fuck me Barry went faster, harder, then he slowed making sure his cock was deep into Susan as was physically possible, then slipping out and ramming it in again as deep as possible. Then he started to go faster again, not shouting any more, Susan could tell he was about to explode. Did he explode! Not always can a gurl feel a man cum in her but Barry shot so hard Susan could feel that hot cum shooting into her, not just the warmth but the sheer power of his squirting, it felt like the water from a hose pipe!Eventually Barry rolled off Susan, she just lay there, legs apart, feeling the cum dribble out of her. She was satisfied! She started to think “That was the second best – No! I have been fucked amazingly twice now – by two different lovely men – there is no way I can say either was better than the other!”. “AND I would marry either of them if I could” she thought.In the morning, Susan knew she had had one of the two best days of her life. She knew that was true for sure when she had to go to an unscheduled meeting where the three men she knew and had seen in the bar were also in attendance. There they sat talking as they always did, Susan sitting there looking at them with a grin on her face thinking, “You didn’t recognise me, did you? And you have no idea that Susan was well and truly fucked by her date you saw her with last night do you?”Susan can hardly wait for her next outing into the big wide world. She wonders where that might beThe endLove to Barry from a most satisfied Susan (Gurls he is worth getting to know – he treats you as a man should xxx)