Sutton Family Stories 08

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Aiden had been right. Mum was a bit hot and cold. We’d had a crazy weekend of hot sex and then during the week she was a bit stand-offish. I heard Aiden suggest he needed some stuff from the supermarket Wednesday night and she just told him to drive himself there then. I guess she was probably a bit conflicted between her horny side and her sensible, good mother, good wife side. She could only keep it bottled-up for so long though.

I usually slept late but then next Saturday I woke-up early, slightly fuzzy headed after seeing mates for beers the night before. I’d drained a glass of water just before crashing out so went to the bathroom to get some more water. That’s when I heard a rhythmic creaking from my parent’s bedroom. I was curious and paused to listen at their door.

“Oh Brian, that’s it,” I heard Mum moan.

“Oh Sally, you’re so hot, that feels really good,” my Dad groaned. The bed was creaking. I felt my cock stiffen in my boxers. That pussy had been wrapped round my cock last weekend and I knew just how good it felt. I didn’t object to Dad getting some, he was a decent guy, but I needed back in Mum’s hot, wet cunt soon. The headboard started banging a bit.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me baby,” Mum hollered out.

“Shh, you’ll make the boys,” I heard Dad reply.

“Brian, relax, it’s early and they’re deep sleepers, just enjoy the moment.” The creaking resumed and got harder then a few minutes later I heard Mum cry out and Dad groan. They’d obviously cum together. I guessed Mum’s horniness was taken care of and returned to my room. I was hard and tempted to wank but drank my water and dozed off asleep again.

I woke-up half an hour later and that’s when I heard some noise through the wall, from my brother’s room. I got up and carefully walked out into the hallway. There was a creaking noise. Then I heard Mum’s voice.

“Oh Aiden, fuck Mummy.”

“Yeah, you love it you horny bitch. Dad got you worked up then went to golf eh so you had to come in here?”

“You know I can’t resist your big, fat cock.”

Mum wasn’t done after all. I wondered if I should go in and join them, but I was a bit annoyed that she’d obviously gone to Aiden as soon as Dad left for golf, not come to my room. I was turned on and horny but to be honest also a bit jealous. I went back to my room. The creaking got really loud. I could hear them fucking through the wall and heard my Mum begging for Aiden’s cum then my brother cry out “Yeah that’s it Mum, take my load.”

Shortly after that, I heard my brother go off to the bathroom. That’s when there was a light tapping on my door and Mum walked in. She was completely naked. I was already turned on by hearing her fucking and now the sight of her, naked, glowing meant I felt my rock hard cock start to throb and leak a bit of precum. She was so good looking, slightly curvy but in good shape for her age and with tits to die for.

“Morning George,” she said, walking over to my bed.

“Did you hear me and your brother?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Were you feeling jealous? Thinking Mummy had forgotten about you?”

I nodded.

“Don’t worry baby, I like to share the love. It’s your turn now.” With that she pulled the sheets down, revealing my solid erection tenting my boxer shorts.

“Mmm,” she purred, “and you’re all ready for me too.” She pulled my boxers out and shoved them firmly down my thighs, then wasted no time climbing onto the bed and straddling me.

“Mummy loves all her men,” she said, while holding my now rock-hard dick firmly and lowering herself onto me. As her lips spread apart and she sunk down my dick, all jealously was forgotten. She was warm and very, very wet. She was all the way down my dick and then contracted her muscles, clenching my dick like a beautiful glove. I groaned.

“You like that George, don’t you? Mummy’s pussy wrapped round you dick.”

“Oh Mum,” was all I could reply as she started bouncing up and down on me. There was no slow start this time, she was really going for it.

“That’s it baby. Your cock is longer than your Dad and brother, that’s why you’re last, you’re really deep inside me, it feels like you’re probing my womb, back to where you came from 18 years ago.”

Her cunt felt so good, I started thrusting back up to meet her bounces, ataşehir escort while leaning forward to lick her luscious breasts.

“Oh George, you fuck Mummy so well, I’ve already cum twice today and you’re getting me towards number three,” she cried out while bouncing up and down on my pole. “Suck my tits while you drive your young, hard dick inside me. God I need this.”

She was so hot and the thought of making her cum really got me going. I started hammering up into her cunt hard. Now my bed was the one creaking. I looked down and still couldn’t quite believe I was fucking my own mother. I could see my dick disappearing in and out of her pussy as she bounced up and down on me. My dick was very wet from her juices. It was the wettest cunt I’d ever been inside, and it just felt unbelievably good to be inside it. I never wanted the feeling to end but it was all too much for me. “Oh Mum, I’m close,” I warned her.

“Go on babe, I want your load. Cum inside Mummy, give me that young, virile seed,” she screamed out and then I felt her clamp down hard on me. It was a feeling of utter bliss and I blasted my load deep inside her.

“Shit, so hot,” was all I could say. That’s when I looked up and there was Aiden at my door, wearing just a towel which had tented to the front.

“That’s so fucking hot to watch,” Aiden said. Just then Mum climbed off me. There was a lot of cum dribbling out of her pussy and she quickly lay down on her back next to me, spreading her legs.

“I’ve got three loads in me from my husband and two sons, it’s all mixed up, I feel so naughty,” she giggled. No wonder she had felt so wet.

“You’re still horny, aren’t you, you dirty slut?” Aiden said.

“I am, I’ve cum three times already and I want more. Come eat my cunt,” Mum replied. I was a bit shocked when Aiden wasted no time in dropping his towel to the floor and climbing onto the bed, putting his face right between her legs and lapping at her dripping pussy eagerly.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good, you know what Mummy needs,” she cried out, clamping her thighs around Aiden’s head and squirming around.

After a bit, Aiden pulled his face away and looked at me. “Come on George, help me out down here.”

“No way, that’s gross, there’s three loads in there all mixed up. You’re eating mine and Dad’s cum as well as your own,” I said.

“You’re missing out mate, it’s horny and if Mum enjoys it then it keeps her wanting more,” Aiden replied, then went back in, working his tongue deep inside Mum’s pussy again.

“Oh fuck,” Mum groaned, and then reached over with her hand and took hold of my semi-hard cock and started wanking me slowly. I couldn’t believe what I was watching but I was getting hard again. Mum was really moaning and there was something really hot about her being so turned-on. I felt myself get hard in her hand as she wanked my shaft up and down.

Aiden looked at me again. “George, come here and lick her clit mate, it’ll drive her wild”. I felt my disgust draining away the hornier I got. I spun round and started licking at my Mum’s clit while my brother was still lapping at her pussy. Mum let out a groan.

“Oh God, that’s so hot, keep doing it, keep licking Mummy,” she screamed out then I felt her mouth on my cock. I was 69ing my own mother, licking her clit while she sucked my cock and my brother ate her cunt. I’d never imagined doing this, but it felt amazing and pleasingly dirty. Disgust on my part was quickly giving way to a feeling of really enjoying being so filthy. Mum was thrashing about a bit and my cock fell out her mouth after a while.

“Fuck yes, make Mummy cum, make Mummy cum,” she cried out and then suddenly her pussy sprayed out. Aiden got fully drenched in the face and some of the warm liquid sprayed onto my face too. I sat up and Aiden pulled back.

“Oh boys, that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had,” Mum sighed.

“I need to cum again,” Aiden said matter-of-factly.

“My pussy is a bit sore now, come up here,” Mum replied and stuck her tongue out. Aiden moved up and wasted no time sliding his thick cock deep into her mouth.

“Yeah, take it, let me fuck your mouth Mum,” he groaned, while starting to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. Women really can multi-task though, because she kept kadıköy escort sucking his dick but also reached over and started wanking mine again.

Before long Aiden’s thrusts got fast and hard. “Such a good slut, going to shoot down your throat. Swallow it, swallow your son’s load,” he groaned. I saw Mum gulping down rapidly. Knowing my brother had just cum in her mouth was hot and I felt myself get close too. Aiden moved away from her mouth just as I felt myself shoot over Mum’s face. I kept spraying out and ropes of my cum were all over her face, hair and neck.

“Mmm I love having one son’s hot load in my throat and another all over my face,” Mum said dreamily.

“You’re such a whore when you get horny Mum,” Aiden said, while grinning.

“It’s true, I know, but now I need a shower before your Dad gets back. Four orgasms are enough today,” she declared, then got off my bed and walked out the room.

“That was hot mate,” Aiden said, then picked up his towel and left too. I felt myself falling back to sleep. It had been an intense morning. My hangover horn was taken care of, but the hangover itself was still there.

With Dad around and Mum going out to see a friend, I wasn’t alone with her again for the rest of the weekend and there was no opportunity for more sex. I was constantly in hope something might happen, so didn’t want to wank too much, and by Tuesday was already constantly horny. That’s when Mum told me to go and see my sister as her boyfriend, Jack, was away for three days with work and she reckoned I was just laying round on my university holidays, which was sort of true. I hadn’t seen Sarah much since she had the baby, and certainly not since I was last home from uni, over three months ago.

I WhatsApp messaged her and then went round to her flat. She answered the door and I was immediately mesmerised by her large breasts. She had got back in shape well after the baby and looked just like she used to, except her tits were far bigger. I guess it was from breastfeeding. She also looked a bit exhausted. I went in and made her a cup of tea and we caught-up on what I’d been up to at uni. She seemed a bit awkward at first but soon relaxed and we were just chatting away and having a laugh like the old days.

A cry from the corner interrupted us. She needed to feed the baby. Sarah didn’t seem too concerned and just lowered the top off her shoulder and let little John attach to her left tit while I was there in the living room.

I was mesmerised. Sarah noticed me looking. “I’m not covering up in my own flat, George, but don’t get any funny ideas,” she said. I was getting funny ideas though. I was horny and watching that lucky baby suck at her big, round beautiful breast was making me think about how I’d like to suck on my sister’s tits. After a few minutes she put baby John back in his cot in the corner of the living room and went back to talking to me.

Hours had passed and it was the evening. Little John had been very quiet. A few times she tried to get him to feed again, but he didn’t seem interested. She put him back down and seemed distracted. I asked what was up and Sarah explained the baby hadn’t been feeding much the past couple of days and her breasts were sore. They needed draining regularly, apparently or became very painful.

“Doesn’t Jack help out?” I asked.

“What?” She replied.

“You know, does he help you drain them by having a suck himself?”

“No, he said it’s gross.”

“I’d suck them if I were your boyfriend.”

“You’d drink my milk?”

“Yeah, just to help you out.”

Sarah then changed the topic and we had some more small talk. Later I noticed her absent-mindedly reach up and fondle her own breasts.

“Are they sore?” I asked.

“Really bad, George. I just, I can’t believe I’m asking this, but did you mean what you said earlier, you’d help me out?”

“Oh yeah.”

“OK, look, just don’t do anything funny.”

“No, it’s just to help you out,” I replied, while walking over from the armchair and sitting myself next to her on the sofa.

“OK, don’t tell anyone,” she said, while pushing her shoulder straps down and lowering her top to fully expose her juicy full breasts. “Please just help me a bit, please.”

I immediately leaned over and started bostancı escort bayan sucking on her right breast. Before long I felt a jet of milk into my mouth. I gulped. It tasted funny, but I loved it. I kept suckling and drinking. I also felt my cock stiffen fully again in my shorts. After a few minutes on the right breast, I then lent over and started suckling on the left one, again soon getting a jet of milk into my mouth.

“Oh George, that’s really helping,” Sarah said, and groaned contently. I wondered if she was enjoying this as much as me. I then reached up and started gently caressing her heavy left tit, while suckling her right one. This was pushing the boundary and she didn’t object. She started moaning more, while I sucked eagerly away and massaged her tits.

It had clearly started to get sexual and Sarah suddenly blurted out “That’s it, feels so good, suck your sister’s tits.” I kept going. My cock was now painfully hard in my shorts and I felt Sarah’s hand brush gently against it. Suddenly she stopped moaning and looked me in the eye.

“I can’t cheat on Jack, I’ve been good about that,” Sarah said.

“Of course,” I replied, “I’m just helping you out. Does it feel better?”

“It does little brother, it really does. But you’re really hard now, I can feel it.”

“Yeah. Would you help me out?”

“One good turn deserves another. But I’m not cheating on Jack. We can’t fuck.”

“No, you can just help me out, like I helped you out, please. I can’t go home like this.”

“I guess not. Ever had a tit wank?” Sarah asked.

“No, I’d love to try, just to drain me and relieve my tension,” I replied.

“Go on then, get it out.” I stood up slid my shorts and boxers down, my hard eight-inch cock bouncing free.

“I’d forgotten how big you were,” Sarah said then laid back on the couch. “Come slide it between my tits.” I wasted no time doing that. It felt so warm and hot, especially as Sarah pushed the together to my dick was wrapped between the two pillows of her breasts. I started sliding in and out of them. It felt amazing.

After a few minutes, I pulled my dick out, leant forward and sucked her tit until I felt some milk spray into my mouth. I didn’t swallow it but instead spat if out over her breasts, then moved my dick back there and rubbed it round, the warm milk acting as lube as I resumed the tit-fucking.

I noticed Sarah had started moaning and her left hand had slid down into her panties. The horny bitch was playing with herself while helping me get off. “Mmm you naughty boy, using your sister’s milk to help you slide your big long cock between her tits,” Sarah suddenly blurted out.

“Yeah, you like your little brother’s dick, don’t you?” I replied.

“I do, oh God I do.”

“Is it bigger than your boyfriend’s?”

“Yeah, much bigger.”

“You want my milk?”

“Yeah, fuck my tits and cum all over my face. You drained my milk, now I want yours,” Sarah cried out while rubbing herself frantically. It was so hot. Before long I felt the familiar tightening in my balls.

“Getting close,” I grunted out.

“Fuck, give me that brother milk, drain those full balls,” Sarah practically screamed as I spurted out ribbons of my cum all over her tits and face, some even getting up to her hair. I think Sarah got herself off at the same time, judging by her screaming and shuddering. We were both sweaty and breathing heavily, and Sarah was a mess, with some of her own milk splashed all over her tits and my cum sprayed over her.

After a few minutes of catching our breath, I got off Sarah and put my shorts back on. I wondered if she’d be OK with it. “You alright sis?” I asked.

“Yeah, feeling much better now, thanks for helping me out, but I think you should go home now.”

I leant forward, kissed her on the check and left. I wasn’t home for long before Aiden came to my room. Mum had mentioned that I had gone round to Sarah’s and he wanted to know what happened. I told him everything, feeling myself getting turned on just recounting it.

“Mate, Jack is still away tomorrow,” Aiden said excitedly. “Go round in the evening and see if you can make the same thing happen again. I’ll borrow the spare key to her flat, tell Mum I’m going to rugby practice and let myself in so I can join you at the right moment. Once she’s horny, I’ll reckon she’ll let us do more, and we can convince her together.”

It sounded like a plan to me. This was turning out to be the best Easter holiday ever, with two horny women — my Mum and my sister — wanting my cock.